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Thanks to Tim

Thanks go out to Tim for creating this page, hopefully this will aid in any off-topic discussions. I've moved a bunch of stuff here, feel free to edit this. --JT1480 (talk) 20:01, 23 July 2014 (UTC)


I have a question that is somewhat off-topic, I was wondering if you (the reader/viewer) voted for a conceptual NASA space suit? If you did, or didn't... what design did/would you choose? What did you process to come to that conclusion?

--JT1480 (talk) 10:40, 3 July 2014 (UTC)

Speaking of off topic, does anyone know that Chris' brothers, Jeffrey and Colter are on Facebook? Michael (talk) 17:04, 10 July 2014 (UTC)

I think the average intelligence gatherer or stalker does know that, it's really not hard to come by, if you dig deep enough, you can find out a lot of... Things. Idolization or obsession can be characterized as a mental illness though, I'm not sure releasing their names may be a good idea, since people who idolize Chris may attempt to stalk his family, or even marry them. --JT1480 (talk) 05:46, 12 July 2014 (UTC)

Hmm. Am I supposed to take that personally, JT1480? However, I do consider Langan an inspiration and a role model. Some people would append a poster with Einstein in their bedroom, instead of a cross with Jesus. Just like they would with any other person they hold in high regard and respect (e.g. Artists). Take Leonardo da Vinci, for example. Virtually everything we know about him today, is a direct result of the investigative efforts of historians and people alike. Were they stalkers? I'm afraid not. And although Langan is still far away from enjoying a historical status of someone like da Vinci, in future things will could change. In conclusion, I'll allow myself to give you an advice: free your mind out of preconceptions, reach out for a good dictionary and do your best to fail-proof your arguments. Have a nice day. Michael (talk) 12:38, 12 July 2014 (UTC)

Don't take it personally, or as an attack, I understand Langan is highly intelligent, I just think people deserve their privacy. Clearly there are many people who despise Langan, I barely comprehend where the hatred stems from, but I have some ideas, anyway obviously Chris has been attacked online a lot... I just wouldn't wanna see it happen to more people. --JT1480 (talk) 15:30, 15 July 2014 (UTC)

Points well taken, JT1480. As for the disdain for Langan, there might one reason in particular for it: inability to detect self-perpetuating lessons of history. You see, most people who regard and credit Einstein for who he was, and for what he has done, are people who already were born in such a world. That is, in a world that has already recognized, Einstein as a genius. Were such people witnessing Einstein's work and life before his rise to the top, they might as well have insulted, ridiculed or ignored him. People who are hostile to Chris and his work, could very well be part of the above-mentioned scenario. Michael (talk) 18:19, 15 July 2014 (UTC)

I blame: illusional intellectual superiority, ignorance and delusion. I appreciate your perspective, I just think most people have a low social IQ, at least online they do, according to some study. JT1480 (talk) 02:31, 16 July 2014 (UTC)

It's the opposite: on the Internet, everyone can be a genius! That's why not even wrong ideas like Langan's fade away. Anonymous (talk) 22:06, 4 July 2015 (UTC)

A Chris Langan comment I found

Dylancatlow (talk) 14:43, 20 July 2014 (UTC)

That comment was originally made in the comment section of this page:

Anonymous (talk) 22:39, 29 July 2014 (UTC)

If it's any consolation, I found a publication by Rice University's Introduction to Sociology:

Bouncer. Firefighter. Factory worker. Cowboy. Chris Langan spent the majority of his adult life just getting by with jobs like these. He had no college degree, few resources, and a past filled with much disappointment. Chris Langan also had an IQ of over 195, nearly 100 points higher than the average person (Brabham 2001). So why didn’t Chris become a neurosurgeon, professor, or aeronautical engineer? According to Macolm Gladwell (2008) in his book Outliers: The Story of Success, Chris didn’t possess the set of social skills necessary to succeed on such a high level—skills that aren’t innate, but learned. Gladwell looked to a recent study conducted by sociologist Annette Lareau in which she closely shadowed 12 families from various economic backgrounds and examined their parenting techniques. Parents from lower income families followed a strategy of “accomplishment of natural growth,” which is to say they let their children develop on their own with a large amount of independence; parents from higher income families, however, “actively fostered and accessed a child’s talents, opinions, and skills” (Gladwell 2008). These parents were more likely to engage in analytical conversation, encourage active questioning of the establishment, and foster development of negotiation skills. The parents were also able to introduce their children to a wide range of activities, from sports to music to accelerated academic programs. When one middle class child was denied entry to a gifted and talented program, the mother petitioned the school and arranged additional testing until her daughter was admitted. Lower income parents, however, were more likely to unquestioningly obey authorities such as school boards. Their children were not being socialized to comfortably confront the system and speak up (Gladwell 2008). What does this have to do with Chris Langan, deemed by some as the smartest man in the world (Brabham 2001)? Chris was born in severe poverty, moving across the country with an abusive and alcoholic stepfather. Chris’s genius went greatly unnoticed. After accepting a full scholarship to Reed College, his funding was revoked after his mother failed to fill out necessary paperwork. Unable to successfully make his case to the administration, Chris, who had received straight A’s the previous semester, was given F’s on his transcript and forced to drop out. After enrolling in Montana State, an administrator’s refusal to rearrange his class schedule left him unable to find the means necessary to travel the 16 miles to attend classes. What Chris had in brilliance, he lacked practical intelligence, or what psychologist Robert Sternberg defines as “knowing what to say to whom, knowing when to say it, and knowing how to say it for maximum effect” (Sternberg et al. 2000). Such knowledge was never part of his socialization. Chris gave up on school and began working an array of blue-collar jobs, pursuing his intellectual interests on the side. Though he’s recently garnered attention from work on his “Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe,” he remains weary and resistant of the educational system. As Gladwell concluded, “He’d had to make his way alone, and no one—not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses—ever makes it alone” (2008)

"Chris Langan’s story illustrates that: a. children raised in one-parent households tend to have higher IQs. b. intelligence is more important than socialization. c. socialization can be more important than intelligence. d. neither socialization nor intelligence affects college admissions."

"Why do you think that people like Chris Langan continue to have difficulty even after they are helped through societal systems? What is it they’ve missed that prevents them from functioning successfully in the social world?"

I believe I saw a film review by Langan, however I can't find it, anyway this may also be of interest:

--JT1480 (talk) 08:27, 22 July 2014 (UTC)

Hello, JT1480. I'm sure that Langan would be happier if the university in question got interested in his theory, rather than his life. Furthermore, while Gladwell's book seems somewhat impressive, it's basically the common knowledge of most people who are, or were members of the sub-middle classes. Michael (talk) 13:23, 23 July 2014 (UTC)

He would be happier, but it's a sociology class, personally I dart around the 98th percentile, which is nothing too special (MAT, GMAT), however even I find the paper submitted to ISCID by Langan to be very verbose. It's taken me some time to interpret it. Hopefully the book that he plans to release will be easier for everyone to interpret. The only valid arguments I've seen against the CTMU are that it's highly confusing, personally the theory is of huge interest to me. Hopefully the jargon will be defined in his book, one of the main reasons people rejected the theory is because of the undefined jargon, however many do forget that it was submitted to ISCID. Tegmark's book, released this year looks good, my eReader is just too small to see the diagrams.

In regards to remote viewing, you may find the book 'Remote Viewing' by Dave Moorehouse of interest. I was actually going to send the Mega Foundation a copy, since I saw the Colloquy discussion, however I eventually discovered that postage was $80, I gave up.

--JT1480 (talk) 16:40, 23 July 2014 (UTC)


Discussion moved from Meta:Discussion#The People Speak.

Anyway, I actually did have a question, I forgot to mention it at the time, I wanted Chris to elaborate on psi phenomena, specifically the outer-body experiences he's had. --JT1480 (talk) 08:58, 23 July 2014 (UTC)

I've written to Chris about the OBEs. Unfortunately, he never responded. By the way, how would you explain remote-viewing and (supposedly ongoing) precognition experienced by Chris? Michael (talk) 10:37, 23 July 2014 (UTC)

You know, I'm not sure how I would explain it, I would really need to see results from a fMRI and an EEG. Interestingly enough, one could experience the same altered states of consciousness as Chris if one could get an EEG trace from his altered states, it could then be played through a rTMS machine. I would honestly love to investigate Chris' mind since it is a huge anomaly, furthermore I'd also love to study a number of geniuses who surpass the IQ ceiling tests.

Chris has discussed his brain size on a number of occasions, I do remember hearing Chris say that he felt he had a responsibility to make the CTMU, so it's unknown if cosmology and metaphysics are where his ultimate expertise lies, if it does then he may have a larger parietal lobe than the population norm. Theoretically one could 'grow' the parietal lobe, since learning literally makes your brain grow. However there are a number of variables that come into play, such as brain lateralization, acquired savant syndrome and such. Although it is of interest, I wouldn't recommend doing any longevity/human improvement on yourself that hasn't been tested well. Take radiation hormesis for example.

Binaural beats are of interest, however one shouldn't listen to ASMR videos due to the fact that it hasn't been studied to a decent point, there needs to be tests done using fMRI machines, it could potentially have negative affects. Nootropics have been around for a long time, however there are many non-responders, DARPA has allegedly made a new class of biological type nootropics, that are very promising, the downside is that you have to have a history of mental illness in order to use them, they are highly regulated.

There are a few things that people in the bell curve do believe enhances overall intelligence, however it's highly theoretic and intuitive.

It sounds to me that a neurotheologist would be able to interpret Chris' results. Interestingly enough, OBE's can be elicited from the angular gyrus, which executive functions include mathematical ability.

I believe that Chris' idea of that aspect of intelligence being 'something higher', or 'metaphysical', is correct, I cite personal experience.

I'm actually making my own theoretical framework (psychology not metaphysics) that basically shows how social disintegration is affecting everyone and how its occurring. One of the things I find of interest is how the average person is born a genius, Einstein said: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

samskaras may also be of interest to you

--JT1480 (talk) 16:30, 23 July 2014 (UTC)

Don't pay so much attention to high IQ people. They're nothing special, you can be one of them too if you learn to solve the trivial puzzles on these tests. This parapsychology stuff isn't so interesting either, it's bad science. Anonymous (talk) 02:26, 6 July 2015 (UTC)
Thanks. If you're interested, you can induce OBEs. However, be prepared for an eventual baggage of associated psi effects, as pointed out by Chris. One time, during an OBE, I tried to memorize the serial number of my desktop. After the OBE, I got up and confirmed it. However, I never shared this experience with anybody. Too many people have too many preconception, biases and make too many assumptions. Indeed, the implications of such experience, break many fundamental notions for many people. Michael (talk) 17:44, 23 July 2014 (UTC)
Your experience is either the result of your imagination or of deja vu. This sometimes happens to me too, I'll have a real-life experience and it'll feel as if I dreamed it before, even when I clearly hadn't.
You're welcome. I believe Chris stated that the CTMU was designed not to make those assumptions (rough quote), therefore there shouldn't be many assumptions here. Anyway, I believe I have had a variety of altered states, there are... Things that have happened that I can only really define as an off-shoot of a near death experience. I have synesthesia, so my taste sense actually gets put to work during lucid dreaming.
What you stated is very interesting, obviously a study should be conducted, with control groups and such, the angular gyrus is only the tip of the iceberg in a mathematical sense, the prefrontal cortex also plays a role, mathematicians find numbers and equations to be beautiful, but most of the work is done in the parietal lobe.
There are alternate theories, I tend to be somewhat secretive, so I won't discuss it here, but the only thing I'm certain of, is that we don't know enough to rule anything out.
I would love to study 'human calculators' and see if it can be acquired without savant syndrome. Muscle memory can actually improve math skills in those who suffer from learning difficulties, there are a few theoretical scientists in California who have developed systems to aid kids with various learning difficulties.
I have a friend who's a human calculator. Of course it can be acquired without any brain peculiarities, it's just like learning to read, at first you're very slow to recognize the symbols and put them together, and then you get faster and faster, until it looks like magic. It's nothing special, and it's a fun skill to learn, you can do it in a few months maybe, even more quickly if you memorize big times tables (this is what the pros, like Shakuntala Devi, do). Anonymous (talk) 22:22, 4 July 2015 (UTC)
I do disagree with Chris' notion regarding intelligence insofar as I don't believe discipline would play a large role, since happiness actually increases overall intellect.
Interestingly enough I used to be a prodigy, until the age of 9, when I suffered a large blow to my head. I too started speaking around 6 months of age and I also had in depth knowledge of a range of areas, it's a shame that my intelligence was impacted by the blow to my head, I do have highly superior autobiographical memory though. So I'm not exactly sure how intelligent I could've been. Regardless I still believe the overall bell curve idea to be largely metaphysical.
You're probably nothing special, and you probably never were. Anonymous (talk) 22:22, 4 July 2015 (UTC)
I tend to be more 'right brained', in the arts, math doesn't appeal much to me, which is unfortunate, I wish it did, lol. --JT1480 (talk) 19:05, 23 July 2014 (UTC)
Math doesn't appeal to ANYONE at first! It's like learning how to read, it's mental torture, so everyone hates it at the time, but you should learn to do it anyway because it makes you smarter, many times smarter than Langan. It also gets you a non-druggy (i.e., non-impairing) high, like exercise, after you do it for a while, and then you're hooked, you can never escape. Anonymous (talk) 22:22, 4 July 2015 (UTC)
Hi Michael. Can you elaborate on how can I induce OBEs? I find it extremely interesting! Thanks. ShwartzS (talk) 08:44, 24 July 2014 (UTC)
Hello, ShwartzS. I advice you to read the works of Robert Monroe and Robert Peterson. In this link you'll find the step-by-step guide by Robert Peterson. Read it all. You can read his entire book for free on his website. Michael (talk) 12:14, 24 July 2014 (UTC)

If anyone is interested in purchasing a device capable of producing altered states, you could research the Shakti Coil system, otherwise known as the God Helmet. --JT1480 (talk) 18:28, 24 July 2014 (UTC)

Andrew Magdy Kamal

Looks like the high IQ community just got another anomaly, Andrew has an IQ around 230, what do you think?

Parallel Universe Alternating Device?...

--JT1480 (talk) 11:08, 24 July 2014 (UTC)

Well, I think it would be premature to call him a "genius" yet. I read that he's a manic depressive, suffers from ADD, ADHD and is also autistic. Extreme ability does not necessarily come with a disability. And Chris is an example of that. Also, nobody but a fool, could say that he holds "world's highest IQ". That's an unwarranted assumption. Michael (talk) 13:32, 24 July 2014 (UTC)

Hey Michael, I agree, there isn't any real evidence to support the idea that he may be a polymath, although the pure definition of genius does vary, societal perceptions usually hold that it's a person with high intellect, who has gone down in history as a notable genius (such as Einstein), in itself this is kind of stupid, I do believe Langan is correct about modern genius' and their ties to academia.

I think this is just a case of savant syndrome, most of the ceiling IQ tests are largely spatial, so it's no surprise. The media labels anything they want, as long as it draws attention, so they can gain revenue. Russia Today features BS propaganda 24/7. I have been monitoring the Snowden disclosures for example, I tend not to go to Fox, CNN, etc, since each article is heavily bias, I use cryptome instead, that way I can actually see evidence and facts, likewise many people should theoretically do the same instead of scumming to cultural pressure.

FYI, I do tend to go off topic, I guess it's because I have a lot on my mind. I am interested in his "parallel universe device", I have no doubt that it's either a joke or a theory. --JT1480 (talk) 18:38, 24 July 2014 (UTC)

Chris Langan and neuroscience

I thought it may be wise to start another topic, since the previous one was somewhat large.

Chris stated that he can remember nearly every dream, according to the University of Iowa, a person who can remember nearly all of their dreams, is highly creative.

Chris stated that EEG results showed that he was sleeping, this leaves the obvious question: what stage of sleep?

A copy of Chris' EEG trace would be absolutely amazing, since you can play EEG traces over rTMS machines, thereby inducing effects on the average person. One could even play it over a very affordable Shakti Coil device.

Chris stated: “I infer that the ability to manifest or retain consciousness in various brainstates varies among individuals”, this is a very true conclusion...

Chris apparently has OBE's very easily, just by sitting down. One theory would indeed be that Chris' angular gyrus is... An anomaly. An above average AG (angular gyrus) can:

1. Activation of the angular gyrus shows that not only does it mediate memory retrieval, but notes contradictions between what is expected from the retrieval, and what is unusual. The angular gyrus can access both content and episodic memories, and is useful in inferring from these the intentions of human characters. Furthermore, the angular gyrus may use a feedback strategy to ascertain whether a retrieval is expected or unusual.

2. Recent experiments have demonstrated the possibility that stimulation of the angular gyrus is the cause of out-of-body experiences. Stimulation of the angular gyrus in one experiment caused a woman to perceive a phantom existence behind her. Another such experiment gave the test subject the sensation of being on the ceiling. This is attributed to a discrepancy in the actual position of the body, and the mind's perceived location of the body.

3.There may be neurological disorders that disturb metaphor and synaesthesia.This has not been studied in detail but we have seen disturbances in the Bouba/Kiki effect (Ramachandran & Hubbard, 2001a) as well as with proverbs in patients with angular gyrus lesions. It would be interesting to see whether they have deficits in other types of synaesthetic metaphor, e.g. ‘sharp cheese’ or ‘loud shirt’. There are also hints that patients with right hemisphere lesions show problems with metaphor. It is possible that their deficits are mainly with spatial metaphors, such as ‘He stepped down as director’

4. Since 1919, brain injuries to the angular gyrus have been known to often cause arithmetic deficits

These four points tie into Chris' life fairly well.

1. “ The angular gyrus can access both content and episodic memories” 2. “stimulation of the angular gyrus is the cause of out-of-body experiences”

3. “There may be neurological disorders that disturb metaphor”

4. The angular gyrus plays a large role in calculation and arithmetic.

From this I think we can narrow down to a conclusion. For those that are interested in 'working out' your angular gyrus, I would recommend learning. Both rTMS and tDCS only last short term, but may have better effects.

Discussions on Genius, Chris Langan's interview with A. Jensen is availible via the Mega International web complex, it features a few interesting intelligence based questions. --JT1480 (talk) 19:44, 24 July 2014 (UTC)

New Books, coming soon

Finally found the alleged titles of the new books coming soon, visit this link for more information

You can support the Mega Foundation by purchasing something here, too:

--JT1480 (talk) 07:31, 25 July 2014 (UTC)

In this link, it says: Coming this Spring!. And that's a screenshot from 2003! That incontrovertibly proves, that he has re-written these books over and over again. Also, could somebody tell me how could MegaPress publish a book written by Ayn Rand? Michael (talk) 10:19, 25 July 2014 (UTC)

I believe Langan did a foreword on the book. --JT1480 (talk) 12:43, 25 July 2014 (UTC)

Your questions for Chris

Hello. Since I have few questions for Chris, and since I have some contacts in the Mega Foundation, I welcome you to post here your questions for Chris. My contact will be forwarding these questions for Chris. That way, there are more chances for us to get answers from him. Michael (talk) 13:24, 25 July 2014 (UTC)

Thanks, Michael.

1. What code of ethics is supported by CTMU?

2. In an interview, you said that human consciousness operates over large sectors of time rather than from moment-to-moment. Can you explain how this works?

Dylancatlow (talk) 14:47, 25 July 2014 (UTC)

Hey Michael, thanks go out to you, your contact at Mega, and Chris for the opportunity.

I was wondering (if it's not too personal), what sleep state Mr. Langan was in during the EEG trace he had during his childhood? and what are some of the things Mr. Langan has experienced in regards to psi phenomena, i.e. precognition examples or OBE examples? In regards to a previous discussion I had with Michael, I came to the conclusion that Mr. Langan may have a larger angular gyrus than the norm, which could explain why Mr. Langan experiences OBE's and mathematical savant skills. As I have previously stated I do believe a large part of higher intelligence to be theoretically metaphysical, the idea of the superconsciousness or 'universal intelligence' is of interest to me personally, has Mr. Langan had any experience associated with the superconsciousness or 'higher consciousness', etc?

Thank you again for this opportunity, I look forward to supporting the CTMU in the near future and donating more towards the Mega Foundation, which is basically the only one of it's kind for the severely gifted.



--JT1480 (talk) 06:38, 26 July 2014 (UTC)

Dude, Langan is not a mathematical savant, and you should save your donations for some other cause. Anonymous (talk) 02:31, 6 July 2015 (UTC)

Hello Michael

I wonder if Langan would like to be interviewed by Nikola Danaylov (aka Socrates) at Singularity weblog ?

I know for a fact that Nikola is very interested in this. I suggested it to him some time ago and he really liked the idea and send an email to Langan. He didn`t get an answer so I suspect it might not have been the apropriate email-address. As you can see, he has had many big names on his show and Nikola himself is highly intelligent. I think an interview made by him would be far more interesteing than Errol Morris/Peoples Speak/Coast to coast. I also suspect it would be much more interesting for Langan and probably that he would get a chance to explain more about the CTMU. (Nikola is an impressive guy to listen to, and he would be one more point of data in accordance with Langans (and others) claim about the correlation between headsize and intelligence (with all possible respect to Nikola Danaylov)).

If Langan is interested he could contact Nicola and he would be glad to hear from him. I beleve Nikola might have used info(at) when he contacted Langan earlier (in case he wanted to check)

Please check out singularityweblog. If Langan were to appear on the podcast he would truly be in good company (Michio Kaku, Frank J. Tipler, Noam Chomsky, Ray Kurzweil and many others).

Can you please forward this to Langan?


I know for a fact that if a statement on here is ultra-profound Langan will see it... same with the Facebook CTMU group and various forums. He sees a lot, but doesn't have time to reply to it. Which is understandable. When one reaches a peak in a particular subject area, they become less inclined to teach others. The information is out there. Langan has turned down many interviews in the past, good luck. --JT1480 (talk) 11:14, 12 March 2015 (UTC)
I think it's great that Nikola / Socrates is interested in interviewing Langan. I've heard a few episodes of the Singularity 1 on 1 podcast, and it seems like a good venue for Langan to discuss his ideas. It would be interesting to hear Langan in conversation about accelerating technological change, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, the singularity, etc., and how the CTMU relates to these things. I hope this will happen. Tim Smith (talk) 14:40, 12 March 2015 (UTC)

Yes. Me too.

I beleve that Langan is more interested in talking about his ideas than his own life. Media, on the other han, seems more fascinated by his "good Will Hunting"-like story. Nikola is different and he also seems really smart. I think it could be interesting for Langan, Nikola and us, and maybe even be benefiscial with regards to the credibility of the CTMU and Langan. The last part due to the quality of the interview, more explanation of the CTMU than in other media apperances, and also in light of the other guests on the show.

I hope you will forward this information Michael.

(Just want to mention that english is not my native language, so the quality of my writing will be not be perfect).

--Brusmaskin (talk) 18:03, 12 March 2015 (UTC)

Well I've wanted to start my own podcast for years. My idea is to interview people that I find interesting--Langan, of course, being one of those people. I've floated this idea to Genie, but have not heard back. My idea was that all of us on the CTMU Wiki would compile questions or themes that we want to hear Chris answer or speak on and I would work them into an interview. I haven't heard back from Genie about this, but something tells me that it is in the realm of possibilities. Let me know if you are interested in helping me set this up (my e-mail is While the Singularity podcast has a large viewership (Nikola does a fine job), I'd trust myself to conduct a far better and more insightful interview with Chris (or most of the thinkers that have appeared on that podcast). Cdipoce (talk) 14:50, 12 March 2015 (UTC)

Michael, here are my questions to Chris Langan: 1) Without any intended invitation for the Grim Reaper, do you have plans in place for posthumous preservation and/or distribution of your work? Regardless of opinion, it would be a shame for it to be swallowed by time, obscurity and happenstance. 2) How close would you say we are to artificial intelligence and where do you stand on the threat some believe it poses? 3) Do we have any reasonable chance for a post-scarcity society and what are the most promising fields of energy production that deserve the most attention? 4) Is time travel and/or faster-than-light travel possible? 5) What *is* subjective experience (and/or consciousness) in CTMU terms and operation? ...Thanks! BRA1N-b0X (talk) 09:55, 24 December 2016 (UTC)

Online Disinhibition Effect

I saw a recent post by someone who supports and uses this Wiki (name withheld), on a debating website, the user wanted to have some questions asked about the CTMU, and then reply to them, using Langan's quotes. The first replies he got were profoundly stupid, with no real observable intelligence in any of the comments:

"1) WTF, is Langan on drugs or what? 2) What words rhyme with syndiffeonesis? 3) Is that how they do logic on the planet Langan comes from? 4) Why isn"t Hology the study of holes? 5) Why is it that eugenics advocates always exemplify the very underbelly of the gene pool?"

etc, etc.

We have seen this behavior played out time and time again. I remember reading something online about most YouTube users for example, only graduating high school, the same was the case with a variety of websites, graduates used very little popular websites... If we consult this chart we can see that these people (high school dropouts/grads) would statistically be at or below the 90 IQ range. In Mr. Langans case, autodidactism is somewhat of a rarity, so I suppose we can ignore that when looking at heavy stats.

Now the online disinhibition effect is the partial or complete abandonment of societal norms online due to things like dissociative anonymity, imagination and minimization of authority. This is a part of the reason that people tend to 'troll' others online.

I believe that this abandonment is aiding in social disintegration, we can see this all the time on the news, from 5 year olds copying nefarious behavior online, to 12 yr olds murdering their friend, to people making real world, prank troll videos.

My question for you (audience/viewer) is: what do you believe society could due to stop this problem at its core?

--JT1480 (talk) 06:57, 26 July 2014 (UTC)

Hi, JT1480. First, regarding the correlation of IQ and general life outcomes, I think such statistics are in many respects half-baked and misleading. They are replete with obvious assumptions. For example, according to such statistics, someone like Chris, should have been an academic star today. They are misleading, because they lead people to assume that someone with a PhD, is inherently more intelligent (as opposed to more conformed) than a high school dropout. Speaking of ODE, you make kind of a loaded question. In order to "stop" anything, you must to know what makes it going, and what's it's purpose. Take trolling, for example. In order to stop a troll, you woud only need to answer this: what needs he/she satisfies by trolling? Many people who troll, stalk, bully or harass on the web, have problems in their own lives. The people who make the best trolls (and stalkers), for example, are psychopaths. Unsurprisingly enough, many people who bully online and offline, were themselves victims of bullying(!) Now, I don't want to bore you, by analyzing behaviors of trolls, stalkers or bullies. So I'll leave it at that. So as you can see, your question is far too general to be asked definetely. You might as well ask: What makes people steal, commit murder and crimes of any sort? And what measures can we take in order to suppress those behaviors? Michael (talk) 16:22, 26 July 2014 (UTC)
Trolling is just a way of fighting authority and destroying nonsense like the CTMU. It's not the result of people's personal issues, and it's ethically necessary. Here are some examples:
-Trolls R Saints
-Michael is a poo-poo head, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Trolling is a sacrament because it makes the debate automatically uncivil, throwing everyone into the mud together so that authority is removed and winning the debate is only dependent on being right, not on how nicely you write. In conflating trolling with crimes like thievery or murder, you're doing propaganda in a silly attempt to hide the fact that the CTMU is being soundly demolished online. Luckily there are trolls here, like me, who are willing to do their counter-propaganda in the service of all that is right in the world. Anonymous (talk) 22:35, 4 July 2015 (UTC)

It's me btw:

I've been discussing the CTMU on that site for about 8 months. I would love it if some of you joined in with me :)

Dylancatlow (talk) 18:35, 26 July 2014 (UTC)

Correct, it is a half-baked assumption, however it would explain why so many people seemingly say the most 'retarded' things. Autodidactism isn't all that common, and if it is then it's usually GED holders, who statistically have a statistically lower IQ. the psychology behind trolling is the ODE, and these links explain why one, who doesn't necessarily suffer from psychotic tenancies, adopts a bully role:

I don't believe they are pure psychopaths by definition, perhaps ASPD, but the news tends to make inaccurate assumptions all to often.

Anyway, once you have researched the ODE you should understand what I'm getting at. I personally think that the internet needs regulation. People may see this as a minimization of freedoms, however it's really not, considering that anyone can download anything if they are content on doing so. Specifically, I believe that there should be an international standard adopted that makes all the major websites liable for damages if their users engage in illegal discussion (including racism, bullying etc), in turn that would cut off bullying almost at the source and it would decrease exploitation. The exact methodology one would adopt is... unknown, however I would expect less anonymity and more authority.

Basically you want to starve the troll of their food, which is anonymity and minimization of authority.

I would discuss it Dylan, but the "New Atheist" type, who wants to destroy any and all religious related papers, really bugs me.

--JT1480 (talk) 08:18, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

Trolling is sacrosanct, and everyone should be doing it. It is a process of leveling the playing field, so that ideas cannot pass on their own authority but can only pass by being correct. CTMU defenders would do better to present their idea in a rude, insulting, forceful way, although it is not a good idea, it is pretty much meaningless, so it would lose in the long run like all philosophy does. Anonymous (talk) 02:22, 6 July 2015 (UTC)
Hi, JT1480. I never said that "they are pure psychopaths". But that they make best trolls, by virtue of their traits. And I don't think that the internet can be regulated. Why? Well, take into consideration these two facts. First, any website of any nature is a web property. It belongs to either one person, or a group of people. Second, the internet as a whole entity, belongs to no country or person. Regulating the internet, would thus ammount to regulating personal property, freedom of speech, expression ecc. You see, no country has the legal authority to regulate, what people can or cannot say or do, on the internet. That is because, no demoratic government can be called such, while dictating what one can or cannot do, on one's own website. What we truly need, in order to solve this and other problems, is an increase in global intelligence, wisdom and maturity. Michael (talk) 12:00, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

Making major popular websites have to abide by rules is what I mean, YouTube for example, "freedom is a right, not a privilege". I have thought about a 'mass awakening', however regulating the internet just seems easier --JT1480 (talk) 14:15, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

Regulating the Internet would be a horrible evil. Anonymous (talk) 22:42, 4 July 2015 (UTC)

Ayn Rand and Anthrax writings by Chris

Hello. I found another two writings by Chris. The first is On Ayn Rand's Philosophy, the second is Anthrax and the Common Man: Forewarned is Forearmed. These writings were both published in Noesis-E, but they are unavailable to the public. So how I got them? It's a long story. Michael (talk) 21:04, 26 July 2014 (UTC)


Dylancatlow (talk) 23:20, 26 July 2014 (UTC)

I've found that refining the Google Search results for 'Chris Langan' and the CTMU by week and month, have yielded better results. This way one can see all the news regarding Chris and his theory, I do so because... I want to get the book the second it comes out. One could also set up Google Alerts to search for the CTMU.

Heres another useless forum talking about the CTMU... when saying 'useless', I am referring to the highly intuitive and illogical assumptions many users tend to adopt, they fail to interpret the CTMU (mind you the main paper was published to an intellectual discussion group), and in turn they just decide to call it a fraud or something along those lines. The link between academia and self education is somewhat annoying, insofar as Tegmarks mathematical universe received much praise, whereas Chris'...

--JT1480 (talk) 08:22, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

Take it easy, JT1480. I would say that 99% of people that criticize Chris' work and ideas, are either utterly confused and ignorant, or are being pathological trolls like the infamous Mark Chu-Carroll. When you read comments from such people, it's only natural to get annoyed. After all, such people are not in the business of studying and understanding Chris' work. Again, take it easy. Michael (talk) 12:18, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

I also have found a paper on the overview of the Search On Thr Fly technology written by Chris, when he was working for Virtual Logistix (ViloX). However, it seems unavailable. You can't find everything with Google, JT1480. The writings that I posted yesterday, were found as HTML code. Michael (talk) 13:56, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

The ViloX paper's available at

Anonymous (talk) 22:39, 29 July 2014 (UTC)

I'm fine, I... Am suffering from an illness that has no cure, my mind is dying and my body along with it, I have found I get stressed all too easily now. I do apologize for my behavior, it's just getting harder to control. Anyway, I have gotten personally annoyed after people overestimate their intelligence in a specific area. For example during the immediate aftermath of the Boston bombings a bunch of Reddit fools decided to use their superior detective skills to find the bomber, leading to an innocent, dead mans mockery.

I remember finding that, I wasn't sure if it was a dream or not at the time, since my computer used to erase history on browser closure.

--JT1480 (talk) 14:20, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

You don't have to answer this: is the source of your illness mental or physical (body)? Sometimes, people who are overly susceptible to other people's problems or attitudes, have themselves problems that are not being addressed properly. They deflect the attention from their seemingly irresolvable problems, to solve problems of others. Solving other people's problems, yields, in fact, feelings of personal achievement. Think of it as personal resolution/achievement by proxy. This defense mechanism makes sense if your illness is terminal. If it isn't, then it's a self-defeating, self-destructive attitude. Again, no offence intended. Does this make any sense? Michael (talk) 16:21, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

It's not neurological. --JT1480 (talk) 15:01, 28 July 2014 (UTC)

Dylan Catlow Debates

Hey Dylan. I was looking through your debate history when I stumbled across this post:

I don't know whether you genuinely believe that 0.999... is not equal to 1 in the real numbers or whether you were just playing devil's advocate. If you really do believe that, I have to say you're totally wrong. The way the real numbers are defined 0.999... = 1. The shortest proof is as follows:

1/9 = 0.111...

9(1/9) = 9(0.111...)

1 = 0.999...

Multiplication and division are well defined over the reals, though you seem to believe otherwise, after the reals themselves are defined, which can be done axiomatically.

So what's your case?

Anonymous (talk) 02:37, 29 July 2014 (UTC)

That's from a long time ago lol. I don't believe that anymore. In fact, if I remember correctly, I later conceded in the comments section of that debate.

Dylancatlow (talk) 04:51, 29 July 2014 (UTC)

Oh, that's all right then.

Anonymous (talk) 22:29, 29 July 2014 (UTC)

Links of Interest

These could be added to sources.


(Interesting .pdf )


- Wounded Warriors (mentions)


- The Powerfood Nutrition Plan (mentions)

- The Worldwide list of dissidents scientists (mentions)

- Christian Scholars Review (mentions)

- Esquire (mentions)

- Protocols for an Apocalypse (mentions)

- Uncommon Dissent

- Vilox

- Ayn Rand

- Anthrax

- Outliers

- Language Parsing

- High IQ Discussion regarding psi

- Johnny Asia & Langan

- Guitar Genius

- Russian Academia

- "Master" (strange)

- [ Some Theoretical and Practical Results in Context-Sensitive and Adaptive Parsing](Langan referenced)

- Esquire

- Unified Theories of Reality

- Cheating the Millennium (video, Langan not featured)

- Triple 9 discussion

- Music for the Highly Evolved (sadly the mp3's are down)

- bare pdf

- Mouse

- books Chris may read

- Toward an Ultimate Theory (not released, book is regarding TOE, CTMU)

- Design for a Universe (un-released)

- Mega Books

- Songs by Johnny Asia, a musician Chris labelled a 'guitar genius'

- hermann hesse steppenwolf

- Uncommon Wisdom Paperback – January 1, 1989 by Fritjof Capra

- the unbearable lightness of being


- Adam Smith - Wealth of Nations

- Small intellectual group (PHD) responding to Langan

- CTMU Countdown

The Portable Chris Langan

I'm pleased to announce that The Portable Chris Langan has already sold 16 copies on Amazon, and has been downloaded 450 times on Mediafire.

Attention Dylancatlow

Hello, Dylancatlow. At the risk of belaboring the obvious, I'll point out that you're engaging in legally actionable behavior. It doesn't matter how small is the amount you charge; you're profiteering anyway. I, therefore, ask you to desist from selling Langan's work before it's too late. Michael (talk) 11:03, 8 August 2014 (UTC)

I'm sorry, but I can't do that. I'm far more interested in seeing the CTMU grow in popularity than I am seeing the law respected.

Dylancatlow (talk) 19:18, 8 August 2014 (UTC) I posted that before I knew who he was. I've found the Portable Chris Langan on so many sites for free, that I didn't bother looking into it anymore. --JT1480 (talk) 16:30, 8 August 2014 (UTC)

You shouldn't profit off someone's writing without asking them for permission. Anonymous (talk) 02:35, 6 July 2015 (UTC)

I think if you advertised it (made appealing CTMU stuff) people may find it more to their liking... Try subliminal advertising or something (if it's legal in the nation in which you reside). I just made an example of a subliminal image, although other methods tend to work much better. I've heard that 'New Atheists' have actually used subliminal audio to convert theists. Fun fact.

Anyway the photo I uploaded pretty much explains how it works. I advise against it, this in no way is endorsed by Chris Langan, I've never even spoken with him. He would probably be against such an idea. Ideally the coolest idea would be to arrange the disaster in such a way that it spells 'CTMU'. I did this for a fun example, don't get any ideas though...

--JT1480 (talk) 21:32, 8 August 2014 (UTC)

Subliminal anything can't change people's minds. Anonymous (talk) 02:35, 6 July 2015 (UTC)

Well, Dylancatlow, consider yourself warned. And remember: by disseminating indiscriminately Langan's work, you're exposing him to all sort of potential risks. It's in nobody's best interest, to place your wishes, hopes and visions of what and how the CTMU should be, ahead of those of it's author. Be responsible. Michael (talk) 11:13, 9 August 2014 (UTC)

Rick Rosner: fate of the universe

Here's what Rick Rosner had to say about the fate of the universe.

I've never seen this on YouTube...


--JT1480 (talk) 12:53, 10 August 2014 (UTC)

It's on YouTube, posted by this account: Rick also has a popular Twitter following these days at His posts are pretty funny.

I don't think Rick's idea that the universe is much older than it appears holds much water. It's true that the observed matter density influences estimates of the age of the universe, but it would take truly enormous amounts of hidden matter to give an apparent age as big as Rick's guess. The fact is that astrophysicists have already taken all this into account in the most precise estimates of the time from the Big Bang, which are about 13.798 billion years. Anonymous (talk) 18:05, 10 August 2014 (UTC)

I just posted a Tweet to him, I've spoken to him before actually. Anyway, I thought the same thing, I do believe the Giga (??) Society posted a paper on a similar topic, I will try to find it. In response to your reply to the scanned documents, you're welcome.

William Sidis

What do you think about this theory of the universe published by William Sidis, a child prodigy

Pretty neat for something created so long ago

--JT1480 (talk) 06:45, 21 September 2014 (UTC)

It's a nice idea but was conclusively either false or irrelevant, depending on its scope, even at the time. I'm not really impressed by this work, especially considering that in 1925, physicists developed matrix mechanics:

Anonymous (talk) 02:59, 22 September 2014 (UTC)


I'm impressed, especially the whole dark matter section. I'm fascinated with observing science in the 20s... then comparing it to the standard 21st century models.

--JT1480 (talk) 13:21, 24 September 2014 (UTC)

It might sound impressive at first, but it's not so original. Laplace's ideas about "dark stars" over 100 years before were closer to describing black holes and dark matter than Sidis's. These notions were all floating in the air, and Sidis was barely closer to figuring any of them out than any other amateur physicist at the time.

Anonymous (talk) 21:36, 23 September 2014 (UTC)

I'm not sure how old Sidis was when he published it, but he was more than an amateur, he was very young for his age

--JT1480 (talk) 13:21, 24 September 2014 (UTC)

It's amateur work. He took a few undergrad classes in physics and astronomy, so what? That was just as trivial for any researcher in those fields then as it is now. He was young, but that doesn't mean much. He was like any prodigy, I'm sure he had classmates who knew the material better than he did.

If you honestly compare Sidis's work to the work of any astronomer or physicist from the same era, you'll see how amateurish it really was.

Anonymous (talk) 02:08, 5 October 2014 (UTC)

I don't call being a physics, mathematics and astronomy prodigy, attending Harvard at 12, 'amateur'. But I understand your perspective.

--JT1480 (talk) 07:59, 12 October 2014 (UTC)

No, that's silly, going to school early doesn't make you more competent. Anonymous (talk) 02:36, 6 July 2015 (UTC)

Having trouble with logic?

Stanford has a free online course in logic ($10 fee for a book). It serves as an introduction.

There is an honor code, and it's integrity has to remain in tact. Do not discuss the course here, if you wish to take it.

--JT1480 (talk) 02:56, 22 November 2014 (UTC)

Chris Langan's Personality

Some members here will know that I enjoy studying geniuses at times. I paid a well known company a small amount, to find Chris' MBTI type, with surprise they found:

"We have now researched Chris Langan and we find him to be ESTP.

If this assessment surprises you, I would direct your attention to these URLs:

Particularly, Langan projects an image of a "larger-than-life superman," someone who is not merely cerebral, but rather combines brains and street smarts and comes out as the "alpha" in every exchange (whether in an interview or on a game show or at the bar he works at). Despite his subject matter, he seems to have little sympathy for long-winded, hair-splitting philosophy - for instance, it seems he has not found it necessary to address the points made by classical philosophers such as Hume and Kant and he would probably say that those two are overcomplicating things. In this aspect he bears a resemblance to Ken Wilber, another Se dominant who takes on the same big questions.

We also find Langan to be what Theodore Millon terms a compensatory narcissist, i.e. a narcissist with negativistic and avoidant features - meaning he has a grandiose sense of his own superiority, but ambivalently vacillates between resenting and turning his back on a world that does not acknowledge him as superior, and then turning around and doing something to call attention to himself and court admiration."

I have seen people on forums trying to figure out what his MBTI type he is, and like me they thought he would probably be an IN-- however, I am very happy with this company's analysis. The psychologists had researched Chris very thoroughly; I even sent them links of crucial documents and videos. I have researched this some time, before I asked for their help, and I am confident they are correct. I originally suggested he may be an introvert, however if one delves into introversion and extroversion we can see he clearly is not.

--JT1480 (talk) 00:28, 21 January 2015 (UTC)

Dylancatlow (talk) 21:17, 21 January 2015 (UTC) If I had to guess, I would classify Langan as an INTJ. He's said he doesn't feel fully comfortable unless he's "back in-front of his desk doing what he loves, which is investigating the nature of reality". He also spent many years as a forest-fire lookout, which was totally solitary, and he has commented that he was "perfectly happy that way". The rest of their analysis is completely absurd. All of their remarks equally apply to Ayn Rand (in fact, the similarity is shocking), who is universally recognized as an INTJ personality. These people don't know what they're doing.

They also said he hasn't addressed the points made by Hume and Kant, which is just blatantly false.

I don't know Christopher Langan personally so I can't assess this personality profile, but--as Dylancatlow mentioned--Hume and Kant are two philosophers specifically addressed in CTMU-related essays and discussions. Cdipoce (talk) 00:20, 26 January 2015 (UTC)

YouTube Video

Every comment I glance at is utterly foolish.

It's a shame there is such a huge misconception going on. I think the best way to help the misconception, isn't replying individually to people, but by increasing traffic and trends towards the CTMU. The average reader knows very little about metaphysics in general, so obviously someone has to simplify it down.

--JT1480 (talk) 10:02, 8 February 2015 (UTC)

I think you're absolutely right. The 'understanding' of metaphysics held by a typical YouTube user or blogger doesn't go far beyond pithy slogans like "every theory must make testable predictions" or "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". I think it's a shame as well, but I prefer not to hold them in contempt, as some people simply never had the opportunity to study mathematics or philosophy in any great depth. And while sometimes it can be infuriating when they criticize something they've merely skimmed over, I feel that the 'dressing-down' of CTMU-critics can verge on unconstructive mean-spiritedness (this applies to my past behaviour, which is why I now tend to shy away from online CTMU-arguments). Cdipoce (talk) 21:41, 9 February 2015 (UTC)

The thing that bothers me is the ad hominem attacks... Anyway, anyone know where I can find Langan's 1 vs. 100 episode? I can't find it on YouTube anymore...

--JT1480 (talk) 03:38, 10 February 2015 (UTC)

New CTMU Audiobooks

Just letting everyone know that I recently uploaded some audiobooks to Youtube. They include Chris' ISCID discussions, his megaboard discussions, his posts in the "Another Crank Comes to Visit" thread, and some of his essays. You can find the links on the CTMU sources page.

Dylancatlow (talk) 20:06, 10 February 2015 (UTC)


I am ordering Chris Langan's 20/20 video from ABC, however I cannot post it online due to the terms of use. If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy, let me know and I'll send you the e-mail and subject line. --JT1480 (talk) 01:35, 14 February 2015 (UTC)

Is it worth seeing? If so, then I'd like to know the email, etc. (also, it would be awesome if you could upload it so megaupload or something).

Dylancatlow (talk) 05:52, 15 February 2015 (UTC)

Well you do get to see Chris taking an IQ test, which invalidates any Ron Hoffelin skeptics. You have probably seen them on YouTube: "chris langan is stupid he take one IQ test online it is not even real"... you know, stuff like that.

I believe the neuroscientist confirms he has an IQ of 190-210.

All of Langan's videos that have appeared online keep getting taken down on YouTube, so I'm thinking of archiving some material. It doesn't take long and if he does go down in history as a notable, everything can be easily accessed. Now there was one interview that none of us have probably seen. It was on a TV interview show, similar to The Circle. I believe Michael asked if anyone has seen it. I may try to order that too.

The only issue is that I cannot post it online. Since they are the only copies, they would know exactly who put them online. It's strictly for home viewing only.

I'll see if there's a different point-of-contact for the videos and send you an e-mail. --JT1480 (talk) 01:29, 16 February 2015 (UTC)

IQ tests are stupid.

Thanks! Send the files to

Dylancatlow (talk) 17:31, 17 February 2015 (UTC)

Have you made any progress uploading the interview?

Dylancatlow (talk) 17:49, 2 March 2015 (UTC)

Fun Facts

I decided to collect some facts about Chris that you may not know; I have put them in a type of 'profile' format.

Age: >60 Nationality: American Ethnicity: Hispanic

Growing up as a kid: Langan was bullied, as we all know, but what you may not know is that Jack Langan was a journalist, who often covered town corruption, which made him highly controversial.

When Chris started living on his own in Long Island, he had several reptiles

Chris rode a 1985 Shovelhead Harley Davidson, with a bored-out 1187 cc engine.

Chris has a small electric piano, and he has been known to edit music; he probably uploads them somewhere online.

Chris has an electric guitar and he has been playing it for a long time

Chris likes Johnny Asia's music:

Chris used to eat tuna and water for breakfast and he does like steak and fries. Chris wanted to be a vegetarian, but he said that the body isn't supposed to work that way.

Predator and Pumping Iron are Chris' favorite movies

Chris has been contracted by Disney Research in the past

--JT1480 (talk) 01:57, 16 February 2015 (UTC)

Ok, ok, be careful not to idolize the guy, he's only human. Anonymous (talk) 02:45, 6 July 2015 (UTC)

He's Hispanic? wut.

Dylancatlow (talk) 20:55, 5 March 2015 (UTC)

Yes he is Hispanic. Don't ask me how I know. --JT1480 (talk) 13:35, 11 March 2015 (UTC)

Interesting. What part Hispanic? I've seen pictures of his siblings, mother and grandfather, and none of them looked Hispanic to me.

Dylancatlow (talk) 19:52, 11 March 2015 (UTC)

She looks Hispanic to me... Regardless, if she isn't, then it must have been his father. There probably aren't any photos of him, because he wasn't around. --JT1480 (talk) 11:17, 12 March 2015 (UTC)

I was invited to The Ultranet LinkedIn group a few years ago, and Chris Langan has replied to some of my emails several years before that. Due to privacy concerns, I withdrew from the group. I do not want to quote his words, and I do not know his genealogy, however he has mentioned that for the most part his ancestors came to America in the 1600s for religious freedom, and as far as he knows, none of them owned slaves. Chris may point out that Hispanic is a partial subcategory of White, especially in the case of "Spanish-speaking" Celtic-Iberians. Usually Hispanics are "Mestizos" or a mixture of Indigenous Native Americans and European Spaniards. From the few emails I do have from Chris, I would infer that he isn't Hispanic, even if he doesn't consider himself White, even if he had Spanish-speaking ancestors. From my experience, considering his stance on University affirmative-action policies, he may have once made a point of identitying as Hispanic to bring attention to the problems associated with unfair admission and staffing policies. I read his father died in Mexico when he was five years old. Mitt Romney's heritage may be traced to Mormon settlements in Mexico, that doesn't make him Hispanic.

Considering that Chris Langan (or his alter-ego Eric Hart who almost goes as far as sympathizing with the goals of Nazi eugenics) publically supports anti-dysgenics (screening for diseases, a Manhattan-project scale reversible birth control vaccine required by the age of 10, controlled breeding and genetic engineering), and considering how some SS officers escaped to Latin America, where Spanish-speaking Europeans have settled in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil among other places in Latin-America, there is definitely a subcategory of White/Hispanic.

"In the Spanish system of racial hierarchy, the sistema de castas, mestizos/pardos, who formed the majority, had fewer rights than the minority elite European-born persons called peninsulares, and the minority white colonial-born whites criollo, but more rights than the now minority indios, negro, mulato and zambo populations."

My personal view is that the unity of society depends on the unity of the family, and that the consent of both sets of living parents is one of the preconditions for marriage, and that sex outside of marriage is not legitimate. I believe that as our scientific understanding advances, so must the horizon of our spiritual understanding, as the purpose of marriage and reproduction is certainly important for future generations to learn. Someday, science and religion will be considered as the minimal and maximal ends of the same knowledge generating, belief affirming enterprise.

Mereon (talk) 22:47, 24 December 2016 (UTC) Abraham

"I read his father died in Mexico when he was five years old." please provide a citation to what you "read". The Wikipedia article on Christopher Langan has a passive voice (unattributed) "is said to have died in Mexico" that apparently originates in your statement here. James Bowery (talk) 18:05, 26 August 2020 (UTC)


Langan mentions his father having died in Mexico in the following interview, which I watched long before there ever was a Wikipedia page for Chris Langan. I will consider your insinuation to be an attack, back down.

Mereon (talk) 23:26, 26 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon

My intent is to track down the source so I apologize if that came off as an attack. Wikipedia is a cesspool of selective rule enforcement and I'd like to hold them to their rule on "reliable sources" regarding this particular claim. So please don't take as an attack my pointing out that the in the Errol Morris interview indirectly linked by you, Langan does mention the death of his biological father at this point, but does not mention Mexico. James Bowery (talk) 00:00, 27 August 2020 (UTC)


My incidental research ( on the main discussion thread mentions my accidental discovery that his father was the son of Russian Jewish in-migrants and that he fought in WW2 and his file recognized him "Letman" legally as a Jew ( You can probably trace his VA medical records to determine his date of death (There is a record of a "lettman" (not "letman") who died in 1989, natural causes...although that was probably someone else with the same name on the Ancestry website.) You can also check Malcom Gladwell's book. I don't really have time for these details nowadays, very busy, however it only came up because I was tired of seeing the rampant Jew bashing on Facebook. Matter of factly, I'm used to Jews bashing me as an Iranian born and raised in America...truly, I wish them the best, and it is with love that I warn them from becoming too arrogant.


Mereon (talk) 03:27, 27 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon


I must have read it in Outliers which I scanned browsing the shelves of a bookstore, so the citation rests on Malcolm Gladwell's quality of research (or lack thereof.)

Outliers - Search Term: Mexico

Mereon (talk) 10:16, 27 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon


While I couldn't find a death certificate, there are some marriage/divorce certificates which someone with an interest in such matters could check out to see if there is a match in terms of birthdate/location to establish how long his father was alive. I am not really interested in biographical details honestly. However if someone is being bullied for their supposed biographical details, then I would see to it that the facts come to light. In this case, it was the hypothetical of whether as a half-Jew, Chris Langan would have been considered "White enough" by Nazis in Germany during WW2 to avoid being summarily executed as a consequence. I tend to respect American WW2 veterans, especially since my great-grandfather helped shelter Polish refugees from the Soviet Union during that time, and so I respect his father's legacy enough to not dig deeper into his other personal relationships.

All Birth, Marriage & Death results for Melvin Letman

Mereon (talk) 11:50, 27 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon


If Chris Langan wants to continue to insist that he is a separate species as a half-Jew, that is his right and I won't try to take that away from him.

"Jews, who were viewed in Nazi ideology as a separate and dangerous “race,” went from being German citizens with full equal rights to outcasts. They were pressured to immigrate and excluded from the racially based “people’s community” that gave many Germans, especially youth, a sense of belonging. Other excluded groups included Roma, persons with disabilities, gay men, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and political opponents.

During World War II, which began in 1939, German military conquests and alliances endangered Jews living in countries across German-dominated Europe. The German invasion of the Soviet Union in summer 1941, envisioned by Nazi leaders and the German military as a “war of annihilation,” was a key turning point on the path to the genocide of Europe’s Jews. The murder of 6 million Jewish men, women, and children required the active participation or acquiescence of countless Germans and Europeans from all walks of life."

Mereon (talk) 12:52, 27 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon


I suppose after WW2, blending in to "vanilla White" became fashionable, as many distinct peoples began to hybridize in America. To claim that the baby boomer generation has the right to dictate the terms of hybridization to future generations would be unfitting, since they themselves have little claim to being above the fray of genetic corruption or cultural dilution. The best we can do is acknowledge the ever-synthesizing conditions of human phylogeny with better medical record keeping and perhaps artistic media to remember these vignettes of time through.

"“The Jew is not an opposite type, but the very absence of type, a danger present in all bastardizations, which all are parasitic.” - Philippe Lacoue- Labarth and Jean-Luc Nancy

“The more you break up self-identity, the more you are saying ‘My self-identity consists in not being identical to myself, in being foreign, the non-self-coincident one,’ etc., the more you are Jewish!” - Jacque Derrida

In the film Zelig, directed by Woody Allen in 1983, Allen plays Leonard Zelig, a Jewish man known as “the human chameleon” for his capacity to transform himself to appear as other people he comes into contact with. Like a camouflaging lizard endowed with a protective device that enables it to change color and blend in with its immediate surroundings, Zelig too protects himself by becoming whoever is around him. Throughout the film, Zelig appears in various human shapes and colors, moving up and down the social scale, adopting different manners and languages, while literally changing his complexion and physical features (appearing for example as a Native American tribal man, a Chinese merchant, a black Jazz player, a bloated Italian opera singer and even as a Nazi in the Third Reich).

As a Jew who does not seem to have an identity of his own except what he borrows from others, Zelig is a barely disguised successor of the Wandering Jew, the stereotypical figure of the exiled, nomadic, rootless and parasitical Jew that has nothing of his own but what he takes from other nations. Yet in Allen’s film this ambiguous figure also holds an alluring, subversive power which corresponds to a larger philosophical, ideological and representational shift this figure underwent after the Second World War."

Mereon (talk) 16:54, 27 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Thanks for taking the time to provide the cites I requested. I'll look into them. James Bowery (talk) 17:15, 27 August 2020 (UTC)

Increasing Publicity

I have been thinking about how to increase the publicity of the CTMU recently. After reading Art of Knowing's section on solitaire, I started thinking about how well the CTMU may be received if someone were to create a video game of the CTMU...

I don't really have any video game making experience, but I do think the idea is a good one.

--JT1480 (talk) 09:39, 17 February 2015 (UTC)

Economic Circuitry: An Exercise in Trans-Dimensional Engineering

This paper will be posted on arxiv later today. For now I'm linking a discussion on reddit attacking my work: I was unaware of CTMU till about an hour ago, although I am very excited to dive into as it appears I have independently developed a similar theory and actually devised a workable mathematically based logic framework to develop tools that have direct applications in Economics and Public Policy.

The primary basis of my theory as I have devised a multi-dimensional utility function that differentiates between utility derived from direct utilization of the good/service and that from trade of the good/service. I then abstractly defined a game theory framework that integrates this into space-time relationships and then demonstrates the existence of a space-time-thought continuum in a metaphysical sense and hypothesize that it indeed can model physical reality as well.

I may have completely lost my mind, however I have been convinced for over a decade that the consequences of my model are true and I am looking for collaborators to help me develop it into something workable.

--Jlind0 (talk) 00:43, 12 January 2016 (UTC)

One Body

I often visualize that the entire universe is the molecular makeup of God himself. Everything is relative to size as we know it. Take Earth: Earth being the basic unit of a chemical element, an Atom. The living creatures on Earth moving in different directions and different speeds would be the equivalent of protons, neutrons and electrons. We are basically one small atom in a universe of unfathomable amount of other atoms that make up a living thing, GOD. As we individually are God's of the molecules of our own bodies, the life of the smallest things in our body may be thinking the same things we are: what is out there and where did we come from.... Hoot68 (talk) 04:46, 24 May 2018 (UTC)

Muscle & Fitness Magazine

I scanned the magazine parts featuring Chris into PDF format. Enjoy!

Updated Link:

This link may not always be available, so please save and share it.

JT1480 (talk) 02:16, 10 May 2020 (UTC)

History's Brainchildren


How much does Chris Langan appreciate about Armageddon (WW1?)...

"World War I, also known as the First World War or the Great War, was a global war that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918."


Chris Langan in the CTMU Facebook group:

"Well, that's hard to say. But if history be any guide, we have to look at the Russian Revolution, all the way back before WW2 and WW1 in 1917. (In other words, Germany and the rest of the European goyim can't be blamed fir it.)

Communism was the brainchild of a Jew named Karl Marx, and the Russian Revolution was financed by a single Jewish New York banker, Jacob Schiff, the scion of a fantastically rich central banking family that once shared a house with the Rothschilds. Jewish Americans were recruited from Brooklyn, NY by the hundreds to serve as activists and rabble-rousers, and up to 90 percent of the original Soviet Politburo turned out to be NY Jews. In short, the Soviet Empire was a creation of one group acting in concert, and the misery, brutality, and bloody pogroms which followed land squarely on its doorstep.

Now, this does not necessarily imply that the same thing is going on in our cities right now. But come right down to it, we really have to ask ourselves about the odds of all three victims being Jewish, given that Jews are a very small percentage of the US population (between 2 and 3 percent, as I recall). It just doesn't seem to make any sense. The odds come out to something like 1/50^3, or one in over a hundred thousand.

Let's hope that upstanding Jewish citizens of the United States manage to distance themselves from this mayhem, because it certainly doesn't look good as it now stands. AntiFa is a pro-communistic organization which is evidently unrepresentative of the US population in not just its ideology but its composition, and we don't want any misunderstandings to arise on that basis."

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Video)

Mereon (talk) 23:00, 28 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon

On the Jewish Subversion of Whiteness


Now that it can be proven that Chris Langan is half-Jewish, this undermines much of the legitimacy of his supposedly pro-White propaganda. He has only infiltrated their movement and used Jewish tactics of spreading fear, hate and disgust because that it how his ancestors were treated over several generations. True White people should not fall for their misguided instincts and strive for a scientific approach to race and relations between races, rather than sowing psychological divisions in order to control people through hysteria.

Mereon (talk) 16:58, 29 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"But Jews can only be deemed “white” if there is massive amnesia on the part of non-Jews about the monumental history of anti-Semitism (which continues to play an important role in European politics today even after Europeans did their best to mur­der us all off), combined with the willful accommodation of Jews who have uncon­sciously internalized the anti-Semitic demands of the larger culture."

Mereon, you will find few people more attuned to the problem of Jewish virulence than me. See "my RedIce interview on Virulence, Group Selection and State of Nature". Certainly, anyone who has Jewish ancestry is a priori suspect of carrying the evolved legacy of Jewish virulence that I explain in that interview. The evolutionary medical approach I take in explaining this virulence provides nuance that is lacking in the approach to the issue throughout history. Paul Ewald, evolutionary medical expert, describes how to treat these ecological diseases *effectively*. In accord with my approach, there is a way to separate the wheat from the chaff among Jews -- not entirely without risk but certainly providing much lower risk than "anti-Semites" claim (and much higher risk than philo-Semites claim). Langan, even if a mischling, is an acceptable risk within his asserted domains. Although I'm pretty sure Langan wouldn't be very sympathetic to "Zionists", "Zionists" in particular, properly adjudicated, are acceptable risks given that the cause of the evolution of Jewish virulence is living among other peoples as a parasite rather than in relation to the land via agriculture. By "properly adjudicated" I mean, of course, that they must not continue the manifestly virulent behavior of Jews that so many Zionists take to extremes in their manipulation of world politics as well as criminal behavior, but focus on applying their gifts, such as they are, to raising the carrying capacity of the Levant by their own hand. James Bowery (talk) 17:22, 29 August 2020 (UTC)


The problem is that as an Iranian born and raised in America who has been approached by DARPA for ideas, I have to balance between Jewish Supremacists who are both interested and afraid of me, and Whites who are just interested in technically sound and socially relevant progress.

Mereon (talk) 17:44, 29 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Chris is not half-Jewish as far as we know. Please stop spreading this rumor. Mel Letman was not his biological father. His biological father disappeared before he was born and before his mother met Mel. TIA CTMU Genie (talk) 18:07, 29 August 2020 (UTC)


I'm sorry Genie, but until Chris takes a third-party genetic test, I will not believe you, especially when he is spreading lies on social media which is causing social unrest in America.

Mereon (talk) 18:16, 29 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Unless you have some evidence to the contrary, just suffice it to say that Chris is no Jew. In other words, let's see your genetic test that he is a Jew. Right. None - so let's go with the base rates. He is not a Jew so give it up until you provide the evidence to the contrary. Period. If you disagree - YOU need to post YOUR evidence (duh). I suppose the Jews (like you) will be disappointed. Not sorry :) CTMU Genie (talk) 22:11, 29 August 2020 (UTC)


My evidence wiil be the wager of my testicles severed by the vatican if Chris Langan is not Jewish.

Mereon (talk) 22:32, 29 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon

I'm sure I can get him to release his DNA results if you let me do the severing myself. Just let me know if you agree to that and I'll head over to the dark web to find an arbiter. Until then, let's just agree to disagree. CTMU Genie (talk) 22:37, 29 August 2020 (UTC)


Please, any man who claims to be Jesus Christ deserves to be tested by the pope in Italy, not the Dark Web baby doll.

