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In the CTMU, conspansion is the alternating process by which reality evolves. Conspansion is so called because it involves material CONtraction during space exPANSION. Material contraction is what the objects in the universe are undergoing from a global vantage (each future state is being injected into the previous state and everything is shrinking within its own boundaries along with the measurement metric for space time). Spatial expansion is what the universe looks like it is undergoing as a function of time from a local vantage. The "dual" relationship between these two vantages is called conspansive duality.

Roughly speaking, conspansion has reality undergoing a 2-step process of self creation. The first step involves reality considering all the information it currently holds and all future and past possibilities and its own values and then restructuring a "present" state from all of that. It is a descriptive phase of reality where it manipulates the underlying language that describes reality (the SCSPL). The second phase of the process involves the present literally coming into being in some objective form that you can point at, a form in which reality PHYSICALLY contains objects. When speaking about reality as a whole these two phases are called Incoversion and Coinversion or alternatively, phases of Descriptive Containment and Topological Containment. By the very nature of constantly descriptively containing itself topologically containing itself descriptively containing itself topologically containing itself.... and so on, the material objects in the universe are shrinking INTO themselves while the boundaries of the universe remain fixed. Each future state of an object is injected INTO its previous state.

If Incoversion and Coinversion are the global processes of topological and descriptive containment, then inner expansion and requantization are those processes happening at a local level. Inner expansion involves objects (syntactic operators) hollowing out their current "insides", interacting with one another and then mutually absorbing information from each other to create future states INSIDE their individual previous states. They inject their future states into their previous ones or inner expand. "After" they are done inner expanding, everything "requantizes" and the next physical appearance of the position and properties of objects appear. The process then repeats as each new state of reality is created following the previous one.

As the objects in the universe shrink into themselves, from a universal vantage there is a contraction of all matter. However from the vantage of the individual syntactic operators, space appears to be expanding. Therefore the appearance of an expanding universe from a local perspective is the shrinking of matter and the rescaling of measurement metrics from a global perspective. Putting these two perspectives together we get conspansion.