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A telon or "telic attractor" is a potential state of high utility for one or more telors.

Consider what happens when a person desires to do something in the most general terms. They consider consciously or unconsciously

  1. the point/utility/drive behind the action. This point/utility function/drive can be described as a relationship between various objects/feelings etc. relevant to the desire. Without the desire/purpose nothing will happen.
  2. rules relating their plans to the outside world- how stuff works "out there".
  3. rules relating their plan to the inside world of their minds - how their brain actually performs mental operations
  4. putting 2 and 3 together into a dynamic framework that gives a space within which to carry out the action sequentially.

Everything from 1 to 4 could be described more formally in terms of a language (like mathematics,logic etc). That language would have a syntax, or set of rules it obeys. A Telon refers to a syntax/state relationship that provides the purpose and meaning for an operation. It comes first, then the rest of the physical and mental syntax in reality is utilised to bring the goals of the Telon into existence.

So in a human plan- the formula for the pre planning desire/drive phase of the plan is an example of a low level Telon. A high level/global Telon would be the drive phase of Reality before it changes itself according to the values/relationships/rules in the Telon.

The reason that what is going on in the human brain has a Global analogue is because according to the CTMU, reality operates in accordance with principles of cognition. Generalized cognition is already the means by which reality configures itself and since human beings are a part of reality- it is no wonder that they operate on the same (but more local/constrained) principles.