Inner expansion

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Inner expansion is the generative phase of conspansion. For the selective phase, see requantization.

According to the CTMU, space and time are simulated inside syntactic operators. To clarify, this means that space and time do not exist except as a relation between syntactic operators that are communicating with one another. In order to evolve, the universe goes through a two step process (conspansion) which on the local level is as follows;

  • step 1 (inner expansion) ; syntactic operators enter into a wave form and lose the "fixedness" of their being. Their internal SCSPL coding starts to rearrange and they begin to interact with one another as their quantum wave forms entangle. Time passes.
  • step 2( requantization) ; the wave form collapses into the discrete phase of existence and a new event is formed along with all the spatial relations of the objects.

When syntactic operators are entangled and interacting, mutually absorbing each others information and processing it, they form what are known as Inner Expansive Domains or IEDs in step 1 outlined above. The global analogue of inner expansion is coinversion.

The above two phase process is not just a convenient theory in which spacetime can be reformulated but actually a logical necessity.