Mereon (talk) 22:50, 29 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon


I wouldn't feel bad if Chris was in fact part-Jewish...that gives him some claim to the Davidic covenant. Sidis was also Jewish, and he looks White. No big deal really. Either way you can't hide the past forever.

I found the source about Chris Langan's father here:

"Last year he saw an ad for, got his DNA testing kit and sent it in with his sample.

“It comes back 94 percent — no surprise — Russian Ashkenazi Jewish European roots,” he said."

"William James Sidis was born to Jewish emigrants from Ukraine"

Mereon (talk) 03:42, 30 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon


I believe White people deserve a religious covenant which is non-Jewish as well. The reference to the dark web was in such bad taste, so many girls are kidnapped and raped by self-proclaimed "White prophets" and they disappear forever leaving only a trace of their existence in snuff porn. This is why I believe true Nordic Nazis and Italian Fascists should base their religion on non-Jewish Aryan sources, which in my case is in Mithraism.

"Smart was found nine months later, walking down a street in the suburb of Sandy with Barzee and Mitchell, a drifter and self-described prophet who called himself Emmanuel. He had done some handyman work at the Smarts' home."

Mereon (talk) 17:13, 30 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon


I noticed a German just insult Afghans in one of Chris Langan's Facebook groups. I don't tolerate such attitudes after all the invasions they have suffered from the Soviets and Americans...just like I don't tolerate any form of Islamic invasion or chauvinism from anyone in our greater community. I wouldn't underestimate people who are different from me. I treat every person as an individual, and I hope that the other true CTMU researchers who remain above the influence of the Jewish subversion of Whiteness to uphold that standard.

"ts Indo-Nordic phenotype Common in Pathan, Nuristani, occasionally Dards, Brokpa of Ladak, Kashmiri, Pamiri, Tajik, Uyghurs and especially the last Pagans of the region: the Kalash. It has some affinity with Proto-Nordic."

Where were the Aryans from when they came to India? Who are the aboriginals of India?

Mereon (talk) 18:37, 30 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"What many people don’t know is that in far Southern Afghanistan women that lost the men in their family joined forces with Mujahideen, and went on a rampage of slaughtering Russian soldiers. I believe the movie of Rambo in Afghanistan also touches base on that. In Eastern Afghanistan women didn’t have contact with the Mujahideen, a lot of them committed suicide after their men were killed off. Northern Afghan women were said to be held in a compound which was secured by Afghan teenage guys whilst the older men were fighting the Communists, and if they feared defeat the women had weapons ready to either fight back or commit suicide."

Rambo 3 (1988) - Rambo Playing Sheep Ball Scene (1080p) FULL HD

"Mithra was the god of light, purity, goodness, and truth and occupied an important place in the faith of the ancient Aryans.

The Spread of Mithra There are various opinions on the spread of the Mithra (or Mithras, Mitra) cult, but the most reliable one is the first written protocol about the Mithraic cult from 14th century BC."

"Jung’s break with Freud — characterised to some extent at the time as an ‘Aryan’ break from Jewish-inflected thinking — precipitated in Jung a breakdown, which led to a visionary dive into the underworld. His wrestle with this resulted in the core of the Jungian stance: embracing the reality of the psyche. This all occurred against the backdrop of World War I, finding Jung and his gradual accumulation of disciples isolated in neutral Switzerland. There seems to have been a sense among this group that Jung’s new ideas contained the potential to help defuse the increasing irrationality and violence which was exploding beyond the mountains. But it’s Noll’s contention that Jung’s visions were specifically rooted in both the blood and soil of Europe, and that beneath the radar of public discourse he maintained a commitment to a post-Christian revival of pagan polytheism. From a post-Nazi perspective, the idea of finding solutions to the world’s ills in such things seems woefully naive. Noll would claim that this shouldn’t prevent historians from placing them in their proper pre-Nazi perspective; his critics would claim that Noll’s attempt at this is clumsy at best, arguably duplicitous and defamatory.

Noll points to a visionary experience Jung had of turning into the lion-headed, snake-wrapped deity Aion — although this occurred after he assumed, in the vision, the posture of the crucified Christ. Noll associates this with Jung’s fascination with Mithraism, and concludes that Jung’s experience of Christ-Aion deification — becoming a god — represents a crystallisation of a messianic impulse behind Jung’s mission. Noll maintains that Jung carried his mission forward in secret (as befits a new mystery school), that analytical psychology was effectively the exoteric veil for these esoteric arcana, and that his ongoing emphasis on Christian images and downplaying of specifically Aryan themes represent his accommodation to the thorny political associations created by the rise of Nazism."

TV Show Proposal: Finding Your Roots


There is a TV Show Chris Langan can go on to find his roots if he is interested under a soft and fuzzy camera lens. I had no idea Scarlett Johansson's roots were Jewish and in the Warsaw Ghetto. She seemed like a perfect 10 blonde to me...I've met other Israeli women who look like her, usually helping to fix their cars...honestly they're very generous people.

Exclusive Finding Your Roots Sneak Peek - Scarlett Johansson

Mereon (talk) 01:20, 31 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon


As for Northern European phenotypes, Chris Langan is mistaken to claim it is always obvious. Here is a Swedish actress with brown hair and brown eyes. It would take a physical and behavioral anthropologist to discover what makes her Swedish on a finer level of resolution than just "blonde hair and blue eyes." Also, some in Northern Europe have eyes with epicanthic folds, such as the Icelandic musician Björk. Evolution has endowed some Northern Europeans with both the ability to tan in the sun (like true Aryans) and eyes that can withstand sleet and windy snow (like true Asians). Jews tend to have higher linguistic and mathematical intelligence, while Aryan Whites are more spatial and visual.

"She was born and raised in Gothenburg, Västra Götalands län, Sweden, to Maria Fahl-Vikander, an actress of stage and screen, and Svante Vikander, a psychiatrist. She is of Swedish and one quarter Finnish descent."

Epicanthic fold of the upper eyelid are common in people of Northern roots

Mereon (talk) 01:55, 31 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon


There is evidence to consider pre-Celtic England and Ireland as African, Iberian and Semitic, so I don't think just saying I'm "White" does justice to the whole story of human evolution. There is a lot of interesting research in topological data analysis in uncovering every step of evolution.

This video is about the Indo-European languages and the connections between them, going all the way back to Proto-Indo-European.

The Geometry of Syntax:

Mereon (talk) 02:36, 31 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon


There are many ways to use the study of shapes and their morphology to explore the past, present and future of human evolution. For example, in order to send humans to one of the Moons of Saturn for astroarcheological research and terraforming, we may have to genetically design humans to adapt to different gravitational signatures. I sometimes wonder if telic feedback between the future and past is occuring at the genetic level for those who are destined to civilize the rest of the galaxy and universe as more evolved humans.

Persistent Homology Transform for Modeling Shapes and Surfaces

"The year is 2048, and the Earth isn’t going to be inhabitable for all that much longer. It’s the usual cocktail of apocalyptic trouble: nuclear war, overpopulation, famine, etc. Fortunately, humanity has a hail Mary play to protect the future of the species — or at least the future of a species: Titan, the largest of Saturn’s moons, and the only object in space other than our own planet that we know to have a dense atmosphere. But while most movies of this kind might default to the idea of terraforming, Ruff’s debut doesn’t have the budget to create any kind of intergalactic ecosystem."

Iapetus: The Monolith Waits (2001 A Space Odyssey Stargate Sequence)

Mereon (talk) 15:23, 31 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon


For example, if syntactic operators are "weighing in" on the present from the future, can we identify their coordinates in order to recoordinatize our expanding rubber sheet universe of memory in order to guide human evolution toward its intended destiny? We should be prepared to communicate with every species of life in existence, since there is nothing that humans cannot know about reality for want of syntax. There is no reason why the seed of syntactic potential within humanity should remain static to one outward ideal phenotype. The logical genotype of infocognitive spacetime is the universe as a self-representational entity, and its expression knows of no strict bounds with respect to the relative utility of one pigmentation vs. another when configuring the pregeometry of truth.

"The Chomskian Generative Linguistics approach represented the first serious program aimed at a mathematical study of natural languages. The development of the mathematical theory of formal languages, for instance, can be seen as having partly arisen as a spinoff of this program. The aspect of this broad viewpoint that we are more directly interested in here is the concept of syntactic parameters, namely the idea that syntactic structures of natural languages can be “coordinatized” by a set of binary variables. This part of the broader “Principles and Parameters” model of syntax in essence postulates that syntactic structures of natural languages can be fully encoded in a vector of binary variables, which are usually syntactic parameters. The idea goes back to Chomsky’s seminal work [5], [6], and has since played a crucial role in Generative Linguistics. A broad survey of the concept of syntactic parameters is given in [1].

Among the shortcomings of the model is the fact that it has not been possible, so far, to identify a complete set of such syntactic parameters and, even though extensive lists of syntactic features are recorded for a reasonably large number of world languages, it is unclear what relations exist between these binary variables and whether there is a natural choice of a set of “independent coordinates” among them. In other words, the question can be broadly formulated as understanding the geometry of the space of languages, viewed at the syntactic level."

"A Chu space (Pratt 1999) is a map from a product of a category and its dual to a third category of (truth) values. The two dimensions can represent any duality: types versus tokens: objects versus properties, objects versus places, times versus events, for instance. Pratt (1997, 1999, …) shows that the construct can be tweaked to represent most all and sundry mathematical objects.

The interest of Chu spaces here is that they match the natural language articulation of what there by an extensional token dimension of objects against an intensional type dimension of concepts. The token dimension is type lower than the type dimension, applies Booleans in extension (join is more) and constitutes the subject of an event. The type dimension is one type higher than the object dimension, applies Booleans in intension (meet is more), and constitutes the predicate of an event. In category theoretic terms, the basic operator of forming events is not a join of tokens or a meet of types, but an adjunction of a token and a type."

"The story posits that aliens (the Goa'uld) visited Earth years ago, interfering with the natural order of history, by using the Stargate to ship slaves to other planets. After a rebellion, the Stargate was hidden and forgotten, until the U.S. uncovered it in present day times."

Mereon (talk) 18:55, 31 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon

""The whole universe is subject to the same laws of physics. For example, there are not that many ways a signal can be transmitted, particularly over large distances," they explained to me in an email. "Also, we can expect that extraterrestrial languages ... have a vocabulary consisting of building blocks of meaning that can be combined to create more complex meanings.""


I am convinced that there must be an Illuminati, but I don't think it is predominantly controlled by any sect or descendant of Judaism, although I'm quite sure it is related to pre-Christian Aryan religion, and that furthermore there are extra-terrestrial groups battling among themselves for influence over Earth.

"farmers related to those of Anatolia spread westward into Europe; farmers related to those of the Levant spread southward into East Africa; farmers related to those from Iran spread northward into the Eurasian steppe; and people related to both the early farmers of Iran and to the pastoralists of the Eurasian steppe spread eastward into South Asia."

"Not in His Image delves deeply into the shadows of ancient Gnostic writings to reconstruct the story early Christians tried to scrub from the pages of history, exploring the richness of the ancient European Pagan spirituality--the Pagan Mysteries, the Great Goddess, Gnosis, the myths of Sophia and Gaia--and chronicles the annihilation of this Pagan European culture at the hands of Christianity."

Mereon (talk) 20:42, 31 August 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"During the International UFO Congress, attendees shared their alien encounters, leading ancient astronaut theorists to conclude that various races of ETs have been using humans for genetic testing"

"In this essay we will take a close look at the complex set of issues surrounding the Gnostic view of Yahweh, the Old Testament god of the Jews and so-called creator of the world. To this academic recounting -- using several Nag Hammadi (Egyptian source) texts, scholar Hans Jonas' classic The Gnostic Religion, and the more freewheeling Lacarriere's The Gnostics -- I will also add information from The Ra Material, a set of channeled sessions published in 1981 that also speak at length about Yahweh. Ra also explains Yahweh"s hidden relations with humanity in terms quite close to the Gnostics", and puts them in a multi-dimensional context related to what they call, the "negatively-oriented Orion Empire." In no uncertain terms, we are talking here about War in Heaven (as above, so below")."


By the way, when Chris Langan acts indignant about not getting enough recognition I can tell he is under the influence of negative aliens, and it has nothing to do with the truth of his reality theory or his verifiable intelligence. He doesn't realize that there are also those who consort with positive aliens who can see through his neurolinguistic programming matrix.

"The Orion Group is a Satanic force that has a predatorial ideology that uses females as slaves or breeders, while seeking territorial dominion on other planets within their warring and killing culture. Their position in the NAA and its consortium of Negative Aliens is called the Black Sun Program. They are a predator force with a predator mind which is mainly responsible for creating much of the Negative Ego in humanity through Mind Control programming and they have introduced financial and Debt Enslavement to planet earth through the banking cartels.

Additionally the Nordics are blond looking humans from Orion and are also predatorial, this species is responsible for spreading racism, genetic discrimination, genetic experimentation, such in the Nazi ideology and they are proponents of promoting their belief system of "genetic superiority" through spiritually abusive methods of Eugenics. This Nordic group was directly involved with Hitler's Germany and World War II.

Dracos species are potentially capable of shape-shifting and have extremely developed Psionic abilities, which allow them to possess or enter bodies through consciousness projection. Therefore, as they originate form a Phantom Matrix system of Satanic based AI infected entities, many of these Draco entities are confused by people as the devil or believing they are Satan, as an individual figure."

"Cypher watches the matrix encoded because after you do this for a while you can see the patterns."

"So, the Blue Avians, known collectively as Ra (yes, that Ra), are what is called a "social memory collective" (and all of this information is readily available via the VAST material channeled back in the 80's, at, so I will not go into great details here, except to say that they have probably been our greatest ally, next to the Pleiadians). They spent the past few hundred thousand years traveling to distant galaxies in search of beings who could help defeat the out-of-control Reptilians... And they succeeded... Enter the Sphere Being Alliance. Some of you may have experienced these beings, yet not even known it. If you have ever awoken to an odd, blue sphere, radiating light, it was not a dream. They were interested in you, and chose to scan you while you were sleeping, so as to NOT scare you. They are INTENSELY benevolent, positive-polarity beings, and they came here to help."

"While most Starseeds appear to have come to Earth to teach and heal its citizens, not all Starseeds are intent on helping us evolve. Some of them have come to this planet for their benefit or to support a darker mission. Regardless of how exotic, not every soul has intentions based on light and love. Here are some of the more popular and known types of Starseeds."

Negative Theology and Political Pluralism


I noticed one member of the CTMU Facebook group make a comment to the effect that although it may seem pedantic, it is necessary for us to know exactly how God works. There are some good and bad aspects to this assertion, since on the one hand it is important to recognize God's signs, on the other, it is all too easy for people to substitute their own signs for that of God. Scanning the news headlines and Chris Langan's social commentary, I think the signs of cultural decay is most clear in pop culture, with Kanye West (whose name originates from Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea) representing one human destiny as the arrogance of the Black Christian, and Taylor Swift (whose ancestry is German and English, as well as some Scottish, Irish, Welsh and 1/16th Italian) as the modesty of the Aryan goddess. Suffice it to say that the socially unitary demands of Christian monotheism in America has only encouraged race-mixing, as found in the case of Kanye West's marriage to Kim Kardashian (Armenian father and Dutch, Scottish and Native American mother). While Taylor Swift's boyfriends have tended to be British, reflecting a return to one's pagan origins. Both reflect globalization but in different ways, as inter-racial vs. inter-national relationships. Either way, neither race nor nationality can remain intact as monolithic concepts. Both recognize that we are either one people within many countries or one country within many people. We can think of a covenant as both political and theological, and I believe negative theology can be useful in sorting out which covenants are most relevant to different groups of people, since I cannot know exactly what they are (such as whether Chris Langan belongs in Israel under a Davidic covenant or not), one can at least begin by classifying human traits and their evolutionary teleology in terms of those which they are not. Even our understanding of God must evolve, and while this may lead to more diversity, it should be allowed for the sake of ensuring that we don't fall under any form of racial, national, political or theological hegemony.

"Negative theology, of its very nature requires awareness of the fundamental inadequacy and the mere instrumentality of language and concepts. Basilides is a valuable example of this both because he is relatively early (within a generation or two of Christ and the apostles), and because we can discern in his teachings and lineage so much that is visible elsewhere in the history of Christianity. His example is synecdochic – he represents and in many respects incarnated what was excluded by the Ante-Nicene Fathers, by Augustine, and by the emergence of an orthodoxy that could bolster its legitimacy primarily by dualistic rejection, that is, by projecting ‘heresy’ onto Basilides, his followers, and countless other Gnostic groups and individuals. Politically, Basilides’s negative theology implies pluralism in the open space created by gnosis, that is, experiential knowledge of not-being (oukon)."

Mereon (talk) 13:23, 2 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Quéribus castle was the last Cathar stronghold to surrender in 1255 and Jordi Savall's The Forgotten Kingdom had led me to Languedoc and Catharism and on to Gnosticism.

The Cathar heresy has its roots in the "dualist" religions in the Indus basin which originated with the prophet Zoroaster, seen below, who is believed to have lived in the region between 1400 and 1200BC. Zoroastrism spawned a diverse group of religions based on the belief that there are two opposing forces in the universe, the god of evil or darkness and the god of good or light. This philosophy was incorporated in varying degrees into later religions including Christianity."

Erik Satie: Gnossienne No. 1, 2, 3

"One Theory, outlined in the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail is that the term Holy Grail is an error based on a medieval misreading. According to this theory, the Holy Grail is not the San Grale ("Holy Grail") but the Sang Real ("Royal Blood"), a reference to the royal blood of David and hence of Jesus and his progeny. According to this book, and the more recent novel the The Da Vinci Code, Jesus was maried to Mary Magdelene and their descendents became the Merovingian kings of France. Furthermore, the Priory of Sion was created to restore this royal line, assisted by its military and financialarm - the Knights Templars."


Since the concepts of Jewishness, Whiteness, Aryanness, and Christianness were all issues I was exposed to growing up in America, I don't take them for granted, nor can I be certain of their deeper significance. All I can sense are situations and attitudes with respect to various personality archetypes, and I think ultimately there is some kind of spiritual "hological" DNA which distributes over biological DNA which cannot be tested for with known genetic sequencing methods, but which is similar to the global semantics for local syntactic binding. In a similar manner, material history cannot recapitulate all of spiritual metahistory within the span of a lifetime. However at least if we have testable hypotheses, we can uncover hidden assumptions, especially those pertaining to the relationship between genotype, phenotype and socio-spiritual leadership.

Mereon (talk) 14:29, 3 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"By 1095, the members of the Rex Deus families group were almost certainly fully Christianised, yet each of them must have had at least one male member who held the traditional history of their high-born Jewish roots close to his heart. No doubt they saw themselves as 'super-Christians', descendants of the very first Church, and privy to the greatest secret this side of heaven. They were a silent elite -- 'the kings of God'."

"Several groups claim they descend from the ancient Israelites. The issue has been especially relevant since the establishment of the State of Israel and in the context of an individual's or group's request to immigrate to Israel under its Law of Return. In that context, claims of affiliation to the Israelites gives raise to questions of "who is a Jew?""

"Whereas the Assassins assert that utopia can someday be achieved through a gradual process of learning tolerance and mutual understanding, Templars classically insist that human nature is too prone to corruption for this to be a possibility. Key to their dream is the imposition of a New World Order, and they envision that true peace can only come when all of humanity is shepherded by an enlightened society of people—in their eyes, them.

Because of this conflict in ideology, the Templars became involved in a covert war against the Assassins, spanning millennia and continuing into the modern era. The Templars have also become enemies with the Instruments of the First Will, a cult who have sworn their lives to restore the Isu's rule over humanity."

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Cinematic World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

"Being an Isu pagan cult, the members of the Instruments of the First Will believe that humanity should submit to and worship the First Civilization once more. Their primary purpose is the release of Juno from her imprisonment. At most times, a high-ranking member of the cult is often a Sage."

"This is where Origins comes in to expand the story beyond Assassins and Templars. Bayek and Aya fought to keep Egyptians safe from the Templars’ precursors in the Order of the Ancients. The same fight for free will against oppression and domination over Isu artifacts fought by the Assassins and Templars. just in another age."

Assassin's Creed - ALL Cinematic CGI Trailers (2007-2020)


I've noticed the topic of reparations for slavery in the U.S. come up in my Chris Langan group feed more than once. There is no substitute for discipline and opportunity. I've also noticed the issue of "banksters" and a "quantum financial system" come up, and how Chris Langan either is a defeatist or a co-conspirator to think or say that Jews have a vacuum tight dominion over financial innovation or social revolution as employers or central controllers. It is important that all realize that there is no worse form of slavery than believing in lies, especially those we tell ourselves and others. Mental and spiritual freedom is the first step toward becoming who you truly are, not what some NY Bar Bouncer "says" you are. Those who are enslaved to self-fulfilling prophecies are those who don't have faith in doing the research and taking the decisive actions required to change their lives. I think Chris Langan can be proven wrong about many things, and that it should be a moral duty to do so, regardless of his hidden Jewish "High-IQ and White" ancestry.

Mereon (talk) 16:51, 4 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"For instance, computing a tropical determinant is the same as solving a maximum bipartite matching problem. More recently, this approach revealed deep connections to notoriously open questions in computational complexity, e.g., NP intersected with co-NP vs. P and Smale's 9th problem. This course addresses topics both in geometry and optimization, but the focus is on the intersection."


I distinguish between the religion of ethical monotheism (Judaism) and mafia-like tribalism among "Jews" (or "Italians" or "Russians" for that matter.) I will always think of Jews with love and treat them with kindness as one of the many people who I must protect under my Aryan covenant. However I do not submit to anyone other than my own Aryan God, not the "Jewish God"...and I think we have amicably agreed to disagree on that matter as far as I'm concerned. There are 10 major world religions on Earth among humans with something unique about them worth appreciating...and I will always treat every Jewish burial ground and funeral with the utmost respect as spiritual brethren before our common mortality.

"When the Persians captured Babylon in 538 B. C. many Jews under the leadership of Ezra were allowed to return and rebuild Jerusalem. The reading of the law in book form took on new significance. The second temple was built (520 B. C.) and greatly enhanced much later (37-34 B.C.). The Romans destroyed it in 70 A.D. Following the Babylon captivity the Priestly Code was developed and legalistic Judaism was established. Later apocalyptic writers like Daniel and Enoch spoke of the coming of divine deliverance and an idealized future."

"The origins of Zoroastrian religion are shrouded in mystery. ' The ancient inhabitants of the Persian region were Aryan nature worshipers who venerated a series of deities known as daevas. Above these minor deities were higher gods among which the most important and popular was Mitra, the god of light, benefactor of cattle and upholder of loyalty and obedience. Part of these Aryans migrated into India which explains why many of the gods and practices of Vedic Hinduism and the ancient Persians are the same."

"John Noss sums up Christianity by saying, "Christianity is not a way of looking into the past, but a way of going forward into the future; not an escape from the world into solitariness, but a way of spending one's life in order to find it; not a retreat into ultimate truth, but a redemptive mission, a way of salvation leading into the world and through the world, in the love of God and man."

"Some of the reform efforts in Islam have been syncretistic such as the Baha'i movement. Baha'i began as a sect of Islam but is now a separate religion. The central themes of Baha'i are that all religions of the world spring from the same source, that there is a basic unity in all religious truth, and that all the prophets have had a partial message of this one God. They believe religion must work in harmony with science and education to build a peaceful world order."

Mereon (talk) 18:36, 4 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

The Religion of Jesus -- According To The Urantia Book

Victimhood Culture and Achievement Failures


One of the topics discussed in various groups which Chris Langan hosts pertain to law enforcement, and the targeting of White Christians by the police. I consider this attitude of ego-stroking victimhood to be lame and pathetic. I don't blame the Germans for wanting to return to their Aryan roots, they at least didn't play into the White Christian persecution complex, even though it was unfortunate that they only left the world with the legacy of persecuting Jews.

White Savior: Racism in the American Church Trailer

"Nietzsche believed that unfortunately we would go in the latter direction. In the absence of God, he expected, we would fall back on a fierce kind of democratic egalitarianism in which we were constantly measuring against – and despising – each other. He contemptuously called this new kind of social attitude a “slave morality”, a pervasive state of mutual carping and fault-finding, blaming those who had demonstrated achievement for the lack of success of others.

Nietzsche used the French word ressenntiment (which means a pervasive state of collective “resentment”) to characaterize what a society without God might look like. Today we have a better and more precise term – “victimhood culture.”

The social phenomena that is victimhood culture has, over the course of the past few decades, worked its way to prominence within the United States. Although it hasn’t yet entirely eclipsed the previous moral system – what we might call dignity culture – it is now prominently embodied in everyday life, which enables close study as well as critique.

The current iteration of victimhood culture must be clarified in order to properly dissect the connections between Nietzsche’s worries and the present moral climate. In their article “Microaggressions and Changing Moral Cultures,” Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning present victimhood culture as “[valorizing] victimhood.” They go further to explain how victimhood culture involves a high degree of “concern with status and sensitivity to slight combined with a heavy reliance on third parties.”

Those who receive the most social support are those who are most able to garner sympathy on account of their identity as a member of various historically marginalized groups. Furthermore, the manner in which offense is handled is necessarily public, as evidenced through social media posts, websites dedicated to calling out microaggressions, and numerous public shaming campaigns. This public manner of dealing with offense is pertinent here insofar as it distinguishes victimhood culture from its predecessors, and illustrates the underlying aims of the individuals involved.

A vital point of clarification here is the question of who are the real examples of victimhood culture. As Urban Dictionary sardonically puts it, victimhood is a “coveted status … [that] implies that one or more victims are due some form of compensation … typically economic such as money, jobs, promotions, awards or opportunities such as college admissions. Intangible compensation is often a secondary consideration and usually not directly related to the offense in question, such as the displacement of blame for general achievement failures.”"


We are fighting a culture war for truth and the future of humanity. There are some who would like to drag everyone down with police brutality footage, and try to show the double-standards afforded to those who get special treatment or undue deference. If wearing a face-mask is a joke to these people on a subway, then they're living in a bubble...and I will not be surprised when a false-flag sarin gas attack happens on a subway just to remind folks to stop pissing off the gods by promoting social pettiness.

Emergency personnel wearing masks before raiding an Aum Shinrikyo facility.

Mereon (talk) 08:01, 5 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Metaformal Realism


One interesting search result on "metaformality" relates to the capacity to specify infinitely thinkable structures as endless self-corrections reflecting the immanent limits of formalization in relation to a realism of the unknowable.

"Articulating my particular understanding of what realism and naturalism should commit us to, I propose a creative fusion of Badiou’s attention to metamathematical results with a structural-informational metaphysics, proposing a ‘matherialism’ uniting the more daring speculative insights of the former with the naturalist and empiricist commitments motivating the latter."

Mereon (talk) 06:16, 5 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


The following links are for the philosophers in our community. I am more or less geared to theoretical computer science and mathematical physics with applications to engineering management and social sciences, specifically controlling phases of matter and analyzing risk, so I find much of the following content as impractical, however as an amateur historian and anthropologist I think it is important to be familiar with the current state of the philosophy of mind and language just to be able to converse with those in that field. The role of language and perception in regulating the multifractal nature of the stock market for example would be a practical aspect that I'd look into.

Paul M. Livingston: Realism and the Infinite

Interregnum: Metaformal Realism and the Ontological Problematic (Chapter 5 of Draft MS: The Logic of Being: Heidegger, Truth, and Time)

"Part 2 concerns time, and this is where Livingston puts forth his defense of what he will call 'metaformal realism' (135). Here he develops a version of Gödel's "dichotomy argument" and also refers to the results of Cantor's transfinite mathematics and Tarski's theory of truth, all of which support Livingston's metaformal realism, which he summarizes as follows:

If, as I have argued, the complex of results running from Cantor, through Gödel, to Tarski, shows the irreducibility of this access to any finite specifiable procedure, it also thus motivates a realism about sense and its givenness that outstrips any determination of this givenness in terms of (finitely specifiable) capacities, abilities, faculties, or practices. (145)"

"Whilst undoubtedly born under speculative realist auspices, Speculations has never tried to be the gospel of a dogmatic speculative realist church, but rather instead to cultivate the best theoretical lines sprouting from the resurgence, in the last few years, of those speculative and realist concerns attempting to break free from some of the most stringent constraints of critique."

Speculations IV

Mereon (talk) 20:52, 5 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"A more specific technical term for the resemblance between the parts and the whole is self-affinity. This property is related to the better-known concept of fractals called selfsimilarity, in which every feature of a picture is reduced or blown up by the same ratio—a process familiar to anyone who has ever ordered a photographic enlargement. Financial market charts, however, are far from being self-similar. In a detail of a graphic in which the features are higher than they are wide—as are the individual up-and-down price ticks of a stock—the transformation from the whole to a part must reduce the horizontal axis more than the vertical one. For a price chart, this transformation must shrink the timescale (the horizontal axis) more than the price scale (the vertical axis). The geometric relation of the whole to its parts is said to be one of self-affinity."


A modern and practical generalization of self-similarity as it relates to the philosophy of syntax can be found in operads and opetopes.

"Operads lead inescapably into geometry. In this chapter we see that as soon as the notion of generalized operad is formulated, the notion of opetope is unavoidable. Opetopes are something like simplices: they are a completely canonical family of polytopes, as pervasive in higher-dimensional algebra as simplices are in geometry."

Mereon (talk) 21:06, 5 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


If finance can be thought of in terms of (re-)orienting equalities, then higher-dimensional rewriting may be one way to connect it to quantum computing.

"Rewriting consists in orienting equalities. This seemingly simple point of view has given rise to a rich theory, which was first developped in computer science for handling strings and terms, and was then extended over the recent years to many other settings (operads, monoidal categories, higher categories, etc.), allowing it to have applications in algebra, homotopy theory and physics. All these generalizations fit into the general scope of higher-dimensional rewriting theory, which has emerged as a unifying algebraic framework."

Mereon (talk) 00:12, 6 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Orientals are “oriented simplices”: the n-th oriental is the simplicial n-simplex turned into a globular simplex, hence equipped with source and target relations, assigning to each k-face a set of (k−1)-faces called its source and a set of (k−1)-faces called its target, subject to some natural axioms. Thus an oriental is a translation from simplicial to globular geometric shapes for higher structures. (For more discussion of this point see also at Kan complex the section As models for ∞-groupoids.)"

Neuroscience and Race


There have been several discussions on the topic of differences in intelligence and biologically-driven cultural tendencies among various races in the CTMU Facebook group. I haven't seen anyone post scientific studies there. I take this subject seriously as someone interested in cognitive science and anthropology, just like I take the topic of religion and history seriously...there are too many people looking for new ways to insult others, and not enough people looking for scientific insights.

"There have been observed morphological differences between Caucasian and Chinese individuals in the frontal, parietal, and temporal brain regions.[18][19] Recent research has shown that African-Americans exhibit smaller total cerebral volume than Caucasians. While total cerebral volume of African Americans were found to be lower, it was observed that African American participants had a proportionally larger orbitofrontal cortex and amygdala than Caucasians.[17] The biological significance of these findings is unclear."

"The function of the OFC is not known, but its anatomical connections with the ventral striatum, amygdala, hypothalamus, hippocampus, and periaqueductal grey support a role in mediating reward and fear related behaviors. ... It is defined as the part of the prefrontal cortex that receives projections from the medial dorsal nucleus of the thalamus, and is thought to represent emotion and reward in decision making.[4] It gets its name from its position immediately above the orbits in which the eyes are located. Considerable individual variability has been found in the OFC of humans.[5] A related area is found in rodents."

Mereon (talk) 01:35, 6 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"In general, East Asians tend to consider themselves as part of a whole based on their collectivist culture, so that have a holistic information‐processing bias, that is, they encode information of context and objects together and prioritize relational information over categorical information. Whereas, Westerners trend to use rules and categories to process central objects and organize information, because of the individualistic nature of their culture.

Recent neuroimaging studies have revealed cultural differences in neural correlation of cognition and behavior"

"The same reward can possess different motivational meaning depending upon its magnitude relative to other rewards. To study the neurophysiological mechanisms mediating assignment of motivational meaning, we recorded the activity of neurons in the amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) of monkeys during a Pavlovian task in which the relative amount of liquid reward associated with one conditioned stimulus (CS) was manipulated by changing the reward amount associated with a second CS. Anticipatory licking tracked relative reward magnitude, implying that monkeys integrated information about recent rewards to adjust the motivational meaning of a CS. Upon changes in relative reward magnitude, neural responses to reward-predictive cues updated more rapidly in OFC than amygdala, and activity in OFC but not the amygdala was modulated by recent reward history. These results highlight a distinction between the amygdala and OFC in assessing reward history to support the flexible assignment of motivational meaning to sensory cues."


For example, knowing that African-Americans are motivated differently, one could design incentivization mechanisms which are uniquely suited for their neuroanatomical signatures, while knowing that East Asians contextualize social relations differently one could guide how their populations evolve in terms of political practices.

Mereon (talk) 01:53, 6 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Knowing that Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQs is important for finding educational frameworks which work for them from a young age. It is too bad Chris Langan did not grow up in a time when he could have been genetically tested at a young age to determine which opportunities he would have been best suited for given his unique intellectual potential. I hope to see every person's genes in a global database someday just to ensure peace on earth, beginning with every Jew.

""Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ for any ethnic group for which there are reliable data," the study says. ... They seem to increase axonal growth and branching in the brain, which could improve brain power.

The downside is that the mutations also cause a number of debilitating, and sometimes fatal, diseases such as Tay-Sachs, Gaucher and Niemann-Pick diseases.

"We do have strong but indirect evidence that one of these, Gaucher disease, does indeed increase IQ,""


Here is a case where someone who (apparently of Jewish heritage) was pretending to be an ISIS terrorist to make all Muslims look bad, and then pretending to be a White Supremacist in order to make all White people look bad. That isn't to say that radical Islam and the KKK aren't real, but it complicates the resolution of those social issues when interlopers can assume identities and make the problems worse for those they are supposedly (half-heartedly) representing.

"When Joshua Goldberg wasn’t posing as an Islamic radical, he was pretending to be a white supremacist—and is accused of impersonating a Jewish lawyer."

Mereon (talk) 03:48, 6 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"In a Thursday podcast at his site, the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard spoke out strongly in favor of the Muslim Congresswoman who has accused Jewish lawmakers of dual loyalty, attributed support for Israel to foreign money, and said Israel has “hypnotized” the world."

"The film has its roots in a true story. Daniel Burros was a nice Jewish boy from Queens who somehow went from being his rabbi's star pupil to a hotheaded proponent of the long-defunct Third Reich. After a stint in the Army, he became involved with the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan. In 1965, following Burros' arrest at a KKK event in New York City, the New York Times disclosed that he was Jewish. Hours after the paper hit the stands, Burros took his own life."

"First, the KKK is known to have had many jewish members and even grand dragons, such as the very interesting character Daniel Burros who spent years of his life as a fake leader of the KKK right up until it came out that he was jewish, at which point, the jewish sources say he shot himself in the chest and in the head. He went around saying “kill, kill, kill”, but his motivation was none other than that of jewish subversion and causing racial strife."


Another issue I've noticed in the Chris Langan internet community is that of undermining faith in leadership and profiting off paranoia...for example, his reference to "Brother Nathanael" a Jew who converted to orthodox christianity who promotes anti-semitic conspiracies, which can be found on the crypto-Jewish Jeff Rense website (where several instances of Langan's muckraking news is coincidentally found.)

These people want to undermine your faith in American institutions by sowing doubt in government, education and healthcare with unverifiable bogus quackery. They will be playing the violin as your cities burn, and they will feed you misguided beliefs until your families fall apart and your youth burn the bridges of opportunity their ancestors sacrificed to give them...because they resent you for not being's that simple, and just because they look and act pro-White does not mean they really have the interests of White people by instinct.

"I would not trust anything from Jeff Rense.

Jeff Rense is born a Jew in Winnipeg who is now operating in the US with his own radio program and Hate site."

Mereon (talk) 19:34, 6 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"“It’s not a surprise that Trump-minded people are involved with Chabad,” said Torossian. “Chabad is a place that tough, strong Jews feel comfortable. Chabad is a nonjudgmental place where people that are not traditional and not by-the-book feel comfortable.”

He summarized the Chabad attitude, which is less strict than the Orthodox one, as, “If you can’t keep all of the commandments, keep as many as you can.”"


For example, Malcolm Gladwell supposedly contrasts Jewish vs. Non-Jewish intelligence in Outliers, but this is a false premise. Honestly, identifying and tagging all Jewish/pro-Jewish sources of media (especially when they pretend to be anti-semitic) will have to become a project which only an Aryan New World Order can enable at this point.

"Oppenheimer’s story contrasts sharply with Langan’s in terms of his ability to overcome obstacles to achieve success."

"1967: Robert Oppenheimer, a Father of the Bomb, Dies ... J. Robert Oppenheimer (the “J” either stood for Julius, his father’s name, or was just a stand-alone initial) was born in New York on April 22, 1904. His father, Julius Oppenheimer, was a German-born textile importer, and his mother, Ella Friedman, was an artist. Both were Jews, but their household was a secular one. (Many years later, physicist Isadore Rabi, a strongly identifying Jew, commented that Oppenheimer would have been better off “if he had studied the Talmud rather than Sanskrit … It would have given him a better sense of himself.")"

""How do I know philo-Semites? I'm such a philo-Semite I only associate with the real thing."

Here are a few names, just to get us going:

1) George Eliot 2) Barack Obama 3) Harry Truman 4) Emile Zola 5) Malcolm Gladwell"

"Gladwell was named one of Time Magazine's “100 Most Influential People.” Malcolm's family tree includes ancestors of West Indian, English, Jewish, Irish and Scottish heritage. He is the son of a white English father and Jamaican mother."

Mereon (talk) 20:40, 6 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


In the past crypto-Jews in Iran have caused problems for the country and have been used as punching bags for the West, as in the case of Ahmadinejad, who has only encouraged young Iranian boys to run across minefields for war, bankrupting the country and opening it up to more ridicule. There is plenty of evidence that these wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are about destroying non-Jewish Aryan bloodlines which they consider risks for competition. However they have not been able to gain control of all the stargates and ancient technology (such as the ark of the covenant containing the original ten commandments) which remains hidden because it is too powerful to fall into the wrong hands. The Nazi archeologists tried and failed to locate it, alluded to in an Indiana Jones film.

"Throughout the first Indiana Jones movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, both good and bad guys are on the hunt for the Ark of the Covenant, a Jewish religious artifact of significant value.

The Nazis want it because Hitler loves the occult, whereas Indiana wants it to preserve it and keep it away from cruelly prying hands.

Towards the end of the movie (spoilers), Indy and Marion are bound to a post and forced to observe the Nazis opening the Ark of the Covenant.

But opening the Ark turns out to be a bad idea for the Nazis, who are attacked and destroyed by the spirits contained within. The death scenes are almost cartoonishly gory with faces melting off and heads exploding."

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a self-proclaimed devout Shiite Muslim infamous for his frequent anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks, may be of Jewish heritage. Jews may not be eager to claim him, but his family’s religious history — or even just the rumors surrounding it — could have serious implications for Iranian foreign policy nonetheless."

"Andy Samberg and Adam Levine serenade Iranian President Ahmadinejad."

Mereon (talk) 21:19, 6 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Ancient Aliens: What is the Ark of the Covenant's True Purpose?


On the topic of the lack of reparations for "White Irish Christian Slavery" which Mr. Langan recently commented upon...the guiltlessness of the "Whites" is obscured by the fact that their main oppressors were British I've had enough of this sweeping all racial distinctions under the rug of skin color. Better take a genetic test and be specific about what you are...I will order mine next week from just for the sake of full disclosure in media and scholarship, not that it would ensure the prevention of all potential conflicts of interest, but so that a reader knows whatever implicit biases they're subtextually exposed to.

"“Genocide” is accurate, but no Irish person had ever used it, it was coined post-WW2 by Raphael Lemkin to educate the US Congress as to Nazis crimes against Jews. An appropriately inculpable label was used to report events in Ireland starting in 1846. Writers Davitt, Fitzgerald, et al. and the Cork Examiner (now Irish Examiner) repeatedly reported it as Holocaust.

“Famine to Freedom” film is a recent concealment of Holocaust and the British army’s perpetration of it."

Mereon (talk) 00:10, 7 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


I will order one $99 AncestryDNA testing kit as a gift to ship to the Mega Foundation P.O. Box in Princeton, MO sometime next week to give them the option to contribute to research on the topic of race and intelligence. My own race and intelligence is unremarkable so I don't see why I should dig deeper. However they will have the option to upload the raw DNA file of Chris Langan for further analysis for free with the following company to see how it correlates his specific race with markers for intelligence. I respect their right to not publish the results, but at least it would be considered a specific data point for research on race/intelligence.

"More than 1,000 global regions make up the ethnicities displayed in our DNA test. As DNA science improves, the number of regions we test for (and the countries covered in each region) may change."

"Genomelink is a personal DNA cloud where people can access more genetic insights, DNA-powered products, and medical research. The unique analysis includes categories of ancient ancestry, nutrition, personality, intelligence, fitness and physical traits."

Mereon (talk) 05:23, 7 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Strictly Intrinsic Definitions and S-isomorphism


One of the interesting words which over the last year or so I've given more attention to was "strictness." I remember reading the term in the Introduction to the CTMU paper ( and think it has several interesting shades of meaning relating to aspects of self- restriction and stratification. While there are many ways to run with this concept, I've been exploring the following line of thought:

"A strict ω-category is a globular ∞-category in which all operations obey their respective laws strictly. ... Strict ω-categories have probably been independently invented by several people.

According to Street 09, p. 10 the concept was first brought up by John Roberts 1977-1978, in an attempt to define non-abelian cohomology (of local nets of observables in algebraic quantum field theory)."

Mereon (talk) 15:49, 7 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"A length structure is said to be complete if for every two points x,y there exists an admissible path joining them whose length is equal to dL(x,y); in other words, a length structure is complete if there exists a shortest path between every two points.

Intrinsic metrics associated with complete length structures are said to be strictly intrinsic."

"The notion of the ultrametrics can be considered as a 0-dimensional analogue of ordinary metrics, and it is often expected to prove ultrametric versions of theorems on metric spaces. In this paper, for every range set S, we provide S-valued ultrametric versions of the Arens– Eells isometric embedding theorem [1] of metric spaces, the Hausdorff extension theorem [17] of metrics, the Niemytzki–Tychonoff characterization [27] of the compactness, and the author’s interpolation theorem of metrics and theorems on dense Gδ subsets of spaces of metrics [22]."


The conditions for the practice of slavery and the emancipation of slaves had a legal code in Islam, and so I think an interesting film idea would be what would happen if America was forced to suspend the US Constitution and impose sharia law on everyone, everywhere...although not strictly Islamic, but based on the basics of religious morality we can all agree on...not to the exclusion of Islam, but inclusively beyond it. What would happen? While Whites standby with advanced weapons their former black slaves can still cause public anxiety...if they were in a strictly Islamic country, many would probably be executed for disturbing the peace. I'm open to writing a script for any filmmakers who are interested.

"Today, Sharia police roam the streets busting gamblers, drinkers, and adulterers, and sending them off to be publicly caned by "executioners.""

Mereon (talk) 17:28, 7 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

""Most Americans would be shocked to hear Israel imposes sharia law. But it does for some 60 years.""

"The Baha’i teachings, therefore, outlaw holy war. They forbid religious hatred, violence and the burning of books. They abolish the concept of ritual impurity, regarding all things and all people as pure, and viewing nothing as untouchable. They establish and uphold freedom of conscience and belief. They forthrightly declare the equality of women and men. They assert the fundamental agreement of science and religion. They forbid slavery. They have no dress code, dietary restrictions or dogma. They promote world peace, the unity of nations and the absolute equality of all races. They protect freedom of religion, and ask us all to befriend the followers of every religion. The Baha’i teachings—born in 19th Century Persia and severely persecuted in many Muslim countries by the religious authorities there—have no clergy, no rites and no rituals.

Baha’is revere and respect Islam, believing that Muhammad brought a great, true Faith to humanity."


Perhaps in both a mathematical and social context "rectification" may be thought of as a more nuanced form of "strictification."

"In homotopy theory and in higher category theory by rectification one (usually, often) means the equivalent presentation of a homotopy-coherent structure equivalently by apparently more naive “strict” data."

"Univalence in homotopy type theory is a special case of the Segal-completeness condition in internal (∞,1)-category theory"

Mereon (talk) 18:06, 7 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"A central theorem about the model structure on simplicial presheaves says that rectified ∞-stacks are sufficient: they already present the full (∞,1)-category of (∞,1)-sheaves (= ∞-stacks)."

"Based on Saavedra’s theory of units, we first demonstrate that strict self-similarity cannot simultaneously occur with strict associativity—i.e. no monoid may have a strictly associative (semi-) monoidal tensor, although many monoids have a semi-monoidal tensor associative up to isomorphism. We then give a simple coherence result for the arrows exhibiting self-similarity and use this to describe a ‘strictification procedure’ that gives a semi-monoidal equivalence of categories relating strict and non-strict self-similarity, and hence monoid analogues of many categorical properties."

"a Saavedra unit is a cancellative idempotent (in a 1-categorical sense). This notion is more economical than the usual notion in terms of left-right constraints, and is motivated by higher category theory. To start, we describe the semi-monoidal category of all possible unit structures on a given semi-monoidal category and observe that it is contractible (if nonempty)."


The over-the-top defense of Chris Langan's work doesn't require comparisons to John the Baptist...unless he considers himself the forerunner of someone greater than him who will come afterward...which I have not seen him imply. Let's try to respect the sacrifices of the Saints and Prophets.

Episode 1 | Introduction | Saint John the Baptist: From Birth to Beheading

Mereon (talk) 23:35, 7 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Joseph Smith: Sacrifices and Death of the Mormon Founder


I don't see the point of sending any DNA testing kit to Chris Langan at this point, he wants to dictate who belongs where, and I would rather leave that to God to decide in the end. Until then, I will resist his lies until my dying day as an American.

Mereon (talk) 23:53, 7 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


"Zoroaster's Gathas states that in order to bring peace, prosperity, stability, progress and happiness to the living world, people are to select only competent persons. Song 16 is particularly dedicated to "Vohû Khshathra Vairya," literally "Good Domain Worthy-of-Choice." It shows that an ideal government must be an elected one.

In its most sacred prayer the Ahunavar (Choice of the Lord), Zoroastrians are taught that their Lord and leader are to be chosen, through a Good Mind and only on account of their individual righteousness. This sets the basis for a spiritual and political democracy as far back as nearly four millennia ago.

Zoroaster, the Iranian prophet advised people to listen to all parties and to choose the best of them. He said (Yasna 30, paragraph 2) "O people, listen to others and accept the best of them, and consider them with a bright and deep thinking. Every man and woman should chose the path of good and bad by his/her own." He did not discriminate between man and woman in this regard and counted them equally. In Yasna 30, he said "hearken with your ears to these best counsels, Reflect upon them with illumined judgment. Let each one choose his creed with that freedom of choice each must have at great events. O ye, be awake to these, my announcements.""

Mereon (talk) 00:22, 8 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


As for those who claim that their White-skinned evolution is so advanced that it has left others behind in the mud, may the glass, steel and concrete jungles and the grey polluted skies under which they belong comfort them in their great leap forward, and may they find a suitable alternative sunscreen in mud, as the chemicals in their sunburn-prevention skincare products have destroyed marine life.

"Common chemicals used in thousands of products to protect against harmful effects of ultraviolet light threaten corals and other marine life."

Mereon (talk) 05:46, 8 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"It may seem the sun wages a constant war against our skin. Harmful UV radiation burns us, damages our DNA, and can sow the seeds for melanoma. But the sun is essential to our healthy development and our immune systems, because sun-exposed skin produces Vitamin D. During the long-ranging human exodus from Africa, says anthropologist Nina Jablonski, Vitamin D levels in the body played a key role: driving the evolution of our species' skin color.

“The sunshine vitamin,” as Jablonski calls Vitamin D, is central to understanding the relationship between skin color and geography"

"People from cold climates, like the northern-European country of Scandinavia, had the biggest brains, and people from warm climates close to the equator, like Micronesia, had the smallest. According to the researchers, these bigger brains are not the result of increased intelligence, but rather the need for a larger portion of the brain devoted to vision. This helps the brain overcome the low-light conditions caused by bad weather and long winters in northern climates."


Coherent isomorphism is another interesting way to think about choice and freeness.

"In some situations, isomorphisms need to be chosen in a coherent way. Often, this can be achieved by choosing canonical isomorphisms. But in some cases, such as prestacks, there can be several canonical isomorphisms and there might not be an obvious choice among them. ... Replacing coherent isomorphisms by equalities is usually called strictification or rectification."

"Homotopy coherent category theory arose out of a desire to catalog the higher homotopical information required to restore constructibility (or more precisely, functoriality) in such "up to homotopy" settings. The first lecture will survey the classical theory of homotopy coherent diagrams of topological spaces. The second lecture will revisit the free resolutions used to define homotopy coherent diagrams and prove that they can also be understood as homotopy coherent realizations."

"One difficulty of constructions is that it is usually not sufficient to know that two things are equal, but we need to know how they are equal. Families of equalities need to “match” or “fit together”: they need to be coherent."

Mereon (talk) 16:25, 9 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


In a recent comment, Chris Langan implies that America must either be a Republic at the exclusion of a Democracy, or vice versa. This seems to also imply that Democrats are not Americans for supporting a multiracial Democracy, or that Republicanism somehow means rule by White Men with guns...both are missing the essence of the issue, and have ulterior motives for their word games. As someone who believes in religion more than politics, I know that the one true global theocracy will distribute over any form of government chosen locally in America, whether Democratic or Republican.

"The United States, like most modern nations, is neither a pure republic nor a pure democracy. Instead, it is a hybrid democratic republic.

The main difference between a democracy and a republic is the extent to which the people control the process of making laws under each form of government."

Mereon (talk) 03:30, 10 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


I suppose the more scientific term for what I consider myself would be somewhere between Pontid and Iranid. So I consider those regions in yellow to be where I truly belong...perhaps someday that will be possible. For now, I am an American who refuses to reduce my ethnicity to unscientific terms...perhaps someday everyone will find their proper geographic place in the world through DNA testing and machine learning of human phenotypes in facial recognition databases.

Mereon (talk) 06:35, 11 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

The Reciprocal Relationship With the Planet


After the race riots, there have been discussions on the rights of indigenous peoples. With the mass extinctions of wildlife in the news, I think Native American philosophy has an interesting way of thinking about the reciprocal relationship of all forms of life with the Earth.

"We are the land ... that is the fundamental idea embedded in Native American life the Earth is the mind of the people as we are the mind of the earth. The land is not really the place (separate from ourselves) where we act out the drama of our isolate destinies. It is not a means of survival, a setting for our affairs ... It is rather a part of our being, dynamic, significant, real. It is our self ...

It is not a matter of being ‘close to nature’ ... The Earth is, in a very real sense, the same as our self (or selves) ... That knowledge, though perfect, does not have associated with it the exalted romance of the sentimental ‘nature lovers’, nor does it have, at base, any self-conscious ‘appreciation’ of the land ... It is a matter of fact, one known equably from infancy, remembered and honoured at levels of awareness that go beyond consciousness, and that extend long roots into primary levels of mind, language, perception and all the basic aspects of being ...

Paula Gunn Allen, Laguna Pueblo (1979: 191–192)"

Mereon (talk) 15:06, 10 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Well prior to the arrival of European colonists, the Iroquois had developed sophisticated political thought and a government with a clear division of powers; Mississippian peoples had constructed one of the largest cities in the Western hemisphere at Cahokia, spreading Mississippian religious and cultural influence throughout the region; and the Pueblo people had created intricate agricultural innovations, community structures, and economies. While it is impossible to tie together all the diverse traditions of thought and belief among the various cultures indigenous to the Americas, a few basic contrasts may be made between much of Native American thought and much of Western thought. There are clear differences in the treatment of individuality and community, in emphasis upon writing and oral communication, and in the separation, or lack thereof, between humanity and nature."

Read more: American Philosophies - Native American Philosophy - People, Contemporary, Americas, and Community - JRank Articles

"Climate change could result in a more abrupt collapse of many animal species than previously thought, starting in the next decade if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced, according to a study published this month in Nature.

The study predicted that large swaths of ecosystems would falter in waves, creating sudden die-offs that would be catastrophic not only for wildlife, but for the humans who depend on it."


In a recent post Chris Langan quotes a Black poet as evidence for their malign feelings towards "Whites." Naturally, as someone who doesn't consider himself "White" but an "Aryan" who tans in the sun, I seem to naturally gain their highest respect and utmost loyalty through my Islamic background. So to maintain the counter-balance, I'll quote the Black poet I learned about in junior high school on his view of "Whites" as a privileged class.

"White Man

by Langston Hughes Sure I know you! You're a White Man. I'm a Negro. You take all the best jobs And leave us the garbage cans to empty and The halls to clean. You have a good time in a big house at Palm Beach And rent us the back alleys And the dirty slums. You enjoy Rome — And take Ethiopia. White Man! White Man! Let Louis Armstrong play it — And you copyright it And make the money. You're the smart guy, White Man! You got everything! But now, I hear your name ain't really White Man. I hear it's something Marx wrote down Fifty years ago — That rich people don't like to read. Is that true, White Man? Is your name in a book Called the Communist Manifesto? Is your name spelled C-A-P-I-T-A-L-I-S-T? Are you always a White Man? Huh?"

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Some are fruits, others are nuts...some are fruit smoothies, others nut smoothies...I like to know the ingredients in my milkshake, and whether it's made with oat, almond or soy milk or just vanilla ice cream or peach sherbet. All the wonderful possibilities to be good, whether sweetened by honey, dates or chocolate...and we reduce it to just salt and pepper.

List of ethnicities in Europe

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Basically, if we're going to play Nazi, then we better play it on Nazi terms. To talk about Whiteness as a disease is propaganda. If we're going to study disease in terms of genetics, then we're going to have to identify all their causes. I don't believe racial dilution is a panacea. However geographically, "Whites" belong in Europe and parts of Asia (not the Americas.) So, if a film were to be made about a hypothetical future Nazi New World Order, it would begin with mandatory testing for COVID-19, testing their ancestral genetics and overall appearance, then rounding up all the different races of the world with mandatory quantum dot tattoos which sort people onto different boats, then sinking those boats with genetically defective people in the middle of the ocean while sending the rest of Whites in America and other parts of the world back to their respective homelands (mostly England, Ireland, Germany, Russia and Israel.)

Mereon (talk) 16:21, 11 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


An even more interesting idea would be a financial market for different genetic stocks, human or non-human. So if you are to invest in the composite index of the S&P 500 (or 1500) of "White people" with all their various strengths and weakness hedged against themselves you could. I'd invest in phytoplankton or certain dynamic chains of ecosystem services in that case. The value of "White people" as a collective company would then be weighed according to concrete aggregate data.

"Finite and infinite configuration spaces are rather old topics, see e.g. [1,2] and the references cited therein, that had many applications in various settings in mathematical physics and representation theory. More recently, several papers, including [3-6] showed how these topics could be applied in various disciplines: ecology, financial markets, and so on. This large spectrum of applications principally comes from the simplicity of the model: considering a state space N, finite or infinite configurations are finite or countable sets of values in N: This is why we begin with giving a short description of this setting, and describe a differentiable structure that can fit with easy problems of dynamics. This structure, which can be seen either as a Frölicher structure or as a diffeological one, is carefully described and the links between these two frameworks are summarized in the appendix. We also give a result that seems forgotten in the past literature: the infinite configuration space used in e.g. [7] is an infinite dimensional manifold."

Mereon (talk) 19:20, 11 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


As someone who drove a taxi for 6 years, I've probably seen as much of the good and bad of society as any club bouncer. In effect, all the human trash someone like Chris Langan throws out of his bar end up in my car where they tend to vomit, pick fights, act stupid in all sorts of ways, and one becomes painfully aware of all the subtle differences between every race and neighborhood. So if anything, I am far more racist from experience, except I am the one driving the car and I have to keep the passengers cool, calm and collected. So really, the bubble of the bar bouncing world comes to a screaching halt in the taxi driver world...we're just polite enough to get every person home, no matter how drunk, poor, rich, ugly, pretty, smart, stupid, White, Black or Mexican they are. You're welcome America.

Taxi Driver (3/8) Movie CLIP - Travis Supports Palantine (1976) HD

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Just by raising fears about White Genocide again, Chris Langan is inciting murder. This will backfire dearly for him and all those he purports to represent as their protector if the exact nature of his ancestry is called into question, since the corollary to "White Genocide" is who qualifies as White. Since this was extrnsively studied by Nazis before he was born, and since the pogroms/genocides of Jews were real historical events which he has even convinced some of his Jewish supporters to believe was largely a hoax, it calls for true Nazis to be ever vigilant of those who seek to capitalize on their sacrifices in WW2 on behalf of their proto-scientific inquests into the unique pre-Christian racial mysticism of the Aryan peoples. I don't believe White people should think like victims, this is just a ploy used by so-called protectors to gain new business by generating threats. Ultimately this will mean more surveillance and proof of all the facts.

"On the fringes of society, beyond the gaze of mainstream politics, there is a network of people propagating and planning an insidious, totalitarian goal: ethnic cleansing and genocide, under the rubric of their catch-cry, "Race War Now." This is not only occurring in Australia, but is part of an international racialist movement, and one that is gaining ground. This racialist camp is composed of ultra-nationalists, white supremacists and neo-Nazis. I use the term "racialists" rather than "racists" to indicate that an ideology is the base of their racist views, rather than sheer bigotry. In short, racialists are hostile to all people they consider to be non-Europeans, but Jews are seen as the primary enemy."

Mereon (talk) 22:42, 11 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"QAnon purveys the fantasy that a secret Satan-worshiping cabal is taking over the world. Its members kidnap white children, keep them in secret prisons run by pedophiles, slaughter, and eat them to gain power from the essence in their blood. The cabal held the American Presidency under the Clintons and Obama, nearly took power again in 2016, and lurks in a “Deep State” financed by Jews, including George Soros, and in Jews who control the media. They want to disarm citizens and defund the police. They promote abortion, transgender rights, and homosexuality. They want open borders so brown illegal aliens can invade America and mongrelize the white race."

"For all its real-world impact, QAnon hooks people by working like a video game. Game designer Adrian Hon has argued that Qanon is a lot like an alternate-reality game, in which players follow a trail of clues online and off, to solve mysteries or just discover more clues to chase."

Diffeological Modelization


One interesting word I've noticed used by French authors is "modelization" which reminded me of the diffeological concretization of sheaves. This may be of interest to those seeking a more refined understanding of the difference between "triadic vs. trialic" interpretation.

"This requires a little introduction to sheaves on sites, because the key fact underlying our main results is that both Chen spaces and diffeological spaces are examples of ‘concrete sheaves on a concrete site’."

"Baez and Hoffnung in [3] show that the category of diffeological spaces forms a complete and co-complete quasi-topos; in particular, all subsets, quotients, and function spaces exist.

On the other hand, the language of stacks arose out of the need to better understand orbit and moduli spaces [6]. Indeed, the quotient stack associated to a compact Lie group action contains more information than the quotient topology, the ring of smooth functions on the orbit space in the sense of Schwarz [5, 18], or even the associated diffeology. For example, consider SO(n) acting on Rn via rotations. The orbit space is homeomorphic to [0, ∞) for all n, and the rings of invariant functions for each n are all isomorphic."

"This diagram has the largest symmetry group among all Dynkin diagrams; it is the symmetric group on 3 letters, and has a triality automorphism: an automorphism A so that A^3 = 1."

"A ternary relation (or triadic relation) is a relation in three variables (instead of the more common two of a binary relation)."

Mereon (talk) 05:34, 12 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Neural Codes and Neural Rings: Topology and Algebraic Geometry

"It turns out, in particular, that under some additional restrictions upon X and {Ui}, the total homotopy type of X can be inferred from the relevant code C. In particular, finite sequences of words in C may be used in order to model elements of the fundamental groupoid of X: accessible paths from one neighbourhood in X to another one. (Finding such paths of minimal length used to be a constant challenge for brains of taxi drivers.)"

"Actually, these two principles are not as independent as they seem. The principle of least action and the principle of general covariance are indeed the two faces of the same coin. And to bring that to light, we shall consider the following toy model."

"In 1969 the groundbreaking book of Jean-Marie Souriau appeared, Structure des Systèmes Dynamiques. We will celebrate, in 2019, the jubilee of its publication, with a conference in honour of the work of this great scientist. Symplectic Mechanics, Geometric Quantization, Relativity, Thermodynamics, Cosmology, Diffeology & Philosophy."

Structure des systèmes dynamiques

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Chris Langan likes to sound like he has all the solutions to the world's most important problems, but so far the most important problems according to him are the problem of being able to tan in the sun and money. Otherwise, he's fooling only himself with rhapsodically waxing punchlines.

Mereon (talk) 00:02, 13 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

The Big Lebowski - Where's the Money, Lebowski?: Two thugs shake down the Dude (Jeff Bridges) for an alleged debt.


