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This page lists sources containing information about Chris Langan's Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU).




Articles and essays

Early writings



Mega Society/Mega Foundation's Journals

  • "Noesis-E" (Mega Society)
  • "Ubiquity" (Mega Foundation)
  • "Noesis" (The Journal of the Mega Society, founded in 1982 by Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin)
  • “Noesis 104” (The Journal of the Mega Society, the Mostly Kevin Langdon Issue)

Media coverage

Third-party explanations

Meetup Groups

The Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe London Group https://www.meetup.com/the-cognitive-theoretic-model-of-the-universe-london-group/

Related material

Work by Chris Langan which does not discuss the CTMU directly, but has connections to it.

Other & Non-related resources

Unofficial Translations, Foreign Language CTMU Content, Audiobooks Generally

Unofficial Ukrainian and Russian translations of "An Introduction to Mathematical Metaphysics" paper:

Unofficial Ukrainian and Russian translations of "The Metaformal System: Completing the Theory of Language" paper:

Chris Langan's CTMU - Audiobook - OpenAI's TTS https://youtu.be/w6NNhlM7pMU?si=VPiYTqAhospsLeE0

Крис Ланган - Вселенная как замысел Бога - CTMU https://youtu.be/XjZbHnU4_2Y?si=JY6J4u6lhu7eRt7O

Alternative-Media References, Explainer Videos, CTMU Advocacy, Apologetics, Sympathy, Criticism and Activism, Open-Letters and Fora

Mathematical Metaphysics (YouTube Channel) https://youtube.com/channel/UCl4nmBxv3CyQja8b2QWzk6g/videos

CTMUist (Bitchute Channel) https://www.bitchute.com/channel/DLNouD3fSemo/

CTMUist (YouTube Channel) https://youtube.com/@ctmuist

“ArtiFact #23: Sciolism – Jordan B. Peterson, Christopher Langan, Athena Walker & Quora Experts

Over the past decade, pretenders such as Jordan B. Peterson, Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, the latter-day Richard Dawkins, Christopher Langan, Ben Shapiro, as well as their liberal counterparts have taken attention away from those with genuine ideas to impart. In this video, Alex Sheremet and Dan Schneider comb through these sciolists’ aesthetics, their claims, their craving for an ever-expanding audience of know-nothings, and various intellectual traps they’ve laid for themselves in the quest for pelf.” https://youtu.be/9e0sb886l1Y

Is Christopher Langan A Fraud? https://youtu.be/r5jVgsdAim8

Debunking Chris Langan and the CTMU https://www.patreon.com/garywhitehall

Transentience (CTMU animations) https://youtube.com/c/Transentience

Two Possible Futures for Humanity Is the dark WEF globalist transhuman future dystopia inevitable? Robert W Malone MD, MS https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/two-possible-futures-for-humanity?autoPlay=true

Big Tech Totalitarianism and the "Poneric Telon" Chris Langan on dual singularities and the coming reality split https://ponerology.substack.com/p/big-tech-totalitarianism-and-the

The CTMU in 5 Questions - #PaCE1 https://youtu.be/mwgepVI98Hs

Chris Langan on IQ, The Singularity, Free Will, Psychedelics, CTMU, and God https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/90913-chris-langan-on-iq-the-singularity-free-will-psychedelics-ctmu-and-god/?page=2

The 'One' Word of CTMU: Telesis https://youtu.be/8fG8jOrl9uc

{Open Letter} The Theological Model of CTMU : What ‘Holopantheism’ Actually Means [Corrective to Myself] https://gwilford.substack.com/p/open-letter-the-theological-model

CTMU discussion on 4Chan (4/29/23) https://boards.4channel.org/sci/thread/15403457/ctmu

CTMU Singularity channel https://youtube.com/@CTMUSINGULARITY

Dan Schneider on Errol Morris Punks and Punctures Chris Langan https://youtu.be/x8tiYuO4P-o

“In existographies, Christopher Langan (1952-) (DN:1) (CIR:24) (CR:33) is an American autodidact, with a claimed IQ of 190 to 210 (2001), notable as a weed theorist who since circa 1990 as been promoting anti-reductionism (i.e. he argues for "informational reductionism", the view that the basis of reality is not matter and energy, but information), self-motion anthropic principle teleology-themed theory of intelligent design in order to prove the existence of god, via recourse a hodgepodge of standard melting plot theory + ontic opening polemics, namely: complexity theory, information theory, self-organization theory, Markoff processes (i.e. chance), via citation to fellow creationists such as David Berlinski (CIR:19), Michael Behe (CIR:1), William Dembski (CIR:5), intermixed with ideas of John Wheeler (quantum information), Kurt Godel (incompleteness), and David Bohm (holographic universe).” https://www.eoht.info/page/Christopher%20Langan

