Telic recursion

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Telic recursion is the process by which Universal Free Will is exercised. Before the universe determines its next state; it takes all of reality and every past and future contingency into account and then chooses a particular state on the basis of its own values ( the exercising of a generalized utility function); this is known as Telic Recursion.


A fundamental process that tends to maximize a cosmic self-selection parameter, generalized utility, over a set of possible syntax-state relationships in light of the self-configurative freedom of the universe. An inherently "quantum" process that reflects the place of quantum theory in SCSPL, telic recursion is a "pre-informational" form of recursion involving a combination of hology, telic feedback and recursive selection acting on the informational potential of MU, a primal syndiffeonic form that is symmetric with respect to containment.[1]