I don't seek solutions to social or environmental problems by looking for handouts or shifting blame onto oligarchs for exploiting tax loop holes. There is something to learn from everyone. The basic concept of an allowance is understood by everyone, whether in terms of pollution or family planning. Designing mechanisms to enforce allowances doesn't require government intervention through taxation, rather it can be built into any investment contract which pays dividends. Ecosystems pay dividends, as do the people within them, however some don't reinvest in the ecosystem, and instead they seek to insulate themselves from the spill-over effects of their economic transactions. Since algorithms control much of the world's financial system, there is indeed a way to setup up some kind of benevolent new world order for the sake of planetary harmony, but I am the only one I know of working toward it with practical steps, everyone else is just talking about the old world order as if it is some kind of evil new world order which only guns can solve, which may be true, but that is neither news nor a realistic, technically sound, long-term solution.

The Big Lebowski - I'm the Dude Scene: The Dude (Jeff Bridges) asks the Big Lebowski (David Huddleston) to compensate him for his soiled rug.

Mereon (talk) 01:04, 13 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Banks, investors, and other financial actors play an important role in the global economy, which itself is a prime driver of ecological change.

Changes in financial markets are creating new global connections that make financial markets, actors, and instruments important aspects of global environmental change.

We summarize these financial trends, explore how they connect to ecosystems and ecological change in both direct and indirect ways, and elaborate on crucial research gaps."


It seems "phenocide" would be a better term than "genocide" when it comes to the debate over what constitutes "White genocide." There are many genetically unique kinds of "White" people, some of whom may be promoting genocide against other "White" people.

'The Invisibles' Reveals How Some Jews Survived Nazi Germany By Hiding In Plain Sight

ISIS Trying to Kill Off Remaining Whites in Northern Iraq

"As he explains, “the politics of racial resentment” claims to promote the virtues of safety and austerity, but its true psychological appeal is a belief in white superiority. The tragic irony, as Metzl points out, is that this politics of resentment “demands that lower- and middle-class white Americans vote against their own biological self-interests.”

What makes this argument haunting is evidence that white communities have adopted far-right ideas as essential to their own identities."

Mereon (talk) 13:22, 13 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


On the road to a Grand Unified Theory one will encounter "Dirac Operators" which relate to the production of particle-antiparticle pairs. There is work by Majorana and Eddington along this route to consider as well. Understanding these operators in a smooth setting was revived by Witten who was trying to relate it to Index Theory.

"Following quickly on the heels of Einstein’s discovery, physicists attempted to link gravity to the only other fundamental force of nature known at that time: electromagnetism. Both Hermann Weyl (1885-1955) in 1918 and Arthur Stanley Eddington (1888-1944) in 1921 developed field theories that in essence were early attempts at unification employing the new concept of the geometrisation of physics. Also in 1921 the German theoretical physicist Theodor Kaluza (1885–1954) attempted this by extending Einstein’s field equations to five dimensions (Kaluza 1921). Essentially he postulated a five dimensional Riemannian space by adding to the four known dimensions a fifth one where particles always followed closed paths. Both electromagnetism and relativity were contained within this grand scheme but it did not contain any of the relatively young quantum theory leaving most physicists to realize it bore no resemblance to reality. The Swedish theoretical physicist Oskar Klein (1894–1977) added the quantum aspect to Kaluza’s theory in 1926 (Klein 1926) and similar subsequent theories have been loosely grouped into the category of Kaluza-Klein Theories. In Klein’s theory the fifth dimension was unobservable whereas Kaluza’s was macroscopic in size. This unobservable dimension’s physical reality was akin to a quantity that was conjugate to the electrical charge. In this way Klein also sought to explain Planck’s quantum of action. The lack of sufficient mechanisms for testing such an idea and finding a practical application for the theory kept Kaluza-Klein theories largely out of the mainstream until their revival in the 1970s. This did not stop many scientists from studying unification, however. Einstein essentially devoted the final thirty years of his life to it while Eddington devoted the last fifteen."

"The original case which concerned Paul Dirac was to factorise formally an operator for Minkowski space, to get a form of quantum theory compatible with special relativity; to get the relevant Laplacian as a product of first-order operators he introduced spinors."

"The problem with defining a Dirac operator in infinite dimensions is simple to describe. One can gather all the required ingredients as in finite dimensions and set out on the construction, mirroring that of finite dimensions. However, at one stage a certain map is required. There is an obvious map in the opposite direction which in finite dimensions is invertible. In infinite dimensions it is not and the construction fails.

One of the ingredients for the Dirac operator is a Riemannian structure on the manifold. What we shall show is that if this is replaced by a co-Riemannian structure then the “obvious map” referred to above is now in the right direction and the construction succeeds."

Mereon (talk) 16:19, 13 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Quantum information dynamics is another interesting field with potential connections to the CTMU, with interesting connections to the quantum measurement problem, generalized Pythagorean theorems and the contraction coefficients of smooth information manifolds.

"While C*-algebras generalise algebras of complex continuous functions on compact topological spaces, W*-algebras generalise 𝐿-infinity spaces over localisable boolean algebras (or, equivalently, localisable measure spaces), so the problem of choice between them depends not only on the mathematical properties of a specific application but also on the general interpretation assigned to the quantum theoretic formalism."

"A Riemannian information metric on the manifold of quantum states can be derived as the second order Taylor expansion of the quantum relative entropy. Using it, given a channel (completely positive trace- preserving map) representing one’s experimental limitations, we obtain a measure of one’s reduced ability to experimentally distinguish our initial hypothesis from a nearby state. Idealizing one’s information gath- ering by setting a relevance cutoff, beyond which he cannot distinguish a direction in state space, allows us to foliate the space into equivalence classes of experimentally indistinguishable states. This provides an effective solution to the inverse problem of generally not being able to identify a unique quantum channel preimage. In addition to aiding in the conceptual development of effective theories, this approach leads to an operational information theoretic interpretation of renormalization."

Mereon (talk) 19:06, 13 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Toward a Global Biodiversity Treaty


Before the end of this century, humans will be forced to enter into a binding international biodiversity treaty with other intelligent species living on planet earth, since many of our industrial activities have been deleterious to the natural order. Since most people have not taken it seriously, COVID-19 is just the first wake up call. Future generations will have to plan for the day when they will be held responsible for the actions (and inactions) of the older baby boomer generation which has in many ways taken for granted the sacrifices of the first half of the 20th century. People with higher IQs are by no means automatically infallible when it comes to knowing and obeying God's commandments for humanity in the current era. While I don't consider Academia as a way to get closer to God, the independent investigation of truth and the agreement of science and religion is imperative. The younger generation should not be afraid or hypnotized by people like Chris Langan or any other charismatic thinker when seeking the foundations of reality. I will not settle for simplistic answers, propaganda or censorship when it comes to getting to the truth. I will stand up for all the voices who have been silenced and ridiculed such that everyone gets a fair hearing. For now, the issue of Academic sprawl is indeed onerous, but not nearly as cumbersome as agricultural and suburban sprawl, especially those heavily dependent on oil, weapons and meat for survival. I cannot be intimidated by anyone, since I fear God's judgement far more than I could any human.

"The Convention has three main goals including: the conservation of biological diversity (or biodiversity); the sustainable use of its components; and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from genetic resources."


Mereon (talk) 22:46, 14 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Project Plato was tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with this race of space aliens. In the meantime a race of human looking aliens contacted the U.S. Government. This alien group warned us against the aliens that were orbiting the Equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development. They demanded that we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons as the major condition. They refused to exchange technology citing that we were spiritually unable to handle the technology which we then possessed. They believed that we would use any new technology to destroy each other. This race stated that, we were on a path of self destruction and we must stop killing each other, stop polluting the Earth, stop raping the Earth’s natural resources, and learn to live in harmony. These terms were met with extreme suspicion, especially the major condition of nuclear disarmament. It was believed that meeting that condition would leave us helpless in the face of an obvious alien threat. We also had nothing in history to help with the decision. Nuclear disarmament was not considered to be within the best interest of the United States. The overtures were rejected.”"


I don't believe in politicizing God or Absolute Truth, which I've noticed Chris Langan do with respect to Donald Trump. While I prefer Trump to Biden, I'm not going to ascribe the quality of Absolute Truth to a person, since as parts of a whole they are conditioned upon that whole for their truth, not vice versa.

"So the concept of “everything” provides an anchor for absolute truth, a preverbal concept that we can think about (as I have above) without necessarily relying on words. In math we have an impulse to talk about “the set of all sets” and “everything” is similar but more basic, without any particular baggage (like sets) because everything is taken as the starting point. In math, I think a better way to think about “everything” is “the state of contradiction” in which all statements are true. The idea is that starting with the state of contradiction, then that state can work backwards to establish the conditions where a noncontradictory system is possible."

Mereon (talk) 02:27, 15 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


It is by virtue of universal reason that man should govern himself. While that reason may culminate in the form of a god-like King, we are living in an age when such burdens cannot fall on just one man alone, and so the ability to take counsel in one's judgements are a condition of our times. However every individual must be their own judge in the end, and the rectifier of their own conduct and will. There can be no other who can see for you or think for you when it comes to learning. While Chris Langan can afford to attack the institutions of education which were available to him, there are many who should continue to strive for higher education, regardless of the institution which provisions it. I will be here to ensure that those who have something to lose (namely, children) have their opportunities to learn protected.

"The first line of the most sacred verse reads: yathá ahü vairyö//athá ratüš ašát čit hačá “the will to become a god-being is realized through RATÜ whose soul knows the Truth of virtue, excellence and artistry “ašá.”

Ratü is the knower of riddles, rites and formulas, the wise counsel, spiritual leader/guide. Ratü has the figurative sense of “lead, guide” and the literal sense “counsel, rate, judge, reason.” We have here the notion of “reasoning, computing, deciphering, decoding and creative interpretation.”

Ratü is connected to Latin Ratiô, the technical term for “calculation, computation and right measure.”

Ratü comes from an ancient root that implies “reckoning, creative reasoning, thinking, understanding and finding the right order.” The root also denotes “recounting, telling, advising.”"

Mereon (talk) 03:26, 15 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Interpersonal Agreement has been compared to the Pythagorean Theorem, and Harmony to the Golden Ratio, both can be generalized in math or metaphor, to include higher-order treaties which promote convergent symbiosis (as opposed to divergent parasitism).

"There are less commonly known higher- dimensional versions of this theorem which relate the areas of the faces of a simplex having one “orthogonal vertex” by analogous sums-of-squares identities. In this note I state and prove one such result, hoping that students of mathematics will become better acquainted with it.

“Geometry has two great treasures. One is the Theorem of Pythagoras; the other, the division of a line into extreme and mean ratio. The first we may compare to a measure of gold; the second we may name a precious jewel.” J. Kepler ([2], p. 58.)"

"The relationship between the golden ratio and continued fractions is commonly known about throughout the mathematical world: the convergents of the continued fraction are the ratios of consecutive Fibonacci numbers. The continued fractions for the powers of the golden ratio also exhibit an interesting relationship with the Lucas numbers."

"Another meaning for generalized continued fraction is a generalization to higher dimensions. For example, there is a close relationship between the simple continued fraction in canonical form for the irrational real number α, and the way lattice points in two dimensions lie to either side of the line y = αx. Generalizing this idea, one might ask about something related to lattice points in three or more dimensions. One reason to study this area is to quantify the mathematical coincidence idea"

Mereon (talk) 04:46, 15 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


There are some who consider a historic building to be the point of revelation for a religion, however this is misguided. There are Jews for example who believe that when their messiah returns that they will then be able to build their third temple where the Islamic Dome of the Rock now stands. The truth is that this reference to a temple is in fact a metaphor for the body, which can be thought of as the whole of the alphabet of a language, which rebuilds itself (in Jewish eschatology) or is resurrected from the dead (in Christian and Islamic eschatology.) Just like some words fall into disuse over time, so do religions, although cognates survive. For example in some way the language of Islam (Arabic) revived the Semitic languages of Judaism (Hebrew) and Christianity (Aramaic).

As an Aryan I strive to resist the onslaught of Semitic influence from Christianity in my religious development, however I respect them for preserving theirs inasmuch as they respect me for preserving mine. However, I have found that sometimes the most sacred rites of passage are those which are not open to all, and so, I think when a religion becomes separated from its cultural origin, it becomes diluted and corrupted. However, sometimes common understanding requires a fixed point for the invariant transformation of comparisons, and so, logic and math provide a starting point for exploring historical religious concepts.

"With Islam being the new order of the day, and Arabic the language of Iran’s new governors, the Persian language was, as with Zoroastrianism and indigenous Iranian culture as a whole, at risk of extinction. While some submitted to the yoke of the occupiers and tried to find a place for themselves within a strange new world, other Iranians chose to resist."

"Considered as the origin of all reality, the Point has equivalent representations in varied symbolic systems. The Supreme Point in the Hebraic Kabala, the Bindu Point in the Hinduism and the Islamic Primal Point (as conceived by the Iman Ali: “I am the Point”) stand for the same Point, also contemplated by Dante in his view of Paradise: “The point of the axis on which the first wheel rotates... Heaven and Nature rely on this point”.

The symbology of the point as an atom of the geometric is parallel with the Seed or the mustard grain from that parable in the Gospel, vegetable atom; in the Hindu Seminal Drop, human atom; in the Letter or Sacred syllable, atoms from the word and the sound. The underlying idea is identical because the whole is seminally within the origin."

Mereon (talk) 05:27, 15 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


There's nothing funny about imitating black voices, it shows a lack of good sportsmanship and upright Christian values. I am always up for a friendly game of basketball with my fellow Black Americans at the local YMCA. I understand that Chris Langan grew up in those radio days when Amos and Andy was on the air, but we don't play that game, whether in the house of God, or out in the secular world.

"Both men were white, while Amos and Andy were black. Gosden and Correll toyed with the idea of retaining their titular roles in sound but not in body—they would hire black actors as their avatars and dub over the performers’ voices with their own—but, in the end, simply sought black actors who could perform serviceable impressions of their fictional Negroes. “If we can find actors with suitable voices, we’ll let them do the talking,” Gosden said, in a 1948 interview."

Mereon (talk) 22:02, 15 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


As far as Chris Langan telling Californians that nobody wants them, I think California should indeed separate from the rest of America on behalf of the word of its representative smartest man. Since we want us, and since they don't want us, then we should first ensure that they cannot have us, and then hold them to their word forever until those who spoke and acted against us so liberally are perpetually punished.

"For California to secede from the United States, the U.S. Constitution would need to be amended. Amending the United States Constitution would require a two-thirds vote of each chamber of the United States Congress and ratification by 38 states. An alternative would be to call a convention of states, have two-thirds of the delegates at the convention back California's secession, and then have 38 state legislatures approve the amendment."

Mereon (talk) 11:55, 16 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


As for his budget vacation to Siberia, Chris Langan should contact Steven Seagal who is an envoy for that region, and who (if pending DNA test results confirm) can find any of his living Russian Jewish relatives who may have records of his mysterious father's history. One thing is certain, we don't need crypto-Jews sowing discord in America, and I'm sure the Russians will be happy to have him.

"He called Mr. Putin a personal friend and expressed a desire to improve relations between the United States and Russia.

Mr. Seagal’s grandparents were Russian Jewish immigrants, according to a biography on IMDB."

"So Birobidzhan was and actually still is nominally one of the two Jewish states in the world, the other one obviously being Israel. But Birobidzhan was formed earlier. It was part of a Soviet experiment. The Soviet Union initially conceived itself as a sort of anti-imperial empire in which every nation had the right to self-determination and to some sort of autonomy."

"“Maybe they are not even Russians,” Mr. Putin mused, “but Ukrainians, Tatars or Jews, but with Russian citizenship, which should also be checked. Maybe they have dual citizenship or a Green Card. Maybe the U.S. paid them for this. How can you know that? I do not know either.”"

Mereon (talk) 12:47, 16 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"The Americans is a period drama about the complex relationship of two deep cover KGB spies posing as a middle-class American couple living in Washington D.C.

Philip and Elizabeth Jennings now have two American-born teenagers who know nothing about their parents' true identity - and their continued allegiance to the Kremlin. Are the kids just part of their cover, or do the Russians love their children too?"

Well-Founded Simulations


Again Chris Langan attacks Elon Musk who is merely musing on the topic of simulation for people who don't actually do research, and acts overly-indignant for not getting enough credit. In mathematics, (which has had secret societies for thousands of years in which the most important results are published anonymously under a pseudonym) when somebody starts to act that way when it comes to getting credit, it becomes obvious that they are not truly interested in mathematics for its own sake, but their publicity business.

"The concept plays a role in computer science for models of state-based computation (see also monad (in computer science)). The concept of the terminal coalgebra of an endofunctor is a way of encoding coinductive types."

Donald Duck and the Golden Mean ratio. 1959 Disney cartoon...fascinating!

Mereon (talk) 16:42, 16 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Again Chris Langan attacks California, as if to attack me, although I am used to it...I am originally from Southern Illinois actually, not far from St. Louis, Missouri. However his wannabe Midwestern faux-couth rabble-rousing jowl-shaking is just funny, especially since he's mostly from New York.

"Californians, of course, are used to such vituperative scorn. It’s long been said that our state is a harbinger of America’s future; those who want a different, more conservative future have always vocalized that fact. I grew up watching gelatinous-jowled pundits work themselves into fits over the immoral complexity of our regulatory system, the symptomatic shame of our homelessness problem and our inherent ungovernability. And now that we’ve anointed ourselves the undisputed leader of the anti-Trump resistance, declaring more loudly that we will define the future, we recognize some of the hate to be inevitable — a product of ideological war."

Mereon (talk) 20:51, 17 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Crucial to the Hilbert Book Model is that reality applies quaternionic Hilbert spaces as structured read-only archives of the dynamic geometric data of the discrete objects that exist in the model. The model stores these data before they can be accessed by observers. This fact makes it possible to interpret the model as the creator of the universe. The classification of modules as observers introduces two different views; the creator’s view and the observer’s view. Time reversal is only possible in the creator’s view. It cannot be perceived by observers because observers must travel with the scanning time window."

"The dispute took on an ideological dimension as Brouwer presented himself as a "champion of Aryan Germanness". When Brouwer objected to Ostjuden (German Jews of Eastern European descent) writing for the journal Mathematische Annalen, Hilbert removed Brouwer from his position as editor. The Nazis offered Brouwer a position at the University of Berlin in 1933, which he declined."

"Encouraged by this the Old Formalist School (Dedekind, Cantor, Peano, Hilbert, Russell, Zermelo, Couturat), for the purpose of a rigorous treatment of mathematics and logic (though not for the purpose of furnishing objects of investigation to these sciences), finally rejected any elements extraneous to language, thus divesting logic and mathematics of their essential difference in character, as well as of their autonomy. However, the hope originally fostered by this school that mathematical science erected according to these principles would be crowned one day with a proof of its non-contradictority was never fulfilled, and nowadays, after the logical investigations performed in the last few decades, we may assume that this hope has been relinquished universally.

Of a totally different orientation was the Pre-intuitionist School, mainly led by Poincaré, Borel and Lebesgue. These thinkers seem to have maintained a modified observational standpoint for the introduction of natural numbers, for the principle of complete induction, and for all mathematical entities springing from this source without the intervention of axioms of existence, hence for what might be called the 'separable' parts of arithmetic and of algebra."


Chris Langan is now trying to convince Americans to pepper spray people from California. This is what I would expect from an undercover KGB instigator on Facebook...he's starting real fires with fake sparks. God bless California, and may those who are against it be shipped to Siberia where they belong.

"The history of Russian foreign intelligence provides some clues. The S.V.R., situated like its American counterpart in a forest outside the capital, inherited from the K.G.B. a large and skilled unit in charge of disinformation, Service A. The “A” stood for active measures, as disinformation was renamed in the early 1960s. Only now is it becoming possible to reconstruct some of Service A’s most brazen operations, with the help of K.G.B. memos and briefings discovered in recent years in security archives in former satellite states.

Racial engineering is an old but sharp tool in the active measures arsenal, deployed equally against — and among — African-Americans, Jews and white nationalists, to pitch these groups against one other and to amplify social conflict. On Christmas night 1959, for example, swastikas and “Jews Out” was daubed, in red and white paint, on the walls of the newly reopened synagogue in Cologne, Germany. Over the next seven weeks a vast anti-Semitic hate campaign swept through West Germany, other countries in Western Europe and the United States. By mid-February, the government in Bonn had counted 833 anti-Semitic incidents across all West Germany.

K.G.B. officers understood that anti-Semitism was a real problem and that they could restart a real fire with fake sparks."

"David Starr Jordan, the first president of Stanford University, was one of the most prominent eugenicists of the early 20th century. ... The State of California alone performed 20,000 (one-third) of those procedures. Into the 1970s, public clinics and hospitals targeted poor Black, Latinx and Indigenous women for coercive sterilization, often threatening to revoke their welfare benefits if they did not comply. By the 1970s, The Indian Health Service had sterilized at least 25% of all Indigenous women in the United States. Even as recently as between 2006 and 2010, the State of California performed almost 150 sterilization procedures on imprisoned women without informed consent." ... Inspired in no small part by American eugenic research and sterilization laws, Nazi Germany sought to eliminate its unwanted populations, leading to the genocide of 11 million Jewish people, Slavic people, disabled people, queer people and other groups during the Holocaust. It is impossible to know how many human lives were harmed by eugenic logic and a belief in racial progress."

"DR. DAVID STARR JORDAN, the President of Stanford University, arrived at the train station in Palo Alto, California, to meet Abdu’l-Baha not long after 9 a.m. on Tuesday, October 8, 1912. Last Thursday, just a few hours after Abdu’l-Baha had arrived in San Francisco, Jordan had been one of the first to call on him. He invited Abdu’l-Baha to address his student body at 10:15 this morning. ... Then Abdu’l-Baha began. “Inasmuch as the fundamental principle of the teaching of Baha’u’llah is the oneness of the world of humanity,” he stated, “I will speak to you upon the intrinsic oneness of all phenomena.” It was a theme he had presented many times in America, but at Stanford, he would approach it from a scientific perspective."


There is a long tradition of model theory in Russia, mostly based in Novosibirsk, a city in Siberia, southern Russia, bisected by the Ob River. The Trans-Siberian Railway fueled much of the city's 19th-century growth. He can setup a cryptocurrency operation to keep him warm, since gas is cheap there. He can also present his results in model theory to his peers at an upcoming conference while on his budget vacation (and possible permanent exile.)

"Model theory is the branch of mathematical logic dealing with the connection between a formal language and its interpretations, or models, i.e., it represents links between syntactic and semantic objects. These objects can be used to classify each others producing structural classifications of theories and their models. Solving classification questions valuable characteristics arise (dimensions, ranks, complexities, spectra etc.) for various classes of structures and their theories."

The Sobolev Institute of Mathematics was founded in 1957 by Sergey Sobolev.

Mereon (talk) 17:01, 18 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Maltsev’s most important work was in algebra and mathematical logic. In his first publication (1936), which dealt with a general method for obtaining local theorems in mathematical logic, he provided such a theorem for the limited calculus of predicates of arbitrary signature. By means of this theorem an arbitrary set of formulas of this calculus is noncontradictory when—and only when—any finite subset of this set is noncontradictory. In this work the theorem of the extension of infinite models was also proved. Both theorems are important in mathematical logic and in the theory of models, the creation of which Maltsev himself was largely responsible for. His local method enabled him to prove (1941) a series of important theorems of the theory of groups and other algebraic systems. In 1956 he generalized his local theorems to cover many classes of models. Ideas similar to those presented in the last of these works led A. Robinson to formulate his nonstandard analysis, in which actual infinitesimally small and great magnitudes obtained an original substantiation."


While I've had some intimate knowledge of my fair share of pretty and passionate Irish and Scots-Irish women from the Ozarks (Southern Missouri), Appalachia (West Virginia) among other young women from Middle-Class White thing I can tell you is that assimilation is not what they're known for, rather, their independence. Now I would warn my fellow Americans from falling under the yoke of some wannnabe yokel's definition of shepherding assimilation, because that will mean the loss of autonomy. Chris Langan here is tricking you into believing in his definition of racial progress, and the truth is he has never admitted or revealed any test publically about his biological father's roots. I love America, but I hate those who think that their freedom of speech gives them the right to sell snake oil to an unsuspecting public under the spell of fancy words. The temperments of White people vary considerably, and I cannot be fooled when it comes to a man with a Russian Jewish father...only out of respect for the genius of his ancestors and the innocence of those poor Whites who fall prey to these sorts of charlatans do I warn all.

"I know it seems strange compared to the world now. But the US once was a far different place. It’s just a fact that the Irish, Scots-Irish, Italians, etc weren’t always considered white or Caucasian. There are entire books written explaining this history. One such book is The History of White People by Nell Irvin Painter, in which she discusses the above Emerson quote, and a few paragraphs on she writes that,

After the failure of the Hungarian revolution in 1848 and Lajos Kossuth’s triumphant tour as a hero in exile, Emerson found a way to view the Hungarian situation through an Irish lens: “The paddy period lasts long. Hungary, it seems, must take the yoke again, & Austria, & Italy, & Prussia, & France. Only the English race can be trusted with freedom.” Emerson pontificated against Central Europeans as well as the Irish: “Races. Our idea, certainly, of Poles & Hungarians is little better than of horses recently humanized.”

Back in the day, whiteness as an idea was mixed up with nationality, ethnicity, and religion. The Irish (and other immigrant groups) weren’t English, weren’t of Anglo/Germanic stock, and generally weren’t Protestant. Although assimilating better than later immigrants, even the Germans early on were treated differently. Benjamin Franklin was prejudiced against Palatine Germans and perceived them as almost racially other—since they were shorter and darker-skinned, along with speaking a different language, having a different culture, and being of different religions (at the time, many were Pietists or Anabaptists, separate from the Protestant tradition).

All those who weren’t WASPs were perceived as foreigners and they indeed often looked different—different color of skin, different color of hair, different attire, etc. Italians, in the 1800s, were sometimes referred to as ‘niggers’ because of their dark skin and dark, curly hair. The Irish, despite their pale skin and lighter hair, were also compared to Africans and Native Americans, portrayed as ape-like and called gorillas, sometimes referred to as savages and their children in the cities dismissed as Street Arabs (Catholicism was seen as foreign as Islam)."

"The first piece of serious civil disobedience after the Revolutionary War was the Whiskey Rebellion by Scotch-Irish settlers across the Allegheny Mountains in western Pennsylvania. Transporting their corn crops across the mountains to market was difficult and not always profitable, but the task was easier and the sale surer when they made the corn into whiskey, which could be moved in secure barrels. Besides, making whiskey was something they had been doing for centuries."

Mereon (talk) 22:42, 18 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Centuries of persecution and oppression tend to develop extreme traits of character, some most commendable, others not so praiseworthy. These people possess all the faults of an oppressed people, but they have also the heroic virtues fostered by their oppression. The Russian Jew seems to possess a dual character; to be the best of men and the worst, to practice the meanest vices and the most exalted virtues. He is suspicious, ungrateful, and often treacherous alike to friend and foe, qualities naturally fostered by centuries of tyranny and repression. But on the other hand he possesses, in large measure, the qualities which will inevitably make him a notable figure in the social and political evolution of any country of which he becomes a citizen. From an intimate knowledge of these people, I maintain that they are in many important respects among our most desirable immigrants.

The great influx of Russian and Polish Jews to the United States which resulted from their rigorous religious persecution by the Russian government began in 1881 and, with but slight interruption, has continued ever since."


For those who self-identify as "White" (=Italian?) who would rather injure themselves than pay for a White woman's reproductive health, perhaps the over-compensating for emotional security through monopolizing violence towards yourself was what scared her off, as she sought those with more tribal instincts still intact for self-preservation.

Mereon (talk) 02:54, 19 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

King of the Hill - Peggy Finally Figures Out Nancy and John Redcorn's Affair


From my experience, German/Scandinavian women just have a different attitude toward sex than other Europeans, for them they see it as natural as exercise...while French women consider it an adventure, and Russian women tender it's hard for me to say that all White women are the same, and the responsibility for pregnancy and children should always fall on the father, hence, why we have DNA testing.

John Redcorn Funny Moments

Mereon (talk) 03:11, 19 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

In what way is Max Born’s rule related to the Pythagorean theorem?

Quantum Fractionalism: the Born Rule as a Consequence of the Complex Pythagorean Theorem


There is a lot for Americans to learn about from Germany. Honestly I'd make proficiency in their language a requirement for a technical career, and especially since German ancestry is of the highest proportion in our population. My grandfather spoke German as a second language because he attended one of their international polytechnic schools, and I hope they reassert their cultural leadership in the world someday.

"Free of the puritanical roots that bind Americans to more conservative attitudes towards sex, Germans view sex—generally speaking—as a healthy and fun activity between two consenting individuals. Far from being a taboo topic, sex is brought up as casually as the weather.

Instead of learning the traditional conservative attitude towards sex, German schools focus much more on education about contraceptive practices and safe sex techniques. The results are clear: The United States boasts the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the developed world despite its attempts at staunch abstinence-based sex education and legal policies against paid sex.

Here in Germany, brothels are legal, and these places aren’t limited to red light districts, either. In Mainz, Das Crazy, a local brothel, is located just a hundred feet from the entrance to the central train and bus station. Just one block over, the local strip club stands as an established part of the city just a few doors down from city hall."

Ancestry of U.S. Population by Rank Discover the top 20 ancestry groups for those people who self-identified ancestry in 2000 and 2015.

"In Germany there is a clear chain of command in each department, and information and instructions are passed down from the top. This does not mean, however, that German management is exclusively autocratic: while the vertical structure in each department is clear, considerable value is placed on consensus. Equally, the German striving for perfection in systems and procedures carries with it the implication that the manager who vigorously applies and monitors these is showing faith in a framework that has proved successful for all.

Accordingly, German managers motivate staff by showing solidarity with them in following procedures. They work long hours, obey the rules and, though expecting immediate obedience, insist on fair play. For their part, German employees welcome close instruction: they know where they stand and what they are expected to do."

Mereon (talk) 21:30, 19 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


As for the Black member of our community who began using "hooded" poetic license, at least you can take comfort in the fact that you're not in a Hispanic-dominant area, where Chicano expressions are the language of the streets, or dealing with posturing Muslims who'll quibble with you in Arabic. I adopt a realist perspective, and I try to let every voice in our community pass through a light-hearted creative filter. In many ways I am nostalgic for a different time, whether the past or future...but the birth-pangs of a new world order are the circumstances with which we all must wrestle with. While many have tried to impute my intentions, I am certain they would not be able to compute them...and as for the chess board that Chris Langan found himself on as a pawn turned bishop, the diagonalization of his self-evolution does have a well-founded basis in strategy. However, let it be known, that black skin alone does not condemn any human to an unfounded curse, however vanity of any sort can be the undoing of any shade of epidermal hue. The motherland of Africa is full of brighter contrasts for the senses to enjoy anyhow, so we all have our share of God's blessings...only great tests and tribulations remind us sometimes.

"Complex phenotypes are composed of many different measurable components, but it is unlikely (if not impossible) that each of these components will have exactly the same function. Consequently, we often do not know how to define a ‘functionally related’ character and, therefore, to decide on the appropriate unit of selection. Thus, a misguided solution is to measure everything possible and then use matrix diagonalization to identify the dimensions of variation and define the character. Although each orthogonal axis represents a new ‘trait’ that can be defined by its eigenvector, such axes do not necessarily correspond to multivariate patterns of functional variability ... Organisms are made up of many interacting parts that are often shaped by selection to function as integrated units (or character) (Cheverud, 1982, 1996). In order to understand the evolution of such complex multidimensional characters, we must simplify the system to an understandable level that allows for biological interpretation. One of the major strengths of the multivariate approach is that it summarizes the entire pattern of (co)variation in a series of successive orthogonal axes, thereby removing the need to interpret single traits on an element‐by‐element basis."

Family Guy Risky Black Jokes Compilation

NAMIBIA Travel with Yavorskyy: Rocks, Falls and Girls

Mereon (talk) 00:23, 20 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Holorithmic Computation and Superoperators in Relational Biology


For those interested in relational biology, the following concepts may be worth exploring.

"Holorithmic processing takes place at the cost of space rather than time. (Can computation take place spatially rather than linearly?) The information in holorithms is implicit within the relationships among the points, whereas information in an algorithm is implicit within the phase space explored under the algorithm over time.

Protein conformation "computed" by amino acid sequence is an example of holorithmic information processing. The entirety of the steric interactions among the constituent atoms in the sequence, the solvent, and so on, all result in a particular set of emergent characteristics.

The sequence that results in a given set characteristics would take an exceedingly long time to predict algorithmically, yet the results are inherent almost instantly within the universe of interactions taking place as the protein forms. ... Holorithmic computation evolves through interaction rather than through linear construction, in the same way that the grooves in a phonograph are shaped by the context of vibrations of a needle rather than by being calculated in advance."

"In quantum physics and in particular in the context of quantum computing a linear map between spaces of linear operators (hence an “operator on operators”) is sometimes called a superoperator."

"Relational biology, on the other hand, keeps the organization and throws away the matter; function dictates structure, whence material aspects are entailed. Stated otherwise, an organism is a material system that realizes a certain kind of relational pattern, whatever the particular material basis of that realization may be.

The relational pattern that makes a natural system alive turns out to be the impredicativity that is ‘closure to efficient causation’. There is an alternative to physicochemical and algorithmic means in the quest for the fabrication of life."

Mereon (talk) 03:35, 20 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


The nuclear family is over-rated. Eugenics could continue in the Nazi manner of the Lebensborn breeding program without Semitic moralists telling Aryan peoples what is best for them. I think many assumptions about how to reproduce "correctly" in Western societies is handicapped by the false application of induction...what works for some may not work for all, and should not be judged against if it doesn't work naturally.

"Lebensborn e.V. (literally: "Fount of Life") was an SS-initiated, state-supported, registered association in Nazi Germany with the goal of raising the birth rate of Aryan children of persons classified as 'racially pure' and 'healthy' based on Nazi racial hygiene and health ideology."

"Hitler's strategic program for world domination was based on the belief in the power of Lebensraum, especially when pursued by a racially superior society. People deemed to be part of non-Aryan races, within the territory of Lebensraum expansion, were subjected to expulsion or destruction. The eugenics of Lebensraum assumed the right of the German Aryan master race (Herrenvolk) to remove indigenous people in the name of their own living space."

"While structural racism of any kind has always necessarily depended on controlling reproduction, this was especially true of the Third Reich. Restrictions on contraception and abortion coaxed the reproduction of those deemed “healthy” to further the Volk, or race, who were ushered along through financial incentives and propagandistic enticements, while those deemed unfit to reproduce were prohibited from doing so with sterilization, involuntary abortion, and mass murder. By the early 1940s, it was no secret that the regime was openly encouraging extramarital sex and marital infidelity, endorsing it not only as a reproductive measure, but also as a pursuit of pleasure reserved exclusively for the racially pure."

Mereon (talk) 09:32, 20 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Any particular morality will, in turn, be the object of Nietzsche’s critique (i.e., MPS) only if it:

presupposes three particular descriptive claims about the nature of humans pertaining to free will, the transparency of the self, and their essential similarity in morally relevant respects (“the Descriptive Component”); and/or embraces norms that harm the “highest men” while benefiting the “lowest” (“the Normative Component”)."


I think the symbol of the snake as evil is misguided. In some Biblically-influenced Spanish-speaking cultures in South America I offhandedly learned about their superstitious folklore about snakes...In my Aryan understanding, God created snakes and even their methods of self-defense are God-given, and that our fear for them is ultimately due to the incompatibility of our elements and habitats with theirs...perhaps learning symbiosis with them by keeping them as trained pets who hunt for field mice in the tall grass would be a better strategy, who can be microchipped with a tracking device to avoid accidentally stepping on them.

Snakes of South America | Primal Survivor

"Both Christianity and Hinduism use the snake in its religious symbolism, but they use it in very different ways. In Christianity, the snake is considered evil - the tempter of Adam and Eve. In Hinduism, it is considered as a part of the spiritual awakening process within the body - the Kundalini."

"Serpents are represented as potent guardians of temples and other sacred spaces. This connection may be grounded in the observation that when threatened, some snakes (such as rattlesnakes or cobras) frequently hold and defend their ground, first resorting to threatening display and then fighting, rather than retreat. Thus, they are natural guardians of treasures or sacred sites,"

Mereon (talk) 17:27, 20 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


As for absolving ancient Greeks, Romans (or medieval Franks or modern Nazis for that matter) of slavery and blaming it all on hook-nosed Jewish cockroaches and smelly-brown Muslim turds, Chris Langan is pandering here again to his mostly White audience for propaganda. Since I am used to being attacked by historians from every angle and persuasion, I can only share my perspective here since I have been banned from Facebook by the Blacks, Muslims and Jews combined, misunderstood and attacked by my modern "White" brothers, I can only remind them of a time when there were true mirrors for the edification of princely conduct.

Reviewed Work: The Gulistan, or Rose Garden by Musle-Huddeen Sheik Saadi, Francis Gladwin

"In remarkable contrast to the other major ancient cultures of the region, the Achaemenid Persians, during the time of Cyrus the Great, formally banned most slavery of non-combatants within the empire. Indeed, Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Persians, was built with paid labor."

"The chaos following the barbarian invasions of the Roman Empire made the taking of slaves habitual throughout Europe in the early Middle Ages."

Mereon (talk) 17:43, 20 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"During the Merovingian epoch, slavery, inherited from antiquity, was still a viable institution. Slaves continued to be obtained in war and through trade. But the number of slaves decreased under the influence of the church, which encouraged manumission and sought to prohibit the enslavement of Christians. Under the Carolingians, the slaves in Gaul formed only a residual class, although the slave trade was still active. Taken increasingly from the Slavic territories (the term slavus replaced the traditional servus), slaves were a commodity for trade with the Muslim lands of the Mediterranean."


While Chris Langan is worried that his White Russian Jewish mind has been wasted on minorities, that may be true, however perhaps the true test was whether he would be wasting his soul, since there is nothing in his mind that God could not have done for him, although only he could choose to lose his soul for the sake of the hidden unmined gems left uncapitalized upon for their morally-neutral greed of gaining intellectual recognition as a supposedly "non-Jewish" White mind whose merits have been sacrificed for the sake of celebrity Jewish minority minds.

Mereon (talk) 18:38, 20 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Many try hiding their true history under their skin color like chameleons for survival, however the Semitic cognitive syntax is much more efficient in certain ways owing to its long history. The current racial classifications systems which have availed many up to now through controlled media will inevitably give way to science, and while the propounders of convenient lies may reap temporary rewards while they're alive, it will be their ancestors who must pay for the damages of their actions, and so the institution of slavery in America cannot simply be blamed on Muslims and Jews as Chris Langan is teaching people to do. I must warn his followers (regardless of their heritage) from unloading their grievances over the complex question of the supposed sins of their forebearers by blaming it all on Muslims and Jews, he is cynically misleading Whites as a Russian crypto-Jew and KGB asset to convince Americans to solve all their problems through hate and violence so that his handlers can exploit the ensuing moral vacuum of selectively reading history to suit the goals of the controllers of mass media and public consciousness.

Mereon (talk) 19:47, 20 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


While partisanship and animosity may produce temporary relief, they ultimately end in death, while unity and goodwill may require struggle, but is the foundation for life. Do not think that love is possible among hypocrites, first one must love God in order to love mankind, and those who do not love all of mankind do not know the love of that is why Jesus Christ is but an example of that love, but not the first nor the last ray of love from the divine bounty. While I sympathize with Chris Langan's poor White Jewish genius cynicism, I know that it is an error borne in fear which leads to death, one must learn to educate others through love if one seeks the sort of everlasting life made possible by God's love...otherwise that can seek the lesser form of immortality in the body, rather than that of the soul.

"We must not consider any people the people of Satan, but know and recognize all as the servants of the one God. At most it is this: Some do not know; they must be guided and trained. They must be taught to love their fellow creatures and be encouraged in the acquisition of virtues. Some are ignorant; they must be informed. Some are as children, undeveloped; they must be helped to reach maturity. Some are ailing, their moral condition is unhealthy; they must be treated until their morals are purified. But the sick man is not to be hated because he is sick, the child must not be shunned because he is a child, the ignorant one is not to be despised because he lacks knowledge. They must all be treated, educated, trained and assisted in love. Everything must be done in order that humanity may live under the shadow of God in the utmost security, enjoying happiness in its highest degree."

Mereon (talk) 22:04, 20 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"There's nothing you can do that can't be done Nothing you can sing that can't be sung Nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the game It's easy

There's nothing you can make that can't be made No one you can save that can't be saved Nothing you can do, but you can learn how to be in time It's easy

All you need is love"

"Shepherd, warrior, anointed King of Israel. Lived circa 1000 BC, united the 12 tribes of Israel into one Kingdom of Israel. Committed adultery with Bathsheba, disposing of her husband, but repented after challenge from the prophet Nathan. Credited with writing half the psalms in the Bible. His son Solomon reigned after him, and was the one to build God a Temple in Jerusalem. God made a Covenant with David that one of his descendants would reign forever as King, and would have an everlasting Kingdom. Jesus was of the line of David, via Joseph, and possibly via Mary.That is why they had to travel to Bethlehem (the City of David and their ancestral town), for the census."

"After righteous King David's passing, his son Solomon ascended the throne. Solomon had it all—a powerful kingdom he inherited from his father, humility, and wisdom and wealth granted to him by God (1 Kings 3:11-13). Under his reign the kingdom of the combined tribes of Israel grew even more powerful, dominating the region.

But, regrettably, while Solomon knew what he should do, he lacked the personal character and conviction to carry it out. His heart was turned from serving the one true God to serving the pagan gods and idols of the lands around him (1 Kings 11:4-8).

The kingdom divides Solomon's ill-chosen path set the kingdom on a road from which there would be no recovery. Because of Solomon's sins, God announced that He would tear the kingdom away from him and give it to one of Solomon's subjects (1 Kings 11:11-13). Indeed, most of the kingdom would split away to follow a rival; only a minority would remain to follow Solomon's son and the kings of David's line."


Contrary to his claim, here is an example of White collar work Chris Langan (Director of Research for Virtual LogistiX) has done, however I don't know if they paid him for it...I know he consulted for technology companies who would run questions past him...although he could probably tell you more...I don't dispute his blue collar credentials or his intelligence and good character, although I wouldn't give him an Aryan Nazi "right-to-breed" certificate if I was in the SS.

"ViloX Search On The Fly Technology". - An Overview by Christopher M. Langan

Quain, John R. (October 14, 2001) "Wise Guy". Popular Science

Mereon (talk) 00:29, 21 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Among other documents, the Aryan certificate is still recognised today by German authorities as proof of nationality, since it contains officially certified birth and marriage data which are deemed to be a substitute for corresponding original documents."

"clint eastwood. Your Papers From the movie Firefox When you are travelling in Soviet Union you must NEVER forget your papers!!"


Leaving out Iran from history has been a common practice for propaganda purposes in the West, only Germans like Hegel and an earlier generation of Americans like Emerson seem to appreciate their place in history, although there are isolated cases in England, France and Russia. In America, mostly anti-Iranian propaganda is taught in history books, and much is left out for strategic reasons in order not to upset the Arabs, and so I have to change that habit even though I wish I didn't have to.

The Physician: a quest for enlightenment in the Dark Ages - cinema

"Elgood traces early concepts of Zoroastrian hygiene, Sassanid influences in Medicine, all the way to Post-Islamic writings of Avicenna, and his contemporaries. Elgood also outlines the debt that Western medicine owes to the Persian physicians and their contributions."

"Avicenna grew up and was educated there and began his philosophical career as a member of the educated elite in political circles close to the Samanids.

Bukhara lies on one of the main trade routes of the Silk Road between Samarkand and Marw, and like these and other cities along the Silk Road, had been economically and culturally active from pre-Islamic times. Under the Samanids in the 9th and 10th centuries, who followed a deliberate agenda of Persian linguistic revival as well as promotion of the high Arabic-Islamic culture radiating from the center of the Islamic world, Baghdad, it provided a sophisticated and refined milieu for the cultivation of the arts and sciences. ... In his work he combined the disparate strands of philosophical/scientific thinking in Greek late antiquity and early Islam into a rationally rigorous and self-consistent scientific system that encompassed and explained all reality, including the tenets of revealed religion and its theological and mystical elaborations. In its integral and comprehensive articulation of science and philosophy, it represents the culmination of the Hellenic tradition, defunct in Greek after the sixth century, reborn in Arabic in the 9th (Gutas 2004a, 2010). It dominated intellectual life in the Islamic world for centuries to come, and the sundry reactions to it, ranging from acceptance to revision to refutation and to substitution with paraphilosophical constructs, determined developments in philosophy, science, religion, theology, and mysticism. In Latin translation, beginning with the 12th century, Avicenna’s philosophy influenced mightily the medieval and Renaissance philosophers and scholars, just as the Latin translation of his medical Canon (GMed 1), often revised, formed the basis of medical instruction in European universities until the 17th century."

Mereon (talk) 02:35, 21 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


As for the civil service exam Chris Langan took, I don't know how it was scored such that Blacks were graded on their own curve to give them a higher overall score to get the job. I know I took the ASVAB for the U.S. Military and scored a 99 (the highest percentile), and had options for a career in Nuclear Engineering for the Navy or Advanced Electronics for the Air Force. I also got a top score on the cryptanalyst test which would have given me the option to advance my skills as a Computational Linguist. In the America I know, nobody is messing around when it comes to opportunity and measuring ability...perhaps the police are different, but honestly, those fellas should be working on donations from the public on a voluntary basis for the most part, with technology-enhanced martial law operating in the background.

Mereon (talk) 10:41, 21 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"40% of black AFQT candidates, or 60% of US general black population, don't qualify for US Armed Forces A large percentage of Blacks are considered not trainable as efficient soldiers, due to low IQ.

The US Armed Forces still try to hire the Best, according to scientifically developed criteria. But they have to keep a low profile about such "racist" selection by IQ."

"Type theory, originally conceived as a bulwark against the paradoxes of naive set theory, has languished for a long time in the shadow of axiomatic set theory which became the mainstream foundation of mathematics. The first renaissance of type theory occurred with the advent of computer science and Bishop's development of a practice-oriented constructive mathematics. It was followed by a second quite recent one that not only champions type theory as a central framework for achieving the goal of fully formalized mathematics amenable to verification by computer-based proof assistants, but also finds deep and unexpected connections between type theory and homotopy theory. Constructive set theory and mathematics distinguishes itself from its traditional counterpart, classical set theory and mathematics based on it, by insisting that proofs of existential theorems must afford means for constructing an instance. Constructive reasoning emerges naturally in core areas of mathematics and in the theory of computation."

"The initiality conjecture in type theory states that the term model of a type theory should be an initial object in the category of models of that type theory."

"The truth seeking objection assumes that science is our guide to reality, but theistic defenders of methodological naturalism have argued from the beginning that there is also truth outside of the natural sciences. The natural sciences are assumed to study only a part of reality, particularly that part which can be understood by reference to purely natural laws and mechanisms. Philosopher Hans Halvorson (2014) thus argues in his defense of methodological naturalism that the truth seeking objection makes an “unwarranted jump from the fact that science is trying to discover truths, to the claim that science is trying to discover all sorts of truths. But some people, in particular theists, might think that some truths aren’t amenable to scientific investigation.” If we recognize that science is not the only way to know, then there is no reason why methodological naturalism should necessarily lead us astray. Rather, this account allows us to recognize when we encounter phenomena which are not amenable to methodologically naturalistic science. When we reject scientism – the belief that science is the only way to gain reliable knowledge – we can accept Halvorson ́s point that natural science is not trying to discover all sorts of truths. (Stenmark 2001; 2004)"

"A topo-bisimulation is total if its domain is X and its range is X . If only the atomic clause (i) and the forth condition (ii) hold, we say that the second model simulates the first."


If Chris Langan wants to attack me for doing research on the topics he touches upon in his papers because his greedy Jewish genes can't stand giving anyone else credit, or he has his other crypto-Jewish lackeys do his bidding for him against me, that is fine by me, because although he can fool some of the people some of the time, he cannot fool all of the people all of the time...especially those of us who actually use logic for something other than a vehicle for one's fame. For now he's little more than a showman, a Houdini, entertaining and inspiring, but ultimately meant for Las Vegas, not Area 51.

Mereon (talk) 21:35, 21 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"The Trial of Harry Houdini When the Great Escape Artist Was Arrested in Germany for Fraud"

"The best part of us, our spiritual life, sows itself, takes root, flowers, and bears fruit in endless following generations. Our work endures, builded into the work of others and confederate with their and our successors. It carries on the personal note into the impersonal inheritance. We who perish in our mortal part, transmit nevertheless out of the time process our distinctive features into the life process, the cosmic process, the eternal process." - Non Omnis Moriar

"The oldest poetical testament was "Non omnis moriar" (Latin for "Not all of me will die") of Horace."

"We illustrate this here with the concept of a uniform- length graph, one such that all paths between a given pair of vertices have the same length. Since this includes paths of zero length at every vertex, such graphs must be acyclic since a cycle is a path of nonzero length from a vertex to itself."

"Finally, the concepts of incursion and hyperincursion can be related to the theory of hypersets which are defined as sets containing themselves."

"And once Christianity became championed by Rome, one of the most militaristic civilizations the world has known, philosophical discussions on the nature of good and evil became martial instructions for purges and pugilism."


While the difficulties one may face in life with respect to other races, political views, institutional practices, unhealthy habits, environmental pollution, social unrest and jarring turns of fate can be enough to leave a person resentful and discouraged, the only way through some problems is through prayer. While Chris Langan snubs Dr. Martin Luther King as a snake in the grass, plagiarist and philanderer whose fate was planned for him by Libturd Acadummies, I think it's worth reading one of his prayers since his good name was impugned by that White Nationalist KGB asset.

"O thou Eternal God, out of whose absolute power and infinite intelligence the whole universe has come into being. We humbly confess that we have not loved thee with our hearts, souls and minds and we have not loved our neighbors as Christ loved us.4 We have all too often lived by our own selfish impulses rather than by the life of sacrificial love as revealed by Christ. We often give in order to receive, we love our friends and hate our enimies, we go the first mile but dare not travel the second, we forgive but dare not forget.5 And so as we look within ourselves we are confronted with the appalling fact that the history of our lives is the history of an eternal revolt against thee. But thou, O God, have mercy upon us. Forgive us for what we could have been but failed to be. Give us the intelligence to know thy will. Give us the courage to do thy will. Give us the devotion to love thy will. In the name and spirit of Jesus we pray. Amen."

Mereon (talk) 03:30, 22 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


In a recent comment, Chris Langan has said that the Kingdom of Sweden has to change its politics, however that sounds terrible to a Scandinavian Aryan coming from a Russian Jew. I definitely don't trust his superficial, cavalier and strident attitude as an instigator of far-right bigotry.

"In an article in a Norwegian scholarly publication in 2011 he asked whether Israel might actually be behind Breivik's murderous attack. He didn't claim that this was the case, but speculated that Israel could have sought to punish Norway and the Norwegian Labour party for its policies on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

Mereon (talk) 04:03, 22 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"King’s comparison of Tillich’s and Wieman’s concepts of God reflected his adherence to personalism, which proceeds from the belief that God possesses a personality and can therefore have a relationship with human beings. King’s analysis of Tillich’s and Wieman’s theological concepts as “unsatisfactory” and “inadequate as philosophical and religious world-views” followed from his belief that God was a living force, “responsive to the deepest yearnings of the human heart; this God both evokes and answers prayer” (Papers 2:532; 533; 512)."

Characterizing Logically Perfect Structures


On the topic of superficial judgements in race, religion and politics...the concept of a "syntactic covering" in the CTMU is interesting to consider not just in the sense of what information can be defined by it and extracted from it, but also in terms of what information it conceals to be revealed.

"One particularly relevant class of structures was discovered by Hrushovski and the author [5] in an attempt to identify and characterise, essentially, “logically perfect” structures, or more technically, the top level of the stability hierarchy. These are Zariski structures (in some variation called also Zariski geometries), defined in very general terms of geometric flavour (see below) and modelled on algebraic varieties over algebraically closed fields equipped with relations corresponding to Zariski closed sets. The one-dimensional objects in this class have been characterised as finite covers of algebraic curves, which is generally quite satisfactory and has led to important applications. But the structure ”hidden” in the finite covers makes, in general, the object not definable in the underlying algebraically closed field."

Mereon (talk) 14:53, 22 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Besides having led to a fairly universal treatment of several lattice-theoretic disciplines, formal topology appears to us as a refinement thereof in many respects. We even hold that this particularly applies to the case of the Zariski spectrum, although in the Zariski lattice is said ‘to contain all the informations necessary for a constructive development of the abstract theory of the Zariski spectrum’."

"A Lawvere–Tierney topology (or operator, or modality, also called geometric modality) on a topos is a way of saying that something is ‘locally’ true. Unlike a Grothendieck topology, this is done directly at the stage of logic, defining a geometric logic."

"The film is based on the true story of a group of boys only days before the end of World War II. One of the many dreadful things that took place as a result of Hitler's sick dream."

Die Brücke Film 1959


In terms of a regional government controlled by Chris Langan who considers himself a full inheritor of the WASP genetics of the Founding Fathers, that is fine by me, however if he takes all of America for himself, and he gets to dictate that it only be American, then it better only be American. He doesn't have the right to take anything away from anyone outside of America in rebuilding it from within, and he especially can't steal any more Aryan Scandinavian European women as his harem of shiksas to hide his Patrilineal Jewish genes through under the color of (or the pretext of) divinely confirmed laws. The prophet Joseph Smith already went on that recruitment mission to Northern Europe hunting for good genes for his new theodemocracy, and even a new banking system, so most of the framework for Eugenics, Family Tree planning and a White American Renaissance with a revived language is thanks to the research efforts of Mormons (which I am not, but I respect them far more than any other type of Christian who claims to be a true inheritor of the American way of thinking culturally.)

What A 19th Century Campaign To Declare Mormons ‘Non-White’ Tells Us About Modern Islamophobia

"There is not a whore in Utah, neither is there a single female but what can find a husband and a home if she so desires: whereas in Christian cities harlots are numbered by the thousand. The genius of Christian monogamy is to encourage prostitution; because it forbids plural marriages, yet compels no man to marry, and thus debars thousands of females from gratifying the strongest instincts of their nature, which are comprehended in the sacred names of “wife” and “mother.”

…Human nature must be taken as it is. Legalize polygamy, abolish whoredom by the strong arm of the law, and punish adultery with death, and numberless evils both physical and moral would disappear from the land."

"Theodemocracy is a theocratic political system propounded by Joseph Smith, founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. ... Smith believed that this would be the form of government that would rule the world upon the Second Coming of Christ."

"If Joseph was trying to set up a fly-by-night institution, he didn't do a good job."

"In the telephone directories, Utah looks decidedly Anglo-Scandinavian. History and the statistics confirm the impression. Utah’s Scandinavians and their descendants, as with most of the state’s other immigrants from northern Europe, are largely the fruit of over a century of Mormon proselyting abroad. During the second half of the nineteenth century, when Mormonism preached its doctrine of the “gathering” with vigor and conducted a program of organized migration to Zion, some thirty thousand converts from Norway, Denmark, and Sweden felt persuaded that the valleys of Deseret were Kingdom Come and set out for a frontier far beyond the broader acres their countrymen were homesteading in Minnesota and Wisconsin and well ahead of the Scandinavian invasion of Nebraska and the Dakotas. Backsliders among the Mormon Scandinavians helped people the great West between the Mississippi and the Rockies: disillusioned or quarrelsome, they defected from their church emigrant companies en route and stayed behind to become first settlers in towns and counties in Iowa and Nebraska that by now have forgotten their Mormon origin."

Mereon (talk) 20:20, 22 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"The Founding Fathers of the United States were mostly educated, well-to-do, of British ancestry, and Protestants. According to a study of the biographies of signers of the Declaration of Independence by Caroline Robbins:

The Signers came for the most part from an educated elite, were residents of older settlements, and belonged with a few exceptions to a moderately well-to-do class representing only a fraction of the population. Native or born overseas, they were of British stock and of the Protestant faith.

Catholics in the Northeast and the Midwest—mostly immigrants and their descendants from Ireland and Germany as well as southern and eastern Europe—came to dominate Democratic Party politics in big cities through the ward boss system. Catholic politicians were often the target of WASP political hostility."

"Equipped with a knowledge of English, very tight loyalties, a proclivity for politics, and what critics said was a propensity to use violence to control the polls, the Irish quickly dominated Tammany. In exchange for votes, they were provided with money and food. From 1872 onward, Tammany had an Irish "boss.""

George Lakoff - Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?

"the following quotations from James P. Carse's book Finite and Infinite Games:

"Metaphor is the joining of like to unlike such that one can never become the other." "At its root all language has the character of metaphor, because no matter what it intends to do, it remains language, and remains absolutely unlike whatever it is about". "The unspeakability of nature is the very possibility of language".

Considering mathematics as a metaphor, I want to stress that the interpretation of the mathematical knowledge is a highly creative act."

"Meet The Viking Who Couldn't be Killed

Thoughty2 creates mind-blowing factual videos, on the weirdest, wackiest and most interesting topics about space, physics, tech, politics, conspiracy theories, and opinion."


The Star of David which can be seen on Chris Langan's supposed (albeit genetically unproven) grandfather's gravestone is something to respect. At least he got a proper burial. To unbury his body to collect a DNA sample would be possible under a Nazi regime, however luckily we are not living in that world today.

Morris D Letman 1890–1975

Mereon (talk) 01:18, 23 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"The goal of post mortem genetic testing is often to try to identify the cause of death and/or identify if blood relatives are at-risk for a genetic disease or sudden death."


Since his supposed (albeit genetically unproven) grandmother's gravestone is also Jewish with a Star of David, this makes Chris Langan 50% Russian Jewish, more than enough to qualify for dual-citizenship in Israel.

Dina M Factorovich Factor 1892–1977

Mereon (talk) 01:38, 23 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"If we regard direct categories as a categorification of well-founded relations, then dependencies are a categorification of injective simulations, i.e. the inclusions of initial segments."


According to the obituary, Mr. and Mrs. Letman attended TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM ( in Las Vegas, and their graves can be visited nearby at the following cemetery (

Mereon (talk) 05:24, 23 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"El Maleh Rachamim is the actual Jewish prayer for the dead, although less well known than the Mourner's Kaddish. While the Kaddish does not mention death but rather affirms the steadfast faith of the mourners in God's goodness, El Maleh Rachamim is a prayer for the rest of the departed."

"The Kel Maleh Rachamim (translated to mean “God full of compassion”) is a remembrance prayer for the soul of the departed that is recited by a cantor at a Jewish funeral. Additionally, the prayer is recited during the walk up the grave of an individual who has passed away, on days of remembrance for the deceased, and various other occasions or days during which the deceased is mourned, such as his or her death anniversary (Yahrzeit)."

El Maleh Rahamim: Learn How to Say This Jewish Prayer


Looks like Chris Langan's grandmother came from a city in what is now Northern Ukraine, which was first settled by Khazar Jews.

"During this period, Khazar Jews settled in the city. In the XIth century, a Jewish community was established in Chernihiv. During the existence of the Principality of Chernihiv (1054 – 1239), the city was a centre of Jewish scholarship. A number of Jewish sources from the XIIIth century, for example, respons of Rabbi Yitzhak (England) mention Rabbi Itsh (Yitzhak) from Chernihiv. In 1239, the city was destroyed by the Tatar Mongols.

In 1611, Chernihiv was captured by the Poles, and Jews settled in the city again, but in 1623, King Wladyslaw IV published a decree on the expulsion of Jews from Chernihiv province because of complaints from local merchants and craftsmen about competition from Jews. However, the decree was not implemented."

Mereon (talk) 07:04, 23 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine


So that would explain his war-like Turanian tendencies according to my Aryan sources.

"According to Gherardo Gnoli, the Avesta contains the names of various tribes who lived in proximity to each other: "the Airyas [Aryans], Tuiryas [Turanians], Sairimas [Sarmatians], Sainus [Ashkuns] and Dahis [Dahae]".[14] In the hymns of the Avesta, the adjective Tūrya is attached to various enemies of Zoroastrism like Fraŋrasyan (Shahnameh: Afrāsīāb). The word occurs only once in the Gathas, but 20 times in the later parts of the Avesta. The Tuiryas as they were called in Avesta play a more important role in the Avesta than the Sairimas, Sainus and Dahis. Zoroaster himself hailed from the Airya people but he also preached his message to other neighboring tribes."

Mereon (talk) 07:18, 23 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"The author concludes by asserting about the word "Jew in the sense of giant" that it is "a vague reflex of the first Tatar invasions in these countries. It concentrates in itself the memory of a Turanian people turned Jewish, which disappeared completely later on as a nation, which also crept into the Danube valley and one part of which will have persisted in these places, forming the ethnographic kern of Judaism in the Danube countries." Following the arguments above, which support the idea of the existence of Khazar communities in the Romanian ethnographic space, we will bring into discussion an element of Romanian mythology: the Red Man. What could be the connection between this evil fairy tale character and Khazar Jews? If the Jewish-Tatars or the Giants with supernatural powers could have full power over the life and death of people, the Red Man from the Romanian fairy tales concentrates in himself all the forces of evil. Khazar Jews described by their contemporaries had blue eyes and reddish hair; this generalized light coloring could be a heritage of the medieval Khazar infusion. According to Koestler, "the colour of the complexion of Khazar Jews was white, their eyes were blue and their hair was mainly reddish, their bodies were big, powerful and their behaviour was cold, distant. Their general outlook was wild." ... In the Szekler cemetery of Sfantu Gheorghe we saw such impressive monuments, many of a recent date. It seems to be a Turanian tradition, because Khazars also "carved on their sticks the crucial events of their lives, and those notes had the form of animals that symbolized states of mind, not events. The animal that most often appeared on the stick gave then the form of the tomb of the owner of that stick.""


As for those of Norse ancestry (in contrast to those of Khazar/Turanian ancestry) sources trace them back to the Sarmatians...whose warrior-instincts actually originate from a tribe of Amazonian women.

