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First, forget everything you know about CTMU, because I can explain all of it right here, whether you'd like to believe it or not. I feel it’s funny how the answer to "how would some random internet guy be able to know all of this?" lies in an equal sign on a wiki page on this website that has been named, "Dually Equivalent," or the absolute connection between anything and everything. How did I know you were wondering that, if you were? Read this one paragraph and find out, changing your life forever. If everyone on earth forms their own opinion that will flow with time and "life," they will "know" everything. You will understand quotations once you've read all of the paragraph, so some people may have to read twice if they haven't had any thoughts closer to this topic themselves. Anyways, I do not like to think (rather than feel), because everyone is a human, which I have accepted, along with the fact that I am going to have an opinion about everything, whether I feel it or not. “Dually equivalent” is actually where the key to everything lies. See the universe is unable to make sense, because if it did, everything would be capable of being understood, which would just make living not living at all, making everything emotionless because life would just be a game of chess. The universe started as nothing, and with nothing came “knowing,” the same way humans do. Next, the only “known” way of changing is to not know anymore. This cannot happen, so instead the universe is simply no longer aware of itself, in a state of only knowing that nothing is still happening. There is still only one way of not knowing, which is not knowing that there is anything at all. This state of mind can only know one thing, which is when and if it chooses to know something. However, there is nothing, and there never has been anything. Next, there is “change,” the last method of “change” possible, “something.” Something is nothing and something is everything. Life is best when humans acknowledge this, don’t you think?