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In the CTMU, UBT (unbound telesis) is the ground-state of existence arrived at by stripping away the constraints of reality. Since there are no distributed constraints to limit its content, UBT is all-inclusive, infinite potential, and the source of all freedom.

Reality is created by filtratively emerging from this potential by the process of telic recursion. Since reality has a self-defined informational boundary distinguishing it from its complement (unactualized potential or unreality), it has recognizable content and structure. On the other hand, UBT is "a realm of zero constraint and infinite possibility where neither boundary nor content exists."[1]


Unbound Telesis (UBT) - a primordial realm of infocognitive potential free of informational constraint. In CTMU cosmogony, "nothingness" is informationally defined as zero constraint or pure freedom (unbound telesis or UBT), and the apparent construction of the universe is explained as a self-restriction of this potential. In a realm of unbound ontological potential, defining a constraint is not as simple as merely writing it down; because constraints act restrictively on content, constraint and content must be defined simultaneously in a unified syntax-state relationship.[2]

unbound Telesis is unbound energy if Telesis is energy

"through the cumulative factorization of telesis, a dual generalization of energy properly defined to serve as the ultimate “stuff” of reality."-Christopher Langan

unbound Telesis is the Force

"a featureless existential potential" or "undifferentiated ontological potential"

if UBT is potential energy, that would make it a force.


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