"The Sarmatians were a Scythian people, in fact, in Herodotus’ book 4.110-117, the Sarmatians were the result of a group of young Scythian men having a good time with some Amazon warrior women.

Based on the claims in the Ynglinga Saga, Asaheim would be located in the Southern part of The Great Svithjod; however it doesn’t specify how far east of Tanais it was. It does however say that the Caucasus mountain range was The Great Svithjod’s southern border. An interesting thing to note is that genetic studies claim that both Scythians and Sarmatians were tall, blue (or green)-eyed, fair-skinned and light-haired people."

"I loved watching the “Wonder Woman” TV series when I was a girl. I never wanted to dress like her—the idea of wearing a gold lamé bustier and star-spangled blue underwear all day seemed problematic—but the Amazonian princess was strong and resourceful, with a rope trick for every problem. She seemed to be speaking directly to me, urging, “Go find your own inner Amazonian.”


For those Turanians who are interested in tracing their lineage back to Genghis Khan, they may be interested in their pre-Semitic religious vocabulary as well.

"The prominent Turkish writer and historian Nihal Atsiz was Tengrist and the ideologue of Turanism. The followers of Tengrism in the paramilitary organisation Grey Wolves, mainly inspired by his work, replace the Arabic designation of the god "Allah" with the Turkish "Tanri" in the oath and pronounce: "Tanrı Türkü Korusun" (Tengri, bless the Türks!)."

Mereon (talk) 14:20, 23 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"These assertions can be interpreted in any category where sheaf semantics is available; this means in any site…. If they hold for a given diagram in the site, we shall say that the diagram is a postulated coequalizer.

This already looks a bit familiar; those two characterizing facts about coequalizers in Set are exactly the same properties that we used, after applying some representable functors, in order to characterize absolute coequalizers. But then Kock goes in a seemingly different direction: he takes these two statements and interprets them in the internal logic of a category."


Here is an interesting article on the Quantum Zeno Paradox for those interested in the CTMU concept of motion, and a comparable phenotypical profile of an Israeli physicist (reddish hair, broad forehead).

Is Motion an Illusion?

Mereon (talk) 16:32, 23 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"The QZE is the alteration of the progression of time as a result of the rate of observation. Relativity demands a curvature of space. ... The engine is a phased array system modified to acquire the predicted location of any given particle according to its spin state, and acquire this information at a very high rate of speed.

By carefully manipulating the rate of data acquisition the Alcubierre space-time manifold is 'painted' around the engine source. Since the system uses only detection and measurement the energy requirements are in the kilowatt range.

The myths regarding exotic matter and 'negative energy' requirements to produce this manifold are misconceptions based on using the Lorentzian equations 'upside-down.' This is explained in mathematical detail in the formal proposal. No exotic forms of energy are required to manifest this space-time manifold."

"In this paper, we investigate what happens to a quantum system under the action of repeated measurements if the quantum system is strongly interacting with its environment. We consider as the quantum system a single two-level system coupled strongly to a collection of harmonic oscillators. A so-called polaron transformation is then used to make the problem in the strong system-environment coupling regime tractable."


Here we have a different phenotypical profile, also with reddish hair, but slightly different forehead shape and visual acuity, would be classified as non-Khazarian Celtic.

Faster Than Light (Gravitic) Propulsion Now, Today: Via the Quantum Zeno Effect

The Enigma of William Joseph Bray on the Quantum Zeno Effect and Near Death Experiences, etc.

"Colonel Bray entered the Air Force through the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) on a scholarship to study Electrical Engineering at Purdue University."

Mereon (talk) 16:57, 23 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"These ideas of convergent sums of infinite series eventually became, in the 19th century, the basis of modern analysis. The key intuitive assumption – which Zeno assumed – is that space and time are infinitely divisible; modern analysis is perfectly equipped to handle such notions as this and related notions such as 'arbitrarily small' and 'limit'.

These notions underlie the real number system . Scientists almost universally assume the real number system and its enhancement the complex number system, but on what basis? No-one can ever definitively measure an irrational number as this would need infinite precision. And to a pure mathematician a real number is in fact nothing other than a certain Cauchy type of infinite sequence of rational numbers. In a complete metric space every Cauchy sequence converges. The rational numbers are not complete but by adding in all Cauchy sequences one makes it, by definition, complete."

"A space that is not complete has “gaps” that may be filled to form its completion; it is rather natural to make the space (or equivalently its underlying topological space) Hausdorff at the same time. Forming the completion of a Hausdorff space is an important example of completion in the general abstract sense."

"Outside of category theory (see below), “completion” is usually used mostly for idempotent operations. That is, the completion of a thing with respect to some property is itself complete with respect to that property, and the completion process doesn’t change an object that is already complete. From the perspective of stuff, structure, property this makes sense because we complete with respect to a property."


In terms of building a CTMU-inspired faster-than-light transportation method, this quote is where I'd begin.

"The internal parallelism of this domain — the fact that neither distance nor duration can bind within it — short-circuits spatiotemporal transmission on a logical level. A kind of “logical superconductor”, the domain offers no resistance across the gap between correlated particles; in fact, the “gap” does not exist!), locality constraints arise only with respect to additional invariants differentially activated within circles that represent subsequent states and break the hological symmetry of their antecedents."

Mereon (talk) 18:22, 23 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


God wants humanity to civilize the galaxy...however this will be a project that will only be possible after the world unites. There will be no more false prophets or messiahs who prove their theic identities through their words in this stage of development, but through their actions which reveal and harness the hidden and breakable laws of physics.

"Investigators said the self-proclaimed messiah and his aides solicited funds from disciples and emotionally abused them."

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Daniel Deluxe - Star Eater (Starfounder Remix)

Mereon (talk) 18:36, 23 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Mithraism was in its forming process among the Turans before Zoroaster was born (ca. 1200 -900 B. C.). The Turans were one of the Persian tribes, not Turks (Aoki. A History of Zoroastrianism, p26, p34). The forming process seems to culminate in Media under king Rshti-vegā Āzhi Dahāk (584-549 B. C.), who is called Astyages by Herodotus."

"For example, the issue was raised about where Persia/Iran falls: within "Islamic Civilization" or uniquely a civilization itself. A case was made by our Persian specialist that rather than being part of Islamic Civilization, Persia, a much older culture, is much more than Islamic and can be said to have been the shaper of Islamic Civilization, not the reverse.

Another of our members made a case for seeing Ethiopia, that most ancient culture in East Africa, as a civilization unique in the world. He convinced us. What can one do with Jewish Civilization? Arnold Toynbee dismissed it as a fossil, but with the creation of the state of Israel, the fossil designation is patently wrong.

I am a member of this society who has made a case for American Civilization with roots in Europe, but with an increasingly independent identity. I am not alone in this; other scholars have noted this too—but the issue is not permanently resolved yet. It is still a designation in transition."

(Non-)Invariance Under Equivalence of Categories


One problem I've seen in our CTMU community online (Facebook/Twitter) is the mixing of Eugenics terms with Mathematical terms, specifically that of "degenerate"...which may have different meanings depending on how the "a" is pronounced, and whether it is used as an adjective or a verb. Ironically, the use of terms strictly according to their equivalent meanings has degenerated, however the generation and presentation of words should have some way of maintaining invariance under transformation of contexts and categories of I remind my fellow mortals that all will be held to a higher standard in the real world of both math and eugenics than just non-chalantily saying this or that is "degenerate" as if words were inconsequential, unless that's how you want your words to be construed, I'd advise all to take the harder way.

"This amounts to “discarding the degeneracies” in a shape category. In some examples there are no degeneracies to begin with, such as the category of opetopes; thus these are naturally direct categories."

"Degeneracy of codons is the redundancy of the genetic code, exhibited as the multiplicity of three-base pair codon combinations that specify an amino acid."

Mereon (talk) 15:32, 24 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


I also disapprove of people making Swedish Vikings look weak and helpless, they are a very resilient people, any commentary showing them as incompetent and in need of saviors is truly just a ploy to take further advantage of their sovereign right to choose their own destiny, without being swayed by the racial doomsday market in America.

Greta Thunberg sings Swedish Death Metal

Mereon (talk) 16:47, 24 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Vikings: 'The Real Vikings' - Women | History

"Are haplogroups race separators? They could be if we give them that meaning, and we could do the same for other DNA sequences, accepting a broader term of race with the right amount of malleability to adapt to the scope of each study, but with the objective meaning that it indicating a genetic pattern found in certain populations, without doing any a priori assumptions about the phenotype or cultural values of those populations.

Instead of trying to banish the word “race” from language, maybe we could accept its legitimacy in the form of questions like, which phylogenetic paths our ancestors followed, how close we are to certain populations, and inferences about our biology."

"They concluded "However, if the R1a1a (R-M17) chromosomes in Ashkenazi Jews do indeed represent the vestiges of the mysterious Khazars then, according to our data, this contribution was limited to either a single founder or a few closely related men, and does not exceed ~12% of the present-day Ashkenazim.""


Characterizing populations in terms of types is interesting for both mathematicians and eugenicists. A more accurate type theory for people could allow for the rectification of flawed immigration and reverse-immigration policies. Advances in database and simulation theory can help in this regard, however since some have competing goals (such as dominance vs freedom) I will always prefer the freedom to make the right choice based on knowledge and will and on the basis of one's individual conscience, not just some mechanism which ensures the "right" overall outcome. There are cases where people are unable to make sound financial and reproductive decisions, and so the technology should ensure policies and quotas are proportionally met such that any discretionary freedom would tend to marginalize the reign of those individuals or groups of people who resist assimilating into the new order of humankind who will give birth to a new race of men which is not limited to the imagination of anyone alive.

Nietzsche and Thus Spoke Zarathustra: Becoming Gods

Mereon (talk) 19:50, 24 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Imagology is a branch of comparative literature. More specifically, it is concerned with "the study of cross-national perceptions and images as expressed in literary discourse“. While it adopts a constructivist perspective on national stereotypes, it does emphasize that these stereotypes may have real social effects. ... Imagologists call the representation of national stereotypes "ethnotypes". Those ethnotypes are regarded as discursive objects rather than objectively existing phenomena. They are always defined against an Other, generating an opposition between auto-images and hetero-images."


Ultimately this will lead to a devastating war in which only 1 million people may survive, and they will be forced to race mix due to the inflammatory language of people like Chris Langan, who could have taken the long-term scientific route instead of the short-term paranoia instigating route.

Mereon (talk) 20:03, 24 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


The Swedish government needs to recognize that Chris Langan is 50% Jewish and just like Jeffrey Epstein he does not care about the rights of women except inasmuch as it empowers him and his ego-testical agenda of fathering the Ashkenazi-Swedish "Master Race."

Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA

Mereon (talk) 20:14, 24 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Also, the spread of disinformation about COVID-19 will be checked, the claim that it is a hoax can be proven false, but that proof will never be enough to satisfy those who find strength in instability. I know for a fact that those who attack those from the Middle East in his groups are no doubt part of the greater Jewish political extortion strategy which Langan channels for those who are destabilizing both the Middle East through war and Europe through immigration by provoking their best and worst instincts to battle against each other like thesis and antithesis by fabricating oppositions to construct the ultimate intended solution so that they can keep people morally lost and emotionally weak. This is what they have done to gain control...the Germans should know better than to fall for their advanced neurolinguistic programming tactics which Langan is skilled in when it comes to normalizing unscientific classifications for people such as lice, cockroaches, turds, etc. Remember that in the time of Kings, the Magicians were usually their worst enemies, because they misused their power over the supernatural world.

Mereon (talk) 21:10, 24 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"From fertility potions and love charms to evil spells designed to kill kings of England, certain types of magic became associated with royal women during the Middle Ages."


For example, Chris Langan is trying to convince this poor German to hate his government and rise up against it to install a Nazi-style racialist system, however he is partly Jewish, so if such a system comes to power, it will not be in his interest either, the only way it would be in his interest is to make Germany look worse and to throw it off balance in order to capitalize on the inevitable swing back to the center.

Mereon (talk) 21:40, 24 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


To that German I would encourage him to remain steadfast as an inheritor of the teachings of the Hitler Youth, but don't be tricked by crypto-Jewish parasites who call everyone else a parasite, sadly, they have internalized the propaganda against them to the point where they've begun to use it as a weapon against others who are most vulnerable to being virulently infected by hate. The worst anti-Semite is the Semite himself, and the worst anti-Parasite is the Parasite himself.

The Jew as World Parasite

The Jew wins with the lie and dies with the truth. Adolf Hitler

Mereon (talk) 21:49, 24 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"The German Embassy wants to help make it easier to recognize trustworthy information as well as showcase reliable tools being used by journalists and other stakeholders. Our interest in this topic is not new."

"Sweden fights back as foreign leaders make up bad news ... You look at what's happening in Germany. You look at what's happening last night in Sweden," Trump said. ... "For many Republicans, Sweden is the favourite symbol of everything they think is wrong with Europe: openness to refugees, feminism, environmental conscience, or resistance to the Vietnam war in the 1970s."

"The wife of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels had a Jewish father, according to a new document discovered in the Berlin archives."

Goebbels, The Master of Lies. How WWII Nazi Propaganda Minister turned words into a WMD


The classic "Aryan" is haplogroup R1a, so just because someone is Jewish by religion, if they are of Khazarian origin, they may be Aryan by genetics.

"Haplogroup R1a branched off from R1 with its origins believed to be probably in the southern Russia/Siberia or Central Asia. From these regions, R1a could have migrated to southward first, through Central Asia and then Iran before settling in Eastern Europe. This Paleolithic migration to Iran is supported by the presence of subclades of R1a such as M420, which is very old in this region, particularly in the Zagros Mountains. R1a-L664 subclade is dominant in West Germany, British Isles and Low Countries and one of the most recent people with this haplogroup is Sir Francis Drake from Elizabethan era. Subclade R1a-Z645 is found in individuals living in South Asia and Central Europe. R1a-Z283 is a subclade mainly found in Central and East European inhabitants. R1a-Z284 is a subclade found among Scandinavian population with much of its concentration being Norway inhabitants and in places that were colonized by Norwegian Vikings such as Ireland, England and Scotland. David Hume (1711-1776), the Scottish historian, philosopher and economist belonged to R1a-Z284 haplogroup."

Mereon (talk) 15:55, 25 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

What are Haplogroups and does it matter?

"There are three main types of DNA tests on the market: y-chromosome (or y-DNA), mitochondrial (or mtDNA), and autosomal. Each test produces different information. Ancestry® offers the autosomal DNA test, which produces the most comprehensive snapshot of one’s ethnicity and living relatives."

Science as Consciousness


In terms of thinking of (meta-)physics as a metalanguage distributing over an object language, the question arises of whether an object is (non-)uniquely determined by a given meta-object and whether it can (non-)uniquely determine the nature of its relationship to that meta-object.

"Lawvere first observes that in the traditional approach to physical theories, there are two key players. First, there are "concrete particulars" - like specific ways for a violin string to oscillate, or specific ways for the planets to move around the sun. Second, there are "abstract generals": the physical laws that govern the motion of the violin string or the planets.

In traditional logic, an abstract general is called a "theory", while a concrete particular is called a "model" of this theory. A theory is usually presented by giving some mathematical language, some rules of deduction, and then some axioms. A model is typically some sort of map that sends everything in the theory to something in the world of sets and truth values, in such a way that all the axioms get mapped to "true"."

"Next, how do we theorize? According to Professor F. William Lawvere, "any real object has an infinite complexity of internal structure; fortunately we are usually able through experiment and study to find out the most important structure of an object, in the sense that the most important structure of the object influences or largely determines all the other structures of the object and that it is mainly responsible for the workings of the object. Thus the mathematical method consists of taking the main structure by itself as a first approximation to a theory of the object, i.e. mentally operating as though all further structure of the object simply did not exist" (Lawvere, 1972, pp. 9-10). Furthermore, "regarding the scientific process of idealization, there are two equally important aspects. The idealization itself often consists of assuming that, of the many forces acting in a situation, one 'main' force is the only force. In Galileo's investigation of falling bodies, this one force is gravity. Such idealization can lead to very far-reaching development of theory; in the example of gravity, it led Galileo, Newton, Jacobi, Hamilton, Einstein, and others to theory which is constantly used in terrestrial and celestial navigation. But the second equally important aspect of the scientific process of idealization is this: in applying the developed theory to new situations, one must constantly remain conscious of the likelihood that forces other than the 'main' idealized ones are also acting and sometimes becoming 'main' forces themselves."

"Algebras and their homomorphisms have in effect been defined as respectively functors and natural transformations long before category theory came into existence. That is, we do not see any essential differences between the definitions, and category theorists are just as entitled to characterize algebra as merely another language for category theory as algebraists are to the converse claim."

"Although a bundle of hypotheses (i.e. a hypothesis and its background assumptions) as a whole can be tested against the empirical world and be falsified if it fails the test, the Duhem–Quine thesis says it is impossible to isolate a single hypothesis in the bundle. One solution to the dilemma thus facing scientists is that when we have rational reasons to accept the background assumptions as true (e.g. explanatory scientific theories together with their respective supporting evidence) we will have rational—albeit nonconclusive—reasons for thinking that the theory under test probably is wrong in at least one respect if the empirical test fails."–Quine_thesis

"It implies that if a countable first-order theory has an infinite model, then for every infinite cardinal number κ it has a model of size κ, and that no first-order theory with an infinite model can have a unique model up to isomorphism. As a consequence, first-order theories are unable to control the cardinality of their infinite models."öwenheim–Skolem_theorem

Mereon (talk) 17:41, 25 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"There are a number of logics that have been considered in the context of “relevance”. Many of them can, at least roughly, be regarded as substructural logics like linear logic. Unlike linear logic, most relevance logics permit the contraction rule, but not the weakening rule. Thus in a sense they are the “dual” of affine logic which permits weakening but not contraction."

"In higher dimensions, the opetopic logic expresses even more sophisticated statements which act, in some sense, like the logical equivalent of functors, natural transformations, and higher exotica."

"A short film about the correspondences between the Eye, the brain and the pineal gland. Did the ancient Egyptians already know about the pineal gland? Was the Eye of Horus an image for our awarness?"

"Other research suggests the role of DMT in different states of consciousness. As the pineal gland controls melatonin and sleep cycles, DMT could be related to states of consciousness during sleep and dreaming."

"Thus a Markov process is nothing other than the noncommutative diffusion equation with a certain potential term which vanishes in the doubly stochastic case where p = q. An example of a right stochastic matrix is shown in Figure 3. The novel idea here is that probabilities play the role of ‘quantum metric inner product’ and that we obtain a quantum geometric picture if we use the canonical Laplacian associated to this. The latter can coincide with the Laplacian for other more geometric connections"

"The topic of this essay is the nature of the quasi-religious vision constructed by Rosenberg in the Mythus. I argue that the Mythus represents a distinctly modern form religiosity because it participates in three important aspects of the modern consciousness. These three aspects are: a scientific or naturalistic approach to the nature of reality; the notion that our moral sources are contained within the inner depths of the self; and that consciously produced stories or narratives are authentic expressions and sources of self-understanding. I emphasize that I am interested in the form of this religiosity, rather than only its content. This paper begins with a brief account of the life of Alfred Rosenberg and a short description of the content of the Mythus. In the second chapter, I examine the prevailing theoretical approaches to the nature of National Socialism in a review of the literature, culminating in a description of the theoretical approach that I use to analyze the Mythus as an example of a modern religiosity."

"The term Entartung (or "degeneracy") had gained currency in Germany by the late 19th century when the critic and author Max Nordau devised the theory presented in his 1892 book Entartung. Nordau drew upon the writings of the criminologist Cesare Lombroso, whose The Criminal Man, published in 1876, attempted to prove that there were "born criminals" whose atavistic personality traits could be detected by scientifically measuring abnormal physical characteristics. Nordau developed from this premise a critique of modern art, explained as the work of those so corrupted and enfeebled by modern life that they have lost the self-control needed to produce coherent works. He attacked Aestheticism in English literature and described the mysticism of the Symbolist movement in French literature as a product of mental pathology."

"Matrices with completion can be used to semantically model cumulativity without any explicit reference to preference."

Vectorwolf - TimePilot (feat. Moondragon)

"For all intents and purposes, M0 as a causal manifold (e.g., as regards light propagation) may be regarded as a submanifold of M that is uniquely determined by the scale extended Poincaré subgroup of the conformal group of which it forms an orbit. M0 inherits the causal structure of M and enjoys just those symmetries that are restrictions of those of M." [S/W95, p. 318]"

"Note that Segal's law definitely fits <m|z> for a SINGLE sample better than the Hubble law does, but different zero points are needed for each sample."

"The image being that when the spherical wave reduces to a point, it turns itself inside–out, thus reversing its orientation. As a limit case there will also be spheres of infinite radius - represented by oriented 2–planes - these will correspond to events that took place in infinitely distant past or future. Points (spheres of zero radius), spheres, and planes (spheres of infinite radius) are bijectively represented by generator lines of the null cone in E4,2 as follows"

"The “absolute certainty” of the Fundamentalist locks them into Entropy, and their creative energy goes to feed a vast system of illusion. These systems are the creation and maintenance of the Idols they worship. Like the paranoid schizophrenic, they devise baroque and ingenious systems of perception and define them as “given by god”. They then spend an enormous amount of energy editing out all impressions that are contrary to their system of illusion."

"According to Laura Knight-Jadczyk, the mysteries of the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Temple refer to a particular, very advanced “technology” – with the aim, for example, of teleportation and changing between space-time dimensions – a secret and sacred science of which only a few great “Initiates” have remained custodians."

"Rather than to investigate causality relations between the points of a manifold with a given causal structure, the main idea of this article is to gain a deeper understanding of the geometry of causal structures through the solution of the Cartan equivalence problem. This approach enables one to construct a complete set of local invariants and also to obtain some results on symmetries of causal structures."

Is the Universe expanding? - Nature (1981)

"In those discussions he formulated his famous Anthropic Principle and the Infinite Relativity Principle."

"Later, in the 1950’s, he enunciated the Infinite Relativity Principle: In homogeneous isotropic cosmological models spatial infinity of the Universe depends on our choice of that reference frame from which we observe the Universe (the observer’s reference frame). If the three-dimensional space of the Universe, being observed in one reference frame, is infinite, it may be finite in another reference frame. The same is just as well true for the time during which the Universe evolves."

"The subject of each of the Fables is often common property of many ages and races. What gives La Fontaine's Fables their rare distinction is the freshness in narration, the deftness of touch, the unconstrained suppleness of metrical structure, the unfailing humor of the pointed moral, the consummate art of their apparent artlessness. Keen insight into the foibles of human nature is found throughout, but in the later books ingenuity is employed to make the fable cover, yet convey, social doctrines and sympathies more democratic than the age would have tolerated in unmasked expression."

"In alchemy, an adept describes a person who has learned the secret of making the philosopher’s stone, but more from the perspective of spiritual, rather than physical and literal, transmutation. For the true adept, the transmutation of metals is a secondary pursuit—even a by-product of the spiritual pursuit. The Hermetic ideal man, or divine man, is raised up from the material, sensual man. The adept acquires True Knowledge, the perfect knowledge of Self, which is required to attain knowledge of God. This spiritual path is reflected in the Hermetic concept of the universe, that the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm. Thus, by gaining perfect knowledge of the Self—the microcosm—one attains knowledge of God—the macrocosm. A male adept is called an artifex, and his female partner a soror mystica (mystical sister)."

"These findings indicate that alleles for autism overlap broadly with alleles for high intelligence, which appears paradoxical given that autism is characterized, overall, by below-average IQ. This paradox can be resolved under the hypothesis that autism etiology commonly involves enhanced, but imbalanced, components of intelligence. This hypothesis is supported by convergent evidence showing that autism and high IQ share a diverse set of convergent correlates, including large brain size, fast brain growth, increased sensory and visual-spatial abilities, enhanced synaptic functions, increased attentional focus, high socioeconomic status, more deliberative decision-making, profession and occupational interests in engineering and physical sciences, and high levels of positive assortative mating."

The Human Camera (Autistic Savant Documentary) | Real Stories

"Positive assortative mating, or homogamy, exists when people choose to mate with persons similar to themselves (e.g., when a tall person mates with a tall person); this type of selection is very common. Negative assortative mating is the opposite case, when people avoid mating with persons similar to themselves.

Assortative mating also occurs in nonhuman animal populations. Indeed, phenotypic similarity is thought to underlie mate selection in a variety of species."

"The largest company offering direct-to-consumer DNA health reports, 23andMe, says it’s not telling people their brain rating out of concern the information would be poorly received."

"We used a case–control genome-wide association (GWA) design with cases consisting of 1238 individuals from the top 0.0003 (~170 mean IQ) of the population distribution of intelligence and 8172 unselected population-based controls. The single-nucleotide polymorphism heritability for the extreme IQ trait was 0.33 (0.02), which is the highest so far for a cognitive phenotype, and significant genome-wide genetic correlations of 0.78 were observed with educational attainment and 0.86 with population IQ."


While not transcending to read as requested, these two SciAm/Quanta articles cover the basics of a recent question at about the level of comprehension of its poser.

"Without time, there are no mental events to unfold.

Here, the panpsychist could retort that our ordinary sense of time is an illusion. To be sure, debates over whether reality is timeless started over 2,000 years ago, when the pre-Socratic philosopher Parmenides claimed that reality was static and unchanging, like a mathematical equation. Heraclitus, in contrast, asserted that all was change, like the motion of a flame. Nowadays, physicists wrestle with similar issues. While Isaac Newton regarded time as being like a river flowing at the same rate every place throughout the universe, Albert Einstein overturned this picture, for both general relativity theory and the Standard Model of particle physics are temporally symmetric. These laws do not say whether time is moving forward or backwards. Nor do the laws identify so special a moment as appears to us as what we call “now.”

This Einsteinian picture has been called a static, “block universe” view of spacetime because it lacks any sense of a flow or passage of time. As Einstein wrote, upon the passing of a close friend, “For us believing physicists, the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Could the panpsychist appeal to this block universe picture to argue that time is an illusion? If so, perhaps panpsychism and quantum gravity are not at odds, after all."

Mereon (talk) 01:59, 27 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"In his “evolving block universe”model, the universe is a growing volume of space-time. The surface of this volume can be thought of as the present moment. The surface represents the instant where “the indefiniteness of the future changes to the definiteness of the past,” as he described it. “Space-time itself is growing as time passes.” One can discern the direction of time by looking at which part of the universe is fixed (the past) and which is changing (the future)."

"The fold-tori of 3D spheres around a particle in UMF are sets of tori wrapping sets of spheres each evolving into cones along a time axis, all tangent to the time & tori/momentum space. This is shown by figure 8."


The content of a choice operator may be a distinguished object which unitarily returns an identity operator.

"it returns a distinguished object for which the proposition is true, or if no such object exists, it returns any object for which it is not true."

"This property is equivalent to saying that the range of U is dense and that U preserves the inner product ⟨⋅,⋅⟩ on the Hilbert space."

"resolution of identity

Do not confuse this concept with the partition of unity in differential geometry."

In terms of adjoint triples of (co-)reflections and localizations

Unity and Identity of Opposites in Calculus and Physics

Algebras and bialgebras via categories with distinguished objects.

Mereon (talk) 13:27, 27 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Differential spaces encode the structure of space in a ring of functions rather than in atlases and maps, and rings of functions are a natural place for introducing infinitesimals, as it is done in synthetic differential geometry."

"Notice that the germ of a manifold around a point is in general “larger” than the formal neighbourhood of that point, reflecting, dually, the fact that there are smooth functions which are non-vanishing in every open neighbourhood of that point but all whose partial derivatives vanish at that point (see also at bump function)."

Differential Geometry in Toposes

Mechanisms Undermining Human Sovereignty


As for detecting "parasitic divergence" at the genetic level, a more scientific approach should be possible.

"Humanity seems to desire conditions for social justice, environmental stewardship, peace, toward mutualistic Human Development. However, it also appears that humanity's pursuit of these Human Development targets are being undermined by an on-going struggle against its own spiritual and biological consciousness.

Why? Could the double helix DNA matrix, as suggested by diverse scholars, have been substantively designed to undermine human sovereignty, while appearing to be "beneficial", and axiomatic to life?"

Mereon (talk) 22:16, 27 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

The principle of recursive genome function.

"Recursive genome function is a process whereby proteins iteratively access information packets of DNA to build hierarchies of more complex protein structures."

"The old bottleneck was "get info" (sequencing to obtain data). The new bottleneck is "use info" (understanding what sequenced data mean). The promise inherent in the Principle is that an algorithmic reduction delivers us an understanding of physiological and therefore pathological genome function in a new light. This clears the road for rapid advancement beyond a long-overdue breakthrough. In HoloGenomics, all, including non-genic conditions can now be focused upon."

"More generally, whereas conservatives typically think about many economic issues in non–zero-sum terms (i.e., that wealthy people’s gains lead to economic growth that eventually “trickles down” to less well-off individuals), liberals commonly view such issues as zero-sum (i.e., that wealthy people’s gains come at the expense of less well-off individuals).

This observation, however, flies in the face of research showing that conservatives are more prone, not less prone, to zero-sum thinking. Whereas liberals often believe that social policies that support underprivileged groups benefit society as a whole, conservatives tend to view the gains of some groups (e.g., women, African-Americans, and immigrants) as offset by other groups’ losses (e.g., men, European-Americans, and U.S. citizens). Conservatives, for example, are more likely to believe that expanding civil rights for minorities comes at the expense of the majority (1) and that increasing job opportunities for women diminishes opportunities for men (2).

How can it be that conservatives are both more prone and less prone to view the world in zero-sum terms? More generally, how does political ideology relate to zero-sum thinking?

We argue that both liberals and conservatives view life as zero-sum when it benefits them to do so. Zero-sum thinking, we suggest, is not linked to a specific political ideology but rather reflects a motivated process that allows both liberals and conservatives to maintain their ideological beliefs"


Chris Langan seems to think America is a "third-world melting pot" but this is propaganda or active measures of racial engineering intended to demoralize an enemy (in this case, Americans.) The more you think about America as a sh*thole country, the more it will become one...Aryans don't think that way, because they know that their thoughts are so powerful that they can literally manifest reality.

Mereon (talk) 03:23, 28 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"The difference between the Semitic and Aryan minds is irreconcilable and admits of one solution only, the conquest of one view of existence over the other. As the problem is one of perception its cause lies in the very constitutions of the two minds. Aryan minds soar on the wings of imagination while the Semitic is literal and earthbound. Put another way the Aryan is scientific while the Semitic is magical.

I have already indicated elsewhere the problem of the Astrological religion of the Aryans and the Semitic disagreement with it. While the religious Astrological Age archetypes in the Aryan religion change with the Astrological Age the Semites, in this case the Jews, insist that their gods Yahweh and Allah are eternal and unchanging.

The basic conflict I am discussing in this essay is the physical nature of man. The Aryan asserted that man was star born and on death returned to the stars, made of the stuff of stars while the Semites, Jews once again, insisted that man is made out of mud. They say God picked up a clod of dirt and molded man out of it much as a medieval rabbi made the Golem out of dirt. The Jews, then, are obligated to defend this position eternally or admit their religion, their basis of existence, is based on a falsehood hence invalid.

Now, the Aryan position was that the gods were pure spirit, that is insubstantial, and that the various levels of gods- from gods to angels- became more enmeshed in matter as they descended until one arrived at man who was pure matter. Hence the conflict between the spiritual and material. But man is still of the substance of stars."


Thinking of yourself as a "whitey" or "gringo" is to define yourself in terms of your enemies. Why lower yourself to such a viewpoint? To keep people trapped in a superficial and fearsome mentality so that their messiahs and saviors can rescue them from the mud people? How can they be sure that by fabricating such an enemy that they will be able to defeat it as such? One thing is certain, like the Alamo some think by using their own sh*t as a propellant to surround themselves with hate that this will inflame into some kind of racial kamikaze dive where some will go out in a blaze of glory which the rest of us spiritual adults have to clean up after they're done playing their cowboy guns and indian makeup.

Mereon (talk) 12:59, 28 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"It creates a scenario in which a flotilla of a million leprous, lecherous Indian's arrives at the French Rivera seeking refuge. But instead of slaughtering them all as Raspail would have wanted, France welcomes them with open arms and gets obliterated by the sheer demographic onslaught.

But the book's problem is not only that it sets up a denouement so cartoonish that even Mad Max writers would cringe. It is that The Camp of the Saints is spectacularly wrong at nearly every level."

"The murky projectiles are dubbed 'Cacatov' – after trusty Molotov cocktail fire bombs – just filled with fecal matter instead of pricey gasoline. A ‘lighter’ version of the dung bomb is known as 'Pipitov' and comes filled with the number one compound.

Apart from Marseille, the Cacatovs were reportedly deployed by the Yellow Vests in Montpellier. The excrement bombs have been deployed in Paris as early as February 23, with a police union sounding alarm over “premeditated and disgusting” acts of the protesters."

"The old “melting pot” metaphor, invented nearly a century ago by Israel Zangwill, seems out-of-date in a culture where people are proud to be American but deeply divided over numerous issues. The “salad bowl” metaphor, too, has wilted; it’s too easy to pick out unwanted ingredients. The quilt metaphor, to its credit, suggests that many and varied pieces can successfully be assembled and stitched together to create a beautiful and functional whole without any of the pieces losing their distinct characteristics."

"The Melting Pot is a play by Israel Zangwill, first staged in 1908. It depicts the life of a Russian Jewish immigrant family, the Quixanos. David Quixano has survived a pogrom, which killed his mother and sister, and he wishes to forget this horrible event. He composes an "American Symphony" and wants to look forward to a society free of ethnic divisions and hatred, rather than backward at his traumatic past."

"With the loss of the imaginatio vera and of the mundus imagin­alis nihilism and agnosticism begin. This is why we said a few lines above that we ought to forget here all that the Aristotelians and similar philosophers have said of the Imagination when they treat it as a bodily faculty. It is just this that makes the efforts of certain among the Jewish and Islamic philosophers to construct a philosophic theory of Prophecy pathetic. In truth, they do not ex­tricate themselves from the difficulty. Either the prophet is assim­ilated to the philosopher or the philosopher does not know what to make of Prophecy."

"The coming together or integration of the dark and light in Corbin’s “provisional self,” or ego, creates subtle body. When consciousness ascends to the subtle world, individual progression continues in battling another kind of darkness, that which veils the shattering nature of pure light. Working one’s way through these veils means absorption of more and more light substance into the subtle body. This process is essentially a progressive integration of higher levels of light-being into individual consciousness. Corbin’s theory of subtle body, through this process of integration, ultimately denies ontological dualism.

Like the dualism of light and dark, angelology plays an influential role in the pre-Islamic religions. The term angel is not used in the Greek philosophical tradition. Instead, angelic forces are considered “intelligences,” “forms,” or “beings,” and function in much the same way, linking pure light with darker realms. Angels as intelligence, image, and being are also central to Corbin’s ontology of soul."

"It is self-evident that DNA is based on Golden Ratio and a fractal charge attractor in order to make it an electric field generator for (its most sutainable / immortalizing function) the production of its own gravity field."

"Studying the genetics of regulatory variation is technically challenging as regulatory elements can affect genes located tens of thousands of bp away, and often, multiple distal regulatory variations, each with a very small effect, combine in an unknown way to significantly modulate the expression of genes."

White Supremacist Finds Out His Ancestors Were Black (VIDEO)

'The View' Hosts Get DNA Results From Sponsor Ancestry

"Clearly, the nature of concealment makes it difficult to build a clear picture of the kind of scale on which Jewish denial took place. According to Professor Antony Polonsky, founder of the Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies at Oxford, in Poland for example, approximately 60,000 Jews survived outside the Nazi ghettos, mainly by assuming a new “Christian” identity. He estimates a third maintained this identity after the war."

"In fact, the anti-phenomenal relation that anti-Semitism asserts to its object, Jewish being, as race, challenges the limits of what can be called “knowledge”. A basic operation of anti-Semitic epistemology is indeed to discredit and consequently to deactivate all epistemic spaces, all media, in which its object may become visible, known. Anti-Semitism is anti-media. More specifically, it disqualifies the spaces of inter-subjective communication, where knowledge is generated as a collective process, as epistemo-polity, and within which the assimilation of Jews was to take place by way of disappearance."


Chris Langan equates the United Nations with mass third world migrations sponsored by a bankster elite. Since in astrological terms he is a child, I can overlook his niaveté on history up to a point, however the fact is that since the genocide of Aryans in the Middle East has been ongoing, I cannot afford to stand by as propaganda is being fed to an unsuspecting public. Future generations of warfare will lead to future generations of international law, however eventually one race must rule all others, and that will be the choice between the religious Aryan or the secular Jew. If the United Nations should be eliminated, then we should be preparing for World War 3.

The United Nations (UN) is an international diplomatic and political organization dedicated to worldwide peace and stability.

Mereon (talk) 15:06, 29 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"The regime enlisted astrology and the paranormal, paganism, Indo-Aryan mythology, witchcraft, miracle weapons, and the lost kingdom of Atlantis in reimagining German politics and society and recasting German science and religion."

"By presenting Jews as an ecological flaw responsible for the disharmony of the planet, Hitler channelled and personalised the inevitable tensions of globalisation. The only sound ecology was to eliminate a political enemy; the only sound politics was to purify the earth; the means to these ends would be the destruction of states."

"Jews were responsible for bolshevism, communism, Marxism, socialism, liberalism, capitalism, conservatism, pacifism, cosmopolitanism, materialism, and democracy; for Germany’s defeat in the First World War [...] for the Weimer’s culture of entertainment [...] as well as for sexual freedom, psychoanalysis, feminism, homosexuality, and abortion."

"In pursuit of self-determination, a young woman leaves her ultra orthodox Jewish community in New York City to start a new life in Berlin. But just as she starts to find her own way, the past begins to catch up with her."


For example, Chris Langan is an Aries, while I am an Aquarius...there are obvious differences in our approaches to the world. While the mature worldview of an Aquarius may be unappreciated by an Aries, in about 600 years it will be necessary for the whole world to develop.

"ARIES I - The Week of the CHILD March 25-April 2

Because Aries I's show the frank and open demeanor of the child, they are sometimes accused of having a naive or superficial view of life. But the so called naivete that they project is only one manifestation of the awe and wonder they experience in response to the world around them, which they are constantly rediscovering. An intense need to express wonder, and to share their observations with others, is also characteristic. Like children, they not only exhibit spontaneity and liveliness themselves but also appreciate these qualities in others. In fact, many may not understand how deep their need for direct expression really is."

"Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and Aquarians are the perfect representatives for the Age of Aquarius. Those born under this sign have the social conscience needed to carry us into the new millennium. These folks are humanitarian, philanthropic and keenly interested in making the world a better place."

"In 1929 the International Astronomical Union defined the edges of the 88 official constellations. The edge established between Pisces and Aquarius officially locates the beginning of the Aquarian Age around CE 2600."

Mereon (talk) 18:47, 29 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

George Washington’s Vision For America | History

(Non-)Ontological Theories of Everything


As for the recent post on Eric Weinstein's "Geometric Unity" and his 4x4 matrix "Observerse" is important to distinguish "ontological theories of everything" from "physical theories of everything."

"Models that aim to do all of this would then “unify” the entire content of the standard model of particle physics plus the standard model of cosmology, hence “everything that is known about fundamental physics” to date. Therefore such theories are then sometimes called a theory of everything.

(Here it is important to remember the context, both “grand unified” and “of everything” refers to aspects of presently available models of fundamental physics, and not to deeper philosophical questions of ontology.)"

"The trouble is that we should already have seen some of Weinstein’s new particles, if they exist, says physicist Joseph Conlon of the University of Oxford. Properties of some of the predicted particles mean that they should be linked to the strong force, one of the four fundamental forces and the one that binds protons and neutrons."

Mereon (talk) 23:57, 29 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon


To the member who recently quit the CTMU forum under duress from the hate-filled anti-semitic sentiments found in its author's forums, I used to be one of the original moderators of the original group before I too had to fight stereotypes over appearing to be Muslim from my name to hate-filled strangers. I hope my research on Chris Langan's Jewish heritage brought some closure to the question of why he seemed to allow such attitudes, I did it for your sake as a matter of fact. I respect Jews very much actually, heck, I am pretty sure one of Muhammad's wives (Rayhana bint Zayd) was Jewish, as was one of the Kings of Persia (Esther), as an Ultra-Orthodox Jew you're a lucky man with good genes and blessed stars, however war and conquest is what it is, I'd give a Jew like Daniel the title of Mage of Mages if I could, and while I will always stand up for people like you, I also must ensure that there is enough elbow room for all, including a distinctly Aryan mentality in this world...the CTMU is in some respects not a purely Aryan theory since it is reducible to language, but an extension of the American Scholastic Christian worldview. In many ways I prefer the ultra-Orthodox Jewish worldview for its ideological purity to the armageddon precipitating the American Christian outlook with its misreading of history. May the future be one of unbounded glory for you and your people.

Mereon (talk) 12:48, 30 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"At the heart of the Zohar’s cosmogony is a simple narrative—first there is mind which is unified, non-local, and primordial (Ein Sof or since Ein Sof is ultimately unknowable, Keter). The mind emanates space and time, causing the sadness of separation and multiplicity. Nonetheless, since mind permeates all creation, there wasalso immanence (the various sefirot flowing from Keter and ultimately ending in Shekhinah). Finally there is a process of coming together showing teleology within all of nature (the interplay of the sefirot seeking balance and longing for the primordial unity). Thus we have three stages of our narrative—mind, immanence, and process. This narrative is part of the ongoing Jewish hermeneutic tradition with roots in the Biblical creation story."

"Fravashi is the forerunner to the Greek idea of LOGOS “divine word, speech, reason.” The word fravashi consists of 2 parts; “fra” simply means first, foremost, “vashi,” is derived from “vac,” word, voice, speech, discourse, formula. Thus, Fravashí is Ahúrá Mazdá’s pristine word/wisdom in every act of manifestation.

Hence, fravashí or “the first creative formula/word” is said to be a reminder of one’s purpose in life. ... Yet, it shall be added that the idea of khvarenæ is an original ancient Aryan one. The concept of khvarenæ is that of the “splendor, energy of light and divine fire in connection with luminous good fortune.” The same idea of khvarog/Svarog exists among old Slavonic people.

It is clear from a number of passages in the Avesta that khvarenæ or farr was “a blazing fire, a magic force or power of luminous and fiery nature” that preceded the divinely favored. This “luminous energy/good luck” represented the wish/favor of Ahúrá Mazdá"

"The general linguistic theories behind so much of the Sefer Yetzirah's ideas stem from studies of grammar pioneered by Islamic mystics in the eighth and ninth centuries. Many of the ideas behind the mystical meanings of the letters in the Sefer Yetzirah, including the similarity evinced above, appear to have their genesis in the works of the Muslim alchemist and mystic Jabir Ibn Hayyan, though an odd twist finds that Ibn Hayyan."


In terms of the disorganized nature of Facebook and people losing their writings, while an unofficial website not affiliated with the Mega Foundation, I did set up the following Wiki with unlimited storage space and many features for free for those interested in saving all their CTMU research somewhere. However nobody else created a profile, so the standing invitation remains open to anyone looking for a new format. (

Mereon (talk) 17:15, 30 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"It was not so much monotheism that the exilic Jews learned from the Persians as it was universalism, the belief that one God rules universally and will save not only the Jews but all those who turn to God."


On a physical level, "light" and "heat" are what everything can be reduced to, even though it was created by God's metaphysical "command."

"[1:1] In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, [1:2] the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters. [1:3] Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light. [1:4] And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. [1:5] God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day."

"Classical radiation (e.g., electromagnetic or other waves) differ from Einstein's only a few percent, that is, Hawking radiation is a much more sensitive mechanism. Quasinormal modes are the frequencies of classical radiation, which, unlike quantum modes, differ little from the Einstein case. In the future, perhaps by observing the primary black holes that appeared in the early universe, this may clarify our ideas about quantum corrections to gravity."


In terms of historical tribes associated with Gog and Magog, from a Persian reading they're associated with Gokturks and Mongols, the Sassanian empire built a wall on the Western shore of the Caspian Sea to keep the former out and the Parthian empire built a wall on the Eastern shore of the Caspian Sea to keep the latter out. They eventually became metaphors such as painful silence and destructive speech, and since the apocalypse is metaphorically "uncovering or revealing" a new "Word" of God, in that sense the recipients of that message form a new tribe of "Israel" which reflects the "unity in diversity" of that new chapter or book who must withstand those tribes who seek to destroy it. In that sense, God can choose to reveal a new message to a people and those first disciples would then form the new tribe of Israel.

Mereon (talk) 21:45, 30 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"These are the tribes and their metaphysical meanings according to the interpretations of Charles Fillmore: Asher—understanding Benjamin—faith Dan—judgment Gad—power Issachar—zeal Joseph—imagination Judah—praise Levi—love Naphtali—strength Reuben—discernment Simeon—receptivity Zebulon—order"


Note that these coherent names and attributes need not be limited to 12, in principle they can be as infinite as those afforded by the Kingdom of God from which they originate. The children of Israel therefore means more than just one group of people, but all and in principle any people who mirror forth the Truth of the Primal Will, which can be thought of as the seed of MU bringing about the perfect complementarity of state and syntax in CTMU terms. While there is some truth to the Christian Identity and Mormon movements which claim to be the true inheritors of "Israel" they miss the deeper symbolic meaning which is not necessarily limited to any specific race or religion without condition.

"As for the people of Truth, existence hath three degrees: God and Command, which is the Primal Will, and Creation. The Primal Will, which is the world of Command, is the inner reality of things and all existing things are the manifestations of the Divine Will, not the manifestations of the Divine Reality and Identity. As to the station of the Godhead, it is independent and sanctified from the understanding and comprehension of created things, leave alone that it penetrateth and is absorbed by the realities of things."

"Here's an excerpt from the Kingdom Identity web site: WE BELIEVE the White, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and kindred people to be God's true, literal Children of Israel. Only this race fulfills every detail of Biblical Prophecy and World History concerning Israel and continues in these latter days to be heirs and possessors of the Covenants, Prophecies, Promises and Blessings YHVH God made to Israel. This chosen seedline making up the "Christian Nations" (Gen. 35:11; Isa. 62:2; Acts 11:26) of the earth stands far superior to all other peoples in their call as God's servant race (Isa. 41:8, 44:21; Luke 1:54). Only these descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel scattered abroad (James 1:1; Deut. 4:27; Jer. 31:10; Jo 11:52) have carried God's Word, the Bible, throughout the world."

Mereon (talk) 23:09, 30 September 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Every man’s true happiness and blessedness consist solely in the enjoyment of what is good, not in the pride that he alone is enjoying it, to the exclusion of others. He who thinks himself the more blessed because he is enjoying benefits which others are not, or because he is more blessed or more fortunate than his fellows, is ignorant of true happiness and blessedness, and the joy which he feels is either childish or envious and malicious. For instance, a man’s true happiness consists only in wisdom, and the knowledge of the truth, not at all in the fact that he is wiser than others, or that others lack such knowledge: such considerations do not increase his wisdom or true happiness.”

"Quoting S.W. Hawking: .. we are not angels, who view the universe from the outside. Instead, we and our models are both part of the universe we are describing. Thus a physical theory is self referencing, like in Gödels theorem. One might therefore expect it to be either inconsistent or incomplete. The theories we have so far are both inconsistent and incomplete. [12] The purpose of the present work is to elaborate on these ideas."

Theory Of Everything Stephen Hawking about GOD and Universe.

"Like other Complex number variables, complex time is two-dimensional, comprising one real time dimension and one imaginary time dimension, changing time from a real number line into a complex plane. Introducing it into Minkowski spacetime allows a generalization of Kaluza–Klein theory. Complex time has been referred to as "kime" and the modified spacetime model as "space-kime". A suggested advantage of the model is to enable spacetime inference and data-driven analytics based on the extension of longitudinal data (e.g., time-series) to timesurfaces over the 5D spacetime manifold, which is complete and solves many of the problems of time. ... As a solution to the problem of the subjective passage of time, J. W. Dunne proposed an infinite hierarchy of time dimensions, inhabited by a similar hierarchy of levels of consciousness. Dunne suggested that, in the context of a "block" spacetime as modelled by General Relativity, a second dimension of time was needed in order to measure the speed of one's progress along one's own timeline. This in turn required a level of the conscious self existing at the second level of time. But the same arguments then applied to this new level, requiring a third level, and so on in an infinite regress. At the end of the regress was a "superlative general observer" who existed in eternity. He published his theory in relation to precognitive dreams in his 1927 book An Experiment with Time and went on to explore its relevance to contemporary physics in The Serial Universe (1934)."

"By lifting the concept of time from a positive real number to a 2D complex time (kime), this book uncovers a connection between artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and quantum mechanics. It proposes a new mathematical foundation for data science based on raising the 4D spacetime to a higher dimension where longitudinal data (e.g., time-series) are represented as manifolds (e.g., kime-surfaces). This new framework enables the development of innovative data science analytical methods for model-based and model-free scientific inference, derived computed phenotyping, and statistical forecasting. The book provides a transdisciplinary bridge and a pragmatic mechanism to translate quantum mechanical principles, such as particles and wavefunctions, into data science concepts, such as datum and inference-functions."

"Mathematically these connections are a consequence of a simple arithmetical substitution which makes cyclic imaginary time equivalent to temperature. Putting it in another way, periodicity in imaginary time is equivalent to (the inverse of) temperature."

"The paper intends to bring out relations between model theory, algebraic geometry, and symbolic dynamics."

Gromov’s Ergobrain Program as a Mathematical Promenade

"instances of human and animal behavior [...] miraculously complicated, [...] they have little, if any, pragmatic (survival/reproduction) value. [...] they are due to internal constraints on possible architectures of unknown to us functional ”mental structures”. Gromov, Ergobrain"



In updating the old Mega Society journal link and finding new (old) comments by Eric Hart (pseudonym for Chris Langan) about his interest in an unsolved problem in computational complexity theory, I felt this warranted its own section, especially in light of his recent comments on "disruptive technology."

"Ultimately the consequences of proving that P = NP would be the total upending of the current technological and economical underpinnings of society. In all likelihood, solving this problem would be an innovative boost on par, if not greater than, the invention of the internet."

Mereon (talk) 15:14, 2 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"While exact solutions for intractable problems can be computed by exhaustion algorithms that check all possibilities at every decisive juncture, the costs of using such an algorithm are prohibitive in time and memory. In the worst case, using such an algorithm requires a number of computational steps and/or an amount of memory that cannot be expressed as a polynomial function of the number of variables in the problem."

Ford v Ferrari — A Lesson In Cinematography

Computational Complexity and Black Hole Horizons Leonard Susskind

Complex Dynamics and Renormalization Curtis T. McMullen

"Renormalization is a prescription that allows one to systematically “subtract infinities” from these divergent terms producing an asymptotic series for quantum correlation functions.

On the other hand, graphs treated as “flowcharts”, also form a combinatorial skeleton of the abstract computation theory and various operadic formalisms in abstract algebra.

In this role of descriptions of various (classes of) computable functions, such as recursive functions, functions computable by a Turing machine with oracles etc., graphs can be used to replace standard formalisms having linguistic flavor, such as Church’s λ–calculus and various programming languages."

"A very interesting and unexpected example of such interaction was elaborated in the work of A. Nabutovsky and S. Weinberger, (cf. [NaWe]), who have shown that the computational complexity can be used to display a highly irregular landscape of minima of natural differential–geometric functionals on the space of Riemannian metrics modulo diffeomorphisms.

Since path integration over such a space is one of the key tools of quantum gravity, this can become an important next meeting space between renormalization and computation."

"In geometry we study functions on infinite-dimensional spaces; their critical points and gradient flows. Critical points correspond to geometric objects which are taut or energy-minimising in some sense (like elastic bands) and gradient flows correspond to the evolution of unstable configurations to stable configurations.

Some problems in mathematics and logic cannot be solved algorithmically.

Loops in spaces form interesting algebraic structures (like the fundamental group).

Undecidability of problems in group theory can then be applied to deduce existence theorems for critical points of functions on infinite-dimensional spaces."

"Another important open research direction is the analysis of the computational resources required to achieve the computation of an invariant measure and the way this complexity relates to the dynamics. In particular, how sensitive is the computational complexity with respect to small changes to the dynamics."

Undecidability everywhere Bjorn Poonen University of California at Berkeley

"Another closely related philosophical limitative result is that we have to interpret the data we observe by means of a theory and that this is a purely subjective procedure that will depend on the interpreter. Thus, what data we have has a twofold dependency. It is dependent upon the particular theory through which we interpret the data and upon the particular human being—that is, the interpreter of the data—who looks at the data through the particular theory she holds. (For instance, it has been argued that assigning priors in Bayesian decision theory is an ineliminably subjective procedure.) I will not examine these kinds of limitative results here since they are philosophical claims that can and have been argued both pro and con over the years. Moreover, these kinds of claims can be directed against almost any subject matter at all."

"There are two kinds of such limiting results that must be carefully distinguished. Results of the first kind state the nonexistence of any algorithm for determining whether any statement among a given set of statements is true or false. Results of the second kind are much deeper and present much greater challenges. They point to specific statements A, where we can neither prove nor refute A using accepted principles of mathematical reasoning."

"The graphs, diagrams, cones and other data of a sketch or form are formal objects that correspond to the graphs and diagrams used by such mathematicians in much the same way in which the formulas of traditional logic correspond to the sentences mathematicians use in proofs."

"Lair’s trames are explicitly built in a hierarchical fashion conforming to the character of the operations they intend to specify. They represent a substantial generalization of the notion of sketch, sufficient for the specification of all adjoint operations. In relation to the (generalized) sketches of this paper, they are “special purpose” sketches."

"Sketches form an institution [Goguen and Burstall, 1986]. This is a formalization of the idea that morphisms of sketches (equivalently, a morphism of theories) induce a morphism of the model categories going the other way."


No, I'm not "Halvard"..."judgement" is an Aryan Mithraic and Formal Logical concept.

"In formal logic, a judgment, or judgement, is a “meta-proposition”; that is, a proposition belonging to the meta-language (the deductive system or logical framework) rather than to the object language."

"An infinite judgement, also called a limitative or indeterminate judgement, is a type of judgement in traditional logic that differs from a positive judgement by containing a negation operator and from a negative judgement by negating only the predicate term."

"After death there was judgment of the soul. Mithra, the protector of the truth, presided over the judgment court. If the soul had lived an impure life, it was dragged down to the infernal depths, where it received a thousand tortures. If, on the contrary, its good qualities outweighed the bad, it rises through the gate of caprocorn, passing in reverse order through the planetary sphere. At each stage the impurities which the soul picked up in its downward flow gradually diminished. The end of this great rise was supreme happiness and eternal bliss."

Mereon (talk) 02:39, 4 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"While the details differ, what most formal accounts of knowledge have in common is that they treat an agent’s knowledge as closed under the application of various deduction rules like the ones above. In other words, agents are considered logically omniscient: if they know certain facts, then they also know all possible logical consequences of those facts."

"The Genesis narrative of Judaism and Christianity can be interpreted as a more allegorical retelling of the serpent-slaying myth. The Deep or Abyss from or on top of which God is said to make the world is translated from the Biblical Hebrew Tehom (Hebrew: תְּהוֹם). Tehom is a cognate of the Akkadian word tamtu and Ugaritic t-h-m which have similar meaning. As such it was equated with the earlier Sumerian serpent Tiamat."

Dragonslayer (1981) - The fight of Galen against the dragon

"Following his birth Mithras became an ally of the Sun and Ahura Mazda, god of life and light, in the eternal war against Ahriman, the god of death and darkness. He entered a struggle with a bull, the first living creature, in which he overcame it and brought it to his cave. The bull managed to escape, but Mithras was visited by a raven, who, acting as a messenger from the Sun, told him that it was his duty to track down the bull and kill it. Mithras succeeded in this, and when the bull's blood was spilt, all of the creatures of nature were created. Among the beings emerging from the bull's blood were the first human couple and thus Mithras became an intermediary between Ahura Mazda and men, protecting them from the attempts of Ahriman to destroy them. Following the completion of these labours, Mithras ascended to heaven in the chariot of the sun."

"In Norse mythology, Huginn (from Old Norse "thought") and Muninn (Old Norse "memory" or "mind") are a pair of ravens that fly all over the world, Midgard, and bring information to the god Odin."

On Pre-Literary Religions


While the CTMU can be described as a Meta-Religion, this assumes a religion has texts to interpret...however not all religions are based on the interpretation of texts. The ancient Aryan Book of Kings that I read as a child describe the origin of written language to be "demonic" in a useful yet ultimately corrupted sense, perhaps since it was considered ontologically secondary to the pure spoken word. The more I read about early Christianity, the more I notice how it served to push Europe into the dark ages.

"Celsus writes that "there is an ancient doctrine [archaios logos] which has existed from the beginning, which has always been maintained by the wisest nations and cities and wise men". He leaves Jews and Moses out of those he cites (Egyptians, Syrians, Indians, Persians, Odrysians, Samothracians, Eleusinians, Hyperboreans, Galactophagoi, Druids, and Getae), and instead blames Moses for the corruption of the ancient religion: "the goatherds and shepherds who followed Moses as their leader were deluded by clumsy deceits into thinking that there was only one God, [and] without any rational cause ... these goatherds and shepherds abandoned the worship of many gods". However, Celsus' harshest criticism was reserved for Christians, who "wall themselves off and break away from the rest of mankind". ... Biblical scholar Arthur J. Droge has written that it is incorrect to refer to Celsus' perspective as polytheism. Instead, he was an "inclusive" or "qualitative" monotheist, as opposed to the Jewish "exclusive" or "quantitative" monotheism; historian Wouter Hanegraaff explains that "the former has room for a hierarchy of lower deities which do not detract from the ultimate unity of the One.""

Mereon (talk) 07:01, 4 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"For example, neither the Greeks nor the Romans, the Egyptians nor the Babylonians -- all highly literate cultures -- had what may be termed sacred books with a definitely limited canon, held to be the exclusive basis of religious faith. But they did all of them have writings which corresponded closely to various portions of sacred books as found in other religions. These were never collected, regarded as of divine origin and hence as the basis of the several religions. Why this was may be conjectured, but perhaps never certainly known. To this question we shall recur later."

"The demons rebelled against Tahmuras, and he made war against them with both magic and force. By magic he bound two-thirds of the demons; the remaining third he crushed with his mace. The deevs now became Tahmuras's slaves and they taught him the art of writing in thirty different scripts."

"Derrida prefers to deconstruct presence, which is perceived in Western theology and philosophy as truth and the ideal moment of pure, unmediated firstness. This article focuses on the reading of the work of Saussure, who has been greatly influential in the study of oral traditions, verbal arts and the interpretive interest of the sign. For Derrida writing has been suppressed by Western discourse for almost 400 years, as speech has been privileged over writing. The function of deconstruction is to deconstruct the binary opposition between speech and writing."

"Less formally, the word problem in an algebra is: given a set of identities E, and two expressions x and y, is it possible to transform x into y using the identities in E as rewriting rules in both directions? While answering this question may not seem hard, the remarkable (and deep) result that emerges, in many important cases, is that the problem is undecidable."

"An advantage of our approach is that, unlike the contraction rule, we can syntactically control the multiplexing to provide decidable fragments still sufficient for applications."

"To test whether meaning density and word choice are reliable predictors of psychotic illness, the researchers trained a machine learning system to analyze the meaning density of language samples obtained from 30 participants. They found that the speech samples from the research subjects who later had a psychotic episode were significantly lower in meaning density compared to the control group, that is, the people at risk of psychosis used more words to convey a lot less compared to an average person."

"The context in which the swastika is depicted is analysed, demonstrating that it never represented a constellation but instead represented the sun. We follow the theory of David Ulansey (1994), which asserts that Mithras should be identified with the “hypercosmic sun”, the sphere of fire which Greek philosophers located beyond the starry heavens."

"The Open Court, published between 1887 and 1936, was "devoted to the science of religion, the religion of science, and the extension of the religious parliament idea." Subjects extensively covered by articles in The Open Court include the history of philosophy, Asian religions and culture, education, and contemporary ideas of religion and philosophy. The journal also published reviews of contemporary works of theology, philosophy, science, and mathematics."

"We can conjecture that the darkness or mystery is Source, as seen in the Void of the cosmogonies of the Abrahamic traditions, or the Emptiness of Buddhism, or the Space of the Tao. Addressing the images of symbols and metaphors, Campbell tells us that “This [darkness] is the category or degree of the unknown to which all of the high mythologies and high religions are ultimately directed. It is recognized, however, to be absolutely ineffable, a plenum of unknowability, inexhaustible in its dark.” (Flight, 137)"

"For example, the French mathematician Dieudonné famously argued the other side—that mathematics was more like a game of chess in which there is no absolute truth because the rules are arbitrary. In relative realism we do take the ‘mathematics is out there’ view but we also take the Dieudonné view except that we do not see it as perjorative. Thus, there is a reality experienced by chess players as they experience the restrictions of chess while playing, in some sense ‘created’ or carved out by those restrictions, but at the same time the rules of chess are not arbitrary and constitute an ‘empirical fact’ although at a higher level as an element of the reality, of possible board games as experienced by designers of board games. This gives a hierarchical ‘room within rooms’ structure to our experience of reality a little different from Hilbert’s analogy. Exiting a room by dropping an axiom takes us into a bigger room in which the door we just came out of is just one of the points of interest."

"Know that the conditions of existence are limited to the conditions of servitude, of prophethood, and of Deity, but the divine and the contingent perfections are unlimited. When you reflect deeply, you discover that also outwardly the perfections of existence are also unlimited, for you cannot find a being so perfect that you cannot imagine a superior one."