“@GREGMWILFORD Tirelessly working through of First Order Theology and Philosophy (especially towards Christian Metaphysics and the CTMU); Writing also on Political Theory, History, and Finance Economics. Follow here for Meta-analysis of all these Things.” https://substack.com/@gregmwilford

Bringing the Mathematician Into the Equation: A New Direction for Metamathematics https://www.academia.edu/46538997/Bringing_the_Mathematician_Into_the_Equation_A_New_Direction_for_Metamathematics?email_work_card=title

4Chan Thread - 8/6/23 https://boards.4channel.org/lit/thread/22346683/ctmu-thread

Christopher Langan (Rational Wiki) https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Christopher_Langan

Reality Principle Musings on the CTMU and related topics. https://tommygoloboy.substack.com/?mibextid=Zxz2cZ

CTMU Guide: Simplified Explanation for Beginners https://eightify.app/summary/philosophy-and-science/ctmu-guide-simplified-explanation-for-beginners

CTMU MOVEMENT—How to Lead a Team of CTMU Scientists and Diffuse a Philosophy into Civilization; Our ‘Why’ I hope to make ‘second nature’ to Our Compatriots, that We are to establish a Pillar of Truth in the Heart of All Science, the CTMU as an Institute of All Science. https://gregmwilford.substack.com/p/ctmu-movementhow-to-lead-a-team-of

Skeletons of a CTMU Unified Field Theory by Thomas Goloboy https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a-AXjkUQsaHW1eszCwbFJsDSQMCEwACPUHTo1bPhDQE/edit

Time and Existence: Skeletons of A New Theory of Quantum Gravity https://www.academia.edu/114176476/Time_and_Existence_Skeletons_of_A_New_Theory_of_Quantum_Gravity?fbclid=IwAR2loaOXQ5yBDpVsrVOLBTVTc_0CqD9d7c_srWethSpTwdDz72k_mYVa-uM

Reading Chris Langan’s CTMU (Ars Philosophica) https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsWa_2kuej5fNhNTt9tMrOtuncnmHvXsH&si=Es9SCyj99ekpNmAp

CTMU Stratified Identity vs. Intersectionality—On the Matrix of Historical Crime and Culpability [Proofing Good vs. Evil] https://gregmwilford.substack.com/p/ctmu-stratified-identity-vs-intersectionalityon

Chris Langan & Michael Knowles: Forbidden Interview https://www.youtube.com/live/rgwnSJ3FPPs?si=aRxJtXaVM75otjOA

Theory of Every0ne with Tyler Goldstein https://youtube.com/@theoryofevery0ne?si=SRtlZdY58uPZ7g55

CTMU Sage Bot that guides users in understanding the Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe By Ryan Tannahill https://chat.openai.com/g/g-jUg7XeqS9

CTMU Explorer Expert in quantum physics and philosophy, specializing in Langan's CTMU By EnterMaurs Incorporated https://chat.openai.com/g/g-8Ocph5dq9

Theory Of Everything CTMU (Valentinxz) https://youtu.be/-12XzGvb2Xc?si=948P5WH5U5guPbha

A Facebook group member’s visualization of some CTMU concepts https://www.facebook.com/groups/ctmurealitytheory/permalink/10156938893537486/?mibextid=rS40aB7S9Ucbxw6v

Holy Math (CTMU advocacy channel) https://youtube.com/@holymathradio

Sacrées mathématiques ! https://youtube.com/@sacreesmathematiquesradio?si=hG80xb3B0TDQRxHj

Christian Metaphysician, CTMU Advocate/Paladin, Idealist Philosopher, Political Science Analyst, WW2 History Enthusiast, and Finance Economics Writer https://castbox.fm/channel/id5717328?country=us

Conversation with Bard AI on Context, Consciousness, and the CTMU https://medium.com/@JakeWilund/conversation-with-bard-ai-on-context-consciousness-and-the-ctmu-e2029bda6edd

CTMU, are any of you familiar? https://www.reddit.com/r/JordanPeterson/s/2Q7Lio7udr

Digital Vent https://youtube.com/@digitalventvideos/shorts

Galahad Eridanus on The CTMU https://youtu.be/HPyIN8vAfPw?si=BaXhXLx_bVrBLn0S

SYN-AI: CTMU, Dual-Aspect Monism and Reality https://youtu.be/_vDPf42BARs?si=Yn2kcdUS6kv-GupX

CTMU-Adapted version of the Lord's Prayer https://youtu.be/1_4rkOCgw2I?si=i_EyhNSddji5-nbc

