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The principle of MU (Multiplex Unity) is a very general philosophical principle of the CTMU. In essence, it states that reality is consistent, in the sense that it is stable with respect the laws of perception and cognition. If reality were not consistent, you would be both simultaneously perceiving it and not perceiving it, which is impossible (either that, or you would literally branch off and occupy two different realities, as is proposed in multiverse theory). More specifically, MU states that inasmuch as objects, processes, and events differ with respect to each other, they are fundamentally the same in the very general sense of sharing the same existential medium (reality). The MU could be stated quite simply in the phrase "different but the same".


The minimum and most general informational configuration of reality, defines the relationship holding between unity and multiplicity, the universe and its variegated contents. Through its structure, the universe and its contents are mutually inclusive, providing each other with a medium.[1]