"In the case of relative dimension zero, the idea of Arakelov corresponds to the classic approach in algebraic number theory to include the infinite places of a number field to obtain a product formula, and to introduce Hermitian norms on projective modules over an algebraic integer ring to study the geometry of numbers and counting problems."

"In this form, the distinction between environment and phenotype is manifested mathematically, as an integral part of the encoding itself. But, of course, which arguments are chosen as environment and which are chosen as phenotype must also be an integral part of the initial encoding process itself."

"Therefore, the internal states (and their blanket) will appear to engage in active Bayesian inference. In other words, they will appear to model—and act on—their world to preserve their functional and structural integrity, leading to homoeostasis and a simple form of autopoiesis."

"The principles that are brought to bear on this kind of characterisation could be seen as ascribing neuronal dynamics to various universality classes, such as self-organised criticality"

"An example of such an optimization problem is graph coloring. The SOC process apparently helps the optimization from getting stuck in a local optimum without the use of any annealing scheme, as suggested by previous work on extremal optimization."

"These work together with a fourth property of genome space, which limits the generalized distance of two genomes to the order of their own length, to deliver the essential dynamic and geometrical structures that make possible the convergence to optimal fitness in sufficiently compact subsystems. Although we have suggested mathematical routes to explore that capture these four properties, it remains to quantify the hypothesis of ergodic genome exploration. If this is possible then it will deliver a predictive ability to determine which phenotypes have been potentially optimized through ergodic exploration in evolutionary time."

Ergodic theory, geometry and dynamics

"I think what I want to say here is this: mathematicians are human beings. That we deal with proof and logic doesn’t need to make us any nicer or smarter. This is just one example of how we, too, can be just as vicious, misguided and small-minded as any other group. But if you want to salvage something from this gloom, consider this: the mathematical results of those two live on, and by being an indistinguishable part of the international and universal structure of mathematical creation, they deftly refute their authors’ un-mathematical assertions."

""… the spatial imagination is a characteristic of the Germanic races, while pure logical reasoning has a richer development among Romanic and Hebraic races. … In the intellectual sphere the race shows in the manner of creation, the evaluation of the results, and I guess also in the standpoint considering foundational questions. … Formalism wants to build a realm of mathematical truths which is independent of man, whereas Intuitionism is based on the idea that mathematical thinking is a human endeavor and thus cannot be separated from man." (in Stilarten mathematischen Schaffens, i.e. Styles of mathematical creation/endeavour, p. 357)."

"an approach to the theory of meaning that identifies the meaning of an expression with its relationship to other expressions (typically its inferential relations with other expressions), in contradistinction to denotationalism ... Jerry Fodor coined the term "inferential role semantics" in order to criticise it as a holistic (i.e. essentially non-compositional) approach to the theory of meaning. Inferential role semantics is sometimes contrasted to truth-conditional semantics."

"The original aim of this article was to demystify the incompleteness theorem of Gödel and the truth-definition theory of Tarski by showing that both are consequences of some very simple algebra in the cartesian-closed setting. It was always hard for many to comprehend how Cantor’s mathematical theorem could be re-christened as a “paradox” by Russell and how Gödel’s theorem could be so often declared to be the most significant result of the 20th century. There was always the suspicion among scientists that such extra-mathematical publicity movements concealed an agenda for re-establishing belief as a substitute for science. Now, one hundred years after Gödel’s birth, the organized attempts to harness his great mathematical work to such an agenda have become explicit."

"In model theory, there are several general results and definitions related to absoluteness. A fundamental example of downward absoluteness is that universal sentences (those with only universal quantifiers) that are true in a structure are also true in every substructure of the original structure. Conversely, existential sentences are upward absolute from a structure to any structure containing it."


Chris Langan has recently called for applying appropriate constraints at all levels within the American government, and he has described the Department of Homeland Security as a globalist occupation government. Somehow it seems he expects others to take responsibility for his latest pet conspiracy theories, but I will not. However I will take responsibility for America when it comes to identifying Russian Jewish infiltrators in the so-called "White" Nationalist movement, since they're having too much fun throwing monkey wrenches around to clog up the levers of power. Calling yourself White is the same as being a Jewish Marxist in my book, the same as erasing your own racial memory.

Mereon (talk) 23:58, 4 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"racial memory thought patterns, feelings, and traces of experiences held to be transmitted from generation to generation and to have an influence on individual minds and behavior. Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud both embraced the concept of a phylogenetic heritage (see phylogeny) but focused on different examples. Freud cited religious rituals designed to relieve feelings of anxiety and guilt, which he explained in terms of the Oedipus complex and his primal-horde theory. Jung cited images, symbols, and personifications that spontaneously appear in different cultures, which he explained in terms of the archetypes of the collective unconscious. Also called racial unconscious."

"Anti-Semitism plays a unique role in the dangerous worldview of white supremacists. It is often coded into terms like "white genocide" and "replacement," which stem from the conspiracy theory that Jews are trying to change the demographics of the US."

"“Who is the anti-Semite?” asks Jean-Paul Sartre at the beginning of his 1946 book “Anti-Semite and Jew.” Sartre answers: “The anti-Semite is someone who hates himself.” Sartre goes on to argue that there is no such thing as ‘the Jew,’ in essentialist terms. It is not the Jew who engenders anti-Semitism, but rather the anti-Semite who creates the Jew, searching for an object of hatred."

"In other words, the energy decrease of the human NEMF of negative thinkers have made them suck magnetism from the earth under them to compensate for the lost energy. The strongest negative emotion is fear. If 500 million people were frightened, the gradient of the dropping magnetic field of the earth would be so strong that it would be felt as a magnetic storm"

Conservative Extensions of Ontological Supertheories


In terms of "descriptive" containment, this relates to both computational complexity and ontology design considerations.

"The negative types of linear logic are interpreted as denoting acceptors. An acceptor is an entity which takes an input of some type and returns no output. Acceptors generalize continuations and also single assignment variables, as found in data flow languages and logic programming languages. The parallel disjunction operator allows such acceptors to be used in a nontrivial fashion. Finally, the “why not” operator of linear logic gives rise to nondeterministic values."

"In mathematical logic, a conservative extension is a supertheory of a theory which is often convenient for proving theorems, but proves no new theorems about the language of the original theory. Similarly, a non-conservative extension is a supertheory which is not conservative, and can prove more theorems than the original."

"Regarding reasoning support, the most basic task is to decide whether one ontology is a conservative extension of another."

"Inseparability generalizes conservative extensions, as known from classical logic. In fact, conservative extensions can also be defined in a model-theoretic and in a consequence-based way, and they correspond to the special case of inseparability where one ontology is syntactically contained in the other and the signature is the set of vocabulary items in the smaller ontology."

"(1) a module can be considered a ‘logically independent’ part within its superontology—this leads to the definition of module as a part of a larger ontology which is a conservative extensions of it; (2) a module can be a part of a larger ‘integrated ontology’, where the kind of integration determines the relation between the modules—this is the approach followed by modular ontology languages (e.g. DDLs, E-connections etc.); (3) a ‘part’ of a larger theory can be considered a module for reasons of elegance, re-use, tradition, etc.—in this case, the relation between a module and its supertheory might be a language extension, theory extension/interpretation, etc."

"Dual objects in monoidal categories have many applications, including channels in parallel programming, input-output modes in logic programming, and string diagrams for internal-homs. Thus, it is natural to ask whether duals intrinsically strengthen the theory, i.e. whether monoidal categories with duals are "conservative", in a suitable sense, over monoidal categories without duals."

Mereon (talk) 11:20, 5 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Since the ontology engineer of the projects ontology is not an expert in medicine and relies on the designers of Q, it is to be expected that the meaning of the reused symbols is completely specified in Q; that is, the fact that these symbols are used in the projects ontology P should not imply that their original “meaning” in Q changes. If P does not change the meaning of these symbols in Q, we say that P ∪ Q is a conservative extension of Q"

"Ontologies originate from the philosophical branch of metaphysics, which studies existence. Since the 1970s, they have been used in the Knowledge Representation (KR) subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for modeling the knowledge about various domains of interest, including (bio-)medicine, software engineering, cultural heritage, business processes, multimedia annotation, and the semantic web"

"In the beginning was the Description Up To Now and From Now On, and the Description was with God and the Description was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by the Description Up To Now, and without the Description Up To Now was not any thing being described from now on that had been described up to now. In the Description Up To Now and From Now On was life, and the life was the light of men."

"Computational complexity was originally defined in terms of the natural entities of time and space, and the term complexity was used to denote the time or space used in the computation. Rather than checking whether an input satisfies a property S, a more natural question might be, what is the complexity of expressing the property S? These two issues -- checking and expressing -- are closely related."

"Descriptive complexity has long had applications to database theory. A relational database is a finite logical structure, and commonly used query languages are small extensions of first-order logic."

Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Official Video)

The Holy Bible - Gideon the Liberator


The only thing that can be severed is the old covenant between God and Man, like the veil of the temple torn in two upon the sacrifice of Jesus, the cord binding the veils which separate us from God's light are colored by joy and suffering, liberated by an ever-renewing covenant.

Mereon (talk) 17:23, 5 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

"Closed theoretical signatures are ripped open and reduced to more basic concepts that can be reformed into more basic and expressive signatures. However, the informational part of the regress terminates where further reduction would compromise intelligibility; there can be no further reductive regress through increasingly fundamental theoretic strata once the requirements of regression, reduction, theorization and stratification have themselves been lost. Beyond this point, infocognition gives way to informational and cognitive potential, or telesis."

"We will later examine chosen aspects of this model, which transcends characterization as a "theory" by virtue of its categoricality with respect to computative entities such as human beings. That is, the CTMU is as close to "absolute truth" as we will ever be privileged to get along computative or intellectual pathways. If I might be indulged a bit of testimony: beyond the CTMU ultimate syntax, the lattice which gives shape to the multilayered layered veil of maya, there is but the light that shines forever."

"Niels Bohr’s famous correspondence principle–that classical and quantum physics must agree under certain conditions–is not correct the way he and many modern textbooks have stated it."

"Exchangeable sequences are models for homogeneous data sets and serve as building blocks for statistical models with more interesting dependency structures. Conditional independence and exchangeability are also central to the probabilistic programming. Infinite exchangeable sequences arise naturally in functional probabilistic programming languages. Indeed, any sequence of evaluations of a closure is a finite prefix of an infinite exchangeable sequence. The sequence is even manifestly conditionally i.i.d.: conditioning on the closure itself, every evaluation is independent and identically distributed."

"The generalized Petersen graph G(n,k) is formed by connecting the vertices of a regular n-gon to the corresponding vertices of a star polygon with Schläfli symbol {n/k}."

"The adjacency matrix of a graph can be interpreted as the incidence matrix of a design, or as the generator matrix of a binary code."

"So physics is inherently metrical in nature, and phenomena which violate the metrical adjacency criterion totally disable the associated physics. In this event, physics must be extended. G is the exclusive syntax of metametrical theoretical extension, where the "metametric" is an arbitrary relational extension of the limiting physical subtheory that we call the "physical metric"."

"First, van Benthem dynamically explicates the Fitch paradox and the paradox of the knower: the phenomenon observed in Chapter 3 of self-refuting assertions (such as a Moore-type sentence φ∧¬Kiφ) offers an illumination of how (the dynamic version of) the so-called Verificationist Thesis, "A formula φ that is true may come to be known" (p. 271), can fail (van Benthem stresses that making self-refuting assertions can nonetheless be informative and bring about knowledge)."

"Stacking the deck is a fallacy of omitting evidence that does not support your position. Like the card shark who “stacks” the cards before dealing to favor his own hand, a person who stacks the deck of an argument is cheating. All the cards favor him, because he has arranged them so. On the contrary, honest treatment of a discussable issue should evaluate evidence both for and against one’s own position. Stacking the deck can achieve short term wins against the unwary, but eventually a card stacker’s credibility will suffer."

Rounders - Final Poker scene

"Kripke–Joyal semantics is a higher order generalization of the semantic interpretation proposed initially by Beth, Gregorczyk, and Kripke for intuitionistic predicate logic. It provides a notion of ‘local truth’ or ‘validity at a stage’ in a topos."

"Another motivation for focusing on local states is the relativistic perspective, where at any given moment an agent’s local state exists and is well-defined but not necessarily so the (global) state. In fact, there may be more than one state which is compatible with a set of local states of the agents. Indeed, even talking about absolute real time is impossible according to relativity theory, so it may not make sense to talk about the state at some real time t."

"A rotation f of a disk by an angle θ gives rise to a probability-preserving system, where the probability of a set is defined to be proportional to its area. Moreover, such a system is not minimal, as (for example) the dashed circle is a closed, f-closed subsystem."

"In chapter 2, paragraph 11 of his fourth Ennead, Plotinus speaks of two suns, one being the normal visible sun and the other being an "intelligible sun." According to Plotinus,

...that sun in the divine realm is Intellect-- let this serve as an example for our discourse-- and next after it is soul, dependent upon it and abiding while Intellect abides. This soul gives the edge of itself which borders on this [visible] sun to this sun, and makes a connection of it to the divine realm through the medium of itself, and acts as an interpreter of what comes from this sun to the intelligible sun and from the intelligible sun to this sun... [8]"

"The Hypercosmic Realm has very little known about it. We do know, however, that it cannot be conceived of through the human mind. This doesn’t mean it cannot be thought of, of course, but merely that its incomprehensibility means we are unable to think of it. The Hypercosmic Realm may be understood as mirroring the Intelligible Realm in the created cosmos, and is home to the Hypercosmic Gods."

"We have all heard about the Black Sun Symbol. Is it really a pagan symbol? Or a Contemporanean fabrication?"

“Hinton anticipated Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and, furthermore, anticipated the concept of spacetime itself, and the world lines that populate it. Spacetime is often conceived of as a white graph of equally-sized squares on a black field. A world line is the unique, sequential path in time and space drawn by any body’s progress during a lifetime, be it a world or a man. This flat-plane rendering of spacetime evokes the image of abstract bodies tracing lines across a black and white squared field, but world lines, because they move through time as well as space, are in movement even when physically still, and this time-movement is charted vertically.”

Best Eddie Van Halen solo in lifetime - R.I.P.

Reclaiming Aryan Masculinity


After the Germans were defeated with the conclusion of WW2, the word “Aryan” and “Nazi” became synonymous with evil. California culture and the VW love bug helped to rekindle an interest in Eastern religions and healthier lifestyle choices. I’d like to see California lead the way on reclaiming a positive Aryan masculinity concept. The retro new wave and fuschia theme is one example, obsession over surfing or outdoor sports is another.

“They call themselves "Surf Nazis," a throwback to the surfing scene two decades ago. They brandish no weapons, only surfboards. Their main reading supply consists of surfing magazines, which recently have glorified the surfing era when Surf Nazis were plentiful. If anything, they are apolitical, but to some, their political apathy and desire to rekindle a fading surfing legacy only serve to underscore the growing problem of competition and violence in the sport.”

Mereon (talk) 01:35, 7 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Quixotic - Schwarzenegger

“The first episode of Westworld Season 3 also involved a company scouring the big data of reality in order to get a sneak peek at what people will do, indicating that we don't have much choice in the matter. It’s interesting that both of these stories hit the airwaves at roughly the same time. One wonders what caused disparate writers to choose to tell these stories now — and if they had any choice at all.”

Westworld Season 3 Episode 1: Explained

“The first is that “performance drives success, but when performance can’t be measured, networks drive success”. With competitive tennis, better athletes win repeatedly, showing superiority. But when judging wine, it’s not easy to find objective means of ranking: repeated blind tastings, even among wine experts, lead to wildly fluctuating outcomes. When quality is hard to measure, observed differences in success — judged by popularity or sales, for example — follow from network effects. People rush to buy an early leader, swayed by the mistaken belief that others’ choices tell them about standard.”

“The irony is then that despite fighting for transparency (thus accountability for our actions in public settings) as a way to move forward, that was not developed together with a sense of safety provided for individuals but more for collective society. As such, the pitfalls of such societies are that they look for a sense of belonging in the hierarchies that they forgot: family and loved ones. It’s now a full circle that the society that invented the private ownership through collective investments (the symbol of capitalism being the stock market) is looking further into the values of the collective ownership (with all its intricacies we see in sharing economy trends) through the lenses of accepted socialism.”

““[i]n the face of the very real dislocations brought on by the triumph of industrial capitalism and national unification, volkisch thinkers preached a return to the land, to the simplicity and wholeness of a life attuned to nature’s purity.” He explains that this movement “refused to locate the sources of alienation, rootlessness and environmental destruction in social structures, laying the blame instead to rationalism, cosmopolitanism, and urban civilization.”

“What we call here a Black Swan (and capitalize it) is an event with the following three attributes.

First, it is an outlier, as it lies outside the realm of regular expectations, because nothing in the past can convincingly point to its possibility. Second, it carries an extreme impact. Third, in spite of its outlier status, human nature makes us concoct explanations for its occurrence after the fact, making it explainable and predictable.”


I understand that by exposing the supposed banking cabals some feel empowered, however it is not a solution, it is merely a narrative which has become a convenient excuse for failure rather than an instrument for success. I fear nothing, the banks fear me...for I am not of their kind, and so if I choose to drive them to extinction, I’ll feel no remorse when the lions eat them alive, however I will be keeping my share of Esthers and Daniels for the kind of love and wisdom whose value derives from a heavenly power.

Mereon (talk) 14:39, 7 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

15 Things You Didn't Know About The Rothschild Family


If you are banned from the group Halvard, do not fret, be a defender of your rocky homeland and I will always send you a raven with a thought to dwell upon should you seek it. May Thor help you and your people vanquish the self-engorging sea serpent of rules which feeds on its own waste.

Mereon (talk) 14:57, 7 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Edgar Allan Poe's THE RAVEN

“The first who used Poe’s ideas was the Russian mathematician Alexander Friedmann (1888-1925), who was a fan of Poe. In 1922 he published the mathematics for a dynamic universe, as an alternative for Einstein’s “cosmological constant.” The second one was the Belgian astronomer and priest Georges Lemaître (1894-1966), who suggested the Big Bang in 1927. Poe’s ideas were clearly behind these scientific breakthroughs, but he never received the credits. Most Poe biographers and scholars were at odds over Eureka. Some considered it humbug that was not worth reading; it even helped to convince Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein that Poe had a pathological personality. But others had a positive opinion, like the American Poet Laureate Daniel Hoffman (1923-2013), who saw it as a masterpiece and the key to Poe’s oeuvre

Fortunately, Eureka is now gradually receiving more and more serious attention as a major step in our understanding of the universe.”


“Comparing Bohm’s interpretation of quantum mechanics to Minkowski’s space-time model of relativity, we may note what the second has, and what the first lacks, which makes Minkowski’s metaphysical theory successful, and Bohm’s unsuccessful so far. Minkowski spacetime, when used as a framework or a model, allows us to frame new theories which are impossible to frame without it, and which experiment have verified. Bohm’s, on the other hand, makes the framing of an experimentally corroborated theory (quantum field theory) almost impossible, or at least very hard.”


Joseph in Egypt - Moody Bible Story

15 Left Me For Dead

Newcomb's Paradox Revisited Author(s): Maya Bar-Hillel and Avishai Margalit Source: The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 23, No. 4 (Nov., 1972)'s_Paradox_Revisited/links/02bfe50eaef5040520000000/Newcombs-Paradox-Revisited.pdf

“The famous account of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9 is conventionally interpreted as the Biblical explanation for the previously described diversification of language (viz., that in order to frustrate Man's amoral ambitions, God confused his language and thereby scattered the resulting linguistic subgroups). But this passage can also - and perhaps better - be interpreted as an account of the partial decoupling of language from its semantic deep structure.”

“Claiming to be a Grammar Nazi seems now to carry its own cachet, and to allow those who identify with the phrase to feel and behave as though they are superior. This is by no means a new phenomenon; my PhD thesis explores how book reviewers in the eighteenth century used grammar to set themselves up as unimpeachable authorities, and they didn’t even have an accepted body of variants to enforce.”

“The story is told of a mystic knower, who went on a journey with a learned grammarian as his companion. They came to the shore of the Sea of Grandeur. The knower straightway flung himself into the waves, but the grammarian stood lost in his reasonings, which were as words that are written on water. The knower called out to him, "Why dost thou not follow?" The grammarian answered, "O Brother, I dare not advance. I must needs go back again." Then the knower cried, "Forget what thou didst read in the books of …[rhetoric and grammar], and cross the water." The death of self is needed here, not rhetoric: Be nothing, then, and walk upon the waves. (Baha'u'llah, The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys, pp. 51-52)”

Finding the Will to Forge New Ways


Chris Langan is creeped out by creativity it seems, which he finds in over-abundance in California. He seems content with being a front man for the suicidal skepticism when it comes to COVID-19, and I will not allow such attitudes to take hold in America. China does not own California, contrary to his claims. Watching sickly White weird little New York Crypto-Demi-Jews like him jest at the rest of the country with infinite disdain only becomes easier with time once you notice their patterns of thinking, however there is hope for those with the spirit of invention alive in their veins, may we find inspiration among the Japanese.

“Emma Louise Connolly used two face masks to eat food while still wearing a mask. Uploading to Instagram, she captioned 'where there's a will, there's a way'.”

“Back in the ‘80s, Japanese amateur inventor Kenji Kawakami took the concept of solving life’s little problems in a tangent so brilliantly absurd that he created a whole new art form: the Chindogu.

Best translated into English as ‘weird tool’, the gentle art of Chindogu is all about the “unuseless idea”: Kawakami’s inventions appear to help you triumph over problems that plague your life – some of which you never realised existed. But in fact, to use one of these gadgets would actually create new problems – and therein lies the poetic beauty of the Chindogu.”

Mereon (talk) 07:41, 8 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Will to Power - Nietzsche

“President Trump spent three days in the hospital. He arrived and left by helicopter. And he received multiple coronavirus tests, oxygen, steroids and an experimental antibody treatment.

For someone who isn’t president, that would cost more than $100,000 in the American health system. Patients could face significant surprise bills and medical debt even after health insurance paid its share.”

“It's 1962 in an America that has lost World War II. Nazi Germany rules the eastern half of the country, while Japan dominates a puppet state on the West Coast. Separating their domains is a neutral zone spanning the Rocky Mountains. The pilot for The Man in the High Castle opens with a map plotting out that grim alternative to our reality. In Philip K. Dick's original novel, the references to geography are deliberately, tantalizingly scant. Can a map —especially a fictional one — be too precise?”

“Sinister sculptures and secret bunkers. Swastika-shaped runways and murals that point to a New World Order takeover or alien invasion.

And what about those gargoyles hanging out by the baggage claim?

Conspiracy theories about Denver International Airport have soared for more than two decades, owing to the airport’s mix of bold public art, unusual architecture, infamous construction problems and an internet-fueled cycle of self-feeding paranoia.”

Battle of Denver|The Man In the High Castle|Season 4


Anyone who says California should be used as a nuclear testing ground or that it should fall into the ocean, etc., should be sent to the gas chambers. We’ll rebuild the American economy by putting one in every county for all those too suicidal for the Nazi New World Order.

“The gas chamber was installed at San Quentin State Prison in 1938. On December 2, 1938, the first execution by lethal gas was conducted. From that date through 1967, 194 people – including four women – were executed by gas, all at San Quentin.”

Mereon (talk) 10:46, 8 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon


From my research it seems COVID-19 will only get worse year after year unless Holocaust-like methods are employed, especially against those communists who hate California, however there are lessons to learn from China when it comes to quickly eradicating their problem through Fascist-like silent mass cremation without mourning and total media lockdown until it is all over.

“Hydrogen cyanide, a poisonous gas that interferes with cellular respiration, was first used as a pesticide in California in the 1880s. Research at Degesch of Germany led to the development of Zyklon (later known as Zyklon A), a pesticide which released hydrogen cyanide upon exposure to water and heat. ... The first gas chamber at Auschwitz II–Birkenau was the "red house" (called Bunker 1 by SS staff), a brick cottage converted to a gassing facility by tearing out the inside and bricking up the windows. It was operational by March 1942. A second brick cottage, called the "white house" or Bunker 2, was converted some weeks later.“

Mereon (talk) 11:13, 8 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“We prove that self-duality follows from a computational primitive called bit symmetry: every logical bit can be mapped to any other logical bit by a reversible transformation.”

“There is one, and only one way, consistent with fundamental physics, that the efficiency of general digital computation can continue increasing indefinitely, and that is to apply the principles of reversible computing. We need to begin intensive development work on this technology soon if we want to maintain advances in computing and the attendant economic growth”

“75 years on, the UN chief noted that even during the COVID-19 pandemic, a worldwide health crisis that can only be defeated by an international community that is working closely together, there are those who are sowing division and spreading hatred.

On Friday, Mr. Guterres made a global appeal to address and counter what he called the “tsumani of hate and xenophobia” that has risen alongside the global tally of COVID-19 cases.”


As someone capable of being a true Nazi, when I hear complaints about “The Left” I wonder Which And Whose Left? These are relative designations, and so as long as people want to hate on what they consider their left, I will always be prepared to show how far to the right I can go to make them look like “the leftists.”

Mereon (talk) 19:15, 8 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Topics from Charles’ chapter titled “Hinduism (Brahmanism)” include: origin, caste, scriptures, the Supreme One (Brahma), and salvation. He notes shifts in Vedic hymns from belief in one God (monotheism) to seeing God in everything (pantheism) to belief in many gods (polytheism). In addition to commending the prominent place given to prayer by Hindus, Charles faults several features of Hinduism: that touching a low-caste person is not to be pardoned; that the duration or number of re-births might be reduced through strict adherence to law or acts of merit; that widows consecrated to Krishna may become prostitutes when resident in temples. In the study of religions, Charles cautions against either becoming liberal to the point of granting salvation through them all, or so narrow as to refuse to learn or receive good ideas from others. Since all religions provide interest and instruction, he expects a student who compares religions to keep focused what is “true.””

Nirvana - All Apologies (MTV Unplugged) Fundraiser

“Calvin compared his creative powers to godhood while playing with Tinkertoys.”


As I’ve stated, I prefer Donald J. Trump as president, however calling all people who are darker skinned “The Left” is misleading, it only encourages a stronger definition of what it means to be “right.”

Mereon (talk) 00:02, 9 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

From white supremacy to Barack Obama: The history of the Democratic Party

How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump

Roger Penrose - Why Did Our Universe Begin?

“Death is real, it comes without warning and it cannot be escaped. An ancient source of strength and guidance, The Tibetan Book of the Dead remains an essential teaching in the Buddhist cultures of the Himalayas. Narrated by Leonard Cohen, this enlightening two-part series explores the sacred text and boldly visualizes the afterlife according to its profound wisdom.”

“By bringing color to the original black and white registration photos and telling prisoners’ stories, “Faces of Auschwitz” commemorates the memory of those who were murdered in the name of bigotry and hate. It acts as both a memorial to their passing and a warning to the world at a time when the memory of the Holocaust becomes increasingly abstract and remote.”

“In a much-discussed correspondence with Gottlob Frege, Hilbert wrote (see Frege [1976], [1980]):

Every theory is only a scaffolding or schema of concepts together with their necessary relations to one another, and that the basic elements can be thought of in any way one likes. If in speaking of my points, I think of some system of things, e.g., the system love, law, chimney-sweep . . . and then assume all my axioms as relations between these things, then my propositions, e.g., Pythagoras’ theorem, are also valid for these things . . . [A]ny theory can always be applied to infinitely many systems of basic elements.

A structure is the abstract form of a system, which ignores or abstracts away from any features of the objects that do not bear on the relations. So, the natural number structure is the form common to all of the natural number systems. And this structure is the subject matter of arithmetic. The Euclidean-space-structure is the form common to all Euclidean systems. The theme of structuralism is that, in general, the subject matter of a branch of mathematics is a given structure or a class of related structures—such as all algebraically closed fields.

A structure is thus a “one over many,” a sort of universal. The difference between a structure and a more traditional universal, such as a property, is that a property applies to, or holds of, individual objects, while a structure applies to, or holds of, systems.”

“Bisimulation can be defined in terms of an operation on relations, called a “relational extension” or “relator”.”

"Looking forward, we hope to improve the capabilities of automated 3-D change detection to be more robust to natural temporal changes in foliage, expand the number of automatically detected object classes, and extend automated detection capability to full 3-D point clouds,"

“Constructor theory seeks to express all fundamental scientific theories in terms of a dichotomy between possible and impossible physical transformations – those that can be caused to happen and those that cannot. This is a departure from the prevailing conception of fundamental physics which is to predict what will happen from initial conditions and laws of motion.”


For those interested in Las Vegas (Russian Jewish/Irish/Italian) gangster history, this film may be of interest.

“Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, a brilliant and violent gangster, moves from his criminal empire in New York to run the powerful rackets in Los Angeles. But his tumultuous affair with a Hollywood starlet inspires him to build something even bigger than his growing infamy but not before enraging his criminal backers. And Bugsy will go to any length to see his dream realized, even if it costs him his life.”

Bugsy | Based on a True Story

Mereon (talk) 23:51, 9 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“The dark matter particles (erebons) may be expected to behave almost as classical particles, though with bosonic properties; they would probably be of about a Planck mass and interacting only gravitationally.”

“Non-periodicity means that no finite shifts of a tiling can reproduce it. A better known special case of such tilings are aperiodic tilings, e.g., Penrose tilings. Aperiodicity has the additional requirement that the tiling cannot contain arbitrarily large periodic patches, which is not necessarily respected by our method”

“Finite arrangements of circles provide fertile soil for discrete conformal maps, capturing many features of the smooth theory. Koebe originally showed how incidence relationships in planar graphs can be captured via tangency relationships between circles, providing a basic connection between combinatorics and geometry.”

“By definition of the planar operad this tangle encodes a map from PX to PY and under a certain condition on R this latter map is injective. Continuing this process of refinement of finite partitions we obtain at the limit the dense subset of dyadic rationals of the circle and obtain an obvious notion of support defining localized field algebras exactly like in (physics) lattice theory. Moreover, we can rotate and perform some local scale transformations but only using those behaving well with dyadic rationals.”


In terms of Michio Kaku supposedly excluding Metaphysics from consideration...perhaps in Chris Langan’s case this was a question of relative expertise in a subject. I will always be a fan of Kaku, a California local...although America is not just blue jeans and Rock’n’Roll if you ask super-conservative Nazi-esque Rocky Mountain White American Christians like the ones I grew up around.

Michio Kaku: The Metaphysics of Teleportation

Mereon (talk) 16:47, 10 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Footloose (7/7) Movie CLIP - Letting Go (1984) HD

“a new type of hierarchy that a conformal tiling may admit, called a fractal hierarchy. We then use this concept of a fractal hierarchy to provide a framework for generalizing a very important result in answering the type problem questions that originally motivated this study, and to provide deeper insight into conformal tilings as a whole.”

“So our first major task is to prove the slice theorem, which says that if E is a topos, then also the slice E/X of objects “varying over X” is a topos, and moreover that the interpretation functor X*:E→E/X preserves all conceivable topos structure, i.e., is a “logical functor” and has adjoints on both sides (so that any limits or colimits that E has are preserved under reinterpretation).”


Fundamental theorem of topos theory

“A boundary condition is the specification of algebraic relations between the local and covariant quantum observables (“fields”) at the two sides (L = left, R = right) of a boundary in Minkowski spacetime (e.g., the surface x = 0). The quantum fields on both sides are assumed to share the fields of a common subtheory A defined in the entire spacetime, so that the boundary is “transparent” for A.”

"We do not interfere in US politics … and Europeans expect that America does not interfere in European politics," Mogherini said”


I don’t mind seeing a civil war in which the rest of America tries to attack California like those in Chris Langan’s groups have been encouraging, however they should be prepared for an unrelenting holocaust if they lose.

Mereon (talk) 23:30, 10 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“The states with the most total active duty and reserve members of the military, as of September 2017, were:

California: 184,540 Texas: 164,234 Virginia: 115,280 North Carolina: 112,951 Florida: 92,249 Georgia: 88,089 Washington: 64,066 South Carolina: 55,369 New York: 48,974 Colorado: 47,636 The default answer is generally Texas for this question but I disagree.”

The Man in the High Castle Season 2 The Pledge | Prime Video

“Concluding a show that plays with the idea that there are an infinite number of parallel realities is an even more difficult one. In this final episode, the Japanese have abandoned North America, the East Coast is being run by a guy who wants the Nazis gone and high-ranking Nazi official, John Smith (Rufus Sewell, “Victoria”) is dead. These were all necessary to tie up loose ends. The show could have ended there. However, inexplicably, there was one more scene that takes us to the Nazi multi-verse portal. The American resistance has taken the facility where the portal is located from the Nazis and the portal fires up itself. Once it stabilizes, people start strolling through into the room, not acknowledging the people who are already present in the room. This was clearly meant to be a “moving” scene in which people were coming from literally everywhere but there was absolutely no setup for this turn of events, making it meaningless. It feels like a victory, but what that victory was is unclear. The final scene poses many more questions than it answers. As the show progressed, the show became less about the characters and more about the theory of the multi-verse.”‘-man-high-castle’

Sabotage Program against Paralel Worlds | Man in the High Castle|Season 4

“Though Basiago claims to have experienced eight different time travel technologies, most travel involved a teleporter based on technical papers supposedly found in pioneering mechanical engineer Nikola Tesla’s New York City apartment after his death in January 1943. The teleporter “consisted of two gray elliptical booms about eight feet tall, separated by about 10 feet, between which a shimmering curtain of what Tesla called ‘radiant energy’ was broadcast,” Basiago says. “Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered that is latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.”

Basiago said each of his visits to the past was different, “like they were sending us to slightly different alternative realities on adjacent timelines. As these visits began to accumulate, I twice ran into myself during two different visits.””

Are There Many Worlds? David Deutsch in conversation with Markus Arndt

“All possible quantum states, events, possibilities, and outcomes are real, eventual, and occurring.

The chances of everything happening someplace at sometime in the superverse are 100%.”

Sean Carroll: Time Travel in Many-Worlds

Family Guy: Road To The Multiverse (Clip) | TBS

Space-Time as an Error-Correcting Code


Going back to self-reproducing automata, space-time as an error-correcting code and the universe self-fractionating as such, this is where I’d begin exploring in terms of autopoietic cosmogony.

“Linde’s multiverse is an adaptation of the inflation which is widely held to have rapidly boosted the size of the universe shortly after the Big Bang. Linde argues that inflation could spawn new, disconnected regions of space, each with different properties, and that over time this process could give rise to all the different universes predicted by string theory. Researchers have recently noticed that the cosmic microwave background radiation – the echo left over from the Big Bang – contains traces of what might be ‘bruises’ caused by collisions between Linde’s other universes and our own.”

M-theory Cosmology, Octonions, Error Correcting Codes

“Could it mean that the universe itself is built with error correcting codes in it, codes that that are just like those used in computers and computer networks? Did they emerge naturally, or are they artifacts of some kind of intelligent design? Or do they indicate the universe literally IS a computer? For example maybe the universe is a cellular automata machine, or perhaps a loop quantum gravity computer.”

Mereon (talk) 16:56, 11 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“A finite geometric model of space-time (which we call the bulk) is shown to emerge as a set of error correcting codes. The bulk is encoding a set of messages located in a blow up of the Gibbons-Hoffman-Wootters (GHW) discrete phase space for n-qubits (which we call the boundary). Our error correcting code is a geometric subspace code known from network coding, and the correspondence map is the finite geometric analogue of the Plücker map well-known from twistor theory.”

“If we take into account the fact that these distinct families of symmetries should in some sense merge and become essentially indistinguishable in the unified regime, our framework may provide an approximate description of or elementary model for the structure of the universe at early times. ... In general, two such planes will not intersect. If two planes intersect in a point, then the separation vector of the corresponding space-time points is degenerate. If the intersection is in a line, then the corresponding points are null-separated.”


Americans should beware of Far-Right German/Russian Jewish interference in local politics through the CTMU groups with their promotion of conspiracies about torturing those of European heritage who do not cower in fear before their explanations of politics from their towering height.

California Prop 16 explained: Affirmative Action Amendment

Mereon (talk) 20:39, 11 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

The Postal Service - Such Great Heights [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“Hyperbolic spaces offer different mathematical challenges to physicists than the Euclidean spaces in which they normally work. For instance, researchers can't use the standard physicist trick of imagining a lattice getting smaller and smaller to figure out what happens for an infinitely small grid, which should act like a smooth, continuous space. This is because in a hyperbolic space the shape of the lattice changes with its size due to the curving of the space. The new paper establishes mathematical tools, such as a dictionary between discrete and continuous geometry, to circumvent these issues and make sense of the results of simulations.”

“Instead of computing entanglement entropy of a given boundary field theory from known bulk geometry, conversely the bulk spacetime may be reconstructed from knowledge of the entanglement entropy of a boundary field theory.”

“Strominger suggested that the vacuum of general relativity may provide a memory matrix that preserves this information in the universe, beyond the black hole’s demise. A black hole forms in an empty region of spacetime; after it evaporates, that region is empty once more. But it is a different empty.”

“First of all, models always differ from reality. The question is not, however, whether there exist important properties of the brain that are neglected by a model. They always exist. The question is whether the model reflects any important aspects of reality. A model is an intelligent device that should perform useful work. Simple models, ranged from stochastic separation, concept cells, and Hebb’s rule described in our review to direct simulation of large networks of relatively simple neurons and rule based models of development neuronal network generating behavior, have not yet exhausted their capabilities.”


In terms of the CTMU being amenable to the absorption of new knowledge, it must to that extent be self-correcting yet invariant if it is to remain a logically idempotent supertautology.

Error correcting codes, group theory, and invariant theory Part 1

Mereon (talk) 18:34, 12 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“"If the modifications needed to accommodate new observations become too baroque, it signals the need for a new model." Of course, an assessment like that is subjective, as are the other criteria. According to Hawking and Mlodinow, even very successful models in use today do not satisfy all these criteria, which are aspirational in nature.”

“For our purposes, it will be convenient to express the information gain in terms of a certain quantity called the volume ratio, which quantifies the rate at which the learning agent can zero in on the true model as more observations keep arriving.

To that end, let us first observe that, at time {t}, the agent can localize the unknown model {F} to the set”

“For Gnostics, some human beings are born with a small piece of God's soul lodged within their spirit (akin to the notion of a Divine Spark). God is thus intimately connected to and part of his creation. Salvation lies in turning away from the physical world (which Gnostics regard as an illusion) and embracing the godlike qualities within oneself. Marcion, by contrast, held that the Heavenly Father (the father of Jesus Christ) was an utterly alien god; he had no part in making the world, nor any connection with it.”

“The hótṛ acted as invoker/priests, wise counsels and advisors to local Aryan kings and Aryan princes.

In the Vedas, Agni, “the divine spark” (latin ignis, Old Church Slavonic ogni, Lithuanian ugnis, “Fire” “to ignite.”) is the foremost invoker of the gods.”

“More specifically, God is identical with one of the two ungenerated and indestructible first principles (archai) of the universe. One principle is matter which they regard as utterly unqualified and inert. It is that which is acted upon. God is identified with an eternal reason (logos, Diog. Laert. 44B ) or intelligent designing fire or a breath (pneuma) which structures matter in accordance with Its plan (Aetius, 46A). The designing fire is likened to sperm or seed which contains the first principles or directions of all the things which will subsequently develop (Aristocles in Eusebius, 46G). The biological conception of God as a kind of living heat or seed from which things grow seems to be fully intended.”

“What if every single black hole that formed in our universe sparked the big bang of a new universe? Cosmological natural selection proposes exactly this - but even better, it claims to be able to test the hypothesis.”

“Intelligence is a computational resource and as with other physical resources (mass, speed) its behavior is probably not going to be just a typical linear extrapolation of what we are used to, if observed at high extremes (IQ > 200+). It may also be subject to fundamental limits such as the speed limit on travel of light or fundamental limits we do not yet understand or know about (unknown unknowns).”

Michio Kaku: Could We Transport Our Consciousness Into Robots? | Big Think

“There’s no expectation here that the preserved tissue can be actually brought back to life, as is the hope with Alcor-style cryonics. Instead, the idea is to retrieve information that’s present in the brain’s anatomical layout and molecular details.

“If the brain is dead, it’s like your computer is off, but that doesn’t mean the information isn’t there,” says Hayworth.”

Hidden Meaning in Akira – Earthling Cinema


In terms of meritorious intellects, Chris Langan earned my respect inasmuch as I bothered to do my research on his ideas. As for the way he characterizes his intellectual inferiors as parasites, and how he furrows his brows at Kamala Harris, I will not make the case for or against her...however the least Jewish and least Catholic and least African candidate is best in my opinion, just too much resentment from Jews, too much hypocrisy from Catholics, and too many loose cannons with Africans.

Mereon (talk) 17:17, 13 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Many Jews Resentful of Vatican Response to Holocaust

Far-Right Nationalism Surges in South African Politics


I would like to see that German call a mulatto woman judge a camel just before he is sent to a Christian boot camp where he may never return from like I had to, God knows he would not have survived my American upbringing acting like an insouciant boar. I say, some half-black/half-white women are very beautiful, faithful girlfriends and wives...but it is a man’s world politically speaking.

VP Fly Debate Cold Open - SNL

Joss Stone - It's a Man's World (Coco Mademoiselle)

Mereon (talk) 18:11, 13 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Rihanna - Love On The Brain (Explicit)

“Arabic and Azerbaijani Kamal (Arabic: كمال‌‎) or Turkish Kemal and Kamâl. The word Kamal is originally Arabic and it means perfection and excellence; also may be used as an abbreviation of Kamal ad-Din.

In Persian it means "beauty, perfection, excellence, completion, utmost level".

a Hindi version of the Hindu name of Sanskrit origin usually spelled Kamala for females and Kamal for males meaning lotus or pale red.”

Meta-Simultaneous Tiered Hyperparameter Optimization


In terms of global optimization across space and time in the CTMU, this may require a system of reinforcement learning such that pro-social behaviors are cultivated in an infocognitively controllable setting.

“A crucial aspect in RL is the trade-off between exploration and exploitation, in which the agent has to choose between taking actions that are considered to be the best according to the current estimation of the optimal policy learned, or taking actions that are deemed as sub-optimal but makes room for the agent to discover better actions to exploit in the future.”

George Carlin - Matrix Architect Parody

Mereon (talk) 22:03, 13 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“The problem with hyperparameters is that they are often left to the choice of the machine learning practitioner, often with no established procedure to select them. Traditionally, they were selected by building a combinatorial grid over possible values for each individual hyperparameter, and all the resulting tuples would be tested out independently – a procedure called a grid search.”

“While an ordinary grammar recursively processes information or binds informational potential to an invariant syntax that distributes over its products, Γ grammar binds telesis, infocognitive potential ranging over possible relationships of syntax and state, by cross-refining syntax and its informational content through telic recursion.”

“But the enterprise of causal modeling brings another resource to the table. In addition to domain specific knowledge, it brings a domain-independent “template” that houses that knowledge and which is useful for precisely the “other settings” you are aiming to handle:”

“We call a “meta-episode” the set of interactions a meta-learner has with a particular instance of an environment class T . Each interaction episode within this meta-episode is called a sub-episode.”

“Note that while multi-task learning (learning multiple related tasks simultaneously) and ensemble learning (building multiple models on the same task), can often be meaningfully combined with meta-learning systems, they do not in themselves involve learning from prior experience on other tasks.”

“Tensor networks are methods to efficiently represent quantum states in terms of smaller interconnected tensors. In particular, these are often used to describe states whose entanglement is constrained by local interactions. By looking only at a smaller portion of the vector space, the computational cost is then reduced and becomes a polynomial function of the system size. This enables the numerical treatment of systems through layers of abstraction, reminiscent of deep neural networks. Indeed, some of the most studied tensor networks such as the matrix product state, the tree tensor network (TTN), and the multi-scale entanglement renormalization ansatz (MERA) have been tested for classification and generative modeling”

“We discuss a possibility that the entire universe on its most fundamental level is a neural network. We identify two different types of dynamical degrees of freedom: "trainable" variables (e.g. bias vector or weight matrix) and "hidden" variables (e.g. state vector of neurons).”


Chris Langan has published papers in peer reviewed journals, so any claim about him not being able to get his word in edgewise is tooting musical fruit out their ass. He wants to be worshiped like Jesus Christ, and when you bother to do your research he’ll insult you even further for trying to learn something in the process, because he is half-Jewish, and honestly he deserves to live under the very Nazi regime he purportedly espouses.

Mereon (talk) 18:54, 14 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

What Is A Cult and How Does It Work? (Margaret Singer)

“Werner Erhard has done a lot that “doesn’t work” in the rollercoaster course of his life, which has had enough twists of plot and identity for a John le Carre spy novel. Born John Paul Rosenberg to an Episcopal mother and a Jewish father who became an evangelical Christian convert (Erhard was raised in the Episcopal Church), he sold used cars in Philadelphia as Jack Rosenberg, married his high-school sweetheart, then abandoned her and four children for a blonde named (stranger than fiction) June Bryde. On a plane fleeing west he read an article on the “New Germany” and picked names from physicist Werner Heisenberg and economics minister Ludwig Erhard, transforming himself into Werner Erhard.

Successful as a manager for encyclopedia sales, Erhard was also cramming for enlightenment by studying Gestalt and Zen; Plato; Freud; Jung; Heidegger; and Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, and Fritz Perls (theorists of the human-potential movement). He participated in encounter groups and took courses from Dale Carnegie, Scientology, and Mind Dynamics, plucking ideas he’d later use in his programs.”

“The problem with allowing for experiences outside of a mind is that the theory of perceptronium is now related to proto-consciousness and not consciousness. Neuroscientists and psychologists are interested in the kind of consciousness that occurs when a subject is awake and is associated with global availability of experience and the cognitive functions associated with consciousness in animals. Proto-consciousness is not associated with any of these properties.”

“Instead of concentrating on the many technological projections in Stapledon’s masterwork Star Maker, I elected to investigate whether there is any evidence to support his core metaphysics—that the universe is in some sense conscious and that a portion of stellar motion is volitional (as an alternative to Dark Matter). Stars do not possess neurons or tubules, but the spectral signatures of cooler stars such as the Sun reveal the presence of simple molecules. A universal proto-consciousness field congruent with vacuum fluctuations could interact with molecular matter via the contribution of the Casimir Effect to molecular bonds. Surprisingly, there is observational evidence that cooler stars move somewhat faster around the galactic center than their hotter sisters.”

Solaris - What It Means To Be "Alive"

Video Nugget: Olaf Stapledon's Star Maker with Thomas Lombardo


I’m sure there is always someone less “PC” than Chris Langan, for example, I associate him with the “Demi-Jewish” concept of IQ, not the “Aryan” one. As for his belief that credit is more important that truth, that is why he’ll always be closer to an Einstein and not a Schwarzschild in my book, as for the history of physics, at least Scientific American doesn’t go out of its way to flatter Demi-Jews like Chris Langan feels they should in his case. While the rest of us Aryans will fight wars on his behalf, he can sit comfortably in his armchair and take credit for the creation of everything he points his finger at and can give an idiosyncratic name.

“In his 1939 paper Einstein credits his renewed concern about the Schwarzschild radius to discussions with Princeton cosmologist Harold P. Robertson and with his assistant Peter G. Bergmann. It was certainly Einstein's intention in this paper to kill off the Schwarzschild singularity once and for all. At the end of it he writes, The essential result of this investigation is a clear understanding as to why Schwarzschild singularities do not exist in physical reality. In other words, black holes cannot exist.”

Mereon (talk) 17:30, 15 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon


As for turning anyone other than Chris Langan into “Pink Mist” in a debate, perhaps that intellectually stratospheric attitude is better suited for genocidal war rather than engaging with philosophical ideas.

“He argues that instead of submitting to this patronizing occultation of science and technology, we should build a socio-political order capable of enduring the most radical developments in Parapsychology, Genetic Engineering, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, and Zero Point Energy (together with its potential for affording us the ability to Time Travel). In Jorjani’s view, understanding and thereby more consciously controlling the spectral force of Prometheus, as an archetype and egregore, is the key to masterfully navigating this apocalyptic crisis that we will face within the next thirty years.”

Mereon (talk) 17:42, 15 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Judge Theodor Meron is World War II survivor who fled Poland after the Nazis invaded in 1939. He would later become a Judge for UN International Criminal Tribunals. Judge Meron tells us about the importance of heeding lessons from the past so that we may prevent future atrocities”

“Now that the financial interests have been explained a bit - Next Episode: Examples of proxy wars – funding both sides

Talk about the US politicians and Media Reaction to the Kurds – anarcho-Communist breakaway group from Turkey Washington Post's headline describing former ISIS leader al-Baghdadi as a 'religious scholar’ – who just happened to burn people alive in cages and responsible for the death of thousand”


Karl Schwarzchild was also Jewish, however he died fighting for the German Empire in WW1.

“In an ironic twist of the history of physics, Karl Schwarzschild’s fame has eclipsed his own legacy. When asked who was Karl Schwarzschild (1873 – 1916), you would probably say he’s the guy who solved Einstein’s Field Equations of General Relativity and discovered the radius of black holes. You may also know that he accomplished this Herculean feat while dying slowly behind the German lines on the Eastern Front in WWI.”

Mereon (talk) 21:33, 15 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“In the nineteenth century, many Ashkenazi Jews in Germany converted to Catholicism, so Eva Braun is highly unlikely to have known her ancestry and - despite research he instigated into Braun’s race - neither would Hitler.”

“The ‘iterative absorption’ method overcomes this issue by splitting up the absorbing process into many steps. In each step, the number of possible leftover configurations is drastically reduced using a ‘partial absorbing procedure’, until eventually one has sufficient control over the leftover to absorb it completely in a final absorption step.”

Extremal Combinatorics and Intelligent Self-Design


One interesting approach to understanding Multiplex Unity and Intelligent Self-Design could be through extremal combinatorics, which could be a way to explore questions about channel capacity and design theory.

“Extremal combinatorics studies how large or how small a collection of finite objects (numbers, graphs, vectors, sets, etc.) can be, if it has to satisfy certain restrictions.”

Design Theory and Extremal Combinatorics

The seminar will explore various topics related to design theory and extremal combinatorics

Mereon (talk) 01:44, 16 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“A graph is one of the very basic combinatorial structures, and can model, among other things, a communication network.”


“Extremal Optimization is a single search point (single solution) heuristic based on the Bak-Sneppen model of co-evolution. The Bak-Sneppen model demonstrates self-organized criticality (SOC), a tendency for dynamical systems to organize themselves into optimal states. The Bak-Sneppen model addresses the evolution of entire ecosystems, or neighborhoods, via punctuated equilibrium instead of individual species gradually evolving over time. These so-called neighborhoods are made up of several species, each demonstrating complex relationships with neighboring species.”

“EO was designed as a local search algorithm for combinatorial optimization problems. Unlike genetic algorithms, which work with a population of candidate solutions, EO evolves a single solution and makes local modifications to the worst components. This requires that a suitable representation be selected which permits individual solution components to be assigned a quality measure ("fitness"). This differs from holistic approaches such as ant colony optimization and evolutionary computation that assign equal-fitness to all components of a solution based upon their collective evaluation against an objective function. The algorithm is initialized with an initial solution, which can be constructed randomly, or derived from another search process.”

“In this paper, we introduce a new parameter-free and unary performance metric to measure the quality of solutions, termed as domination measure. Practically, the domination measure of a solution can be viewed as the measure of the region in the solution space that dominates that solution. Unlike hypervolume mentioned previously, it is a global performance metric since all the solutions in the solution space are taken into account for its computation. To the best of our knowledge, this work is among the very first to incorporate such a performance metric for solving multi-objective problems.”

“in·dex n. pl. in·dex·es or in·di·ces Definition 1. Something that serves to guide, point out, or otherwise facilitate reference. 2. Something that reveals or indicates; a sign. 3. An indicator or pointer, as on a scientific instrument. 4. Mathematics: A number derived from a formula, used to characterize a set of data. Today we’ll study two indexes.”


As for journalistic ethics, slandering the prophet Muhammad was an easy target when Chris Langan called him a hebephiliac. The world will have to accept Islam before it can evolve beyond it, however if they would like a world ruled by “Judeo-Christians” that is fine by me, however eventually Nazis will return as the “messiah” again and again until people start showing a little more respect for the messengers God has sent mankind for their personal spiritual and collective social development. I would bring back the swastika armband for SS soldiers, but with an American flag background, like the regalia in Man in the High Castle.

“Muslim rulers in the 8th C CE were the first to introduce the badge to identify Jews and Christians within the Muslim population.

Jews and Christians living under Sharia Law were considered “People of the Book,” whose belief in the God of Abraham predated the founding of Islam. As such they were accorded the right to freely practice their faith in private and to receive state protection.”

Nazi-American Police in The Man in the High Castle Pilot

Mereon (talk) 16:42, 16 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“A garden-variety demagogue might have simply created an outsized image for himself, an inadvertent sort of cartoon. Hitler did something more sophisticated. He made the case for a new kind of leader, and created a semi-fictional alternative version of himself that would fit his own job description.”


I will always defend and fight for Western Civilization and Europe, however I will call out the real deal from the fakers because it is literally a question of a war for survival, and most people don’t realize how insidious or deceptive the shepherds of such movements turn out to be against their own sheep. For now, I’ll align with the yellow vest movement.

Xurious - Fight For Western Civilization (Yellow Vest Edition) (Mirror)

Mereon (talk) 17:40, 16 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon


It’s important to stay realistic about the Neo-Nazi/KKK scene in America, it’s not something to be flirting with unless you are prepared for all it entails, including paramilitary shock trooping, prison time, esoteric philosophy, etc. I have striven to improve race relations because of the CTMU, however I soon realized my approach was considered too soft by others, so I hardened up until I became too hard on the very man I was trying to defend in the first place. The lesson here is never underestimate someone you consider too soft, because that may be their way of avoiding what they know to be a side of them which is too hard.

“Discover the sordid history of the KKK in Colorado and the impact they had on Catholics, Jews and African Americans in early 1920s, and the courageous individuals who fought against their establishment.”

Mereon (talk) 20:17, 16 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Cyrano de Bergerac 1950) 'Nose Speech' 'Fencing Ballade'

Time Travel with Jason Reza Jorjani


In terms of Nick Bostrom being a globalist who argues for a unipolar world order, he is Swedish but teaches at a British university, so their vision of Empire and international human rights certainly has a history. However Americans have their own philosophy of manifest destiny. As for “sucking up” to globalists as a career move, since Chris Langan did not fight in World War 2 like his father, I am certain that he takes for granted the human rights afforded to him by our country when he makes a joke out of the people who died for the notion of a universal brotherhood of mankind.

Mereon (talk) 14:04, 17 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Explore-exploit tradeoffs are also discussed in somewhat different terms in machine learning, by analogy to a landscape, rather than an urn or a multi-armed bandit. Here, imagine a robot, which in our analogy will parallel human civilization, in a potentially dangerous environment. There are rewards, that is, new technologies, scattered about. At each stage, the robot can explore in any direction to search the landscape for a new reward (novel technologies), or focus on places where it knows rewards can be found. Because the payoffs of future exploration are unknown, optimal decision making in explore-exploit situations is notoriously hard to analyze. In fact, when the multi-armed bandit problem was first proposed during World War II, allied analysts suggested that perhaps the most useful application was to give the problem to the Axis, so that they would also waste their time on the seemingly intractable problem.”

“a problem in which a fixed limited set of resources must be allocated between competing (alternative) choices in a way that maximizes their expected gain, when each choice's properties are only partially known at the time of allocation, and may become better understood as time passes or by allocating resources to the choice.”


I condemn the anti-Islamic cartoon propaganda being taught in French schools, someday it will be studied like anti-Semitic cartoon propaganda from Nazi Germany. That Chechen boy was very brave to fight against the injustices directed towards Muslims, and will be remembered as an Assassin with a true creed, although such a station is not exclusive to any race or religion, just someone who stands up against the bullying of so-called “brown people” by supposedly “white people.” The French Revolution has its own poor who were considered the “brown turds” to the aristocracy.

“the most evil book ever, in which Jews are compared to drones, hyenas, chameleons, coo-coos, locusts, bedbugs, starlings, mongrel dogs, poisonous snakes, tapeworms, and bacteria, respectively. Several stories end with a demand for their extermination.”

Assassin's Creed Unity French Revolution Story Trailer

Mereon (talk) 23:33, 17 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon


I will resist Chris Langan’s racism against Muslims until my dying day, even though I’m not a Muslim, because I know he uses it as a way to generate undue sympathy for himself. While Muslims get a free magic carpet ride to Guantanamo Bay where they’ll be tortured, Chris Langan sets himself up as the crucified White Man as if he’s ever been sent to a Muslim country to fight a war for oil.

Mereon (talk) 00:10, 18 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“To contrast the statistical approach typical of graph theory, we introduce uniformity bases induced by discrete topological groups. The use of metrizable uniformities in bottom up pregeometry has already proven effective in producing spacetime dimensionality”


In terms of the “shit show” Chris Langan calls “intellectual commerce,” I have no problem trading ideas with Christians and Jews, even if I get no credit for them, because I have a higher responsibility to humanity than being recognized for having an idea, I have to actually put them into practice in a directly useful way. I don’t tolerate intimidation from White Judeo-Christians, which is why I will always prefer genuine esoteric Nazi principles to those who falsely represent their ideology through a superficial and premature understanding of selective eugenics.

“Jung's suggestion that Hitler personified the collective Aryan unconscious deeply interested and influenced Miguel Serrano, who later concluded that Jung was merely psychologizing the ancient, sacred mystery of archetypal possession by the gods, independent metaphysical powers that rule over their respective races and occasionally possess their members.”

Mereon (talk) 14:40, 18 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Here, we have provided experimental evidence that glutamate-induced biophotonic activities and transmission in brain slices present a spectral redshift feature from animals (bullfrog, mouse, chicken, pig, and monkey) to humans, which may be a key biophysical basis for explaining why human beings hold higher intelligence than that of other animals.”

“The following interview was compiled from the original manuscript, as a redaction of two previously published interviews in ANTIDOTO in Greece and THE FLAMING SWORD in New Zealand.

You define yourself as an “Esoteric Hitlerist.” Please define the term.

Miguel Serrano: Hitler said, “Whoever thinks that National Socialism is only a political movement does not understand anything.”

“Woodin showed that if you can just reach the level of the supercompacts, then there’s an overflow and your inner model picks up all the bigger large cardinals as well,” Koellner explained. “That was a sort of landscape shift. It provided this new hope that this approach can work. All you have to do is hit one supercompact and then you’ve got it all.”

Vopenka's Principle Explained

Modern Czech Logic: Vopěnka and Hájek, History and Background

“In his 1925 PhD thesis, John von Neumann defined the cumulative hierarchy by transfinite recursion on the ordinals. The 0th level is the empty set, the successor of a given level is its power set, and a limit level is equal to the union of all preceding levels (see §A.5). Virtually all of mathematics as we know it (and then some) takes place within the first ten infinite levels of this hierarchy.”

“Thinking about real numbers abstractly means concentrating not on their essence but on the role they play in the real number system (that is, the unique complete ordered field, up to isomorphism). Similarly, the abstract approach to linear algebra involves regarding a vector not as something like a magnitude and direction (though it is very helpful to bear this picture in mind) but rather as an element of a vector space.”

“Traditional set theory has been rather inwards-looking for many decades, dealing with the difficult and rewarding technical problems that the field provided. This has changed in the last decade, and set theorists have been eager to see the connections between their work and what is done in other fields of mathematics as well as outside of mathematics. Examples are the study of infinite games in the social sciences and theoretical computer science, the use of strong logics in data base theory, and the use of ideas from infinite combinatorial set theory in the design and analysis of efficient computer algorithms.”

Algorithms in Combinatorial Design Theory

Conceptual structure of spacetimes and Category of concept algebras

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford


As for interpreting the freshly minted coin “diversity Built britain” as an injunction of racial inclusion, grammatically speaking then it would have been “diversity Builds britain”...diversification of a portfolio is standard investment practice, although short-term gains in racial “penny stocks” like the East India Company and Royal African Company had their share of gains and losses. The lass narrating of course has a nice voice, as propagandists know well, sex appeal can’t hurt your case, but better hope that isn’t what it’s predicated upon if you seek to make your case in court...because who knows, the judge could be a woman who doesn’t fall for that old hat trick.

Mereon (talk) 17:13, 19 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“We have described an algorithm that can draw repeating patterns of the hyperbolic plane in which the fundamental region is a finite polygon, and we have shown some patterns drawn with the use of this algorithm. It would be interesting to extend this algorithm to allow some of the vertices of the fundamental polygon to be points at infinity. A special program has been written that can transform a motif from one triangular fundamental region to another with different vertex angles. It would be useful to generalize this capability at least to transform between fundamental polygons with the same number of sides but different angles. Transforming between polygons with different numbers of sides would be desirable, but seems more difficult. Another difficult problem is that of automatically generating patterns with color symmetry.”

“The goal of this course is to understand real-rooted polynomials and their multivariate generalizations (real stable and hyperbolic polynomials) in the context of questions in combinatorics, probability, and algorithms.”

“If one has finite yet ultralarge quantities, is it possible to avoid infinite quantities?

The alternative set theory of Vopěnka is a theory of finite sets including classes that can be infinite. The theory of objects is a merger of certain axioms of Vopěnka with axioms that determine levels of visibility as in relative analysis.

We took as first principle: x ⊆ y ⇒ x ⊑ y, which specifies that if object x is included in object y, then x "appears" at the level of y. This statement would be false with infinite quantities and is in fact a characterisation of finite sets: this is a well-known theorem of nonstandard analysis.

