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A syntactic operator is a coherent SCSPL processor capable of or responsive to telic recursion.[1]

The universe is made out of one essential substance (infocognition) having two aspects ; information and cognition. It could not be made of information alone as without a syntax to process that information in, it means nothing. Consider a full stop on its own without a language which contains a meaning for it e.g. "symbol for separating sentences". A syntactic operator is an entity in the universe which is able to process information by virtue of being able to read-write SCSPL syntax. The Global Syntactic Operator is God, there are agent level syntactic operators (humans) and tiny microscopic quantum syntactic operators that form the unit of perception called Noeons. When a syntactic operator is driven by purpose through telic recursion (at any level, global or otherwise) it becomes known as a Telor.


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