Did a New York bouncer create the Ultimate Theory of Reality? CTMU Expla... https://youtu.be/CykhGMVYIt4?si=qg-U_DnBxGpogFZb

Musings on the possibility of a CTMU boundary of the universe https://patrickodowd96.substack.com/p/musings-on-the-possibility-of-a-ctmu?fbclid=IwAR33KdwqR3pWve9m-PwV_dFrHe9VZA5EUCDSnridBqjkXJJ1iMZJzNJzd_c

The CTMU (The Theory Of Everything), song suggestions, and a decent smoke and chill. (Warning age restricted: A black person with dreadlocks on drugs discussing the CTMU for over an hour) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cAsCQe4uPo8

AI Alignment and the Distributed Second Coming of Christ -- Alex Zhu, Ben Goldhaber, Divia Eden https://youtu.be/WX1wpgyLA9o?si=H019sl4jmpFKoJaE

Debunking CTMU critics: TMM https://youtu.be/rD3qzycLxk0?si=fPutoKK4gGOhA4SM

CTMU Discussions Otherwise Banned and At-Risk of Deletion by Chris Langan’s Public Identity Moderation Team

The Universal Geometric Set (2004) https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/the-universal-geometric-set.30383/

Zachary R.J. Strong: Judaism and the CTMU | Reality Principle Ep. 10 https://youtu.be/pWbFYXBMWwE?si=tv2bc5S6xxD2RO2S

“I remember the Asmodeous incident from way back, and had saved this comment made at the time apparently by Mr. Langan:

"Caution - this article is misleading An interesting little article, if only because it is almost completely misleading in its references to me, my wife, and my ideas, and the use of those references to exemplify Wikipedia’s problem with “narcissistic cranks” and “questionable theories”. The actual facts of the case cited by Mr. Farrell can be found in pages accessible from those linked above, and they do not weigh in Wikipedia’s favor. Suffice it to say that Wikipedia's worst problem is not cranks and their theories, but its huge and growing population of anonymous trolls, vandals, and fake "experts", many of whom function as Wikipedia administrators.

Lest anyone be given the wrong impression, neither I nor my wife has ever introduced an article on me or the CTMU to Wikipedia. Those articles were authored, and signed, by others with no known connection to us. As regards the editing of existing articles, the rules of Wikipedia, while discouraging "conflicts of interest", explicitly allow the subjects of Wikipedia articles to remove defamation and correct falsehoods regarding themselves, their ideas, and their activities (obviously, prohibiting such corrections could lead to serious legal and ethical difficulties for Wikipedia). Although the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee does not always respect those rules, certain militant editors and outright trolls who had been pseudonymously using the encyclopedia to attack my reputation and ideas were ultimately warned to desist by the head of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Of course, like everyone else, those who run Cosmos magazine are welcome to their opinions, no matter how uninformed or premature they may be. However, I respectfully suggest that its editors, editorial advisors, and executives be a bit more careful regarding the possible long-term effects of such disparaging articles. Responsible intellectual commerce has no room for veiled accusations and snide insinuations like those exemplified above.

Incidentally, should any scientist or philosopher on the staff of Cosmos ever wish to take open, reasoned, non-pseudonymous exception to any technical statement actually made or written by me and invite a response, I welcome him or her to do so. If nothing else, the readers of Cosmos might find such an exchange instructive. But in any event, rumor-based, content-deficient articles like this have very little relevance to science, cosmology, or anything legitimately related to them.

Christopher M. Langan”

Submitted by C.M. Langan on 5 August 2007 - 6:38am. reply" http://www.cosmosmagazine.com/features/online/1339/in-wikipedia-we-trust?page=1

High-IQ Rankings, Genetic Profiles of Charimastic Authorities, Estimators in Popular Media and Click-Bait Bios

5 Signs Of A Highly Intelligent Person — From The Smartest Man In America https://www.yourtango.com/self/signs-high-intelligence-smartest-man-america

Fact-Check: Unsuccessful Life of the World's Smartest Man Alive - Christopher Langan https://knowinsiders.com/fact-check-unsuccessful-life-of-the-worlds-smartest-man-alive-christopher-langan-37538.html

Adhara is a gifted Mexican child who has her destiny written in her name https://youtu.be/39KeYwRJ2o4

“In genius studies, Mega Test IQ corresponds to an IQ assigned to a person by extrapolation of their score on a Mega Test, a 48 question test designed by American philosopher Ronald Hoeflin in the early 1980s.” https://www.eoht.info/page/Mega%20Test%20IQ