The introduction of this principle as starting point is making a strong point that all objects will be finite – in the usual sense of the word.”

“The point of using this particular symbolic example of “The Star of David” which most people associate with Judaism is of course its connection to the previous Kabbalistic studies which we now understand to be an aspect of our ancient Moorish Science, but also as an early introduction to matters more specifically dealing with DNA”

Bis vincit qui se vincit in victoria “He conquers twice who conquers himself when he is victorious”

“Unlike the silenced priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a geopaleontologist and Jesuit mystic, Nietzsche did not foresee a final end-goal or an ultimate omega point for human evolution. Instead, his metaphysics is grounded in the eternal recurrence of this same universe, i.e., an infinite series of identical cosmic cycles. As such, there is no progressive evolution from universe to universe. Consequently, Nietzsche’s process cosmology represents being as becoming, and its teleological evolution to the overman within each cycle is strictly determined.”

“Pluralism fails to appreciate the full force of alternative logics. Those logics not only provide an alternative to classical logic: in addition, they reject classical (or orthodox) logic. They are heterodox in a way which pluralism in its irenic generosity cannot accommodate. Elsewhere, I have attributed this eclecticism to the use of "Gentile semantics’’ (in `Monism: the one true logic’, in The Logical Approach to Philosophy, ed. D. DeVidi and T. Kenyon, Springer 2006). No self-respecting constructivist would endorse a model-theoretic account of consequence: Kripke semantics was a way for classical thinkers to apply classical model theory to intuitionistic logic (and perhaps thereby to think they understood it). Similarly, the advocates of relevance logic responded to the challenge that their logic was inadequate in lacking a model theory by adapting Kripke’s techniques: as Meyer put it, with conscious Biblical allusion, he and the other inventors of the semantics of relevance logic "preached to the Gentiles in their own tongue’’, classical model theory.”

“Lindström’s Theorem is a model-theoretic characterization of first order logic. It says in effect that any formal language that goes beyond first order logic has to distinguish between some infinite cardinalities in the sense that some sentence has a model of some infinite cardinality but not of all infinite cardinalities.”

“..what is established (by Lindström’s theorem) is not that first-order logic is the only possible logic but rather that is the only possible logic when we in a sense deny the reality to the concept of uncountability …”öm%27s+theorem


Chris Langan insults ordinary Americans with his racist diatribe, however realizing that his father was Jewish only strengthened my support for the state of Israel. After all the hatred I had to absorb for having a Muslim-sounding name from strangers most of my life, his negativity only strengthens my appreciation for how they truly deserve their own country. I would like true White folks to have their own non-Jewish American paradise to call home as well.

Borat (2006) The Running of the Jew Scene

Mereon (talk) 00:32, 20 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“As vice-president of Hungary’s far-right extremist party, Csanad Szegedi espoused anti-Semitic rhetoric and Holocaust denials, and founded the Hungarian Guard, a now-banned militia inspired by a pro-Nazi group complicit in the murder of thousands of Jews during WWII. But his life was soon upended when Szegedi’s maternal grandparents were revealed to be Jewish and his beloved grandmother an Auschwitz survivor who had hidden her faith, fearing further persecution. Keep Quiet depicts Szegedi’s three-year journey to embrace his newfound religion. But is his transformation genuine? Or does he simply have nowhere else to turn?”

West Africa: Meet the African-Americans returning to the continent


On the topic of the age of sexual maturity according to the case of the Prophet Muhammad’s youngest wife Aisha, there are reasons to believe she was 19 and not 9 years old when their marriage was consummated. I am not a Muslim because I consider the institutions responsible for its stewardship to be compromised by misinterpretation, however I consider the Quran as a continuation of the covenant of Abraham through his son Ishmael (unlike the unique covenant through his other son Isaac.) God has covenants with non-Semitic peoples as well.

“As all biographers of the Prophet agree that he consummated his marriage with Hazrat Aisha in the year 2 Hijri it can be conclusively said that she was 19 at that time and not nine as alleged in the aforementioned hadiths.”

Mereon (talk) 09:52, 20 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Eugenics and Longevity


There are some animals whose lifecycles do not succumb to senescence. While over-the-counter supplements are available to extend one’s lifespan by 3-5 years, the genes responsible for aging themselves must be studied if humans ever intend to design an immortal version of themselves for interstellar travel and exoplanet habitat adaptation purposes.

“Want to live long enough to get a birthday wish from Willard Scott? It may depend on more than just eating right and getting plenty of exercise. Your DNA could play a part too.

Last year a report showed that variations in the FOXO3A gene are associated with longevity in Japanese men.”

“In mammals, this subfamily is involved in a wide range of crucial cellular processes regulating stress resistance, metabolism, cell cycle arrest, and apoptosis. Their role in longevity determination is complex and remains to be fully elucidated.”

“Conversely, genetic or pharmacological restoration of NAD+ prevents age-associated metabolic decline and promotes longevity in worms.”

Mereon (talk) 17:20, 20 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“So it is with many structures that initially took on a function as exaptations, once molded for that new function they become adapted for that function. Interest in exaptation relates to both the process and products of evolution: the process that creates complex traits and the products (functions, anatomical structures, biochemicals, etc.) that may be imperfectly developed. Exaptation was proposed by Stephen Jay Gould and Elisabeth Vrba as a replacement for what they considered to be a teleologically loaded term 'pre-adaptation'.”

“Without errors in the replication of genomes and the production of genetic variation among individuals, populations would not be able to respond to new environmental challenges (including infection and disease) and adaptation would not take place. In addition, a trait or strategy that is harmful in one situation may be favourable in another environmental setting. Evolution does not involve an active drive toward progress.”

“At the moment, the work is only in the theoretical realm, but the researchers believe this quasiparticle immortality imbues it with strong potential for long-lasting data storage in quantum computing systems.”

“They see white European Jews—also known as Ashkenazi Jews—as on the one hand claiming the historical mantle of an oppressed race, but easily toggling back into whiteness to access the multiplicity of privileges of institutionalized White Supremacy. Meanwhile, from their advantaged position white Jews deny or ignore the racism faced by Black Jews and make little or no effort to truly ameliorate racism or to upset a racially skewed system from which they derive such profound benefits.”

“Three people talk about what it's like to be racially ambiguous in a racially divided America.”

“A spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people has a malfunction in its sleep chambers. As a result, two passengers are awakened 90 years early.”

Altered Carbon | Season 1 Official Recap | Netflix

“Mind uploading can also provide a permanent back-up file to enable interstellar space travels. Instead of a human astronaut in a space flight to outer planets, we could use an uploaded astronaut for unlimited interstellar travel to avoid the perils of zero gravity, cosmic radiation to the human body and the vacuum of space. Michal Kaku in his book “Physics of the Impossible” mentions that mind simulation through techniques such as quantum entanglement and whole brain emulation using an advanced MRI may help teleportation of humans to vast distances at the speed of light.”

“Dmitry Kaminskiy speaks as though he were trying to unload everything he knows about the science and economics of longevity—from senolytics research that seeks to stop aging cells from spewing inflammatory proteins and other molecules to the trillion-dollar life extension industry that he and his colleagues are trying to foster—in one sitting.”

Cédric Villani·TED2016 What's so sexy about math?

“A Legendre transform is a procedure for expressing the information content of some function by using a different independent variable, namely, the derivative of this function with respect to (one of) its argument(s). These notes explain how this is done and why simply performing some sort of algebraic substitution instead would destroy information.”

“Legendre transforms, among other things, lead directly to important thermodynamic ‘potentials’ that will be used throughout this book. These potentials provide alternatives for the internal energy.”

“From the ideas of Boltzmann, Poincaré, Birkhoff and others, emerged in the first half of the 20th century the concept of ergodicity of a classical mechanical system: an ergodic system explores the phase space as much as can be done, once conservation laws and constraints are taken into account; thus it is, in a way, “as disorganized as can be”.”

“Gustave Eiffel had a measured response to the artists protests stressing the intrinsic beauty that the Tower possessed, in his opinion: "Are we to believe that because one is an engineer one is not preoccupied with the beauty in one’s constructions, or that one does not seek to create elegance as well as solidity as well as durability? Is it not true that the very conditions which give strength also conform to the hidden rules of harmony?" Eiffel readily compared his tower to the pyramids of Egypt, which are "after all only artificial mounds of dirt,” to assert the quite ordinary yet exceptional nature of its construction, "a symbol of strength and overcoming adversity.”

“On the Eiffel Tower, 72 names of French scientists, engineers, and mathematicians are engraved in recognition of their contributions. Gustave Eiffel chose this "invocation of science" because of his concern over the protests against the tower.”

(Ir)reversibility and entropy

Lazerhawk - Distress Signal


Thanks to all those in the CTMU group who bring up scientists and mathematicians instead of politicians and police cases involving Black Americans.

Mereon (talk) 22:38, 22 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“What makes fractal geometry more interesting for many scientists is its useful application in medicine, biology, and geology. In biology, chaotic systems can be used to show the rhythms of heartbeats, walking strides, and even the biological changes of aging.”

IMMORTALITY OR BUST | Official HD Trailer (2020) | DOCUMENTARY | Film Threat Trailers

The Joe Rogan Experience Mar 3, 2013 #331 - Dr. Steven Greer


Describing oneself as a humble servant in the Lord’s house, while relegating others to the position of “professional butt-sniffer” doesn’t show humility, rather, the kind of arrogance someone who has enjoyed enough White privilege to say whatever he wants without consequences.

Mereon (talk) 19:19, 23 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Someday I’m sure people are going to be given the option of “Lord’s Servant” and “Butt-Sniffer”...and in God’s eyes, he’ll ensure the butt sniffer goes to heaven for saving lives with his medical device and the clergy member goes to hell for teaching quack medicine.

"You can program what you want to sniff out just by changing the software," Boyle said. "We can use the device for our own trials on colorectal cancer, but it can also be used by our partners to look for other things, like irritable bowel disease."

Mereon (talk) 20:22, 23 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“By optimizing the input–output mutual information in the full sensitivity matrix space without any prior, we systematically study the optimal compressed coding strategy for an array of nonlinear ORNs (olfactory receptor neurons) with and without a finite basal activity.”

“The field of compressive sensing is related to several topics in signal processing and computational mathematics, such as underdetermined linear-systems, group testing, heavy hitters, sparse coding, multiplexing, sparse sampling, and finite rate of innovation.”

“High energy physics depends more and more on massive data sources such as the Large Hadron Collider and Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. The latter is about to transform our understanding of the dynamic universe. Personalized medical care depends on detailed individually collected data, very often including epigenetic data merged with demographic and environmental data. Environmental research depends on ever more sophisticated observational data coupled with large model-generated datasets. Internet communication can be defined as a graph with billions of nodes. Tracking and predicting the evolution of these kinds of graphs is one of the grand challenges of modern computer science. In fact, the central issue across a broad spectrum of science is specifying what information is needed to predict the evolution of large complex systems, and answering how this information is obtained and applied.”

“‘Omic’ technologies adopt a holistic view of the molecules that make up a cell, tissue or organism.They are aimed primarily at the universal detection of genes (genomics), mRNA (transcriptomics), proteins (proteomics) and metabolites (metabolomics) in a specific biological sample in a non-targeted and non-biased manner. This can also be referred to as high-dimensional biology; the integration of these techniques is called systems biology”

“In time series analysis (or forecasting) — as conducted in statistics, signal processing, and many other fields — the innovation is the difference between the observed value of a variable at time t and the optimal forecast of that value based on information available prior to time t.”

“This article presents a method for simultaneously modeling both a scale and its constituent items by employing fixed/known effects leading from the items to the scale, and embedding this researcher-dictated causal segment within whatever substantive causally-downstream variables match the researcher's theory about how the scale should function if the world similarly fused or melded the items.”

Theory and Problems of Feedback and Control Systems

How do you use models in your everyday life? Where do you hear about models in your everyday life? Why do we need to model? What is a model? What do you want to model?

“In this paper we will describe two examples of research activity based on the Physiological Cybernetics, both of them addressed to produce a biomedical framework for predicting the effects of therapeutic actions, but following the two different pathways. The first example follows a statistical non parametric approach, the second one a mathematical model based on differential equations”

“Artificial intelligence relates to how a machine or computer programme mimics some of the qualities of the human mind. But how does it apply to the medical world? At Paris's Cochin hospital, a number of start-ups are working on computer programmes to revolutionise the field – in particular for cancer treatment. We went to find out more.”

“NASA’s Human Research Program is releasing the first half of a video series entitled Omics: Exploring Space Through You to highlight its Twins Study, in conjunction with National DNA Day.”

“Omics aims at the collective characterization and quantification of pools of biological molecules that translate into the structure, function, and dynamics of an organism or organisms.”


I recently starting eating a few whole cocoa beans bought from an open-air market, and I found it has helped me better handle various kinds of stress in my environment, I am generally not a consumer of processed sweets such as chocolate bars, however for those seeking a naturally healthier lifestyle, they may want to consider looking into it.

“Chocolate also induces positive effects on mood and is often consumed under emotional stress. In addition, flavonoids preserve cognitive abilities during ageing in rats, lower the risk for developing Alzheimer's disease and decrease the risk of stroke in humans.”

Mereon (talk) 17:29, 1 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Prolonged intake of flavanol-rich cocoa has been linked to cardiovascular health benefits, though this refers to raw cocoa and to a lesser extent, dark chocolate, since flavonoids degrade during cooking and alkalizing processes.”

“It is undeniable that man is strongly influenced by his genetic and social determinants. However, despite these determining factors, he has a capacity to override the needs of his lower nature in keeping with ethical imperatives. Man has the capacity to be master of his natural drives, to control, channel and sublimate his urges, to utilize and transform them "into human perfections."”

Alternative Facts and Model Checking


I find a right-wing Desi like D’Souza to be what the average “anti-Fact Checking” Moby Dick resembles.

“Tweets like these offer a bleak microcosm of the internet — a charlatan with a large platform disseminates a harmful rumor and then an authoritative voice of reason steps in, asking users to side with the truth. Unlike many social-media accounts commemorating the Holocaust, the Auschwitz Memorial's Twitter account has assumed the role of a fact-checker. But unlike many fact-checkers, the account conducts its work in full view of the public, as loudly as possible.”

Mereon (talk) 20:52, 25 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Official Video)

“His entire career has been built on boot-licking white conservatives, as if that’ll give him some protection as a brown immigrant living in America. I guess, to some degree, this has worked — in 2018, Trump gave him a pardon after he pleaded guilty to using straw donors, illegally, to contribute to a Republican Senate candidate in 2014.”

Low fertility and high intermarriage are pushing American Jewry toward extinction.

“Germany would need a birth rate of 2.1 children per woman to offset deaths and stop the population from shrinking. Such numbers have not been measured since before the birth control pill was introduced in the 1970s. Germany's population has not shrunk because of immigration.”

“Jews began emigrating to the United States from Russia and Poland in the colonial era. Asser Levy, one of the first known Jews in New Amsterdam, originated from Vilna. The Revolutionary War hero, Haym Salomon, emigrated from Lissa (Leszno), Poland. Philadelphian Mordecai Mordecai hailed from Telz (Telsiai), Lithuania. In 1852, a “Russian-American Jewish congregation” was founded in New York, a sign that the community of East European Jews was by then large enough to seek to preserve its own distinctive traditions.”



I appreciate how the Quran acknowledges the Zoroastrians and the Magi, both of which are among the religions of my ancestors. I don’t believe in the practice of idolatry towards the Sun and the Moon, although I understand that their beliefs may have misinterpreted the study of the heavens as such. I am not here to promote Islam, but I am also not here for a superficial study of religious history.

About this, Tafsir Ibn Kathir says:

"When the Jews said, `We worship Uzayr, the son of Allah,' and the Christians said, `We worship the Messiah (Isa), the son of Allah,' and the Zoroastrians said, `We worship the sun and the moon,' and the idolators said, `We worship idols,' Allah revealed to His Messenger, Say: "He is Allah, One. He is the One, the Singular, Who has no peer, no assistant, no rival, no equal and none comparable to Him.”

“It is also mandatory to give perfect and comprehensive view on the relationship (genealogy) of all the religions of the world and their historical birth order. After countless discussions in academic salons and theosophical meetings, knowledge and information were put in order and arranged in the following chronological order:”

Mereon (talk) 02:17, 26 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Although Matthew's account does not explicitly cite the motivation for their journey (other than seeing the star in the east, which they took to be the star of the King of the Jews), the Syriac Infancy Gospel provides some clarity by stating explicitly in the third chapter that they were pursuing a prophecy from their prophet, Zoradascht (Zoroaster).”

“Unfortunately the factual basis for Blavatsky's book is nonexistent. She claimed to have received her information during trances in which the Masters of Mahatmas of Tibet communicated with her and allowed her to read from the ancient Book of Dzyan. The Book of Dzyan was supposedly composed in Atlantis using the lost language of Senzar but the difficulty is that no scholar of ancient languages in the 1880s or since has encountered the slightest passing reference to the Book of Dzyan or the Senzar language.”

“In the lower part of the image we have the actual space where our electron moves. In the upper part of the image we have the "internal" space, which is our fiber bundle. As the particles follows a path in our actual space, it also traces out a path on the fiber bundle.”

“Delberg says he understands Fuhl's fear of anti-Jewish hatred from parts of Germany's much larger Muslim population. But "choosing a party that is racist won't solve the problem," he says. Delberg adds that anti-Semitism is deeply rooted in the middle of German society among people of all faiths.”

“What we call coupling in multiphysics is the idea of concurrent processes (computational agents with coordinated activities overlapping in time), which can be generalized to “higher dimensional transition systems” (groups of computational agents exhibiting varying degrees of coordination).

There are two main notions of “transition systems” those in operational semantics (a set of states and transitions between states) and those used in automata-theory (there is a special “start” state).

“We believe that these [Petri nets, etc.] are special cases of homotopy retracts when cast in the category of higher-dimensional transition systems. We hope to … use this to design new state-space reduction methods.” – Formal Relationships Between Geometrical and Classical Models for Concurrency

If this tickles your fancy, a more precise definition of higher dimensional transition systems is given in section 5, page 19 of Simulations as Homotopies. Additionally, the treatment multiscale models as transition systems is proposed, but not applied, in Aspects of multiscale modelling in a process algebra for biological systems.”

“Nagorno-Karabakh broke away from Azerbaijan in the 1990s, prompting a long unresolved conflict that has seen tens of thousands of people killed.

Both Turkey and Israel have fervently supported Azerbaijan's claims to territorial integrity, while Armenia has been historically closer to Iran and Russia.”

“A principal bundle is a fiber bundle in which the fiber over any point is a copy of the bundle's structure group, F = G. Since G is a lie group, it is a manifold by definition. The group G can act on itself by left multiplication. Principal bundles will play a central role in constructing a geometric physical theory of everything.”

“The above depicts how a principal bundle has the same group G as both abstract fiber and structure group, where G acts on itself via left translation. G also has a right action on the bundle itself, which is consistent across trivializing neighborhoods. The identity sections (defined below) are also depicted.”

“Bas Van Fraassen, when introducing his 1991 book on quantum mechanics (p. 4):

When we come to a specific theory, the question: how could the world possibly be the way this theory says it is? concerns the content alone. This is the foundational question par excellence, and it makes equal sense to realist and empiricist alike.

Van Fraassen writes as a constructive empiricist—one who takes the goals of science to be met by construction of theories that correctly describe all observable matters, whether or not they are right about what lies behind them. Accordingly, he is a pluralist about interpretations, maintaining that though our understanding of a theory is enhanced by providing multiple interpretations, it is neither possible nor necessary effectively to address the question as to what the theory is really telling us about the underlying structure of the world. He takes that to be not a scientific but a metaphysical question, best avoided by philosophy as well as science.”

“A leisurely introduction to the idea of homotopy, including a sketch proof that the fundamental group of the circle is the integers.”

“Grothendieck’s theory of the algebraic fundamental group is a common generalization of Galois theory and the theory of covers in topology.”

“The action principle and Fermat’s last theorem are lasting tributes to one of the singularly original minds active at the dawn of modern science. Could there be a relation between the two? In fact, the problem of finding the trajectory of light and that of finding rational solutions to Diophantine equations are two facets of the same problem, one occurring in geometric gauge theory, and the other, in arithmetic gauge theory. The fact that the photon is described by a U(1) gauge field is well-known. The purpose of this article is to give the motivated physicist with background in geometry and topology some sense of the second type of theory and its relevance to the theory of Diophantine equations.”

“Ambiguity in mathematical language involving such words as ‘member,’ ‘union,’ and ‘complement,’ is typical in that they are disambiguated in a uniform way relative to a context given by an underlying universe; similarly for the ‘identity map.’”

“One can think of reconstruction algorithms as functorial algorithms from a radial category to the centre (core) category, say, as a wheel with a centre (core) and spokes, that satisfies the property that descriptions of objects which arise on one spoke make sense from the point of view of another spoke. The principal example of this sort of situation arises by considering the data in the domain and codomain of the theta-link. Using the same analogy, an algorithm is called multiradial if it expresses objects constructed from a given spoke in terms of objects that make sense from the point of view of other spokes. Multiradial algorithms are compatible with simultaneous execution at multiple spokes, which is important for IUT.”

Christopher Hitchens - On his Jewish heritage [2010]

Slavoj Zizek — White Guilt & Victimhood Culture

Euclidean Reasoning and Non-Markovian Geometry


Most people are first exposed to logic in their freshman year of high school from the study of geometry, and in the freshman year of college through critical thinking. It is important to understand the foundations of formal reasoning as they bear on our understanding of what is conditionally possible.

“Euclidean geometry was for two millenia the sine qua non of careful reasoning; every educated person in Europe studied it; the American Declaration of Independence was modeled on Euclidean reasoning. Brouwer did not directly challenge Euclid by name in any publication, but in 1949 he published a paper with the title, Contradictority of Elementary Geometry.”

“The memoir Theorie der Parallellinien (1766) by Johann Heinrich Lambert is one of the founding texts of hyperbolic geometry, even though its author’s aim was, like many of his predecessors’, to prove that such a geometry does not exist. In fact, Lambert developed his theory with the hope of finding a contradiction in a geometry where all the Euclidean axioms are kept except the parallel axiom and that the latter is replaced by its negation. In doing so, he obtained several fundamental results of hyperbolic geometry. This was sixty years before the first writings of Lobachevsky and Bolyai appeared in print.”

Mereon (talk) 16:15, 27 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Manders called these co-exact attributions, since they are stable under perturbations of the diagram; below, we use the term “diagrammatic assertions” instead. The second type includes things like congruence of segments and angles, and comparisons between linear or angular magnitudes. Manders called these exact attributions, because they are not stable under small variations, and hence may not be adequately represented in a figure that is roughly drawn. Below, we use the term “metric assertions” instead. Inspecting the proofs in the Elements, Manders observed that the diagrams are only used to record and infer co-exact claims; exact claims are always made explicit in the text.”

“As noted by Corry (in Corry [2008]) a distinctive feature of mathematics with respect to other disciplines concerns the possibility of treating mathematics itself as its own subject matter; in other words, the possibility of ‘transferring’ the image of a discipline into the body of the discipline itself: this is what we may call the "reflexive activity of mathematics". We might venture the conjecture that the pseudo-theorems of impossibility discussed in this study constituted salient examples of a practice that might be characterized as "reflexive knowledge", namely a thinking about mathematics that is carried out by means of mathematical resources.”

“The paradigm around 1950 concerned the study of logics; the principal results were completeness, compactness, interpolation and joint consistency theorems. Various semantic properties of theories were given syntactic characterizations but there was no notion of partitioning all theories by a family of properties. ... After the paradigm shift there is a systematic search for a finite set of syntactic conditions which divide first order theories into disjoint classes such that models of different theories in the same class have similar mathematical properties.

In this framework one can compare different areas of mathematics by checking where theories formalizing them lie in the classification.”

“We can see, therefore, that these different kinds of abstraction are not completely independent. The actions that lead to pseudo–empirical and reflective abstraction are performed on objects whose properties the subject only comes to know through empirical abstraction. On the other hand, empirical abstraction is only made possible through assimilation schemas which were constructed by reflective abstraction (Piaget, 1985, pp. 18–19). Consider, for example a physics experiment which may have the purpose of making an empirical abstraction to obtain factual data about a certain object. The experiment presupposes, however, an enormous range of logico–mathematical preliminaries – in deciding how to pose the question, in the construction of apparatus for “indirect observations” (e.g., triangulation to obtain distances between stars), in the use of particular forms of measurement, and finally, in setting out the results in logico–mathematical language. All of these are concepts that must have been constructed using reflective abstraction.”

“This too illustrates a situation Bernays anticipated even before the incompleteness theorems were announced:

We must only keep in mind the fact that the formalism of statements and proofs, with which we represent our idea-formation does not coincide with the formalism of that structure we intend in the concept-formation. The formalism is sufficient to formulate our ideas about infinite manifolds and to draw from these the logical consequences, but it is, in general, not capable of producing the manifold, as it were, combinatorially from within. (1930, p. 262)

Thus while it may be possible to maintain that consistency implies existence even from the finitary standpoint, the former proof-theoretic fact need not be understood as entailing the latter model-theoretic one in a manner which fixes completely the properties of the satisfying structure.”

“In 1904, for instance, he wrote:

In all philosophical debates since Kant, mathematics, or at least geometry, has always been treated as heteronomous, as dependent on some external instance of what we could call, for want of a better term, intuition, be it pure or empirical, subjective or scientifically amended, innate or acquired. The most important and fundamental task of modern mathematics has been to set itself free from this dependency, to fight its way through from heteronomy to autonomy.”

Science | Off the Air | Fanmade

“That is to say, internationalism is not to be limited to its meaning in international relations theory, where it evokes mechanisms and interactions aimed at creating and sustaining an inter-state if not a supra-state order, but has rather to be understood as “the idea that we both are and should be part of a broader community than that of the nation or the state”.”

“There is no way to determine global rules except through inter-state negotiations. The more ‘states’ participate, the more difficult it is to achieve results. As compromises must be reached, the content of treaties often merely represents the lowest common denominator of state parties. In this process, the primary purpose of governments is to pursue what they believe is in the national self-interest. There is no body that represents the interest of the world community at large. Even if a treaty is concluded and ratified, a state can withdraw again. The international order recognizes no higher authority for decision or enforcement. All in all, the international order lacks many of the hallmarks that characterize a functioning legal system, which we take for granted domestically.”

Global Cities - Full Documentary “Cities have been for thousands of years the centers of civilization as they have watched empires, kingdoms, governments, and corporations come and go. But in the space of just a few decades, our urban fabric is undergoing a radical transformation; today’s wave of mass urbanization is historically unprecedented in speed and scale.”

Euclid's puzzling parallel postulate - Jeff Dekofsky

“What is Markov’s Principle? The original version asserts that if a recursive algorithm cannot fail to converge, then it converges.”

“So for the sequences βn∗ the antecedent of Markov’s Principle holds, but the consequent does not. Hence Markov’s Principle is not valid for those sequences. However, for the sequence γ in Troelstra’s Paradox to be well-defined, Markov’s Principle should have been valid for the βn. Although the sequences βn are not lawless, because the choices of their elements depend on other mathematical activity of the subject, the other activity in question does itself contain an element of free choice. So the argument is of course essentially the same as the well-known refutation of Markov’s Principle for lawless sequences.”

“The situation in number theory is much more complicated than in neutral geometry. In neutral geometry, you can either accept or deny the parallel postulate, and then you've got a complete theory. In number theory, there are infinitely many independent statements like S. You can accept or deny any finite number of them, and you'll still have an incomplete theory.”ödels-Incompleteness-Theorem

“Mathematicians had noticed in the 1970s that many problems concerning p­-adic numbers become easier if you expand the p-adic numbers by creating an infinite tower of number systems in which each one wraps around the one below it p times, with the p-adic numbers at the bottom of the tower. At the “top” of this infinite tower is the ultimate wraparound space — a fractal object that is the simplest example of the perfectoid spaces Scholze would later develop.”

“Computation and number theory naturally go hand in hand — one of the earliest examples is a Mesopotamian tablet from 1800 BC that lists 15 sets of integers that satisfy the equation a2 + b2 = c2, now known as Pythagorean triples. ... “We’re thinking hard about how computers, algorithmic techniques and big databases can be used to advance number theory. We want to make it easy for researchers to zoom in like a microscope to really dissect a few particular specimens and to zoom out like a telescope to understand large-scale structure of the mathematical universe.””

“interaction between model theory and other parts of mathematics, especially number theory and arithmetic geometry. At present the model theoretical tools in use arise primarily from geometric stability theory and o-minimality. Current areas of lively interaction include motivic integration, valued fields, diophantine geometry, and algebraic dynamics.”

What is p-adic geometry?

“The p-adic absolute value has some interesting properties the normal one doesn’t. For example, there are a lot of numbers that share an absolute value.”

“Basically, Grothendieck’s idea was to find the “universal” cohomology as the universal solution to a few basic axioms; in order to see that this has the desired properties, one however needs to know the existence of “enough” algebraic cycles as encoded in the standard conjectures, and more generally the Hodge and Tate conjectures.”

“The classical subject of complex potential theory first arose in physics, where it was used to describe gravitational and electromagnetic interactions. It has subsequently found a wealth of applications to various areas of mathematical research, including complex analysis and complex dynamics (where it is used to study fractals such as the celebrated Mandelbrot set). Non-Archimedean analysis is a crucial part of modern number theory which first arose in the early twentieth century work of Kurt Hensel on the famous 'p-adic numbers'. In non-Archimedean potential theory, one replaces the classical complex “Riemann sphere” by a p-adic counterpart, called the Berkovich projective line, which was introduced by Vladimir Berkovich in the 1980's. Berkovich's theory has since become an important tool in modern number theory and algebraic geometry. Tropical geometry is a relatively new and active area of research with applications to many fields of mathematics.”

Math 731: Topics in Algebraic Geometry I Berkovich Spaces

“Classically, discrete dynamics refers to the study of the iteration of self-maps of the complex plane or real line. Arithmetic dynamics is the study of the number-theoretic properties of integer, rational, p-adic, and/or algebraic points under repeated application of a polynomial or rational function. A fundamental goal is to describe arithmetic properties in terms of underlying geometric structures.”

“We are concerned with area-preserving maps on compact surfaces. In the algebraic setting, this immediately restricts to abelian or K3 surfaces, and we further restrict here to K3 surfaces as dynamics on abelian surfaces is better-understood in the context of linear actions on tori. In the complex-analytic setting this study was initiated by Cantat, who constructed a measure of maximal entropy and certain stable and unstable currents, corresponding to the equidistribution of stable and unstable leaves of the dynamics. Examples with non-trivial Fatou components, specifically Siegel disks, were first constructed by McMullen.”

Tropical Geometry, Berkovich Spaces, Arithmetic D-modules and p-adic local systems

“The Act of Creation (Koestler, 1964) defines bisociation, that is, “the creative leap [of insight], which connects previously unconnected frames of reference and makes us experience reality at several planes at once.” Consequently, the creative leap of insight, or bisociation, can take place only if we are considering at least two different frames of reference or discourse.

How do we facilitate this process? Koestler offers a suggestion in the form of a triptych, which consists of “three panels...indicating three domains of creativity which shade into each other without sharp boundaries: Humour, Discovery and Art.””

Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory, etc. TALK NOTES AND SLIDES

“Dwork showed that the ζ-function is a superdeterminant (though this was not stated in this language) of a matrix that expresses the action of the Frobenius map on a differential complex associated to the manifold.”

“Katz has shown that any irreducible rigid local system on an open subset P1 can be built up, by repeated tensor product and convolution operations of a suitable sort, from local systems of rank one.”

“structural attributes of tautological control systems. In particular, we are able to prove the feedback-invariance of the approach. Future work will involve using this feedback-invariant approach to address the basic problems of control theory, e.g., controllability, stabilisability, and optimality.”

“the period sheaf is a subsheaf of the solution sheaf of a tautological system. Thus an important problem is to decide when the two sheaves actually coincide. If they do not coincide, how much larger is the solution sheaf?”

“In simpler terms, a system is holonomic if the number of controllable degrees of freedom is equal to the total degrees of freedom. For example, a holonomic robot can drive straight to a goal that is not in-line with its orientation whereas a non-holonomic robot must either rotate to the desired orientation before moving forward or rotate as it moves.”

A Sci-Fi Short Film: "MECH: HUMAN TRIALS" - by Patrick Kalyn | TheCGBros


There is more than one way to explain the CTMU to a child or world leader, the point is to visualize how it explains itself...such as the “C” becomes the “U” and vice-versa horizontally (along the independent variable) and the “T” becomes the “M” and vice versa vertically (along the dependent variable).

Mereon (talk) 04:29, 29 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Parabolic thinking: story as mental instrument

I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter what has been hidden since the foundation of the world. (Mt 13. 35)

Cognitive linguistics explores the link between symbolic structure and conceptual structure. A major claim made by cognitive linguists is that the semiotic conventions of language are not arbitrary but motivated.”

“A mandala-like swastika, composed of Hebrew letters and surrounded by a circle and a mystical hymn in Aramaic. Appears in the Kabbalistic work "Parashat Eliezer" by Rabbi Eliezer ben Isaac Fischel of Strizhov, a commentary on the ancient eschatological book "Karnayim", ascribed to Rabbi Aharon of Kardina. The shape of the symbol and the contents of the hymn show strong solar symbolism.”

“The four letters of the Tetragrammaton form the root meaning “to be,” and some have understood the original meaning to be “He-Who-Is,” or “He who brings being into being.”

The origin of the taboo on pronouncing God’s name aloud — viewing this as irreverent or possibly even a violation of the commandment not to take God’s name in vain — is not entirely clear. However, some attribute it to a Temple practice in which only the High Priest was allowed to utter the name, and only when in the Temple and reciting the priestly blessing.


“Metaphysics is the study of "being qua being", or the study of attributes that belong to things merely insofar as they exist, e.g. existence, unity, sameness and difference.”

“The scarcity of information about architectural drafting methods in the Islamic world, which are often assumed to have been nonexistent, adds to the significance of the Topkapi scroll, the earliest known document of its kind. Although this scroll throws new light on how architectural design was geometrically conceptualized, recorded, and transmitted in the particular context of late medieval Iran, it also raises more general questions about the mode of geometric patterning that dominated architectural revetments throughout the Islamic world between the eleventh and the early sixteenth centuries.

The scroll's geometric language parallels that of late Gothic architectural drawings, a parallel informed by a shared late antique cultural heritage that often engendered similar design methods and aesthetic sensibilities.””

“On the 31 January 1933, Hitler, conscious of his lack of a majority in the Reichstag, immediately called for new elections to try and strengthen his position. The Nazis aimed to increase their share of the vote so that they would have a majority in the Reichstag. This would allow them to rule unopposed and unhindered by coalition governments. Over the next two months, they launched themselves into an intense election campaign. On 27 February 1933, as the campaign moved into its final, frantic days, the Reichstag, the German Parliament building, was set on fire and burnt down. An atmosphere of panic and terror followed the event. This continued when a young Dutch communist, Van der Lubbe was arrested for the crime. The Nazi Party used the atmosphere of panic to their advantage, encouraging anti-communism. Göring declared that the communists had planned a national uprising to overthrow the Weimar Republic. This hysteria helped to turn the public against the communists, one of the Nazis main opponents, and 4000 people were imprisoned. The day after the fire, Hindenburg signed the Emergency Decree for the Protection of the German People.“

Clash of Civilizations: Western Conceptions of Eastern Thought


Since I love France and I appreciate Islam, I would like to find a way to ensure peaceful co-existence and perhaps a path toward spiritual evolution out of the dark age of regressively defining one’s supposedly Christian civilization in terms of its war with another.

Debussy | Clair De Lune, Arabesque no.1, Reverie and other works of Claude Debussy

“Wade argues that the aim is to transfigure, turning mosques "into lightness and pattern", while "the decorated pages of a Qur’an can become windows onto the infinite." Against this, Doris Behrens-Abouseif states in her book Beauty in Arabic Culture that a "major difference" between the philosophical thinking of Medieval Europe and the Islamic world is exactly that the concepts of the good and the beautiful are separated in Arabic culture. She argues that beauty, whether in poetry or in the visual arts, was enjoyed "for its own sake, without commitment to religious or moral criteria".”

Mereon (talk) 17:16, 29 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon


There is also such a thing as Western societies becoming too tolerant. Islamic intolerance toward certain behaviors is perhaps something to learn from. In many ways the Christian culture of acceptance of miracles as a cure for diseases such as leprosy has held it back. The idea of giving money to beggars is also something which has created an unsustainable charity industry. Islam has its own problems too, mainly superstition like other pre-Enlightenment civilizations, although it was a helpful precursor in mathematics for the scientific method we use today.

Mereon (talk) 18:27, 29 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Mankind The Story of All of Us: Domesticating the Dog | History

“All the dogs in the study descended from the same common ancestor, but that original dog population split into at least five branches as it expanded in different directions. As groups of people split apart, migrated, and met other groups, they brought their dogs along. Dog DNA suggests that their population history mirrors the story of human populations, for the most part.”

“In a new book, “Nature’s Mutiny: How the Little Ice Age of the Long Seventeenth Century Transformed the West and Shaped the Present” (Liveright), the German-born, Vienna-based historian Philipp Blom argues that this is no coincidence—that there is a complex relationship between the social, economic, and intellectual disruption caused by the changed climate and the emerging era of markets, exploration, and intellectual freedom which constituted the beginning of the Enlightenment.

The Little Ice Age is an example of how we so often find complete consensus around every aspect of climate change. Just kidding.”

“On his weekly show, Sassy Justice, Fred goes to battle for the common man in his hometown. This week, he’s uncovering the dangers behind manipulated videos that are increasingly popping up on the internet.”


In terms of why I had the independent media group shutdown, it was because of Israeli Jews pretending to be anti-Semites, which was an opposition controlling strategy which I didn’t find helpful to those who actually have to wage battles against them. I wish for peace with the Jews, however if people are asking for a glimpse of the nature of such controversy, they can readily find it anywhere on the internet. I for one can not afford such cheap shots in this game for world domination.

The Jewish Brain

Mereon (talk) 21:55, 29 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“That’s right, this French Jew is the Chief Creative Officer of Blacked. His intentions are obviously to corrupt the image of the white man from proud and strong to weak and effeminate.”

“The premise on its own is enough to give one pause.

Jews, as a group, are of a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, which would seem to preclude reaching any broad conclusions about their shared biological brain function as fundamentally Jewish. Secondly, Newberg describes himself as a “pioneer in the field of neurotheology,” a field that “links the brain and religion.”

Let’s Talk Porn | Maria Ahlin | TEDxGöteborg

“North Korea, for example, has the highest censorship of any country in the world. The government censors everything coming in and out of the country, and porn is not allowed. In case people think they can outsmart the government and use a virtual protected network (VPN) to access porn, think again. The government censors VPNs, too.”

“In 2016, I’d attended a Spencer-led conference, in Washington, D.C., where a speaker described women as “reptilian” animals who should be left to hang naked in the public square should they ever have sex with a Muslim man. We need to “flush disloyalty from our gene pool,” he announced to the roughly 200 men and 10 women in attendance.

Southern’s attitude about her own sexualization was convoluted and contradictory.”

“In another tweet, Spencer added: "I will never flip on my fundamental principles. (My principles were never voting for the supposed 'the lesser or two evils' or 'stopping big government.')

"Walking into certain defeat, even death, is not heroic. It's foolhardy. I have no sympathy for martyrs. I admire winners."”

“Coming from an apologist (defender of the faith) approach, the professor focused on how the emergence of AI diverges from Classical Christianity. While affirming some of the possibilities this technology brings, Lennox’s emphasized in how it was contrary to a Judeo-Christian understanding of the world. By citing many examples, he sees the rise of AI and Transhumanism as another tower of babel project. In Transhumanism, more specifically, he sees a direct counterfeit of Christian eschatology. That is, while the New Testament speaks of a final human transformation through the Second Coming of Christ, the first speak of a similar transformation through technology. Furthermore, Dr. Lennox saw echoes of Revelation in the rise of Superintelligence as a possible tool for global social control. To drive this point he drew a parallel between Max Tegard’s image of Prometheus and the biblical figure of the beast.”

We Finally Understand The Ending Of Mad Men


Don’t worry about being anonymous all you researchers out there, such laurels are for the vain, there is more glory to be found in true understanding than fame.

Mereon (talk) 04:10, 30 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“And let me bring the logic point home here: Doesn't the phrase "political correctness" translate into "gone too far?" Therefore, isn't the phrase "political correctness gone too far" redundant?

My objection then is that the phrase "political correctness" is unto itself a judgment of the validity of a complaint. It's the frame through which people who'd rather not think about what they're saying dismiss those who believe that people should be responsible for the impact of their words.

The question in [this] case is this: Are people right to be offended by her use of "nutcase" or are they being unreasonable? We can ask the question as directly as that and never have to employ the dismissive and code-packed "political correctness."”

“Instead of exploring identity traits like “race,” “gender,” “religion,” and so on in isolation, an intersectional approach asks what these various characteristics “do” to one another in combination. I suggest that an intersectional approach—asking “what does Whiteness do to Jewishness?”—can help illuminate elements of the Jewish experience that would otherwise remain obscure. The core claim is that Whiteness and Jewishness in combination function in ways that are not necessarily grasped if one atomizes the identities and holds them apart. What Whiteness “does” to Jewishness is act as an accelerant for certain forms of antisemitic marginalization even as it ratifies a racialized hierarchy within the Jewish community.”

“Orientalism, a term first brought to prominence by Edward Said, is about how Europeans and Americans constructed self-serving images of the Orient.”

Decolonization and Nationalism Triumphant: Crash Course World History #40

“Riss’s announcement comes after one of the magazine’s most prominent cartoonists Rénald "Luz" Luzier said in April he would no longer draw the Prophet Mohammed as it "no longer interests me".”

“It is not the first time Mr Lindblad has voiced controversial theories claiming the US government has backed terrorist actions or had abused Americans’ privacy rights in order to stamp out dissent. Last year he accused the US authorities of “funding both sides” of conflicts for its own profit, and claimed the FBI surveillance measures are designed to control the American people and stop any form of revolution.

The politician’s comments follow further suggestions of a US-led conspiracy from a Russian newspaper, which asserted the Paris attacks could have been the work of the US government.”

“So if painting an accurate picture of Islam, including its many contributions to world culture, seems like it is somehow "promoting" the faith, it is perhaps only because Muslims in general have borne the burden of being associated with some violent extremists. If the same approach were taken with the relatively small percentage of horrible people who have followed the Christian faith, would we vilify that religion as well?”

“The two (see below), three, four or five worlds of Islamic philosophy, metaphysics and mysticism were variously defined and arranged relative to each other and to many further levels of metaphysical reality and mystical states of being. As shall be demonstrated several "worlds", meta-worlds, universes, or dimentions of psychological and quasi-ontological being, have multiple allegedly synonymous names and a host of diverse inhabitants such as human, angelic, mythological and supre-terrestrial beings. Some "worlds" are correlated with various elevated Names of God or guarded by celestial "veils" sometimes also defined relative to divine Names and/or Attributes (al-asma' wa'l-sifat). A "Name" of God should not be thought of a simply a written word composed on letters indicating something about the Divinity, but rather, for mystical thinkers, as a cosmic force or potency reverberating throughout worlds unseen with real cosmic effect.”

The Crusades - Pilgrimage or Holy War?: Crash Course World History #15

The Dark Ages...How Dark Were They, Really?: Crash Course World History #14

“Napoleon had an idealised, bookish, Enlightenment vision of Islam as pure monotheism: indeed, the failure of his Egyptian expedition owed partly to his idea of Islam being quite different from the religion of Cairo’s ulama. Yet Napoleon was not alone in seeing himself as a new Muhammad: Goethe enthusiastically proclaimed that the emperor was the ‘Mahomet der Welt’ (Muhammad of the world), and the French author Victor Hugo portrayed him as a ‘Mahomet d’occident’ (Muhammad of the West). Napoleon himself, at the end of his life, exiled on Saint Helena and ruminating on his defeat, wrote about Muhammad and defended his legacy as a ‘great man who changed the course of history’. Napoleon’s Muhammad, conqueror and lawgiver, persuasive and charismatic, resembles Napoleon himself – but a Napoleon who was more successful, and certainly never exiled to a cold windswept island in the South Atlantic.”

“We created Islamic extremism: Those blaming Islam for ISIS would have supported Osama bin Laden in the '80s Jingoists conveniently forget the West's Cold War strategy was to arm the Islamic extremists that became al-Qaida”

The Self-Resolution of Singularities


In terms of self-resolving paradoxes in the CTMU, with respect to complex (and conspansive) manifolds, the embedded resolution of singularities is an interesting topic.

“Three objectives: Pleasant writing, easy reading, good understanding. One topic: How to prove resolution of singularities in characteristic zero.”

“The problem of resolution of singularities shortly is:

Given an algebraic variety X, construct a proper, birational morphism Y-> X, where Y is a nonsingular variety.”

Mereon (talk) 18:59, 31 October 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“The pre-image of singular set is called the “exceptional set” of the resolution. The configuration and topology of the exceptional set can be used to measure singularities, both qualitatively and quantitatively.”

“Its intention is to display visualizations, interactive installations, virtual realities, 3D objects and their theoretical background in algebraic geometry and in singularity theory in an attractive and understandable manner.”

“Semialgebraic and subanalytic sets capture ideas in several areas: In model theory, they express properties of quantifier elimination. In geometry and analysis, they provide a language for questions about the local behaviour of algebraic and analytic mappings. Lou van den Dries has suggested that the o-minimal structure of the classes of semialgebraic or subanalytic sets makes precise Grothendieck’s vision of a “tame topology”.”

“Quasianalytic classes are classes of infinitely differentiable functions that enjoy the analytic continuation property of holomorphic functions. They are the objects of classical studies in real analysis (e.g., the Denjoy-Carleman theorem), and the last 20 years have seen the development of remarkable relationships with algebraic geometry (resolution of singularities) and model theory (o-minimal structures).”

“In the the theory of quantifier elimination, one tries to replace (mathematical) formulae which contains quantifiers (∀, ∃) by formulae without quantifiers and admitting the same models. One example, in the theory of real fields (that is, the fields that have the same first-order properties as the field of real numbers), is the formula ∃x, x2 + bx + c = 0 which is equivalent to the formula b2 − ac ≥ 0 which uses no quantifiers. The two theories (the geometric o-minimal theory and o-minimal theory as a branch of mathematical logic) are related.”

“Let us informally define tame mathematics to be that part (of mathematics) which is not subject to the Gödel phenomena mentioned in the second paragraph. As we have seen above, elementary Euclidean geometry and more generally o-minimal geometry is part of tame mathematics.”

“The o-minimality condition places a sharp restriction on which subsets of R can be defined in the language. Essentially, it means that the only definable subsets of R are those which are definable in terms of constants and the predicates < and =.”

“Although originating in model theory, over the last twenty years, the notion of an o-minimal structure has proven to be increasingly useful in the fields of real algebraic and real analytic geometry. The general theory has even had applications to subjects as varied as Lie theory, economics, and neural networks.”

“This note surveys basic topological properties of nonarchimedean analytic spaces, in the sense of Berkovich, including the recent tameness results of Hrushovski and Loeser. We also discuss interactions between the topology of nonarchimedean analytic spaces and classical algebraic geometry.”

Non-archimedean tame topology and stably dominated types

“Furthermore, it is possible to now construct a notion of ‘definable complex manifolds’, or more generally ‘definable complex analytic spaces’, as being built from local definable charts glued via definable holomorphic transition maps.”

Tame topologies in non-archimedean geometry - Abhishek Oswal

“Yet genius-enthusiasm was not only fodder for Zilsel’s ironic humor and an annoying aspect of the times, but also dangerous. The “religion-like nature” of the cult of genius, Zilsel asserted, fostered alienation, contempt of the masses, and the exclusion of the “Other.””

“Although linked to the Vienna Circle, Zilsel wrote criticizing the views of Circle members. As a Jewish Marxist he was unable to pursue an academic career in Austria. He participated actively in working people's education, teaching philosophy and physics at the Vienna People's University.”

"My Inventions" - a short movie about Nikola Tesla.

“If we were to take the semi-classical limit directly from the SubQuantum process and without taking first the Quantum continuum limit, when close to a singularity and in the presence of an external potential, one would expect locally to be able to use a similar process but not necessarily to be able to match the circular dynamics on the two sides of the singularity. Any mismatch will then need to be reconciled in term of multiples of the quarter of a circular process at SubQuantum level.”

An axiomatic approach to the boundary theories of Wiener and Royden

“Potential theory, whose rich structure has provoked much research in such fields as capacity, distributions, extreme elements, Dirichlet spaces, Hunt's kernels and semi-groups, probability theory etc., has also led to the introduction of new topologies and boundaries.”

“On the other hand, the potential-theoretic approach to a series of concepts, such as, for example, martingales, which are beyond the limits of Markov processes, turned out to be of great importance.”,_abstract

“As J.L. Doob once put it: “To learn potential theory from probability is like learning algebraic geometry without geometry.” [4] This explains why before going to the specific application to metastability I will essentially focus on potential theory and Markov processes for themselves.”

THE NET ADVANCE OF PHYSICS Review Articles and Tutorials in an Encyclopædic Format Established 1995

“We present explicit expressions for these co-efficients on manifolds with and without boundaries, subject to local and non-local boundary conditions, in the presence of various types of singularities (e.g., domain walls). In each case the heat kernel coefficients are given in terms of several geometric invariants. These invariants are derived for scalar and spinor theories with various interactions, Yang-Mills fields, gravity, and open bosonic strings.”

Esoteric Symbology


Since the structural and symbolic are coupled, it behooves one to consider the esoteric when expatiating on hidden truth in an exoteric setting.

The Demiurge (Lion-faced Serpent) [Esoteric Saturdays]

The Da Vinci Code (1/8) Movie CLIP - Symbols (2006) HD

Mereon (talk) 17:32, 2 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Everywhere in Antiquity the Skull & Cross Bones symbol conveyed the same exact meaning. By the Middle Ages, intellectuals in Europe were calling it “Memento Mori,” which is Latin for “Remember you are mortal” and “Remember you must die.”

This is a reminder of the temporary nature of human life, and the inevitability of death. Thoughts of death remind us of the transient nature of earthly pleasures, which are fleeting; this contemplation opens the door to the soul within, which is the eternal life within each of us.”

The True Origins Of La Catrina | Dia de los Muertos

“This brings me to another important rule of esotericism. It is useless to argue with those who are not adepts of the higher leanings of truth. No sincere adept would impose his truth on someone who is not otherwise ready to contemplate it. There is a Biblical reference for this idea from the Master of the New law himself: “Cast not your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under your feet.””

““Pitch Bent Flute” is the other song from the record that directly deals with the Bowie character…I tried to let the boy in Bowie’s song age and have his desires shift and grow up. In the last verse, he’s got a nightly spot a mile from his house where he performs as a mime but he wonders if he will have children and a family and is measuring what he’s sacrificed for his art. However, he’s also at that point completely mastered his craft and transfixes his audiences nightly but you don’t get the feeling that it means as much to him anymore.”

Pitch Bent Flute

“So let’s try to analyse the story of the opera in Mystery terms. The first thing we must remember is that in Mozart’s time, most of the psychological terms we now use were not invented yet. The concepts were of course familiar to what we loosely may term “the wise”, but the terminology was different.

We talk, for instance, about “integrating the Higher and the Lower Selves”. They might have referred to the same thing under the name of “The Conjoining of the Sun and the Moon”. The integration of two aspects of consciousness was frequently termed “a Marriage”, for instance, and images and symbols from earth-level marriage ceremonies were employed.”

Why Mozart's Magic Flute is a masterpiece - an introduction (The Royal Opera)

The Plurality of Worlds in Religion, Philosophy and Fiction – from Ancient Scriptures to Today’s Sci-Fi

“In 1941, he and his mother tried to escape from German-occupied Bulgaria for Turkey, but they were caught and imprisoned in a makeshift concentration camp in Bulgaria for three months. One day, a German guard - who had enjoyed hearing Alexis play Schubert on the accordion - hurriedly took him and his mother to the train station, throwing the accordion to him through the window. The guard told them, "Good luck," in German; the next day, they safely arrived in Istanbul. In 1945, they emigrated to what was then Palestine”

““Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

— Plato

Esoteric reading tells us that music creates physical, emotional, and mental experiences that our general population will have. Throughout the ages there have been frequency patterns in the systems of music that have triggered world involution and evolution.”

“Incidentally 72 pitches per octave has been adopted as a tuning standard by some Turkish Qanun builders (a zither-like plucked string instrument). Surely they came to it from a much different direction, but it’s food for thought. It is a nice coincidence that 72 is a multiple of 12; modern Western notation and instruments could theoretically adapt to it without too much fuss. This is as far as we will go here. As if that were not enough mathematics, in the sequel, the Riemann Zeta function makes an appearance.”

“Moreover, it is tempting to speculate that a principle of invariance of the fundamental physical laws under a change of the number field does hold. The fluctuations of the number field could appear on the Planck length, in particular in the gravitational collapse or near the cosmological singularity. These fluctuations can lead to the appearance of domains with non-Archimedean p-adic or finite geometry.”

Tautological Control Systems


There are a couple different ways of thinking about the term “tautological” in the context of cybernetics and control theory, which I’ll explore here.

“Just as an explicit parameterisation of system dynamics by state, i.e., a choice of coordinates, can impede the identification of general structure, so it is too with an explicit parameterisation of system dynamics by control. However, such explicit and fixed parameterisation by control is commonplace in control theory, leading to definitions, methodologies, and results that depend in unexpected ways on control parameterisation. In this paper a framework is presented for modelling systems in geometric control theory in a manner that does not make any choice of parameterisation by control; the systems are called "tautological control systems."”

Control Theory and Topics in Functional Analysis

Mereon (talk) 23:19, 3 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“It is argued that the only possibility to formulate a final theory is necessarily a tautology: A final theory of physics can only be derived from those presumptions about reality that are inherent in the idea and practice of physics itself. It is argued that a final theory is based on the notion of objectivity, but it is logically impossible that an ideal final theory supports realism.”

“The God of Zarathushtra is neither an ‘Angry God’ nor a ‘Testing God’, nor a ‘Vengeful God’. Zarathustra’s God (Ahura Mazda) is the Lord of Wisdom,

Bestower of Life, and a ‘Loving Beloved Friend’. Therefore, the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, is neither ‘Divinity’s Wrath’ nor ‘Nature’s Vengeance’. From a Zarathushti perspective this virus is a particle of biological origin that causes sickness when it enters a human body. That is the opposite of all that is Good, God-given, Life-giving and Health-promoting. In the Gathas, Zarathushtra refers to Ahura Mazda as his friya (Sanskrit priya, beloved), a beloved friend. Would a beloved friend inflict pain and suffering on another friend? We refer to Nature as Mother Nature. Would a mother make her children suffer? Even during this current pandemic, a true Zarathushti would not be asking why God is punishing the innocent or Mother Nature is taking revenge on the already ailing and the elderly? A truly Zarathushti’s response would be – yes, we have been struck with a pandemic. What can one do by way of finding a remedy or solution to the problem? How best to flatten the curve?”

“These well-known geometric/algebraic correspondences for vector bundles are not without their limitations. The correspondence with locally free, locally finitely generated sheaves is quite perfect; indeed, it is rather close to a tautology once one understands the words involved. On the other hand, the correspondence with finitely generated projective modules is not quite tautological. However, it is not uniquely defined, in the sense that the module of sections can be a summand of a module in many different ways. Also, this projective module characterisation is of a different character than the standard Gelfand correspondence for manifolds. Indeed, the two correspondences seem a bit orthogonal.”

“This article introduces a very specific topos in which the authors define the notion of the localic spectrum of a C*-algebra, which is a generalization of the spectrum of a commutative C*-algebra as used in the Gelfand-Naimark theorem.”

Voter Fraud Cold Open - SNL


If Chris Langan wants to conserve what makes life worth living for “actual Americans”...perhaps he should have a more positive attitude, since if actual Americans actually listened to everything he said, it would be demoralizing. As someone who was raised by actual White American Christians, I can always suss out those with vestiges of Jewishness in them, and Chris Langan’s attitude toward those he considers “gentiles” is obvious to those of us who actually had no other choice but to be White Christian Americans.

Mereon (talk) 11:25, 4 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Trump still appears to believe all Jews are really Israelis

Who Is America | Dick Cheney | Waterboarding and War | Sacha Baron Cohen


While many tend to belittle gnostic philosophy as if there was only one strand for religio-political reasons which ratifies propagated prejudices, I simply appreciate it as part of history worth understanding, without reducing it to a dualistic interpretation.

Gnostic Dualism vs Nonduality

Mereon (talk) 19:46, 4 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Gnosticism envisaged the world as a series of emanations from the highest "One", that produced a series of emanations. The lowest emanation was an evil god (the Demiurge) who created the material world as a prison for the divine sparks that dwell in human bodies.

The Gnostics identified this evil creator with the God of the Old Testament, and saw the Adam/Eve and the ministry of Jesus as attempts to liberate humanity from his dominion, by imparting divine secret wisdom. Gnostics like Christians take an allegorical view of the Old Testament. Gnosticism is loaded with Buddhism and other Eastern religious themes, and draws heavily on Platonism.”


Also, folks, if you work at McDonalds or a Bar, and you’re frantic over who will be president for the next four’ve got your priorities out of order. You should be developing machines to do your food service and weaning people off the addiction of alcoholism, possibly using social control systems engineering. By letting some Super Bowl of politics dictate your destiny, you prove you don’t deserve to author one other than that which shall be written for you. I don’t care who is elected President, I voted for Trump, but that doesn’t change my life, having a college degree in STEM and a good job will however, and beware those who tell you otherwise, they’re only a step away in their social evolution from their jungle-dwelling simian ancestors.

Mereon (talk) 21:47, 4 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Chimp Politics - Chimp TV - BBC


What is Accelerationism?

Besides, when 2/3rds of all life on earth is wiped out because of global warming, there will be no countries left, only the scientists who tried to warn you but who you ignored at your own peril...hence, I support accelerationism when I support Trump, I want to see 2/3rds of the earth die off so that a darkly enlightened global government can take power, however that means supporting people like Chris Langan and Donald Trump until the consequences of their lies and disbelief fully sets in.

“Global warming has been a focus of attention of science and politics for about two decades now. A lot has been said about its expected disastrous consequences; perhaps the most notorious is the global flooding that may result from melting of Antarctic ice if the warming exceeds a few degrees compared to the pre-industrial level. However, it now appears that this is probably not the biggest danger that the warming can cause to the humanity.

“About two-thirds of the planet’s total atmospheric oxygen is produced by ocean phytoplankton – and therefore cessation would result in the depletion of atmospheric oxygen on a global scale. This would likely result in the mass mortality of animals and humans.”

Mereon (talk) 23:14, 4 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“A Dirichlet boundary condition means that the boundary must be held to a constant value. Using this condition, a harmonic navigation function can be developed that guides the state into a goal region from anywhere in a simply connected state space. If there are interior obstacles, then a Neumann boundary condition forces the velocity vectors to be tangent to the obstacle boundary. By solving (8.49) under a combination of both boundary conditions, a harmonic navigation function can be constructed that avoids obstacles by moving parallel to their boundaries and eventually landing in the goal.”


White Christian Americans should not fall for anti-California rhetoric coming from White crypto-Jews and their non-West Coast allies surrounding Chris Langan. They’re treasonous anti-Americans who want to foment civil war and they’ve sacrificed nothing in service to America other than being ungrateful for the blessings they have in this country which fought against the Nazis to save them. The Nazis have not died, btw, they’re in California...that’s why Jews like Chris Langan and his groupies hate this state.

Mereon (talk) 06:39, 5 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

The California Reich (1975) Rare Documentary On The Roots Of Nazism In America

“What is important to him is to prove that there is a struggle between the creationist “Order of the Dead Head” and manifestationist “Order of the Living Heart” as a “humanist rationality” against an “emotionality of heart” (Dugin 2005: 188–193). He associates himself with the latter. And history in his presentation looks an eternal struggle between the Aryans and the Jews, “manifestationism against creationism, or the Solar paradigm against the Lunar one.” In fact, he is interested in myth rather than in history. That is why he does not fail to use fakes, such as the notorious “Ura Linda Chronicle” of Hermann Wirth. And that is why he is obsessed with the “Polar Homeland of the humanity,” which is not acknowledged by any contemporary specialist.

In 1995, Dugin completed an essay, “Oder of Iliah,” where he restored an obsolete idea of allegedly entirely opposite nature of the Semitic nomads and sedentary Indo-Europeans (he even used the obsolete term “Indo-European race”) (Dugin 2005: 220–246). However, it is well established that early Indo-Iranians and Iranians (Scythians and Sarmatians) were nomadic pastoralists, as were the Indo-Aryans, who arrived in India. Dugin has failed to consider this because otherwise an obsolete opposition of “Semites vs Indo-Europeans” proved to be incorrect and irrelevant.”

“Purporting to be an episodic chronicle of wars and migrations of the Frisian people, the Oera Linda Book describes events dated (very precisely) from 2194 BCE to 803 CE. The reference date is the submergence of 'Atland,' a lost land in the North Sea, which, according to the book, occurred in 2193 BCE. The book is peppered with descriptions of catastrophic earth changes, including volcanic eruptions, strange weather, and rapid sea level changes. This is intriguing because, even if a forgery, the Oera Linda Book predates the origin of the modern Atlantis craze, which began with Ignatius Donnelly's Atlantis, the Antediluvian World, published in 1882.”

