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This wiki was started in late 2009 by members of the CTMU Facebook group. The original proposal, made in this discussion thread, envisioned various benefits of a CTMU wiki.

  • Every CTMU concept could have its own page. The many acronyms and neologisms (e.g. SCSPL, UBT, syndiffeonesis, hology) are a hurdle for newcomers. On a wiki, each time one of these is used, it could link to a page where it is explained.
  • Through successive editing by different users, the wiki would explain the CTMU in a different "voice" than Langan's. Hopefully, this would get his ideas across to more people, while remaining faithful to the theory. Maybe he could even stop by to set us straight once in a while!
  • Much CTMU material (articles, chats, discussions, videos) is scattered around the Web and can be difficult to find. We could make an "External Resources" page where all of this material is linked to and introduced.
  • Like this group, the wiki would be open not just to proponents, but to constructive skeptics (as well as the just plain curious). Skeptical input could be used to compile a list of common criticisms, together with responses from proponents. There could also be a broader "Frequently Asked Questions" page.
  • A wiki would help to build up a "CTMU community" and bring wider attention to the theory, hopefully leading eventually to publication of Langan's book, Design for a Universe.

From January 2013 to March 2013, the wiki was offline due to the loss of its database. The cause of the database loss remains unknown; possibilities include malicious attackers, an overzealous webhost administrator, or automated processes gone awry. The wiki's content was eventually restored from cached copies, but all user accounts, user pages, and edit histories prior to January 2013 were lost.


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