“Christopher Michael Langan was born in 1952 in San Francisco , California but spent most of his childhood in Montana. His mother, Mary Langan-Hansen (née Chappelle July 20, 1932 - July 1, 2014), was the daughter of a wealthy shipping executive but was cut off from her family. His biological father, Melvin Letman (a U.S. Marine who was 100% Russian Jewish), died or disappeared before he was born. Owing to a combination of severed family ties and an absent father figure for her children, Mary was often pressured to adopt an economically itinerant lifestyle on behalf of her four children. This meant frequently living on violent Indian reservations in conditions of extreme poverty. [7][8] During elementary school, Langan was repeatedly skipped ahead and was tormented by his peers. Langan claims he was brutally beaten by his stepfather, Jack Langan. Jack Langan denies this claim.” https://steemit.com/history/@fizzygold/the-smartest-man-in-the-world

“Ronny Decorte, a geneticist from the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, tested relatives of Adolf Hitler and determined that the Fürher belonged to haplogroup E1b1b. Ironically this haplogroup thought to be at the origin of Afro-Asiatic languages, which includes the Semitic languages and peoples that Hitler despised so much.” https://www.eupedia.com/europe/Haplogroup_E1b1b_Y-DNA.shtml

Here are some columns where the original answer published by Marilyn is clearly wrong, with clear and simple explanations. In some cases, Marilyn has published a correction, but in most cases, the error was noted here first. https://wiskit.com/marilyn/marilyn.html

  1. 2049- Coleman Hughes

The Joe Rogan Experience (mentions Chris Langan) https://open.spotify.com/episode/6gr1cKBE8VywXpVlMdisDm

(Summary under 15 minutes of above) https://youtu.be/SNEJmcZWFEc?si=OvXn3Gm8iMBLsdGl

Chris M Langan's mother's father: (1896 Wales - 1960 San Francisco) https://www.geni.com/people/Thomas-Chappell/6000000043047921284

Carolus 'Magnus' d'Aquitaine, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (Karolinger), Rex Francorum & Imperator Romanorum https://www.geni.com/people/Charlemagne/6000000002457013227

TOP 10 Highest IQ in the World for 2024 https://plattevalley.newschannelnebraska.com/story/50896312/top-10-highest-iq-in-the-world-for-2024

Chronology of Chris Langan’s (Perceived) Net Worth, Posts, Gabs, Tweets, Facebook Posts, Forum Replies and Interview Clips (wherein he may have replied to comments)

Quantum Brainstorming (SEP 12, 2023 ∙ PAID) https://chrislangan.substack.com/p/quantum-brainstorming

Same Discussion, Different Thread (Quantum Computation OCT 16, 2023 ∙ PAID) https://chrislangan.substack.com/p/same-discussion-different-thread

Man With 200 IQ Gives Theory on Reality (CTMU Explained) https://youtu.be/LeDm633T-_U?si=-OjzOU9X3oc-HuVN

Man With 200 IQ Says Death Isn’t the End https://youtu.be/9EZ-1dcc_Sc?si=x6fvS16kbXcOYW3r

Beyond "Beyond Good and Evil" What are good and evil, and what is the nature of the Beast? (CHRIS LANGAN DEC 11, 2023 ∙ PAID)

Believe it or not, modern academic philosophers have reached a working consensus on good and evil: “They don’t exist.” As most of them see it, what is good for one group can be bad for others (especially “protected communities”), and insofar as the good-evil distinction seems inconsistent with diversity, equity, and inclusion, good and evil are meaningless.” https://chrislangan.substack.com/p/beyond-beyond-good-and-evil

Consciousness Defined By Man With 200 IQ https://youtu.be/I4f9Q0Cejq4?si=kFjAKxbmD1BmIBSN

World's Smartest Man On The Multiverse Theory https://youtu.be/LeQ2B_g56JI?si=XjcTE6oqvfpwPvus

Chris Langan’s CTMU https://youtu.be/KFqZ9U02B5Q?si=i1IRifO6QzhYKv0k

Chris Langan - CTMU Briefly Explained - TOE https://youtu.be/NCQev0Z-iGU?si=Qs283edwrcTuxj0_

The Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe: A Partial Summary and Review (3/27/2024) https://www.greaterwrong.com/posts/pzmRDnoi4mNtqu6Ji/the-cognitive-theoretic-model-of-the-universe-a-partial

Christopher Langan Net Worth 2024: $1.5 Million https://www.iamgoldpanda.com/christopher-langan-net-worth-2024/

“The man with the alleged higest IQ in the US (Christopher Langan) earns $6000 per year. What does that tell you about the validity and applicability of IQ tests? (2010)…Since when did a persons salary have anything to do with their intelligence ?” https://gamedev.net/forums/topic/584789-i-dont-believe-that-this-is-the-smartest-man-in-the-world/4718761/