“In doing so, he examines the work of Georg Klaus and the East German literary figure Franz Fühmann (1922-1984). He argues that these two writers were “not concerned with the empirically achieved and measurable quality of daily life in East Germany, but the possibility of apprehending an underlying qualitative difference between their system and that of the West, where their system figures for them as both present actuality (energeia) and future potential (dynamis).”16 Fühmann and Klaus, he argues, were engaged in a task of distinguishing a distinct form of modernity, socialist modernity, from that of Western capitalism, Fühmann in his fiction and Klaus in his construction of cybernetic models and appraisal of socialist science. As such, these writers were forced to interrogate the priorities of their society and to tease out the qualitative differences between the two systems.”


I support the Aryan minority within the White majority Chris Langan speaks about. I believe in man overcoming himself, and not letting a bankster conspiracy scare one off from becoming successful. The future belongs only to those who can invent it, not to those who see themselves as history’s victims.

“What determines the transition of a society from one level of development to another? One of the most fundamental causes is the global technological transformations. Among all major technological breakthroughs in history the most important are three production revolutions: 1) the Agrarian Revolution; 2) the Industrial Revolution; and 3) the Cybernetic one. The book introduces the theory of production revolutions which is a new valuable explanatory paradigm that analyzes causes and trends of dramatic shifts in historical process.”

Mereon (talk) 19:10, 5 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Reconstructionist Fascism


So in keeping with ideological and racial purity, I repudiate Langan’s hyphenated “fascisto-communism” since I think the philosophy of all things should be considered on their own merits.

““Fascism is a religious conception in which man is seen in his immanent relationship with a superior law and with an objective Will [sic] that transcends the particular individual and raises him to a conscious membership in a spiritual society.” ... “A form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation or victimhood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy and purity, in which a massed-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion.”

Mereon (talk) 05:36, 6 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“The burning of witches and Jews and heretics may feel long past; the stakes pulled up, the bones long crumbled into ash. But as the language of the mainstream right continually ramps up into existential territory—with Fox News hosts braying that a Joe Biden win in November will quite literally mean Trump supporters will be murdered in their beds; a top Health and Human Services aide claiming that government scientists are engaging in “sedition”; and Republican operative Charlie Kirk saying, “If the president loses, they will come for us all. They will come for your children”—it’s difficult to overlook the utility of a movement that already casts the world in blood-stained Manichaean terms.”

“Remember Thomas Pynchon of Gravity’s Rainbow fame (I prefer calling him the illegitimate cousin of James Joyce for his craftiness and smoothly sailing contrite plots: there goes off my first of paroxysms!!), who likened the system of techno-politics as an extension of our inhuman core, at best autonomous, intelligent and ever willing to exist outside the control of politics altogether. This befits the operational closure and echoing time and time again that technology isn’t an alien thing, but rather a manifestation of our inhuman core, a mutation of our shared fragments sieved together in ungodly ways. This is alien technologies in gratitude.

We have never been natural, and purportedly so by building defence systems against the natural both intrinsically and extrinsically. Take for example, Civilisation, the most artificial construct of all humans had busied themselves building and now busying themselves upholding. what is it? A Human Security System staving off entropy of existence through the self-perpetuation of a cultural complex of temporal immortalisation, if nothing less and vulnerable to editions by scores of pundits claiming to a larger schemata often overlooked by parochiality. Haven’t we become accustomed to hibernating in an artificial time now exposed by inhabiting the infosphere, creating dividualities by reckoning to data we intake, partake and outtake. Isn’t analysing the part/whole dividuality really scoring our worthiness?”

Film and Gravity's Rainbow

The Dangers of Demagogues - Dont Be a Sucker 1947

Beautiful Mind's Portrayal of the Schizophrenic Experience

“Several cosmological observations convince us that the observable universe is undergoing a phase of accelerated expansion. The idea of a short period of extremely rapid expansion when the universe was very young is much attractive. However, the mechanism underlying this behavior is still a mystery.”

Does a Nash theory of gravity make dark energy superfluous?

“Disjunctivists and their opponents agree that veridical perceptions, illusions and hallucinations have something in common, in so far as they agree that such mental events should be grouped together as being perceptual experiences. They also agree that there are differences to be marked between them, hence the different labels for them. However, they disagree when it comes to specifying what these commonalities and differences consist in. What distinguishes the disjunctivist theory is its rejection of a ‘common kind claim’—the claim that the conscious perceptual experiences that are involved in cases of veridical perception, illusion and hallucination have the same nature. If one accepts that the same kind of conscious experience occurs in all three cases, then this imposes a constraint on the account one can give of the kind of conscious event that occurs when one veridically perceives the world.”

“More than the retreating Germans, the real enemy for Yossarian and his rag-tag bunch of friends is the bureaucracy of the military, inverting logic at every turn. The pinnacle of this is Catch-22, a military by-law which states that if you fly your missions, you’re crazy, and don’t have to fly them; all you have to do is ask.”

“Emil Artin (1898-1962) was a very influential mathematician who made major contributions to mathematics and in particular to number theory. His ancestors came from Armenia.”

“When Carl Friedrich Gauss first introduced the notion of complex integers Z[i], he observed that the ordinary prime numbers may factor further in this new set of integers. In fact, if a prime p is congruent to 1 mod 4, then it factors into a product of two distinct prime gaussian integers, or "splits completely"; if p is congruent to 3 mod 4, then it remains prime, or is "inert"; and if p is 2 then it becomes a product of the square of the prime (1+i) and the invertible gaussian integer -i; we say that 2 "ramifies".”


I believe in unity, even as a Green Nazi in California, so I voted for Trump, but will accept Biden as my president. My hope is a new green deal for the American economy so we can grow sustainably as a planet. As for who controls Trump’s next move, that’s his choice. I appreciate his service and sacrifice on behalf of our great nation, and I think whatever happens, it’s for the best, and I’m sure he’ll make a comeback on Netflix or television with his own show like Obama for those who support him.

Mereon (talk) 23:19, 6 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Our natural environment is the greatest gift that could be bestowed to us; from it we derive sustenance, the materials for our housing, and indeed our own bodies and minds, which are the products of natural evolution and represent years of adaptation and heuristic learning by both our human and non-human ancestors. What we know as the living planet earth is a durable and functional system more complex than anything a human has ever conceived, much less designed, and for this reason alone - that it is a superior design - we consider it the highest priority of human civilization to not ruin its birth-agency and life support system. As a consequence, our politics apply a fascist ethic toward a getting right a task we can't afford to botch.

Also from our Green heritage comes our disbelief in any form of conspiracy; the mental errors of humankind and the thoughtless and resentful dogmas espoused by society are alone sufficient to explain the pointless wholesale destruction of our natural environment, loss of culture and belief, and degenerate self-destructive mental state of humanity.

Party The final aspect of our belief system is that any political group should involve a "party," in that there should be a healthful, joyful and sensual affirmation of life and its amazing and positive experience celebrated above any conceptions of negativity or bitterness. Everything in the universe is a mixed bag of good and not-so-good, so for mental health and a delighted spirit one must celebrate all that is amazing, profound and fun about existence.”

Heidi - Part 1 (For over a hundred years, Johanna Spyri's story of a little Swiss girl has captured the imaginations of countless children. In this episode, the first of four parts specially abridged for Story Teller, Heidi goes to live with her grandfather in his lonely mountain chalet.)

Parasite: Perfecting Class Critique – Wisecrack Edition

“Cancer cells, in contrast to parasites, become ever more virulent as a cancer progresses. Our economy is becoming more virulent as well. For centuries, it was fuelled by ‘normal’ returns on capital, from about 5% (Piketty 2014) to 10% per year (Morowitz 1992). The economy driven by normal profit consisted of ‘real’ processes, e.g. manufacturing goods, or transporting them from sites of production to markets. However, an increasing segment of our economies are formally not distinguishable from a set of interacting Ponzi schemes (Basu 2014), characterized by huge discount rates (Sumaila & Walters 2005) and short-term profits, which negates the very idea of sustainability. This ‘Ponzification’, also known as the ‘Wall-Streetization’ of the economy, implies that a firm capable of generating a 5 to 10% return in the long term will likely be eaten up by a financial institution seeking super-profits of 20% or more per year on the shorter term. Natural, wealth-generating processes, such as the (re-)growth of forests, or the growth of wild or domestic animal populations do not live up to these expectations (Clark 1973), which can be met, therefore (and only for a while) by liquidating assets, or through Ponzi schemes such as the one perpetrated by B. Madoff (Anon. 2014); hence, the clear-cutting of forests worldwide (Ramankutty et al. 2006), the decimation of fish populations (Pauly 2009a) and the bankruptcies (with subsequent asset-stripping) of previously profitable private and public enterprises which otherwise do not generate the super-profits sought by financial banks and hedge fund managers. Needless to say, this leaves few public resources to address structural problems, both within countries (health, education, infrastructure, etc.) and between countries (development issues, global warming). Wars may thus continue to plague us, including wars in which nuclear weapons are used (Toon et al. 2007), and one of which may be terminal.”

He's Got The Nukes - a Nathleigh song parody

That Greta Girl - a Nathleigh song parody

Hitler's Coronavirus Helpline


In terms of the future of my overlordship on Earth, I have decided to pursuit an online degree in electrical engineering, since there are jobs paying between $50-$83/hr pertaining to autonomous vehicles and visual processing. I hope I will not have to talk about politics anymore in this group, pulling the old John Galt of grinding the gears of the world to a stop just to prove I could has become a distraction from my true worldly ambitions. I will always be here for the true believers of Ayn Rand as well, may we realize her dreams for America and its promise to young minds, regardless of their apparent race or religion.

“With the proliferation of computers embedded in products, we have seen a rapid growth in embedded optimization. In these embedded applications, optimization is used to automatically make real-time choices, and even carry out the associated actions, with no (or little) human intervention or oversight. In some application areas, this blending of traditional automatic control systems and embedded optimization is well under way; in others, it is just starting. Embedded real-time optimization raises some new challenges: in particular, it requires solution methods that are extremely reliable, and solve problems in a predictable amount of time (and memory).”

Mereon (talk) 08:35, 7 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Approaching collapse, the nation's economy is quickly eroding. As crime and fear take over the countryside, the government continues to exert its brutal force against the nation's most productive who are mysteriously vanishing - leaving behind a wake of despair. One man has the answer. One woman stands in his way. Some will stop at nothing to control him. Others will stop at nothing to save him. He swore by his life. They swore to find him.

Who is John Galt?”

Enabling Autonomous Vehicles to See in Adverse Conditions

Belle & Sebastian " I Want The World To Stop"


The true value of a life is not in who or what he voted for in politics, but how he or she elected to use their time on earth to invent something for the improvement of all humankind, and if it is done with the help of Rockefeller University or as Alex Jones calls them, “ChiComs” in some way, that should not stop one from choosing a strategy for socio-economic success in life outside of the machinations of a corporation or country to achieve that which is ultimately important for progress.

“As the line between life science and data science continues to disappear, Rockefeller is developing new programs in high-performance computing, bioinformatics, and data sciences.”

Mereon (talk) 09:53, 7 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Upgrade (2018) - Fighting for Control Scene (9/10) | Movieclips

“There is, in conclusion, sufficient similarity between Fascism and Nazism in the eyes of this historian to justify us considering them as variants of a broader fascist phenomenon. On any individual aspect there were important differences. Fascism, for example, did not adopt anti-semitism until after it had come to power, and mainly at the behest of its German ally. Yet the capacity to mount an exclusionary mobilisation against a demonised internal enemy was common to the two movements, enabling Italy’s deeply assimilated Jewish community eventually to be targeted. Likewise, the scale of Nazi support enabled it to exert a more sweeping effect on German society than did Italian Fascism. In reality, both movements were constrained by their negotiated access to power and fell well short of their totalitarian aspirations. Yet they shared the ambition to fuse state, society and party, and also the conviction that a new society—and a new world—was being created. In this sense, fascism formed part of the three-cornered ideological conflict with democracy and communism on whose fate the history of Europe turned in the twentieth century.”

“Arguably, the Platonic idea of philosopher-kings represents a sort of technocracy in which the state is run by those with specialist knowledge, in this case, knowledge of the Good, rather than scientific knowledge. The Platonic claim is that those who best understand goodness should be empowered to lead the state, as they would lead it toward the path of happiness. Whilst knowledge of the Good is different from knowledge of science, rulers are here appointed based on a certain grasp of technical skill, rather than democratic mandate.”

“In his A History of Western Philosophy (1945), Bertrand Russell identifies three parts to the Republic:

Books I–V: from the attempt to define justice, the description of an ideal community (eutopia) and the education of its Guardians; Books VI–VII: the nature of philosophers, the ideal rulers of such a community; Books VIII–X: the pros and cons of various practical forms of government.”


The more Chris Langan talks about how the parasitic elite are going to commit genocide against “White” people or turn them into worker bees of some kind, the more I will remind the internet that he is half-Jewish, and a very creative writer, but someone who suffers from delusions of grandeur and is in need of contextual resolution from science fiction.

THX 1138 (4/10) Movie CLIP - Mind Lock (1971) HD

Mereon (talk) 19:18, 7 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

A Serious Man (5/10) Movie CLIP - The Uncertainty Principle (2009) HD

How to Handle an Employee with a Bad Attitude


I look forward to a California Republican running for office in 2024, however Trump owes money which he cannot repay while he’s U.S. president due to a conflict of interest. In general I supported Romney over Trump, since he was technically “Whiter” and “Christianer” and “Wester” in my estimation.

Mereon (talk) 21:10, 7 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


I don’t dispute that Chris Langan has a high-functioning brain, however I consider it to be genetically Ashkenazi Jewish and he should be deported to either Ukraine or Israel for undermining the faith of honest Americans in the democratic process. A recount is a good idea, even throwing out illegal votes...I’d give it 2 months to finalize...however that will not change the fact that White Christian Americans like me can spot a fraud using his appearance and appellation as a pretense for being the apex of Aryan consciousness.

Mereon (talk) 21:55, 7 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Crypto-Jews like Chris Langan control all media channels to ensure the political debate is one of life or death, while holding the world hostage to their demands that everyone mirror his emotionally retarded paradigm based on fear and paranoia instead of love and faith.

Mereon (talk) 22:32, 7 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Any rational person would be staying calm and encouraging forethought, only someone who hates logic and America tries to convince others that civil war is the only solution to every adverse social situation.

Fear Itself: The Politics of Fear & The New Deal

Mereon (talk) 23:02, 7 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Women should not be involved in political discussions promoting civil war, they are little more than booty for the victors, not voices of reason. Obviously there are plans made 500 years in advance, women just like to sound smart by getting involved in war, when they would be considered wiser in promoting peace.

“Rejecting bribes of kingly power from Hera and military might from Athena, he chose Aphrodite and accepted her bribe to help him win the most beautiful woman alive. His seduction of Helen (the wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta) and refusal to return her was the cause of the Trojan War.”

Mereon (talk) 00:18, 8 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Irish News re. Biden

What Is The Irish Republican Army (IRA)?

The Battle of Cable Street: Britain's fight against fascism - BBC News

Mosley Tries Again (1962)


Chris Langan’s theory of parasitic divergence has a historical context however the image has itself become parasitic on White Aryans who as mentally healthy Green Nazis should not entertain conspiracy theories, but should be aiming for becoming the best in the world at whatever they choose to do.

“Through this transvalued use of parasitism, Nietzsche thus upsets (intertextually at least) what was understood at that time to be an essentially sep aratist tenet of eugenics. For Nietzsche, creative mterbreeding of differences supplants entropie inbreeding of sameness. But, in a vicious eternal return of the hegemonic discourse, his new version of "good" breeding (i.e., advan tageous for life) is continually interfered with by the more reactionary inter pretations at hand in the race debate. For example, in Beyond Good and Evil, he boasts of the parasitic art and power of his new "type" of the "tyrant," the Nietzschean Overman, who is bred and fed on modern European progress and democratic ideals, thanks to a dissimulative trait of power of adaptation, "practice, art and mask": in short, a process of "becoming European" born of the same (sick) conditions that more usually produce a "levelling" of humans into nationalistic herds (BGE VIII: 242; emphasis original). Now, this is not simplistically evolutionist, for Nietzsche is offsetting his mixed parasitic "type" against the received belief in Darwinistic progress of the human species from lower to higher forms”

Mereon (talk) 05:48, 8 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Metaontological Spatiotemporal Data Fusion


Applications for “spatio-temporal data types” as described in one of the more recent CTMU papers may be found in remote sensing and satellite engineering, my interest would be for geological/ecological research measuring the effects of global warming as they vary with respect to human socio-economic enterprises...I’d also explore the Yoneda approach to base change within ontology.

“approach to ontology and metaontology through category theory. We exploit the theory of elementary toposes to claim that a satisfying “theory of existence”, and more at large ontology itself, can both be obtained through category theory. In this perspective, an ontology is a mathematical object: it is a category, the universe of discourse in which our mathematics (intended at large, as a theory of knowledge) can be deployed. The internal language that all categories possess prescribes the modes of existence for the objects of a fixed ontology/category.”

“Remote sensing data have been widely used to study various geophysical processes. With the advances in remote-sensing technology, massive amount of remote sensing data are collected in space over time. Different satellite instruments typically have different footprints, measurement-error characteristics, and data coverages.”

“Spatio-temporal data fusion refers to the technique of combining high temporal resolution from coarse satellite images and high spatial resolution from fine satellite images. However, data availability remains a major limitation in algorithm development. Existing spatio-temporal data fusion algorithms require at least one known image pair between the fine and coarse resolution image.”

Mereon (talk) 18:14, 8 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

This Small Satellite Could Predict the Next Hurricane | Short Film Showcase

"Twister" (Jan de Bont) - The First Tornado Scene

“Based on two principles: uncertainty principle, and analyticity principle Uncertainty principle: if we can predict 65-year climate accurately then we know that half of the 65 years will be hotter than predicted. A hidden (unknown) passive (RLC) network responds analytically to an analytic input. Hence if the historical input and output were both analytic, and if the input remains analytic, so will the output, making it predictable. Application: In this case input is CO2 and output is climate (temperature). Benefit: Obviates the need to model the coupled ocean-atmosphere.”

“Reductionism argues that deterministic approaches to science and positivist views of causation are the appropriate methodologies for exploring complex, multivariate systems. The difficulty is that a successful reductionist explanation need not imply the possibility of a successful constructionist approach, i.e., one where the behavior of a complex system can be deduced from the fundamental reductionist understanding. Rather, large, complex systems may be better understood, and perhaps only understood, in terms of observed, emergent behavior. The practical implication is that there exist system behaviors and structures that are not amenable to explanation or prediction by reductionist methodologies.”

“Drawing on his own groundbreaking work, Silver examines the world of prediction, investigating how we can distinguish a true signal from a universe of noisy data. Most predictions fail, often at great cost to society, because most of us have a poor understanding of probability and uncertainty. Both experts and laypeople mistake more confident predictions for more accurate ones. But overconfidence is often the reason for failure. If our appreciation of uncertainty improves, our predictions can get better too. This is the “prediction paradox”: The more humility we have about our ability to make predictions, the more successful we can be in planning for the future.”

The Physics of Climate Variability and Climate Change

“Circular variables are numerical variables whose values are constrained into a cyclical space - for example, a variable measuring angles in radians, spans between 0 and 2 pi, where both values represent the same point in space. Although these variables can be included in a linear regression tree, they have to be treated as linear variables, which is an oversimplification and normally leads to suboptimal results.”

“MISSION: To conduct innovative research that advances our understanding of the global, regional, and local environments and the human relationship with those environments, for the benefit of society.”

White Supremacy Goes Green Why is the far right suddenly paying attention to climate change?


I don’t mind seeing Trump over-turn the results of the election through the court if that means his losing is the end of America as his supporters are describing it. On the other hand, the end of the great American experiment could mean regional governments will take over, which is also fine. Either way, people who study science and math don’t care, it doesn’t change anything for us in the end.

Mereon (talk) 05:01, 9 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Regional Plan Association map of the USA showing the 11 emerging megaregions There is no single definition of a megaregion. Statutory and regulatory documents have not had a single definition, which has led to variations on what should be prioritized within megaregions across jurisdictions.”


I could get Trump elected for you, not that I care, but you have to remember it was not because you had faith, but because you did not...besides, I think Catholics are subservient to the pope which disqualifies them from being president, and women have hormonal cycles which may cause unnecessary wars, another disqualifier. Just remember it was a Faustian pact which made it possible, you will be selling your soul for it, but don’t call it faith that made it possible, merely a covenant, I hereby unbind you from the call for electoral certainty.

“In United States presidential elections, a faithless elector is a member of the United States Electoral College who does not vote for the presidential or vice-presidential candidate for whom they had pledged to vote.”

Mereon (talk) 05:30, 9 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Doctor Faustus and Mephistopheles

“The authors of the study found that scalar fields can indeed exist around binary black holes. What's more, they can form themselves into certain patterns that resemble how electron fields arrange themselves in molecules. So, the behavior of scalar fields in that scenario mimics how electrons behave in diatomic molecules, hence the moniker "gravitational molecules."

Black hole binaries and light fields: gravitational molecules

“NeoFregianism constitutes an alternative view of the relation between language and reality. As we have already said, the traditional view holds that the truth of existential and atomic statements depend on the existence of some objects. NeoFregeanism reverses this order of explanation, maintaining that the existence of some objects depends on the truth of some existential or atomic statements.”

“These remarks are not a defence of minimalism but merely a reminder—since it seems that one may be needed—of the kind of background thinking about objects and ontological commitment which undergirds the abstractionist view. Perhaps this background thinking constitutes a ‘metaontology’. If so, then there is much more to say about the spirit of this metaontology —especially about the sense, if any, in which it is happily described as ‘platonist’. But if it is accepted, the answer to question (M) could not be simpler: a world in which abstraction works is a world in which there are equivalence relations with non-empty fields.”

“One of the goals of quantum field theory is to explore the landscape of consistent theories. Normally, but not always, one starts with some set of free, noninteracting fields and then tries to make them interact. Given the fact that the free fields are characterized by spin and mass we can ask the following question: which sets of fields specified by their spins and masses admit consistent interaction?”

The Time Futurama Broke Itself


One thing is certain anyone who is anti-California is totally disconnected from the White Nationalist movement.

“The American Freedom Party is a Third Position American political party that promotes white nationalism. ... The party chairman is Los Angeles attorney William Daniel Johnson. Kevin B. MacDonald, a retired evolutionary psychology academic at California State University, Long Beach, has been named one of the eight party directors. MacDonald is also a principal contributor to The Occidental Quarterly[9][10] where his articles have claimed that traits that he attributes to Jews, including higher-than-average verbal intelligence and ethnocentricism, have eugenically and culturally evolved to enhance the ability of Jews to out-compete non-Jews for resources.”

Mereon (talk) 01:40, 10 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Donald J. Trump remains self-absorbed, bombastic, Twitter junkie, man-child, probably cheated on his income taxes and continues as the most colorful and outspoken president since Teddy Roosevelt.

At the same time, he’s accomplished more in managing America, created a fantastic economy, and pulled up all races toward better jobs and abundance. He’s also trashed more of our environmental laws. He does not understand “catastrophic climate destabilization”, but the rest of the world isn’t really doing squat to save the planet from carbon footprint, either. And, we’re way below China and India as to fossil fuel burning.

He stopped massive immigration from terrorist countries out of Africa and the middle east. He has not enforced US Code 8, Section 1324 to stop illegal immigration at its base. But neither has Congress for 40 years! In the end, he may be America’s last great hope for stopping the anarchy, mayhem, looting, burning and destruction of the core of American society.”

“Reporting from Helsinki, Finland — When a natural disaster like the California wildfires inflicts such a tragic loss of life and land, you’d expect the president of the United States to respond with words of consolation. A show of empathy. A promise of help for the victims. But that’s not what Californians got from President Trump on Saturday as he toured the areas destroyed by wildfires in Northern California.

Instead they got this bizarre statement: “I was with the president of Finland and he said, ‘We’re a forest nation.’ He called it a forest nation, and they spend a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things. And they don’t have any problem. Or what it is it’s a small problem.” The absurdity of Trump’s comment, not to mention his willful blindness to California’s trauma, drew immediate ridicule from experts and laypeople alike. A particularly bemused response came from the people of Finland, which happens to be the country that I call home.”

The Boondock saints 1999 Yakavetta's Courtroom Scene and Execution

“The hardest thing to resist at times like these is the desire for Old Testament justice, an eye for an eye. I’m not saying Stephen Miller should suffer. Stephen Miller’s foulness is an idea that has been given shape and breath by Stephen Miller the person. And the idea needs to be chased down and stamped out. You are free to perform all manner of medieval torture on an idea! The cruelty, the abuse, the hatred—all this must be destroyed with a kind of berserk fervor.”

Hillbilly Elegy a Ron Howard Film | Amy Adams & Glenn Close | Official Trailer | Netflix

“In the category Rel of sets and relations, the empty set is the unique initial object, the unique terminal object, and hence the unique zero object.”

Fusion and Convolution: Applications to Affine Kac-Moody Algebras at the Critical Level

What is Twistor Theory? | Roger Penrose

Operationally Closed Descriptive Manifolds


For those interested in exploring descriptive set theory as it relates to the CTMU concept of syntactic operators, here is a new section to explore.

The Emergence of Descriptive Set Theory


Mereon (talk) 18:38, 10 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“The theory of definable equivalence relations has been a very active area of research in descriptive set theory during the last three decades. It serves as a foundation of a theory of complexity of classification problems in mathematics. Such problems can be often represented by a definable (usually Borel or analytic) equivalence relation on a standard Borel space. To compare the difficulty of a classification problem with respect to another, one introduces a basic order among equivalence relations, called Borel reducibility, which is defined as follows.”

“At the center of a crypto system is a mathematical trapdoor, that is, a computational problem that is easy to do in one direction (encryption) but hard to reverse (decryption). A good example is integer multiplication: it is easy to multiply, but hard to factor. The security of classical crypto systems based on number factoring and related problems has various weaknesses. Mathematicians search for trapdoors that involve computations in non-commutative structures that provide more security in crypto systems. One such problem is the conjugacy problem in group theory.”

“Decision Problems in Bn A problem, in this case a yes-or-no question, is said to be decidable if we can write an algorithm that will, for any input, finish in a finite amount of time and give us a definite response. There are two decision problems that can be asked of finitely-presented groups (like Bn): The Word Problem: Does there exist an algorithm that can determine in a finite number of steps whether two words (sequences of generators and their inverses) correspond to the same group element? The Conjugacy Decision Problem: Given two words, A,B, corresponding to group elements a, b, does there exist an algorithm that can determine in a finite number of steps whether there exists an element c such that a = c−1bc. That is, are a and b conjugate? (Symbolized a ∼ b, or A ∼ B, if there is no confusion.)”

“A classification problem is in general the question of cataloging a class of mathematical objects up to some notion of equivalence by invariants. This work brings descriptive set theory into contact with current developments in various areas of mathematics such as dynamical systems, including ergodic theory and topological dynamics, the theory of topological groups and their representations, operator algebras, geometric and combinatorial group theory, etc. Moreover, it provides new insights in the traditional relationships of descriptive set theory with other areas of mathematical logic, as, for example, with recursion theory, concerning the global structure of Turing degrees or with model theory, through the Topological Vaught Conjecture and the general study of the isomorphism relation on countable structures.”


Chris Langan’s anti-socialism will effectively be interpreted as anti-Nazi (national Socialism) from my perspective. I don’t allow Jews like him to play sides off each other, he’s picked his side, he better not try to sneak into the Aryan Brotherhood in California, we made the Republican Party into a White Nationalist one since the post-WW2 days, before that it was not.

“A newly released prison gangster is forced by the leaders of his gang to orchestrate a major crime with a brutal rival gang on the streets of Southern California.”

“Republicans nominated moderate candidates who who were strong anti-Communists, leading Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon to win California (though Nixon lost the presidency to John F. Kennedy). The party’s momentum was halted by Barry Goldwater, whose views on communism and fiscal conservatism were deemed too extreme.”

Is The Republican Party A White Nationalist Party?

Mereon (talk) 20:55, 10 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Our object of study is the theory of definable graphs, usually Borel or analytic graphs on Polish spaces. We investigate how combinatorial concepts, such as colorings and matchings, behave under definability constraints, i.e., when they are required to be definable or perhaps well-behaved in the topological or measure theoretic sense.”

The Human Animal 3 of 6 The Human Zoo


President Trump’s COVID-19 episode may have left him permanently mentally disabled, and so he will probably be forcibly removed from office.

Those who worship his fascist cult of personality can be certain that some of his alien-brained foreign supporters will be deported eventually or kept under house arrest and media lockdown as well.

“Twenty-fifth Amendment to the Constitution, which allows Congress to deem a President “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” and remove him from power. The discussion resurfaced more seriously this month, however, in light of Trump’s hospitalization for covid-19 and the White House’s lack of transparency around his treatment. The news that he was medicated with the steroid dexamethasone, used for seriously ill covid-19 patients, also alarmed many because its known side effects include aggression, agitation, and “grandiose delusions”—behaviors that, judging from the President’s Twitter account, at least, he already seemed to exhibit.”

Mereon (talk) 22:43, 10 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Paying Tribute to Alex Trebek and Sean Connery - Great SNL Jeopardy! Moments

Election Knight Rises - Stephen Colbert's Election Night Special

“The main applications of our definable structure theory are in descriptive complexity, and for these applications we need our decompositions to be definable in least fixed-point logic LFP, or equivalently, in inflationary fixed-point logic IFP. (For technical reasons, it will be more convenient for us to work with IFP.) These fixed-point logics are extensions of first-order predicate logic by fixed-point operators that allow it to formalise inductive definitions.”

“parameterized complexity is a branch of computational complexity theory that focuses on classifying computational problems according to their inherent difficulty with respect to multiple parameters of the input or output. The complexity of a problem is then measured as a function of those parameters. This allows the classification of NP-hard problems on a finer scale than in the classical setting, where the complexity of a problem is only measured as a function of the number of bits in the input.”

“Unlike these typical neural networks, GNNs are able to tell which pixels are connected to one another even if they’re not in a 2-D grid. By making use of the “edges” between the “nodes” of data (in this case, the bonds between the atoms), these machine learning models can identify desired subjects much more efficiently.

Gray’s vision is to bring these models and their enhanced target identification to streamline data processing for particle collisions.”

“A common approach to tackle the isomorphism problem is to canonise the input graphs, that is, to compute a standard representation of the input graph that only depends on the isomorphism type of the graph and not on its representation. Formally, a graph canonisation can be defined as follows.”

“With encodings by means of relativized interpretations of r-structures in graphs, standardization of the parent structure (the graph) immediately induces a corresponding standardization of the interpreted r-structure.”

The Twilight Zone - The Brain Center at Whipple's


Chris Langan is the very globalist he purports to be fighting, he is their clown and court jester, he’s their entertainment and symbol of their success. A true Aryan King knows that if he does not conquer the world, the Jews will.

Krusty Gets Busted Again

Mereon (talk) 03:17, 11 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“We might simply call those persons White, or we might say they are conditionally-White, or White-passing, or “White but not quite.” The intersection of Jewishness and race has a long and fraught history over several dimensions; the point is that there were and remain significant questions regarding whether Jews (at least those of proximate Northern European descent) should be considered “White.” While it strikes me that conditional-Whiteness may be the most comprehensive describer (an American Jew whose grandparents immigrated from Austria might unambiguously benefit from White privilege when passing a highway patrol car, but not enjoy it in any way whatsoever when White supremacists are looking for a target to harass), I do not wish to be hung up on the precise nomenclature. Suffice to say, there are many Jews whose ancestry proximately traces to European countries, whose status as White in America would be relatively uncontroversial save for whatever complications are posed by their Jewishness.”

“Computational complexity was originally defined in terms of the natural entities of time and space, and the term complexity was used to denote the time or space used in the computation. Rather than checking whether an input satisfies a property S, a more natural question might be, what is the complexity of expressing the property S? These two issues -- checking and expressing -- are closely related.”

“The integrations are done over so-called ambit sets, which is used to model the sphere of influence (hence the name, ambit, Latin for "sphere of influence" or "boundary") which affect a given point.

The use and development of ambit fields is motivated by the need of flexible stochastic models to describe turbulence and the evolution of electricity prices[2] for use in e.g. risk management and derivative pricing.”

“A key characteristic of the Ambit Stochastics framework, which distinguishes this from other approaches, is that beyond the most basic kind of random input it also specifically incorporates additional, often drastically changing, inputs referred to as volatility or intermittency.”

“The main thrust is to be able to classify the complexity of various classes of transformations with the hope of being able to distinguish between previously indistinguishable classes (e.g one may be Borel and the other true analytic.) An example of an important problem that may yield to such a technique is to show that there is an ergodic, finite entropy, measure preserving transformation that is not isomorphic to a smooth measure preserving transformation on a compact manifold.”

Applications of Descriptive Set Theory in Ergodic Theory III

Fractal Uncertainty and the Correspondence Principle


In a “metareligion YouTube interview” (I believe on Free Will) where Chris Langan mentions Niels Bohr’s correspondence principle, I initially found that it did not always hold, however this may be resolved depending on how singularities and fixed points are dealt with. There seems to be some research in chaos theory on the quantum/classical limit to consider also.

““Say you have waves bouncing off, and everything else escapes but you have a system — say the inside of a bowl — where these classical trajectories never leave. The thing that I study is a situation where you have in your system a fractal set of trapped trajectories,” he says.

These trapped trajectories form a fractal set that appears “out of nowhere,” he says. “The fact that fractal sets appear from this was known well before my work, but it was still a surprise to me when I looked at it. Here, a fractal set appears naturally in a problem where you didn’t put in a fractal set.”

That work led to his development of what he terms the “fractal uncertainty principle.” The classical uncertainty principle says you can’t pinpoint both the position and momentum of a quantum particle. Dyatlov posited a form of this principle for this fractal set of trapped trajectories.”

Mereon (talk) 18:56, 11 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“The correspondence principle claims, quite reasonably, that classical mechanics must be contained in quantum mechanics in the limit where objects become much larger than the size of atoms. The main connection between R and P is the Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser (KAM) theorem. The KAM theorem provides a powerful tool for calculating how much of the structure of a regular system survives when a small perturbation is introduced, and the theorem can thus identify perturbations that cause a regular system to undergo chaotic behaviour. Quantum chaos is concerned with establishing the relation between boxes P (chaotic systems) and Q (quantum systems). In establishing this relation, it is useful to introduce a concept called phase space.”

“Although historians and philosophers of physics agree on that Niels Bohr’s Correspondence Principle (CP) played a central role in the first versions of quantum mechanics, in general they do not reach a consensus about the interpretation of the principle. Nevertheless, independently of this disagreement, a good question is what relevance the principle may have at present, since it was formulated in the context of the “old quantum theory,” already set aside in the present-day practice of physics.”

Quantum Chaos and the Correspondence Principle

Notes on fractal uncertainty principle

Fractal uncertainty principle and applications

“Fractal uncertainty principle states that no function can be localized in both position and frequency near a fractal set.”

“Once bound in a primitive infocognitive form that drives emergence by generating “relievable stress” between its generalized spatial and temporal components - i.e., between state and state-transition syntax – telesis continues to be refined into new infocognitive configurations, i.e. new states and new arrangements of state-transition syntax, in order to relieve the stress between syntax and state through telic recursion (which it can never fully do, owing to the contingencies inevitably resulting from independent telic recursion on the parts of localized subsystems).”

“When λn → ∞, how does the classical mechanics impact the behaviour of φn? Correspondence principle. Gallery of Modes (λ large):”

Arithmetic Quantum Chaos

Quantum Chaos on Hyperbolic Manifolds: A New Approach to Cosmology

On the classical limit of the hyperbolic quantum mechanics

Is It Too Late To Stop Climate Change? Well, it's Complicated.

Fusion Power Explained – Future or Failure

Quantum Computers Explained – Limits of Human Technology

“inflatable solar arrays and robotic self-assembly. But the basic idea is always the same: A giant satellite in orbit harvests energy from the sun and converts it to microwaves or lasers for transmission to Earth, where it is converted into electricity. The sun never sets in space, so a space solar power system could supply renewable power to anywhere on the planet, day or night, rain or shine.”

“What's new here is how New Zealand startup Emrod has borrowed ideas from radar and optics and used metamaterials to focus the transmitted radiation even more tightly than previous microwave-based wireless power attempts.”

“Our objective is to supersede traditional electronics with devices that use excitons to mediate the flow of energy. Excitonics are quasiparticle excitations consisting of a bound electron and hole that mediate the absorption and emission of light, especially in disordered and low-dimensional materials.”

“Insulating states occur close to most integer values of the number of electrons per moiré superlattice period, whereas superconducting states are common at fractional moiré band filling factors. In some cases, the insulating states are purely orbital ferromagnets that exhibit a quantum anomalous Hall effect and have superlattice bands with non-zero topological Chern indices C.”

“Quantum cellular automata can be defined as locality preserving unitaries and are, for the most part, equivalent to quantum circuits with constant depth. The use of quantum cellular automata in our framework is threefold. First, they are used to define subsystem symmetries, such as the fractal operator pictured above. Second, they characterize the type of entanglement that is ubiquitous among states exhibiting non-trivial order under the subsystem symmetries. Third, they form the backbone of our computational schemes.”

Simulation physics and theology for Qubitzers

Down in the fractal depths of quantum matter and space-time

“But Chew’s vision of a self-determining universe required that all particles be equally composite and fundamental. He conjectured that each particle is composed of other particles, and those others are held together by exchanging the first particle in a process that conveys a force. Thus, particles’ properties are generated by self-consistent feedback loops. Particles, Chew said, “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.”

“The mathematical formulation of S-matrix theory, divorced from the bootstrap techniques, helped to develop modern day string theory. Meanwhile, bootstrap techniques, liberated from their S-matrix applications, went on to become a powerful way to study individual correlation functions of conformal field theories (CFTs).”

“The CTMU, or *Cognition Theoretic Model of the Universe*, is reality theory at it s most advanced. To put the CTMU in a nutshell, it is based on three general metalogical principles which, though formulated within ordinary, two-valued logic, allow ordinary logic to "bootstrap" itself to the status of metalogic.”

“The metaphysical desire for “freedom of will”, which equates to man’s desire to pull himself up by his bootstraps and to take ultimate responsibility for his individual actions, to absolve the influence that God, nature, his ancestors, and society have all imposed upon him, requires man to become this self-contradictory “causa sui”. Nietzsche begs of the reader to put the notions of “free will” and “non-free will” out of his head, explaining that the idea that there is a “non-free will” is the result of a misuse of cause and effect. ... Reality is more accurately depicted as a question of strong and weak wills. When a thinker, when trying to determine “causal-connection” and “psychological necessity”, manifests compulsion, purpose, necessity, and obsequiousness, this seems to indicate a lacking in himself. The person betrays himself and allows his thoughts to be subdued. Their will is not “non-free”, but simply weak.”

“While the temporal grammar of physics determines the neural laws of cognition, cognitive grammar projects itself onto physical reality in such a way as to determine the form that physical grammar must assume. Because the form of physical grammar limits the content of physical grammar, this makes cognition a potential factor in determining the laws of nature. In principle, cognitive and physical grammars may influence each other symmetrically.”

Human Inefficiency as a Function of Technological Innovation


In terms of the racialist version of the human singularity Chris Langan seems to imply is necessary, I think an economic one would be more apt at this time, since it is the Jewish overlords that one must be wary of if one wishes to avoid a technological singularity decoupled from its human origins.

WALL·E - Status Report

Mereon (talk) 18:09, 12 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“A metaphysical interpretation and understanding of the world is neither scientifically attainable nor scientifically excluded. It is another mode of cognitive approach to the world, a transition from the (as much as possible) neutral observation of the world to a personal relationship with the world. It is a product of the freedom of humankind, and therefore interpretation and understanding define its entire stance towards the world , its mode of use of the world. Scientific observation does not simply affirm the reality of the cosmos; it constitutes it as an existential fact...,then every reality is recapitulated in the relationship of humanity with an active reason (logos) as an invitation-to- relationship, which is directed towards humanity alone.”

“Yet while Pekar sees the codification of Jewish thought as a crucial dynamic underlying justifications for Israeli policy, the “ism” that he ultimately holds accountable for Israel’s crime isn’t Judaism: it’s colonialism and its basis in perceived racial superiority.”

Prostitute Barista - Upright Citizens Brigade

“Beyond that, Hamilton observed that due to the diffeomorphism invariance of the Ricci flow equation, there is a more general class of examples, called (gradient) shrinking solitons. These are selfsimilar solutions to the Ricci flow that shrink modulo diffeomorphisms. Note that any gradient soliton trivially occurs as a singularity model of its own flow.”

Ricci Flow - Numberphile

“At a high level, financial systems may be represented as weighted graphs that characterize the complex web of interacting agents and information flow (for example, debt, stock returns, and shareholder ownership). Such a representation often turns out to provide keen insights. We show that fragility is a system-level characteristic of “business-as-usual” market behavior and that financial crashes are invariably preceded by system-level changes in robustness. This was done by leveraging previous work, which suggests that Ricci curvature, a key geometric feature of a given network, is negatively correlated to increases in network fragility.”

Community Detection on Networks with Ricci Flow

Network Applications of Discrete Curvature and Ricci Flow

RicciNets: Curvature-guided Pruning of High-performance Neural Networks Using Ricci Flow


An interesting punishment I would implement as world dictator for people obsessed about the concept of “Whiteness.”

White Room Torture - Worst Punishments in the History of Mankind

Mereon (talk) 17:39, 13 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

A Clockwork Orange - The Humanity of Violence


“Red vs Blue States” is a ploy used to control individuals by identifying them with a collective. Don’t let the propaganda tell you what it means to be an American. Someday all that will be left are Green states, neither arteries nor veins can operate without oxygen from carbon-capturing plant life.

Mereon (talk) 22:55, 13 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

What If Earth Never Had Humans? | Unveiled

Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage


Since I have a spiritual and nuanced view of racial consciousness, I don’t accept Chris Langan’s attitude on “intersectionality” since it is easy for him as a half-Jewish White bouncer from New York to act like the gate keeper while the rest of us have to deal with everyone from the street getting into one’s car for a ride. I am polite enough to encourage segregation and separation of media enterprises to have large enough arms to listen to “negro” rag time music by Scott Joplin from the 1920s alongside my Belgian-Romani gypsy jazz guitar by Django Reinhardt from the same era...welcome to America.

Mereon (talk) 05:42, 14 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Ragtime Piano : SCOTT JOPLIN . " The Entertainer " (1902)

Django Reinhardt: Three-Fingered Lightning


I’m not a Muslim but I am treated like one, at least by military personnel in America...which seems willfully ignorant for strategic advancement purposes.

Video: Another Anti-Islam U.S. Military Training Course Exposed (CAIR)

Mereon (talk) 10:02, 14 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“This has a strong impact on the goals of the anatomy which are changing from the description of a representative individual to the description of the structure and organization of organs at the population level. This led in the last 10 to 20 years to the gradual evolution of descriptive atlases into interactive and generative models, allowing the simulation of new observations.”


While I am unapologetic about my “little house of the prairie” paradigm for “little women” as my White Christian Upbringing taught me, I will allow Kamala Harris the “Anne of Green Gables” level of femininity and independence as a political leader for the North-Western Hemisphere of Earth.

Kamala Harris has been preparing for this moment her whole life

Mereon (talk) 20:12, 14 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Do you know Anne Shirley? You would like her. Everybody does. A lively and optimistic survivor with a feverish imagination and unchecked enthusiasms, she is a redheaded outsider who becomes an insider without forsaking her peculiarities or her intelligence. An inadvertent feminist, an unrepentant romantic, a hot-tempered sprite, she’s impulsive, she’s dramatic, she’s smart, she’s funny, she insists on spelling her name with an E at the end because it “looks so much nicer.” She speaks in exclamation marks and italics even when in the “depths of despair,” which, as an abused child, she knows a thing or two about. She is perpetually seeking “kindred spirits.” She loves trees and stories and nut-brown hair and will burn whatever is in the oven while dreaming about trees and stories and nut-brown hair. She can heal an infant with the croup, but she “cannot tie [herself] down to anything so unromantic as dishwashing” at “thrilling” moments or be asked to eat anything “so unromantic [as boiled pork and beans] when one is in affliction.” She is small and freckled and indefatigable. She is nearly 110 years old.

Anne Shirley is the heroine of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved 1908 novel, “Anne of Green Gables,” the chronicle of a spirited but previously unloved orphan taken into the town of Avonlea, on Prince Edward Island, Canada, by the unmarried, middle-aged siblings Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert.”


Chris Langan represents the “White Jewish Racist” Leitkultur of East Coast America. I don’t care for multiculturalism but I can tell when I am dealing with someone who did not have a strict White Christian American upbringing without Urban East Coast influence. This is why a scientific approach to race and culture is important, otherwise Russian/Ukrainian Jews like him will be using their chameleon cover of Welsh skin-tones to steer your country as they please, and you will think they’re the only correct model for what it means to be a true American.

Mereon (talk) 20:54, 14 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“ScotlandsDNA believes that everyone who carries one of 3 variants of the red-hair gene is a direct descendant of the first redhead ever to have it – two variants originating in West Asia around 70,000 years ago, and a younger variant originating in Europe around 30,000 years ago.”

“As it turns out, Jews have been enormously interested in tracing their genetic heritage and there is much data about the R1a and R1b haploid groups that has been gathered and published. Much of this research focuses on the ethnic sources of Jews in the Persian area, whether distinctions of Cohanim and Levites, two important Jewish priestly classes, could be determined, and how much of the evidence told us about the mysterious Khazars, known for their red hair, the only entire country that formally converted to Judaism in all of history, roughly 600-900 a.d. The Khazars are the most likely ancestors of the Durers, since the father lived emigrated to Nuremberg from the second biggest Khazar area ever found.”

Kierkegaard, part 2

“Consider Kierkegaard’s theory of the three different stages of life, which he laid out in his first published work Either/Or. During the aesthetic stage, we put the emphasis on the things that bring us immediate pleasure without necessarily considering what those things do to our communities at large. Later, in the ethical age, we become aware of the necessary trade offs and start to find pleasure in committing to long term projects and relationships that have a net positive value beyond our individual selves. But Kierkegaard clarifies that between the two stages comes a period of irony, where we reject everything that is offered to us and are deeply conflicted between the things that we need and the things that we want.”

Christian Eucharist is Ritual Cannibalism and Traced to the Early Church-explains Rabbi Tovia Singer

That Old Persian Checkerboard - Encyclopedia Hermetica: A Big History (Part 20)

“Quite a few commentators have pointed out that that Nietzsche regarded education as the main means of bringing about the overhuman, whereas transhumanists focus on technological means of altering human beings to realize the posthuman.”

The Congruent Norms of Negative Freedom


Regarding the privilege vs the right of freedom, one could look at this from either a physical (symmetry and degrees of freedom) approach or a legal (constitutional) perspective...though they are intersectional (sorry if that term from logic is too PC for you.)

“Negative liberty is freedom from interference by other people. Negative liberty is primarily concerned with freedom from external restraint and contrasts with positive liberty (the possession of the power and resources to fulfil one's own potential).”

Mereon (talk) 04:48, 15 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“He tells the story of Johannes Kepler, who conjectured in 1611 that the way oranges are stacked in grocery stores is the most efficient way of packing spherical objects in space. So far so good, but what I didn’t know was that these “sphere packings” have applications to telecommunications, and in particular to the efficient transmission of information over noisy channels. I also had no idea that the notorious “E8” (Garrett Lisi’s favorite means of attempting to build a theory of everything”

“Second order phase transitions occur in a large number of (statistical mechanical) systems. At second order phase transitions, the first derivatives of like magnetization, entropy, volume, etc. are continuous. However, higher derivatives exhibit discontinuity. Examples of such systems are gas-liquid phase transition or paramagnetic-ferromagnetic phase transition. At such phase transitions one observes large scale correlations. In the gas-liquid system, this (i.e., the increase in correlation length) leads to the phenomenon of critical opalescence, regions the size of microns which is comparable to the wavelength of visible light are seen to fluctuate coherently. At such phase transitions, the most important features are captured by a small number of parameters (fields). These are called the order parameter(s).”

“An important characteristic of the modular representation ρ associated with a RCFT is its kernel. It has been conjectured by many authors that the kernel is a congruence subgroup of a certain level n”

“In general there is a multiplicity of such basins of attraction of the RG flows, but enumerating them and determining which combinations of relevant operators lead to which basins, and therefore to what kind of massive QFT, in general requires non-perturbative methods.”

“The density functional theory is the basis of most of the calculations in computational nanoscience that are free of adjustable parameters. It is clear from the present discussion that “DF calculations” cover a colourful variety of functional approximations, and not all are “free of adjustable parameters”.”

“Density functional theory for emergents

Emergent Phenomena in Correlated Matter, 23 September 2013: “Emergence vs. Reductionism”: “The starting point, to which all explanations can be traced, is what I mean by a final theory”. S. Weinberg: Dreams of a Final Theory: The Scientist’s Search for the Ultimate Laws of Nature (PWA) “The only really fundamental science is the search for the ultimate constituents of matter.” “What really is the problem is called ‘broken symmetry’: the underlying laws have a certain symmetry and simplicity that is not manifest in the consequences of these laws. To put it crudely, a simple atom of gold cannot be shiny and yellow and conduct electricity: Metallicity is a property with meaning only for a macroscopic sample . . . ” P. W. Anderson, More and Different: notes from a thoughtful curmudgeon”, p. 134-139. curmudgeon: (1577) churlish or miserly fellow churl: 2. (M.E.) Ill-bred fellow, surly or niggardly person surly: Uncivil, given to making rude answers, showing unfriendly temper, churlish”

“When assumptions are broken we stop being able to draw accurate conclusions about reality. Different statistical models assume different things, and if these models are going to reflect reality accurately then these assumptions need to be true. Parametric models are statistical techniques (i.e. regression, means testing, factorial designs) designed for use when data have certain distributional characteristics.1 For data to be parametric certain assumptions must be fulfilled; if you use a parametric test when your data are not parametric then the results are likely to be inaccurate. Therefore, it is very important that you check the assumptions before deciding which statistical test is appropriate; and one of the first parametric assumptions most people think of is the assumption of normality.”

“This excerpt from Heisenberg's original paper shows his derivation of the uncertainty relation for momentum and position. Here Heisenberg transforms the "bell curve" in quantum theory for the imprecision in the measurement of the position q of a moving electron to the corresponding bell curve of the measured momentum p. The uncertainty, or standard deviation, of each curve is Dp=p1 and Dq=q1. Heisenberg obtains an equal sign for the minimum uncertainty. He later included the possibility of even greater uncertainty by using the sign for "greater than or equal to."”


In terms of dictating a person’s destiny, only God has that power, not any man (including Chris Langan who may think he is a god)...Many people have tried to kill me, and I’ve tried to kill myself many times, but somehow failed...this taught me to appreciate that God may have a plan for me that only he knows, that is what it means to have a living faith, regardless of what a rationalist baby boomer may think of your generation or graceless life walk by faith is to be saved by God’s grace which is his alone to grant.

Mereon (talk) 22:17, 15 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Final Destination

Fight Club • Where Is My Mind? • Pixies

Fight Club - Finding Balance In Life

Joe Rogan - Chuck Palahniuk on Fight Club's Most Infamous Line

“Nietzsche wanted society to throw off the old non-life affirming values that force otherwise strong men into lives of lifeless submission and I know that’s exactly what Tyler Durden was up to. Like Friedrich Nietzsche’s criticism of Europe’s decadent and nihilistic culture, Tyler Durden wanted his space monkeys to throw off our soul corrupting popular culture; to be not what society tells them to be (Calvin Klein pretty boy-looking, Ikea catalogue browsing consumer drones), but to be who they are supposed to be. Like Nietzsche, Tyler Durden wants a (what Nietzsche would call) a transvaluation of values and to bring back the long lost ancient strongmen like Caesar, Napoleon, and the Sophists. Friedrich Nietzsche envisions a world where the masters rise above the slavish herd morality; a world that Tyler Durden says men will stalk elk in the ruins of Rockefeller Center and climb the vines that circle the Sears Tower.”

“While not the literary sensation that was Bret Easton Ellis in the mid-eighties, or the prodigal son David Foster Wallace, Chuck Palahniuk still ranks as one of the enigmatic figures of the cultural revolution which occurred in America at the twilight of the twentieth century, and the turn of the millennium, one who, prophetically and likely unknowingly, predicted what that brave new world would look like in the coming years. It was a vision that was both scary and exciting.”

Cusps are Dense

Drawing limit sets of Kleinian groups using finite state automata


While I don’t go around labeling people “white” or “black” for scientific reasons, I do subscribe to the motto #youmatter which to me means neighborhoods and families, as Americans we can do better, and if these ghettos don’t stop their violence, they can be certain that there will be future generations of Batman to do the jobs of those who were too busy focusing their militarily precise techniques elsewhere.

“Bloomfield-based Mennonite mother Wilma Hochstetler was murdered in cold blood in Indianapolis two nights ago.

Jonathan and Wilma Hochstetler were traveling with their 6-year-old through the city back from a construction site when they got a flat tire. A group of armed black men then approached them demanding their money and cellphones.

The couple obliged and handed over their property. As the robbers began walking away, they suddenly turned around and opened fire, striking Wilma in the neck and killing her and wounding Jonathan. Their child was forced to watch the killing and call 911. Police do not appear to be investigating a racial motive and no suspects have been named. A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family with funeral and hospital bills.”

Mereon (talk) 04:20, 16 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Gotham Tonight #1 Election Night 'The Dark Knight' Special Features

Kavinsky - First Blood

“a troubled and misunderstood veteran, with Sheriff Will Teasle (Brian Dennehy) as his nemesis and Colonel Samuel Trautman (Richard Crenna) as his former commander and only ally. It was released on October 22, 1982. Based on David Morrell's 1972 novel of the same name, it was the first of the Rambo series.”

“Hyperbolic surfaces or 3-manifolds are quotients of 2- or 3-dimensional hyperbolic (constant negative curvature) space by torsion-free discrete subgroups (known as Fuchsian or Kleinian groups) of their respective isometry groups.”

Kleinian and Quasi-Fuchsian Limit Sets: An Open Source Toolbox Genotype: 1.1.45 PDF Overview

“Even if you have chaos, if you look carefully you will find order in it,” he says. “It's like the stars in the sky — they look completely random, but the ancient Greeks could see the constellations.”

Yakov Sinai - The Abel Lecture - Now everything has been started? The origin of deterministic chaos


The problem I have with Chris Langan calling everyone you don’t like a parasite from hell who has no destiny other than to be exterminated is that this strategy was once used by Aryan Nazis and now is being used by White crypto-Jews, which makes it a kind of parasitism of history. One should not fall for such cheap tricks designed to demoralize people from becoming successful.

Mereon (talk) 07:37, 16 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Sinai and Kolmogorov showed that even for dynamical systems whose detailed behaviour is unpredictable — whether because of deterministic chaos or randomness — there is a quantity that measures just how ‘complex’, or unpredictable, the motion is.”

“During my childhood, I was taught Christianity. In my high school and college years, I learned about Greek and Roman mythology. In both cases, origin stories play an important part. People find safety in hearing that Constantly hearing Genesis 3:16, I accustomed to origin stories. Greek mythology presents a number of origin stories, one of the most prominent is the titan Prometheus creating all creatures out of clay, letting Athena breathe life into his figures. Origin stories provide a sense of safety and reaffirm people’s religious beliefs. They give believers peace of mind about the origin of the universe.

But Lucretius kills the origin stories. He tells us that these atoms have not only been eternally moving, but have been eternally swerving. They swerve in no ordered manner, so the events of the universe are not determined. Likewise, these swerves allow humans to get out of the chain of causal events. Lucretius explains that “that mind should not possess an internal necessity in all its behavior, and be overcome and, as it were forced to suffer and to be acted upon — that is brought about by a tiny swerve of atoms at no fixed region of space or fixed time.”Without swerves, we would be living determined lives that carry on, only acting through results of previous causes.”

“The English word “manifold” evokes images of an object that is layered or folded. Of course, the mathematical definition is quite different where the emphasis is upon “many” such as the multiplicity of descriptions afforded by coordinate charts or indeed the need to define many coordinate systems — one for each point in the space. Nevertheless, there are structures in which the colloquial meaning and the mathematical meaning coincide. Specifically, in the case of a covering space or a branched cover, we imagine that the manifold is stacked in layers above the base space.”

“Let M be the set of isomorphism classes [O] of objects O. Usually M is infinite, so just knowing M as a set does not tell us much. We want to put a geometric structure on M, which reflects the behaviour of families {Ob : b ∈ B} of objects Ob over a base space B. Then we call M with its geometric structure a moduli space. There are two main reasons for doing this. Firstly, classification: if you can give a complete description of M with its geometric structure, geometers consider you have classified the objects O. Secondly, in problems to do with enumerative invariants,”

Entropy on normed semigroups (Towards a unifying approach to entropy)

Computability, Continuity and Closure


In terms of the criticism Chris Langan has of the “Tech Singularity” regarding digitization, the CTMU does explore the issue of how the discrete and the continuous are related to computability and analytic reality closure. I understand that transhumanism doesn’t seem appealing at first, but it is the only way I’ve found makes peace with ultra-powerful totally White Jews I’ve encountered, so I will continue my research on its inherent difficulties for the sake of saving humanity from their easily annoyed economic overlords...there have been experiments involving sucking a person’s soul from their body, bottling it up, and reassigning it to a new body, like the new film “Freaky”...although this is more in the same realm of time travel.

Mereon (talk) 21:38, 16 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Computability and continuity are closely linked – in fact, continuity can be seen as computability relative to an arbitrary oracle. As such, concepts from topology and descriptive set theory feature heavily in the foundations of computable analysis.”

“Whereas reverse mathematics focuses on set existence axioms required to prove certain theorems, the approach pursued in computable analysis is to identify the computational power required to ``compute certain theorems.”

Computational Structures for Modelling Space, Time and Causality

Freaky – Official Trailer

Banking Explained – Money and Credit

“We investigate three dominant areas of transhumanism: super longevity, super intelligence and super wellbeing, and briefly cover the ideas of thinkers Aubrey de Grey, Ray Kurzweil and David Pearce.”


I notice that some “buddy cop” type guys who know nothing about drugs but want to sound convincing often accuse “tech singularists” of weird things like snorting bath salts or huffing paint thinner, as if they’re looking for a reason to charge someone for a crime that is technically on the books but which they like to show off that they have read.


Mereon (talk) 23:33, 16 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“While seeking to understand and control the operation of the brain, the transhumanists seek to control human beings. This is to say that by knowing how the brain works, it would be known how the whole man functions: “the man is his brain”. This reductionism forgets, however, that the brain is infinitely more complex than simple neural connections since it has capacity for reasoning, logical and illogical, expected and unexpected, chaotic or ordered, creative or not.”

Top 10 Buddy Cop Movies


In terms of controlling the racism in the CTMU Facebook group, I believe that is old news, I’m pretty sure I made everyone tone it down over the last few years after demonstrating the ability to be far more racist in a scientific way than everyone so far just to ensure nobody can go farther to the right wing than I can, simply in order to encourage all the other Nazi wannabes to adopt a more critical approach to their assumptions. The best way to teach tolerance and subtlety is to exercise the total lack of it until those who need to learn it gain the self-awareness to try a different strategy for achieving worthier and more attainable goals such as mutual understanding and respect for God’s creation and divine system of social governance.

Mereon (talk) 02:42, 17 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Host Louis C.K. discusses what it was like growing up in the 1970s, when it was okay to be racist and everyone knew about the town child molester.”

Computable Analysis and Effective Descriptive Set Theory

“Do physical processes compute? And what is a computation? These questions have gained a revival of interest in recent years, due to new technologies in physics, new ideas in computer sciences (for example quantum computing, networks, non-deterministic algorithms) and new concepts in logic.”

“In the year of 1900, David Hilbert (a mathematician which is mostly known in Physics for his contribution to the Einstein-Hilbert action functional) published a list containing 23 problems (usually known as the Hilbert’s problems) which in his opinion would strongly influence the development of 20th century mathematics. The sixth problem is about the axiomatization of the whole physics and, presently, it remains partially unsolved.”

Synthetic prequantum field theory in a cohesive homotopy topos


In terms of the future world order, identifying those tainted with anti-millennial/anti-generation Z memes could become a priority, after all, COVID-19 is just the beginning of what awaits those old folks who keep complaining about the younger ones, I’d advise them to learn to keep their mouths covered and stay out of an otherwise functioning society, this is another crypto-Jewish demoralization tactic of turning the older generations against the younger ones, until intergenerational civil war decimates society so that they can install their parasitic executive program into unprotected impressionable minds.

Mereon (talk) 04:12, 17 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“The question whether the observable universe or at least all experiments done within are computable is part of the (strong) physical Church-Turing thesis. See there for more, and see (Waaldijk 03). Experiments showing non-computability in quantum processes have been claimed in (CDDS 10).”


Nobody should interpret my research on topics related to the CTMU as an attempt to replace it with competing theories, rather to situate the context of the questions it raises within science, math and philosophy. However in some way I think people should be challenged, somewhat like in Saw, to take their lives more seriously, and if that means forgetting about the CTMU, good for you, at least they had a confrontation with it to refresh their appreciation for existence.

“Without ever stating as much, the philosophy that Jigsaw subscribes to is that of libertinage. He is governed strictly by reason, and he executes his “games” dispassionately. The traps and the games are explicitly designed so that players/victims can extricate themselves if they precisely abide by the rules. And this is Jigsaw’s lesson - to remove ethics and emotion from the execution of justice.”

Mereon (talk) 08:14, 17 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Every particular profile of an object refers to, though it does not present, the object as a whole (i.e., as it could be perceived in all of its profiles). Thus, the object as a whole (the intended, or meant, object) is what unifies all of the profiles as given in the many acts of perception. Each perception anticipates the other perceptions, and perception is thus a process of fulfillment. The whole of the factors not effectively or immediately given—i.e., the object in its other profiles—is called the internal horizon, and the background against which the object appears is called the external horizon. Thus, the constitution of the object is the unity of the acts of consciousness, the unity of all of the profiles with the internal horizon, and the external horizon.”

Intended models and the Löwenheim-Skolem theorem

A supersolutions perspective on hypercontractivity

“Boolean analysis has some relations to other research areas. There is a close connection between Boolean analysis and knowledge spaces. The theory of knowledge spaces provides a theoretical framework for the formal description of human knowledge.”


Don’t expect respect from those you call trolls or skin-crawling fire ants, etc., you deserve the pullback of whatever you isomorphically perceive.

Mereon (talk) 19:14, 17 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

How Fire Ants Took Over America 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The Category of Artificial Perceptions


Since many in the CTMU Facebook forum have begun to adopt an overtly anti-Nazi stance, I will provide a balanced perspective on that divisive topic.

“National Socialist Library: LNSG Flyers One of the most effective ways to subvert a multibillion dollar entertainment and media industry is to make person to person contact for news and commentary. The emotions suffocating under political correct self-censorship can be unleashed by these quick interpretations of current events, while the message is distributed without creating dilatory combat.”

Mereon (talk) 02:56, 18 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“The first part of the book deals with the concepts of the Traditional world; its knowledge of the bridge between the earthly and the transcendent worlds. The second part deals with the modern world, contrasting its characteristics with those of traditional societies: from politics and institutions to views on life and death. Evola denounces the regressive aspects of modern civilisation (using Tradition as a normative principle).

Rivolta contro il mondo moderno was published in Milan by Hoepli in 1934.”

Xurious-Trump Betrayal

“Various AI researchers who predict or even look forward to a world ruled by an super intelligence may find themselves advocating anti-democratic modes of governance.”

Cyberpunk Documentary PART 1 | Neuromancer, Blade Runner, Shadowrun, Akira

“Unlike the ideas of the Italian Futurists that drove Mussolini’s Fascism, or the historical progressivism that animated Soviet Communism, the Nazis saw time itself in strikingly different terms. They sought to recapture a life consistent with the origins of the authentic Nordic race, at least as they imagined it into being. ... This would lead the Nazis to attempt the creation of a new religion rooted in what they viewed as the reality of their racial superiority. It issued in a kind of immanent pantheism, one without a sense of transcendence apart from an experience of the race itself. Thus, “the authentic piety unique to the Nordic race was the exact opposite of what was preached by the Jews, and in their wake, by the Christians.” Recovering this authentic faith meant shedding the Judeo-Christian inheritance and the abstract moral universalism that it implied in favor of the worship of their race itself in a kind of pure idolatry. Not coincidentally, their old-new faith also offered a path to understanding their race’s historical failure to dominate the world.

Needing to explain how the German race could suffer the indignities history had visited upon it, while also asserting their racial superiority, the Nazis utilized a bastardized version of Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morality and its tale of Jewish slave morality subverting the nobles to brand the Jews as the perpetrators of a great conspiracy against them.

To win against such subtle and entrenched enemies demanded the acceptance of racial necessity rather than individual moral responsibility.”


As I’ve mentioned, my upbringing was far-right wing and militantly White Christian, to the point where some kids in the boot camp I was sent to did not receive their immunization shots as kids due to paranoid parents. Make sure to check with the CDC and WHO about keeping kids healthy before you start believing everything Chris Langan preaches about how to keep kids healthy.

The child, measles and the eye

Mereon (talk) 02:20, 19 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“The Krippin Virus, also known as KV for short, is a fictional disease in the 2007 film adaption, I Am Legend. It was genetically engineered from the Measles virus by Dr. Alice Krippin as a cure for cancer.”

“For understanding the linking number, We can assume winding of the telephone wire model. The same pattern DNA follows during packaging or supercoiling. For more detail on DNA packaging read the article, DNA packaging in eukaryotes.

DNA writhe is more important, as it will help in an arrangement of DNA. Here writhe can be interwound or overwound. Interwound writhe is plectonemic which means it wraps around each other or over the axis.“

“Mathematically, by genetic coalgebra, we mean any coalgebra that occurs in genetics. They are generally noncoassociative and without counit; and in the case of non-sex-linked inheritance, they are cocommutative. Each coalgebra with genetic realization has a baric property. We have also discussed the methods to construct new genetic coalgebras, including cocommutative duplication, the tensor product, linear combinations and the skew linear map, which allow us to describe complex genetic traits. We also put forward certain theorems that state the relationship between gametic coalgebra and gametic algebra. By Brower’s theorem in topology, we prove the existence of equilibrium state for the in-evolution operator.”

“Even though the above cited works considered different algebraic structures, all them shared a common viewpoint. The multiplication played the role of the mating (or reproduction) within a genetic system ruled according to Mendel’s laws. Multiplication was also the main process considered in [1], but there the product was used to represent self-reproduction of individuals in environments were Mendel’s rules no longer applied. As a result, in evolution algebras, multiplication exhibits quite special characteristics that differentiate them from the more classical algebras appearing in genetics.”

“In algebra and analysis, a coefficient is an element of a ring (or rig) R that appears in scalar multiplication; more generally, coefficients are elements of R that appear in a linear combinations. Thus, we multiply a coefficient by an element of an R-module M (which may even be an algebra, associative or not) to get another element of M.”


Social connectivity is no substitute for independent reasoning. One thing I noticed about the ultra-powerful is their fear of anyone smarter than them, however the small world effect leads to small minds with big unwieldy weapons.

Mereon (talk) 20:10, 20 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Also, the S&P 500 cannot be nationalized with just a Tweet.

Mereon (talk) 07:13, 21 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


The Wartime Parable of Chicken Little


The mRNA vaccine idea is not new, I even found old papers on it which I referenced as soon as the pandemic first hit and nobody knew what to do. A scientific mind does not panic when something like this happens, although I understand that chicken little may have reasons to believe the sky is falling.

“You probably know the 2005 Chicken Little .. But did you know that he was already there 60 years ago...”

“The idea behind using mRNA to make drugs is based on providing the body with a synthetically-manufactured working copy of our DNA, or another code that we want to read, so that the body itself can go on to make vital proteins that the body lacks, where this deficiency is causing disease.”

Mereon (talk) 19:05, 21 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Also, I understand the “Eurasian-Negroid race of the future” is an idea Chris Langan likes to talk about, however that is why we have genetic ancestry testing, because who knows how many generations into the phylogenetic past we can coalgebraically uncover to discover his own “Eurasian-Negroid” or “Afro-Semitic” heritage.

Mereon (talk) 19:32, 21 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Don't Panic - The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Intro

Excerpt from the documentary "Journey Of Man" which uses DNA to trace the origins of every race of the human race.

This Is 40 (2012) - The Jew Card Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

“Wilson stops short of guessing what happens on the other side of the portal, and is instead telling a story of acceptance, and the way the horrible anxieties that define our waking lives can slip away in an instant—and that when we relent, we might find peace.”

Tame Impala - Let It Happen (Official Video)


In a recent post Chris Langan, channeling Pol Pot, calls for a new priesthood to replace the elite. I don’t believe in the need for clergy in society, I believe in a democratic process involving theological principles which requires a different level of maturity than new “enlightened” figures behind a bully pulpit who will only offer new Hobson’s choices before emulating the Khmer Rouge in the end. The CTMU is not a foundation for a new world system, however it can help bridge the gap in the conversation between science and religion, although it was not the first to do so, nor will it be the last.

Mereon (talk) 03:51, 22 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Before the Vietnam War was illegally and secretively extended into Cambodia, the country was ruled by a popular liberal monarch, who kept Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge at bay. However as American bombing of the Ho Chi Minh trailer expanded indiscriminately , more and more Cambodians were driven into the arms of the revolutionaries.”


When Chris Langan complains about the world being full of intersectional mediocrities, he’s doing so within the bounds of the intersection of his mixed caste/multiracial background, which those who are not mixed caste nor multiracial can easily detect. The Jewish subversive element is noticeable in the syntax of his mindset, whether he can admit it or not, he cannot fool us who were raised Nazi, even though I would like to ignore it.

Mereon (talk) 04:17, 22 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Intersection theory studies literally the intersection of pairs of sub-spaces inside an ambient space.”

“In mathematics, intersection theory is a branch of algebraic geometry, where subvarieties are intersected on an algebraic variety, and of algebraic topology, where intersections are computed within the cohomology ring.”

“Each subgroup, H, determines a family of right cosets, Hg, which cover the set, G. Of course, these partition G, so there are no non-trivial intersections between them. If we use all the right cosets, Hig, for all the Hi in H, then, of course, we expect to get non-trivial intersections. ... In many situations, ‘nerves’ in some form are used to help ‘integrate’ local information into global, since they record the way the ‘localities’ of the information fit together. (We will refer to this type of problem as a ‘local-to-global’ problem. They occur in many different contexts.)”

“This plays a central role when these stacks serve as moduli stacks for certain structures on some space (certain maps into that space regarded as a target space, notably) and one is interested in the relevant “path integral” over all these structures (to produce invariants of target space).”

“The usual spaces used in geometry - manifolds, varieties, schemes - are inadequate for the parameterization of geometric objects that are self-similar. Instead one needs a procedure that will not only encode the way things vary in families but will also remember the intrinsic symmetries of each object in the family.”


“Intersection numbers are of both theoretical and practical significance. We have already seen that they govern the differential equations on the kinematic space through the connection matrix Ωμ. They can be also used to project an arbitrary Feynman integral into a basis of integrals in the same topology.”

“A geometric approach to understanding recursion relations for scattering amplitudes is developed. We achieve this by studying intersection numbers of triangulated accordiohedra presented as hyperplane arrangements. The cancellation of spurious divergences is subsequently realized as a topological no-boundary condition.”

“Their method takes a family of related physical scenarios, represents it as a geometric space, and calculates the twisted cohomology of that space. “This twisted cohomology has everything to say about the integrals we are interested in,” Mizera said.

In particular, the twisted cohomology tells them how many master integrals to expect and what their weights should be. The weights emerge as values they call “intersection numbers.” In the end, thousands of integrals shrink to a weighted sum of dozens of master integrals.”

Dan Terminus "Feral" ["Last Call For All Passengers" - 2020 - Music Video]

“The reduction of a large number of scalar multi-loop integrals to a smaller set of Master Integrals is an integral part of the computation of any multi-loop amplitudes. Such reduction is usually achieved by solving huge systems of linear relations existing among Feynman integrals.”

“The answer is that Heidegger believed (indeed continued to believe until he died) that the German people were destined to carry out a monumental spiritual mission. That mission was nothing less than to be at the helm of the aforementioned transformation of Being in the West, from one of instrumental technology to one of poetic dwelling. In mounting this transformation the German people would be acting not imperialistically, but for all nations in the encounter with modern technology. Of course destining is not a fate that compels, so some divine catalyst would be needed to awake the German nation to its historic mission, a catalyst provided by the spiritual leaders of the Nazi Party.”

“Thus the {=}-transform maps solutions of differential equations on one space to solutions on another in this case. We remark also that in split signature we have triality, so twistor space, primed twistor space and (compactified) space–time are all on an equivalent footing and the {=}-transform applies between any two of these three spaces in either direction.”

Twistor actions, grassmannians and correlahedra

Geometry and Integrability


In terms of Hannity vs Tucker, obviously this is a choice between Irish Catholic-Blowhard vs Swiss Nazi-Sympathizer...I prefer my politics to be Swiss, although I know New Yorkers like having a fighter in their corner.

Why Tucker Carlson pretends to hate elites

Mereon (talk) 19:25, 22 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

How Trump turned Sean Hannity into a conspiracy theorist

“The Cosmic Calendar visualizes the chronology of the universe, scaling approx. 13.8 billion years to one single year for perspective.”

The Death Of Bees Explained – Parasites, Poison and Humans


In terms of Chris Langan’s criticism of COVID-19 mask compliance as a slippery slope of psychological control methods, I understand the conspiratorial “Afro-Semitic” mentality is geared toward a distrust of scientific authority, however for those who care to study absolute truth independently, it’s ok to be smart.

How Well Do Masks Work? (Schlieren Imaging In Slow Motion!)

Mereon (talk) 23:27, 22 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

What Is Socialism?

“The prototypical idea of derived algebraic geometry originated from intersection theory: Let X be a smooth complex projective variety. Let Y, Z be two smooth closed subvarieties of complementary dimension. We want to compute their intersection number.”

“Defined as a sub-algebra of the ambient field of rational functions in finitely many variables, it is generated by union of cluster variables. The cluster variables are distributed across clusters. The clusters arise from an original "seed by a process known as mutation. For example, given a regular polygon with n sides the triangulations of this polygon with non-crossing diagonals can be obtained from a given triangulation of this type by a sequence of diagonal flips.”

“A cluster algebra of rank n comes equipped with some subsets of size n called clusters. Some of these clusters are related by sequences of operations called mutations.”

“These algebras were developed to explain the "Laurent phenomenon", in which certain a priori rational functions defined by these mutations turn out to always be Laurent polynomials. Cluster algebras encode a surprisingly widespread range of phenomena in settings as diverse as quiver representations, Teichmüller theory, invariant theory, tropical calculus, Poisson geometry, and polyhedral combinatorics.”

“What actually happens in your body when you contract the coronavirus? What exactly causes your body to develop pneumonia? And how would a vaccine work?”


I think Chris Langan must take civil war in America lightly with the ease by which he predicts it will happen if something does not accord with his liking. His Jewish biological father was far more honorable for fighting in WW2 as a Marine against Japan than he is using fortune telling methods to keep people hooked on false consciousness.

Mereon (talk) 02:22, 23 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


He was wounded at this battle:

The Battle of Guadalcanal: Anatomy of a Decisive World War II Victory | History

Mereon (talk) 02:36, 23 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Ideology, many have argued, is best understood, not as false consciousness, but as something embedded in a culture's "common sense," in the everyday habits of thought that shape how we think and act as we go about our day-to-day, routine activities. Ideology in this second sense is not a manipulation of consciousness, but it thrives beneath consciousness, in the taken-for-granted; it doesn't pull the wool over our eyes, but it brings us to take some things for granted, as so obvious that we need not reflect on them.

In this second sense of "ideology," the key questions are not ones of truth or falsehood; because everyone takes certain parts of their life for granted, there's no such thing as non-ideological consciousness.”

“The term Aryan applies to any superior race irrespective of colour, facial structure, body shape, hair coloration and so on. The one Aryan seeks out his superior counterpart in other lands and recognises him not from his physical appearance but from the nature of his civilisation and culture. Even if one could prove that there had never been such an Aryan race anywhere, it was Chamberlain's intent that there would be one in the future. An Aryan race is thus produced in Chamberlain much like the hit and miss breeding of horses. One is never quite certain what the winning stallion will look like, but it can be bred selectively from good stock. No two superior horses need look alike.”

“Foreign races are encroaching on Aryans' living space and threaten their existence. The Heinrich-Himmler Reserve is dedicated to the preservation and targeted breeding of this endangered race.”

“Our very own frame of mind will determine how we interpret life in this world. It will also determine how we respond to conditions and circumstances in which we will all be exposed to at one point or another. We are not beings locked in a vacuum: we are living beings within this living world; we are constantly exposed to elements and experiences. But how you see the world will determine just how you are affected by the circumstances and elements of this world.

The strong man who is calm, relaxed, and humble will not find the world frightening or painful. Even in hardship the strong man will always see the peacefulness of this life. For there is peace even in the most violent nooks and crannies of this world. Even in warfare there can be peace within every warrior. But this is all a matter of how those warriors see the world and their part in it.”

Constructive Computational Algebra


Computer Algebra offers a way to implement math on a computer to discover new math through experiments, this may be supported by new developments in model theory it seems.

“Constructive Algebra is mostly seen as the theoretical counterpart of Computational Algebra: whereas the latter seeks to describe explicit methods and algorithms, the former merely concentrates on the effective nature of many constructions to be found in algebra.”

“Several applications of model-theoretic methods in the theory of cohomology have appeared recently, most probably influenced by ideas of Macintyre. In his programmatic paper [10], he shows that, after expanding the language of rings by certain sorts and predicates for cohomology, the axioms of Weil cohomology theories are first order and one can form new cohomology theories as ultraproducts of already existing ones.”

Mereon (talk) 08:38, 23 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Computer Algebra: The End of Mathematics? *


“So why is it useful to implement algebra in the computer? Of course, there are practical problems, that can be solved by computer algebra, for example, in cryptography, robotics, algebraic statistics, computational biology, and physics. On the other hand, experiments with the computer allow you to get an insight into theoretical problems and test conjectures. In many settings, you can even obtain theoretical results by handling just a single special case by computer.”


As for calling the rest of the world Non-Player Characters on his stage, that is typical of some types of Aries.

“The Aries II period takes The Star as its central image. It can be likened to the time when a child first emerges from its protected, nurturing enviornment – not only to become more aware of life around it but to perhaps also to feel itself at the center of what is going on.”

Mereon (talk) 09:29, 23 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“So yes, silicon works but no, it is not energy efficient. That’s why, to meet energy efficiency goals, some researchers are working on methods of carbon computing, for example, a metallic wire made entirely of carbon, which “could give computers a massive power boost, allowing for devices to potentially hold a charge for months. ... Robert J. Marks: One of the stories I like to share is an old science fiction story about why humans by necessity must be carbon-based. And that is because we breathe in oxygen and we exhale carbon dioxide. If we were made of silicon, we would breathe in oxygen and exhale silicon dioxide, which is a solid. We would be crushed by our own breath when we slept at night. So, according to the story, that’s the reason that we are carbon-based as opposed to silicon-based.

George Gilder: That strikes me as intelligent, in its design.”

'Ready Player One' Review

“Ant Colony search algorithms mimic the behavior of real ants. Ant Colony System Optimization (ACO) is a meta-heuristic approach for a combinatorial optimization problem. As it is well-known, real ants are capable of finding the shortest path from food sources to the nest without using visual cues. They are also capable of adapting to changes in the environment, for example, a new shortest path once the old one is no longer feasible because of a new obstacle.”

“Have you ever wondered how ants always seem to find the shortest path between their nest and sources of food? Research has shown that ants deposit certain chemicals called pheromones along their trail that attract other ants to follow the same trail. Initially, the ants wander around randomly, but some ants will accidentally stumble upon a food source and return to the nest. Shorter trails will naturally be traveled more often and therefore have a higher concentration of pheromone, which in turn makes it more likely that other ants follow the trail. Over time the majority of the ants will then converge toward the shortest trail. This idea has been used successfully to find near-optimal solutions to relatively large traveling salesman problems (TSP).”

Homeland - SNL

Democracy PSA - SNL


Chris Langan is a half-Jewish White baby boomer who dropped out of college who likes to complain about how younger generations are not White or successful enough by his standards.

Mereon (talk) 03:28, 24 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Effectively his attitude against higher education only convinced me that it is important for people to keep learning and studying. He is only trying to keep people dumb and hopeless so that when their Jewish overlords take over, they will accept it as inevitable from eugenics. As a Nazi I refuse to let a Jew like him bully me into a state of self-hatred and fear of success.

Mereon (talk) 03:43, 24 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“This is the true message of National Socialism: that tribalism is an inferior mode of behaviour, and its adherents inferior people, not to be imitated but to be thoroughly removed from society by all countries who wish to cultivate nobility of blood. To imitate tribalism would inevitably mean introducing selective pressure against universalism, which in turn would mean eliminating the last traces of the already rare Aryan blood that still remains in non-Jewish gene pools.”


The editor of the Foundations of Mind series in which Chris Langan has published his more recent papers should also be recognized as harboring anti-Nazi sentiment.

“One reference said it was time Prof Von Prondzynski revealed whether his father was a Nazi and had fought in World War II as a willing participant.

"I apologise for a lot of the language used in the blog," Dr O'Nuallain said. "It was over the top. I apologise for the excessive language."

Mereon (talk) 07:09, 24 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Bringing Approaches Together — Can algebratize symbolic computation (initial algebras, free algebras, adjoint functors) — Can symbolicize algebraic computation (more varied algebraic structures) — Amount to the same thing — Need algorithms for these formal structures.”

“So all in all, the authors demonstrated that a neural network approach can work even for tasks that require an absolute precision in their outputs. They even outperform popular mathematical frameworks in some settings.”

“A core challenge for both physics and artificial intelligence (AI) is symbolic regression: finding a symbolic expression that matches data from an unknown function. Although this problem is likely to be NP-hard in principle, functions of practical interest often exhibit symmetries, separability, compositionality, and other simplifying properties. In this spirit, we develop a recursive multidimensional symbolic regression algorithm that combines neural network fitting with a suite of physics-inspired techniques.”

“As opposed to linear regression, where a dataset is fit to a linear function of the given input variables, symbolic regression tackles the much harder problem where the unknown function can correspond to any combination of mathematical symbols.”

“The ultra-discrete limit provides a systematic way to discretize the dependent variable. One can, starting from a given evolution equation, obtain the cellular automaton (CA) equivalent. The aim of this paper is two-fold. First, introduce the ultra-discrete analogs of the Painlevé equations and investigate their properties and, second, provide integrablility conditions for cellular-automaton like equations.”

“A fibration of closed tropical curves (left) corresponds to ultradiscrete QRT maps. Breaking this closure condition results in spiraling polygons (right), which corresponds to ultradiscrete Painlevé equations.”


“A mapping φ : Rn → Rn can be considered as a discrete dynamical system. A trajectory is obtained by a simple iteration, which for 1 ≤ n ≤ 3 is easily visualised with a computer plot. The corresponding computation for a “continuous” dynamical system requires a differential equation solver. It may be thought, therefore, that discrete dynamical systems are much simpler.”

“Preservation of these various properties has many positive consequences for the faithful computation of dynamical orbits, and has led to myriad applications of geometric integration, ranging from celestial mechanics to particle accelerators, from molecular dynamics to quantum spin chains, and from classical mechanics to fluid dynamics.

Many, if not most, of the above properties are not preserved by traditional numerical methods. Therefore for each of these properties, novel geometric integration methods have been constructed preserving that property.”

Connections in Geometric Numerical Integration and Structure-Preserving Discretization

Solitons and Chaos in Plasma

“The simulation of complex, dynamic processes that appear in nature or in industrial applications poses a lot of challenging mathematical problems, opening a long road from the basic problem, to the mathematical modelling, the numerical simulation, and finally to the interpretation of results.”


Islam is often considered as a violent religion by Western media and its peaceful messages are forgotten. The only Muslim country with nuclear weapons is Pakistan. ... Many claim that Iran seeks to acquire nuclear weapons. In 2014, a group of catholic bishops from the US travelled to Iran and met with religious leaders. The top religious leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that he had issued a fatwa stating that Islam bans the ownership, development and use of nuclear weapons. (A fatwa is an Islamic legal pronouncement, issued by an expert in religious law, mufti). That means that to use nuclear weapons is a great sin. The official attitude in Iran is that the fatwa should be obeyed and the nuclear energy program should not result in nuclear weapons.


Physicists with Jewish background, who had fled to the US from the Nazis in Europe, developed the first US nuclear weapons. One of them where the man who came to be called the “Father of the Atomic Bomb” – Robert Oppenheimer. Later, several of them worked against the nuclear armaments. They were often non-practicing, ethnical Jews, but they didn’t have faith.”

“According to a new account of German nuclear research during the Second World War, physicist Werner Heisenberg hid information from Nazi leaders about how to build an atomic bomb. The account relies heavily on secretly taped conversations among German scientists interned in England after the war.”

Hunting Heisenberg: Capturing Germany's Atomic Secrets


More anti-mask anti-miscegenation “master race”-phobia tweets from Chris Langan today. My outlook is less bleak.

LG PuriCare™ Wearable Air Purifier

The Master Race | The End of Time | Doctor Who

Mereon (talk) 22:23, 24 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


As world dictator, I would make genetic ancestry testing universally mandatory, because I am so tired of people like Chris Langan getting away with bigotry by acting whiter than they really are.

“The study found that, as expected, people tended to identify with the race that made up the majority of their background. However, for many, this self-identification was not completely accurate. According to the press release, the team estimated that as many as six million Americans who identify as white from a European background carry African ancestry and as many as five million self-described European white Americans have Native American ancestry.”

Mereon (talk) 23:20, 24 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Taylor is now challenging how racial groups are defined for this program. “Black Americans,” according to the federal regulations for DBEs,“includes persons having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa.” The lawsuit calls this definition “impermissibly vague” and criticizes the lack of “any minimum percentage of DNA, or other objective criterion.” “He considers himself to be Black based upon DNA evidence,” Taylor’s lawyer asserted in a letter included in the lawsuit, which also called DNA “objective” and “unalterable.””

““If you look at the birth rate in the U.S. right now, the majority are non-white,” he adds. “You don’t have to know the statistics to know what that means. They will lose the white supremacy. The concept of being white is not a race concept, but rather sociological. If you go back, not very far, Jews were not considered white. Neither were the Irish. In late-19th century Boston, you could find signs at restaurants saying “No dogs or Irish.” They gradually became white as they assimilated into the culture, especially when they gained wealth and political power. And that’s now happening with the Hispanic population,” Chomsky believes.”

“The current far-right agenda has more to do with Islamophobia than anti-Semitism, but both sentiments are on the rise across the West. So why is Benjamin Netanyahu cosying up to these groups?”

Differential Cryptography and Modular Authentication


It would be interesting to design a cryptographic/authentication system to protect the most important ideas/inventions yet to be conceived in a form that doesn’t allow for misuse, such that systemic lockdowns occur whenever a technology is misused, taken for granted or disrespected in some way. I would like to make it harder for the fruits of intelligence to fall into the hands of the undeserving, and so, secret knowledge will require more advanced forms of encrypted communication and information security.

“There are interesting applications of elliptic curves to cryptography. For example one can use elliptic curves in order to factorize integers (an algorithm due to Lenstra) or for primality proving (an algorithm due to Goldwasher and Kilian). Moreover one can implement cryptographic protocols using elliptic curves (elliptic curve cryptography).”

“An elliptic curve is a curve that’s also naturally a group. •The group law on an elliptic curve can be described: • Geometrically using intersection theory • Algebraically using polynomial equations • Analytically using complex analytic functions”

“The "L-functions and Modular Forms Database," or LMFDB, is a detailed atlas of mathematical objects that maps out the connections between them. The LMFDB exposes deep relationships and provides a guide to previously uncharted territory that underlies current research in several branches of physics, computer science, and mathematics.”

Mereon (talk) 17:27, 25 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Helping mathematicians to understand these connections was the motivation for the L-functions and Modular Forms Database (LMFDB) project. Its mission is to chart the landscape of L-functions and modular forms in a systematic, comprehensive and concrete fashion. This involves developing their theory, creating and improving algorithms for computing and classifying them, and hence discovering new properties of these functions, and testing fundamental conjectures.”

“The bridge between elliptic curves and prime numbers is through L-functions and the theory of modular forms. A modular form is a complex function satisfying certain dazzling symmetry properties that almost no function should be able to satisfy. There is a natural recipe, reliant on these symmetries, that produces from a modular form an L-function; that is, modular forms are a natural source of L-functions, which in turn naturally encode information about the primes. Remarkably, there is also a (not at all obvious!) way of starting from an elliptic curve and producing a modular form which "knows" everything about the elliptic curve. This is the so-called modularity theorem, one of the crowning achievements of 20th century number theory, and whose proof resolved Fermat's Last Theorem.”

“Riemann’s great monograph of 1859, Über die Anzahl der Primzahlen unter einer gegebenen Grösse, containing his approach to the Prime Number Theorem as well as the statement of his Hypothesis about the zeta function, already addresses the interplay between half-integral weight modular forms (theta functions) and Dirichlet series (like the zeta function), for example. And it was Erich Hecke who largely inaugurated the modern approach to this theme per se, with the baton eventually passed to André Weil. And, as regards the appearance of elliptic curves in the game, we must mention the names of, e.g., Max Deuring, Helmut Hasse, and of course Gôro Shimura, Yutaka Taniyama, and, again, André Weil, which takes us to Andrew Wiles and Fermat’s Last Theorem, of course.”


The more that Chris Langan talks like a whigger on Facebook, the more I’ll highlight Black achievements in science and math, and pro-Black White hip hop fans. My only rule is that there be a serious respect for marriage, since interracial porn is destroying America, and I am sure that only my theocratic world dictatorship can put an end to it.

“Celebrate African-American pioneers in Mathematics with our newest video. Black History Month, Music Notes style!”

Wigger Please Official Trailer 1 (2013) - Documentary HD

Mereon (talk) 20:37, 25 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Superintelligence | Official Trailer | HBO Max

“This involves creating an AI that whose final value involves receiving “cryptographic reward tokens”. In other words, the AI can be motivated to do anything to receive these tokens. The tokens are sequences of numbers that operate as the keys to ciphers. They would be pretty meaningless to human beings, but overwhelmingly desirable to the AI.”

Nick Bostrom on Superintelligence and the Future of AI

“For instance, there cannot, according to the Kantian construction, ever be a secret about space as such. Space understood transcendentally, as a pure form of objective intuition, rather than as an object itself, cannot contribute to the content of a private experience. A secret geometry is unthinkable, in this sense. ... There has been no cultural event more wounding to the persistence of a Kantian fundamentalism than the revolution in geometry attending the rigorous demotion of the Euclidean fifth (or “parallel”) postulate, as privately envisaged in unpublished work by Gauss (1813) and Schweikart (1818), mathematically publicized by Bolyai and by Lobachevsky in subsequent decades, generalized to higher dimensions by Reimann (1854), and then cemented into place by its empirical application to the cosmo-physics of general relativity. Kant’s conspicuous deference to Newtonian mechanics, understood as an apodictic (and essentially mathematical) intellectual revolution, sets the stage for the apparent vulnerability of his own position. The critical edifice seemed to have been built upon insecure “Euclidean” foundations. It is proposed here, however, that the retrospective attribution of embarrassment in this case is exaggerated, and follows from a profound misconception concerning the status of the Kantian transcendental aesthetic. Newtonian space provides only an occasion, not a strict model. The Kantian formalization of sensible intuition is less descriptive than telic, or retrochronic. It is the draft for an engineering project. The Gibsonian Cyberspace “Matrix”—in its resilient (because synthetic) Euclideanism—corresponds to a more rigorously Kantian conception.”

“The curvature of spacetime in the general theory of relativity is this kind of intrinsic curvature. This curvature exists without reference to a higher dimension, as it is completely defined by how distances are measured within the spacetime itself. So no, while there may be a 5th dimension for all we know, its existence does not follow from the fact that our spacetime has intrinsic curvature.”

“In his short theory-fiction PJ Ennis imagines a crypto-world or rather post-crypto-world of the 31st century depicted through the perspectives of three prisoners. Among other things it offers a concise history of monetary theories as new religions/ideologies.”

Crypto-Current: Bitcoin and Philosophy


My muted response to a recent Chris Langan Tweet, Rats, roaches, termites and crack addicts all have some form of teleological value. Rats eat garbage that others throw away, cockroaches are recyclers whose droppings feed plants, termites eat dead trees, and the stimulant of coca leaves normalizes bowel function and can be used effectively in a controlled medical setting. It’s time to respect everything God created by recognizing the inherent good which may be brought in them, as the example of Jesus Christ would have us believe, perhaps where there is a will to heal, there is a way with good science (instead of malignant hatred for mankind.)

Consumption rooms for legal drug-taking around the world

Mereon (talk) 05:07, 26 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Trainspotting Spud`s bad morning


In case you have an infestation, I recommend the following chemical if you have German cockroaches in your apartment or house, make sure not to leave unwashed dishes or food out or the sink wet at night, keep a tight lid on your garbage can.

“liquid insecticide, with the active ingredient thiamethoxam features a non-repellent chemistry with flexible application methods that can control pests both indoors and outdoors.”

Mereon (talk) 12:42, 26 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“several neonicotinoids had previously undetected routes of exposure affecting bees including through dust, pollen, and nectar; that sub-nanogram toxicity resulted in failure to return to the hive without immediate lethality, the primary symptom of colony collapse disorder; and showing environmental persistence in agricultural irrigation channels and soil.”


“Diversity is our strength” can be interpreted in a number of ways, however statistically speaking, if you want to be more prejudiced, it probably helps having diverse sources of data to make strong judgements upon.

Mereon (talk) 13:45, 26 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“The idea is that the more different letters there are, and the more equal their proportional abundances in the string of interest, the more difficult it is to correctly predict which letter will be the next one in the string. The Shannon entropy quantifies the uncertainty (entropy or degree of surprise) associated with this prediction.”


Science is about gaining new information, not necessarily confirming old information, since the horizon of knowledge is itself subject to reflexive change.

Shannon Entropy, Information Gain, and Picking Balls from Buckets

Mereon (talk) 19:47, 26 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Entropy is a measure of how unpredictable something is.

In cryptography this is an important issue for two reasons: high entropy in keys makes them hard to guess, and high entropy in messages makes it hard to know when your guess is correct.”

Entropy Measures and Unconditional Security in Cryptography

“Roughly speaking, differential privacy ensures that the removal or addition of a single database item does not (substantially) affect the outcome of any analysis. It follows that no risk is incurred by joining the database, providing a mathematically rigorous means of coping with the fact that distributional information may be disclosive.”

Cryptographic Protocols

“The shift to cloud computing has helped improve cybersecurity, but it isn't without risk. Mapping out those risks and their impacts is vital to ensuring the cloud remains safe and secure.”

“The ε-machine states—the process’ causal states—are the minimal set of maximally predictive features. One consequence of the ε-machine’s uniqueness and minimality is that its mathematical description gives a constructive definition of a process’ structural complexity as the amount of memory required to generate the process.”

Much like in marriage, you also have to have political compromise in a country.

“During the last few decades, American elected representatives and our electorates succeeded in reaching compromise about difficult issues. However, political compromise seems to be breaking down today.

This breakdown, Diamond posits, is the "most serious" problem the United States faces because it could precipitate the rise of a dictatorship in the country.”


I’m not going to guilt trip anyone for eating burgers, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes or watching porn. These are all going to be phased out in the future dictatorship anyway, by then most of the people around will be dead, and the technology to prevent such activities will be embedded into the global digital economy using cryptographic keys.

Mereon (talk) 22:23, 26 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Also, if people keep obsessing over guns to scare off the government, then defense science could be developed to melt guns from a distance regardless of where they are hiding within a certain radius.

Mereon (talk) 22:45, 26 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

PUSH Clip - "Telekinetic Gun Fight"

The Detail of Paranormal Metal Bending

“Because biometric data comes from a variety of sources that are mostly outside of anyone’s control, it is prudent to assume as little as possible about how they are distributed; in particular, an adversary may know more about a distribution than a system’s designers and users. Of course, one may attempt to measure some properties of a biometric distribution, but relying on such measurements in the security analysis is dangerous, because the adversary may have even more accurate measurements available to it.”

How secure is Biometric Authentication Technology and Biometric Data? | Biometric Security

Future Technology: Smart locks, intelligent automotive glass, swimwear smart, tiny projector, the image search from paintings, usb wireless connectivity, security gait recognition....

The SCIENCE! Behind Half-Life's Gravity Gun

“Such high energy EM radiation can locally interact with the Vacuum Energy State (VES) - the VES being the Fifth State of Matter (Fifth Essence - Quintessence), in other words the fundamental structure (foundational framework), from which Everything else (Spacetime included) in our Quantum Reality, emerges.”

How Cartoons Brainwashed Us With Jewish Stereotypes

“Over the centuries humanity has tried many versions of government and many variations on each type, today we will examine how technology and space colonization might impact what types of governments we use in the future.”

Doctor Who- Fezzes Are Cool

“Here are two pro-gun arguments, from people who are not bots and who don’t go in for the “you libtard cuck!” style of discourse.”

Let's Crack Zodiac - Episode 5 - The 340 Is Solved!

Deep Learning Compiler Design


So, in terms of the CTMU concept of state-syntax duality, this would be interesting to consider for a deep learning compiler designer.

The Deep Learning Compiler: A Comprehensive Survey

“This isomorphism expresses a correspondence between two unrelated formalisms – proof systems and programming formalisms – which asserts that the two are fundamentally the same kind of mathematical objects.”

“Conceptually, a compiler operates in phases, each of which transforms the source program from one representation to another. Often, some of the phases may be grouped together and the intermediate representation between the grouped phases need not be explicitly constructed.”

“Each phase, through checking and transformation, establishes stronger invariants on the things it passes on to the next, so that writing each subsequent phase is easier than if these have to take all the preceding into account.”

Polyhedral Compilation as a Design Pattern for Compiler Construction

“Logic is about combining simple predicates using conjunctions, disjunctions, and implications. Category theory starts by defining a composition of arrows. It then introduces ways of combining objects using products, coproducts, and exponentials. Typed lambda calculus, the foundation of computer languages, shows us how to define new types using product types, sum types, and functions. In fact it can be shown that constructive logic, cartesian closed categories, and typed lambda calculus are three different formulations of the same theory.”

Homotopical trinitarianism: A perspective on homotopy type theory

computational trinitarianism

“Why negotiate with your enemies when it’s so easy to kill them?”

The Holocaust,Genocides, and Mass Murder of WWII: Crash Course European History #40


After being repeatedly told what Iranians want for Jews by the Western Media, I figure it is easier to accept their lies than try to deny it, since if your fate will be written for you then you should at least treat it as a goal rather than an impediment to one’s destiny.

“In 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said "Iran wants a second Holocaust" and to "destroy another six million plus Jews", after his Iranian counterpart described Israel as a "malignant cancerous tumor". ... Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States, said in 2019 that "The Iranian regime openly advocates another Holocaust and seeks the means to achieve it", referring to the Iranian nuclear program.”

Mereon (talk) 22:49, 27 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“The great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche would describe his formula for human greatness as amor fati—a love of fate. “That one wants nothing to be different, not forward, not backwards, not in all eternity. Not merely bear what is necessary, still less conceal it….but love it.””

“When we build models of type theory in a set-theoretic metatheory, we do it by showing that from the syntax we can construct a certain algebraic structure which is initial, and that from our desired semantics we can construct another structure of the same type; the unique map out of the initial object is then the interpretation. I think it’s fair to say that morally, the attempted internal interpretation I described above is doing something similar inside type theory: we haven’t made the universal property explicit, but our ability to define a certain collection of functions by mutual recursion amounts to more or less the same thing.”

“Ideally, one could move back and forth between the syntactic and semantic representation of type theory and work in the one that is more appropriate for the given situation. This is similar to the soundness and completeness theorems for first order predicate logic. In the setting of categorical semantics, the counterpart to this process is called initiality.”

“Using dependent type theory to formalise the syntax of dependent type theory is a very active topic of study and goes under the name of “type theory eating itself” or “type theory in type theory.”

“There are many kinds of propositional modalities, but many of them are either monads or comonads. Monads and comonads on a poset (such as the poset of propositions) are also automatically idempotent, but this is no longer true for more general monads and comonads. Thus there are many possible varieties of typal and higher modalities.”

“Muslims are not allowed to explain Islamic principles without taking due consideration of the entire conceptual system of Islam. Shahada thus cannot be explained purely in terms of intercession and mediation. That is to say, those early martyrs of Islam volunteered for death to be able to intercede and mediate for sinners on the Day of Judgement.

The Islamic concept of intercession and mediation (shafa'a) should be appreciated within the framework of the principle of causality, and not solely as spiritual mediation. Islam rejects the Christian concept of mediation without the personal responsibility for the salvation of oneself.”

Prof. Jordan Peterson Analyzes Nazi Propaganda Film “The Eternal Jew” (Der Ewige Jude, 1940)

“It is the immoral application of technology that is "off limits" to us. The development of technology has always been welcomed by Judaism because technology is ethically neutral. Questions of ethics are questions of applied technology. When Cain brings a sacrifice from inferior produce and his sacrifice is rejected, he is warned that man has free will to do with his gifts as he sees fit. God's only requirement is that man use his gifts wisely and appropriately. Our job is to decide when it is moral to use the new procedure and when restraint should be applied. Our greatest challenge is applying the fruits of our God-given inquisitive nature in an ethical way. Every new breakthrough offers both hope and danger. Nuclear power can fuel our need for energy, but has the potential for destruction in the form of bombs. Radiation can diagnose disease, but can also destroy cities. ... Genesis 4:7 "Is it not true that if you do good, you will be forgiven? But if you do not do good, at the entrance the sin crouches; its longing is toward you, yet you will rule over it."

“If Cain insists on setting his own standards for what is acceptable, sin "is crouching at the door." That poetic phrase captures the nature of our rebellion against God. Sin desires to own us, and our refusal to let God set the standard for right and wrong in our lives is the fast track to sin.

God acknowledges the reality of human nature. We are locked in a battle with sin's desire for us (or our desire to sin). God tells Cain he is responsible to win that battle, to rule over his sin.”

The Story of Cain and Abel (Biblical Stories Explained)

“Socrates was condemned by the Athenian court to die by drinking the poisonous hemlock. Among a gathering of his most devoted followers, his friends are amazed that he isn’t sad about his fate, but rather, he’s laughing and even making jokes with them. Socrates let’s them know that he isn’t sad, because he believes in the soul and the afterlife, and that individuals who have lived virtuous lives will make it to this higher realm (essentially heaven) with other virtuous people, while those who lived negligent of virtue, will be condemned to staying on the earth, being reborn as either another human being or some animal. After his friends voiced their skepticism of these beliefs, he begins a discourse in which he tries to prove the immortality of the soul.”

“A key feature in this framework is that the exponential number of possible executions can be compactly represented using a static topological object in a model independent manner. In certain systems, such as those explored below relating to blockhain technology and scalability, the simplicial complexes are manifolds [6–8], a special class of simplicial complexes that are intuitive due to their geometric nature. ... Homotopy type theory is used in strongly typed programming languages like C and functional languages like Haskell to provide compile time verification.”

“We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law. We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men – not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate, and to defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular”


“Intuitively speaking, while a quantum computer can indeed be in a superposition state corresponding to all possible computational branches having been executed at the same time (similar to an NTM), the final measurement will collapse the quantum computer into a randomly selected branch. This branch then does not, in general, represent the sought-for solution, unlike the NTM, which is allowed to pick the right solution among the exponentially many branches.”

“Models of computation can be classified into three categories: sequential models, functional models, and concurrent models. ... A nondeterministic model of computation is associated with some of these models of computation.”


In terms of how to define the “great reset”...this sounds like “resetting” an old software on existing hardware. I think that neither the hardware nor software exist yet to reset anything “greatly”...universal quantum computing, virtually unlimited energy harvesting, radical lifespan extension and synthetic intelligence far exceeding current human levels would be a great reset to strive for if it’s even possible.

Mereon (talk) 18:34, 28 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Zarathustra criticizes the traditionally recognized immaterial God of unearthly hopes and desires. His views are deeply rooted in the materiality of earthly desires and contends those that worship the immaterial God do not genuinely love life when they worship an unknowable, unreachable God void of life. He rebukes the people by stating that humanity must aspire toward a better hope. “It is time for man to plant the seed of his highest hope” (pg. 46) Zarathustra teaches them to love the Superman, which is to be the highest hope for every person to attain.”

Superman Surrenders Scene | Man of Steel (2013) Movie Clip 4K

“Jews are still told that these pogroms were due to gratuitous hatred. Thus the egregore dynamic is perpetuated as ordinary Jews support Zionist policies. For example, they lobby for war with Iran, regardless of the disastrous consequences for humanity.”

Why The Persians Should Be The Good Guys In '300' - Hilarious Helmet History #1

How Similar are Persian and Arabic?

US troops could be asked to die for Israel, top air force commander says

“With Jews, you lose. The search for Jewish approval is a game you can win only by refusing to play.

A good example of this comes from cucked Deutschland, where the federal parliament recently voted on a motion condemning the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement as “anti-Semitic.””

“For a racially pure people which is conscious of its blood can never be enslaved by the Jew. In this world he will forever be master over bastards and bastards alone. And so he tries systematically to lower the racial level by a continuous poisoning of individuals. Around peoples who offer too violent a resistance to attack from within he weaves a net of enemies, thanks to his international influence, incites them to war, and finally, if necessary, plants a flag of revolution on the very battlefields. In economics he undermines the states until the social enterprises which have become unprofitable are taken from the state and subjected to his financial control. In the political field he refuses the state the means for its self-preservation, destroys the foundations of all national self-maintenance and defense, destroys faith in the leadership, scoffs at its history and past, and drags everything that is truly great into the gutter. Culturally, he contaminates art, literature, the theater, makes a mockery of natural feeling, overthrows all concepts of beauty and sublimity, of the noble and the good, and instead drags men down into the sphere of his own base nature. Religion is ridiculed, ethics and morality represented as outmoded, until the last props of a nation in its struggle for existence in this world have fallen. A. Hitler, Mein Kampf ("My Struggle"), Houghton Mifflin, New York: Hutchinson Publ. Ltd., London, 1969.”

“Our own German language possesses a word which magnificently designates, this kind of activity: Pjlichterfilllung (fulfillment of duty); it means not to be self-sufficient but to serve the community.

The basic attitude from which such activity arises, we call - to distinguish it from egoism and selfishness idealism. By this we understand only the individual's capacity to make sacrifices for the community, for his fellow men.

How necessary it is to keep realizing that idealism does not represent a superfluous expression of emotion, but that in truth it has been, is, and will be, the premise for what we designate as human culture, yes, that it alone created the concept of 'man'. It is to this inner attitude that the Aryan owes his position in this world, and to it the world owes man; for it alone formed from pure spirit the creative force which, by a unique pairing of the brutal fist and the intellectual genius, created the monuments of human culture.

Without his idealistic attitude all, even the most dazzling faculties of the intellect, would remain mere intellect as such - outward appearance without inner value, and never creative force.”


While Chris Langan wants to kick the leftists out of America, I’m calling for biological racial testing and geographic relocation, especially for right-wing Judeo-Christians.

Mereon (talk) 03:56, 29 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


All I know is that I wish peace for Jews, but that will require them and their allies to stop warring with me and other Aryan peoples.

Mereon (talk) 05:37, 29 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Israel is a racist Jewish supremacist apartheid state, and history will prove that until they become like modern South Africa there will be no peace. Their punishment for inbreeding will be that all Jews will have to undergo negrification in order to survive in the future New World Order.

“Secret South African documents reveal that Israel offered to sell nuclear warheads to the apartheid regime, providing the first official documentary evidence of the state's possession of nuclear weapons.”

Mereon (talk) 15:52, 29 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“A new study in Nature shows height and intelligence are linked to greater genetic diversity.”


I think the best way to promote genetic diversity is to stay relatively close to your phenotype but look for geographically local inter-religious harmony. For example, as an Iranian I would most likely marry a Georgian, even though we will have different religious backgrounds, we’d be close enough in appearance to make our children archetypical. For Jews however, this will mean interbreeding with their neighbors like the Syrians, who will have a different religious background but similar enough phenotype to preserve their unique appearance.

Ultimately there will be a one world religion, and one human race with many different “quantum” phenotypes.

Human population history revealed by a supertree approach

Mereon (talk) 17:23, 29 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“A (combinatorial) species is a presheaf or higher categorical presheaf on the groupoid core(FinSet), the permutation groupoid.”

“Encompassing the description of structures together with permutation group actions, the theory of species conciliates the calculus of generating series and functional equations with Pólya theory. Formally, all this is achieved by considering functors from the category of finite sets and bijections to itself, together with an algebraic framework on these functors. ... Of key importance is the fact that these associated series are “compatible” with operations on species. Hence each (algebraic, functional or differential) identity between species implies identities between their associated series.”

“This lecture will show how Polya theory can be used in counting objects, which is often the design basis for statistical tests. Specifically, Polya theory determines the number of distinct equivalence classes of objects. It can also give counts for specific types of patterns within equivalence classes. While sounding esoteric, this simple-to-apply technique easily counts non-isomorphic (i.e., different) graphs, and many other combinatorial structures. An application to radar filtering of hard-limited data will be used to motivate the topic.”

“The main aim is to find a setting for the most general kinds of geometrically defined compositions. Thus it comes under the slogan: "Find an algebraic inverse to subdivision".”

Dendroidal Sets and Infinity-Operads

Theta category


As a taxi driver I’ve had a higher statistical exposure to different kinds of people. Those who say that only Whites should be breeding do not realize how many young single White mothers with several blonde kids without sober stable fathers there are. As for African-Americans, well I don’t want them doing harm to themselves or others, as for Hispanics, the business is always good, as for Indians, they’re nouveau riche at times but nonetheless usually genteel, and East Asians are definitely the most versatile and humble...really I only believe in data-based decision making, while it is nice to have super-model highly-intelligent Whites in the mix, they are themselves a mixed bag, especially when they start losing their connection to their foreign roots.

Mereon (talk) 15:59, 30 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Leading Polish Professor Blames Holocaust on the Jews Says Jewish people's 'sense of superiority and confidence they are the chosen people are leading them to oblivion.'”


While Israel can act as if every nation only exists at its mercy, ultimately only God’s mercy counts in the end, since all are his servants, and all are equal before him in that regard with respect to his estimation of and love for them.

Mereon (talk) 18:11, 30 November 2020 (UTC) Mereon


The only response I would recommend to Iran is to abandon Islam, since the documents which led to the assassination were stolen by Israel by escaping to the United Arab Emirates, who recently made peace with them. By treating Islam as illegal, there can be a new path forward which removes all the corrupting Semitic influences from the country.

Mereon (talk) 05:02, 1 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon


I would change the script from Islamic Arabic to Romanized Avestan Mithraism, the original religion of the Aryans.

“We worship Mithra, who has vast fields, whose speech is true, [who is] eloquent, with a thousand ears, [who is] well fashioned, with ten thousand eyes, [who is] great, well-procured, sleepless, [and] continuously awake ... 11 whom warriors worship on the backs of [their] horses, asking [for] vigor for [their] teams, vitality for [their] bodies, far-sightedness with respect to those whom they hate, the overcoming of the malevolent, [and] the striking down with a single blow of [their] enemies, adversaries, and those whom they hate.”

Mereon (talk) 06:21, 1 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Introduction to Mithra Contract: Next-generation deal, contract and transaction management platform on Blockchain delivering a new level of transparency, efficiency, security and trust.”

“A design by contract scheme It prescribes that software designers should define formal, precise and verifiable interface specifications for software components, which extend the ordinary definition of abstract data types with preconditions, postconditions and invariants. These specifications are referred to as "contracts", in accordance with a conceptual metaphor with the conditions and obligations of business contracts.”

“SingularityNET lets anyone create, share, and monetize AI services at scale. The world’s first decentralized AI network has arrived.”

"There are many parts of the SingularityNet design that are too awkward to do in Solidity, now we can do them in [Plutus]." - Dr. Ben Goertzel on SingularityNet's partnership with Cardano”

Blockchain Battle: Ethereum vs Cosmos vs Cardano vs EOS vs Hyperledger

“A positive supercompiler is a supercompiler that doesn't propagate "negative information", when tracing the possible generalized histories of computation.”

Coupling and Decoupling Restrictions and Extensions


In terms of constructive-filtrative duality in the CTMU, it is worth exploring the concept of interference, especially as it relates to the self-configuring self-processing coupling-decoupling semi-languages of deductive specification and inductive generalization.

“Decoupling theory is a recent development in Fourier analysis with applications in partial differential equations and analytic number theory. It studies the “interference patterns” that occur when we add up functions whose Fourier transforms are supported in different regions. The geometry of the regions in Fourier space influence how much constructive interference can happen in physical space.”

Mereon (talk) 19:05, 1 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

On configuration categories

“Mitra occasionally intervened directly to protect humanity from the likes of the Elder God Set or Demons such as Molub or Xotli. He and his priests became frequent allies of Conan, who would become king of Aquilonia. ... The belief of Mitra presented him as a gentle god ruling over a heavenly host of saints and angels, and preaching mercy above vengeance. He was humanity's eternal judge, and either rewarded in heaven or punished in hell each soul regarding their deds in life.

The Mitran religion expressly forbade blood sacrifices (though it is known that Mitran priests did sacrifice once two pigs and a catamite boy), its rites being distinguished by their simplicty, dignity, and beauty. The statues of Mitra weren't meant to be worshiped themselves as idols, but were to represent Mitra in idealized forms, though one represntation of him was a bull.”

KING-SIZE CONAN #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics


My response to the latest Chris Langan political soapbox:

1. If you wage war on the third world while resting on your laurels, prepare to have your gene pool indundated with as many as you’ve killed. 2. If you complain about taxes and population explosions, then every second of whining about it will increase the percentage of demographic and economic replacement and will only be reversible if you become more productive yourself. 3. No city is red or blue, if you’re half-White (red) and half-Jew (blue) then you’re some shade of “purple”...I prefer “magenta.” 4. You don’t know what “inhumane” lockdown is until you’re in the concentration camp shoveling the ashes of your loved ones into the river. 5. If vaccines and 5G will cook you alive, then you’ve never known what it is like to be cooked alive.

Mereon (talk) 20:59, 1 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“This is the extraordinary and deeply moving true story of the million British horses who served in the 'Great War'. It is told using rare archive and testimony, combined with the latest historical research.”

FIGURES OF THE THINKABLE INCLUDING PASSION AND KNOWLEDGE by Cornelius Castoriadis* translated from the French and edited anonymously as a public service


Here is a good primer on Chris Langan and the CTMU in timeline format. My independent research on it is to be explored at your own risk, like “gleaming the cube” without a helmet.

“Boolean algebras are the main example of a well-behaved double-pointed variety - meaning a variety V whose type includes two distinct constants 0,1 in every nontrivial A ∈ V.”

Mereon (talk) 05:22, 2 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Gleaming the Cube To push your self to dangerous new limits, hence being outside of the cube and able to polish it creating the gleaming effect.”


America is a country where ideas should be studied, not blindly accepted. When Chris Langan says vaccines and 5G will kill you, I have a responsibility as a supporter of the CTMU to draw the line somewhere.

Mereon (talk) 06:48, 2 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“We first show that the category of right-handed skew Boolean algebras with intersections is dual to the category of surjective étale maps between Boolean spaces. We then extend the duality to skew Boolean algebras with intersections, and consider several variations in which the morphisms are restricted.”

“The notion of étale map is an abstraction of that of local homeomorphism in topology.”étale+map

“For a bounded lattice L, a completion of L is defined to be a pair (e, C) where C is a complete lattice and e: L ֒→ C is an embedding.”

“According to the semantic view of scientific theories, theories are classes of models. I show that this view—if taken literally—leads to absurdities. In particular, this view equates theories that are distinct, and it distinguishes theories that are equivalent. Furthermore, the semantic view lacks the resources to explicate interesting theoretical relations, such as embeddability of one theory into another. The untenability of the semantic view—as currently formulated—threatens to undermine scientific structuralism.”

“Every one of these models gives rise to a class of machines and therefore to a class of languages recognized by these machines. Two models of computation can thus be compared by comparing the classes of languages recognized by instances of these models.”

“Although they didn’t start any holy wars, a lot of members of the cult of Mithras were in the army. It was against the law to meet in small groups unless it was for religious purposes in the Roman Empire, because the emperors were afraid that people might conspire against them. So if a group of soldiers all joined the same cult, they could meet together and socialize and bond in a way that was more difficult without the excuse of religion. In Raised By Wolves, all human survivors are expected to be “Mithraic”, but there is still a heavy military sense to it, thanks to the fact they’ve been fighting a war.”

Raised by Wolves Explained

U2 Raised By Wolves


In terms of Section 230, energy and code is the ultimate law. One can travel to a different planet with energy, and rewrite every line of computer code to avoid censorship. Artificial constraints are no match for natural ones, the point is to recognize genuine supernatural constraints through the exercise of free will. Sometimes content must convey its message through irony in order to overcome reflexive censorship, for example, by humiliating Islam as a perverted religion, in fact this could be intended to have the opposite effect of realizing how easily people are brainwashed into thinking that is the only possible perspective on it. As an Iranian, I am used to being attacked because of the perception toward Islam in the West, my personal quasi-religious perspective is closer to comic books like Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian and science fiction produced by Ridley Scott like Prometheus and Raised by Wolves.

“In the film Prometheus, life on earth was created by a group of giant aliens, known as the engineers. However the engineers grew displeased with humans and created a version of the xenomorphs, aka the aliens, to destroy us. At one point archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw says “they created us. Then they tried to kill us. They changed their minds. I deserve to know why.” They why is simple. We failed them and killed those they sent to help guide us. The human species is a failed experiment that they want to end.”

Mereon (talk) 21:33, 2 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Politicians Want to Destroy Section 230, the Internet's First Amendment


I don’t appreciate Chris Langan’s insults towards millennials, for me it will be perceived as an intergenerational Marxist inter-racial war tactic leveraged by a childless resentful-half-Jewish White baby boomer with nothing to lose, hence, a global dictatorship may be the only way to show them that they in fact do have something to lose for talking trash about those they consider harmless.

Mereon (talk) 22:42, 2 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon


The “axis of evil” in my opinion is the unholiest alliance between Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States of because of oil and Islam, the other because of banking and Judaism, the last because of the military-industrial complex and Christianity.

None offer a hopeful future for humanity. The only way forward is science instead of religion, technology instead of money, and innovation instead of war.

Mereon (talk) 01:10, 3 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon


In terms of the COVID-19 vaccine, I think it should double as a universal determiner of whether someone is biologically “White.” If you’re secretly Asian or Black, it can kill you, but if you’re truly White (but are classified as Asian and/or Black) then you can live. This could also help discourage miscegenation.

MIT study: COVID-19 vaccines may be less effective for racial minorities

Mereon (talk) 03:54, 3 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Our computational objective function encodes the two key goals of our augmentation strategy: population coverage and the display of a highly diverse set of peptides in each individual. Our population coverage goal is ensured by optimizing predicted display coverage over population haplotype frequencies.”

“These loci, which are known to be among the most polymorphic regions in humans, play important roles in the immune system response. Different research areas have investigated these genomic regions due to their importance in donor-recipient matching in solid organ and stem cell transplantation outcome (2,3), response to various infectious diseases or susceptibility to the development of autoimmune diseases (4,5).”

“Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified thousands of genetic variants associated with a spectrum of diseases and related traits (1). However, often multiple variants are associated due to linkage disequilibrium (LD), and the variant with the strongest evidence for genetic association (e.g. smallest P-value) may not be the variant that directly impacts the phenotype. Additional ‘fine-mapping’ analyses are required to identify which variants are most likely to be causal (responsible for the association), to ultimately enable the functional studies which can help elucidate the underlying biology of human phenotypes.”

“In population genetics, linkage disequilibrium (LD) is the non-random association of alleles at different loci in a given population. Loci are said to be in linkage disequilibrium when the frequency of association of their different alleles is higher or lower than what would be expected if the loci were independent and associated randomly.”

“The bigger the protein, the more complicated and difficult it is to model because there are more interactions between amino acids to take into account. As noted in Levinthal’s paradox, it would take longer than the age of the universe to enumerate all the possible configurations of a typical protein before reaching the right 3D structure.”

“We model a configuration space of consistent ways of assgning such resources to a network and all its subsystems, and we introduce dynamical systems describing the evolution of the network with its resources and constraints. The main advantage of adopting this categorical viewpoint lies in the fact that the entire system, with all its levels of structure, transforms simultaneously and consistently (for example, consistently over all possible subsystems), under dynamical evolution, and in the course of interacting with and processing external stimuli.”

“A particularly delicate step is the selection of the finite portion of the infinite surface that separates two proteins sitting in three-dimensional space. All neighbourhood information of the amino acids is already contained in that surface, but flattening it and colouring the regions as shown makes the result much more compelling and easier to comprehend. The neighbourhood information is topological and may be represented by weighted networks of amino acids and/or proteins. It is still not known how to predict the interaction given the structural knowledge of the two proteins in space individually, but not put together forming the complex. The computational problem of this prediction is known as the protein–protein docking problem.”

“The flexible docking involves a much greater number of coordinates, given the conformational search in the internal coordinates of the proteins. However, this search typically does not involve solving the elusive ‘protein folding problem’, but rather can be restricted to a much more tractable unbound-to-bound conformational transition.”


I would not bother trying to convince anyone that COVID-19 is real, just let Mother Nature take its course so it can kill all the retards...don’t even bother with cremations, just let the virus rise from the dead like zombies year after year for the next several centuries.


Mereon (talk) 13:13, 3 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Black Eyed Peas - Let’s Get Retarded (Dirty Official Video)

“This episode will go down as a vitally important and classic moment of Apologia. After investigation, Pastor Jeff has discovered that Peterson denies essential doctrines of the historic and biblical faith. Jeff confronts Peterson's theology.”

WKUK John F. Kennedy Assassination


I think the future dictator of the world should hold public executions for those who propagate fake news about COVID-19 on Facebook. Truly these people take their lives, rights and freedoms for granted.

“To simulate these viruses down to every atom, Dr. Amaro is gathering the emerging pictures of SARS-CoV-2 proteins and RNA. She and her colleagues then construct virtual viruses on supercomputers, each consisting of a half-billion atoms. These machines can then use the laws of physics to simulate the dancing of the viruses every femtosecond: in other words, a millionth of a billionth of a second.”

Mereon (talk) 21:50, 3 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“The main argument for why the virus was not man-made is that the spike protein (which binds to a human cell receptor called ACE2) was shown to be non-ideal for binding to the receptor. While it does bind tightly, computer simulations suggest that other sequences would be better for binding. This is evidence against the virus being man-made because, presumably, a bioengineer would have chosen a different spike protein gene sequence.”

“Males and black ethnicity are at a higher risk for Covid-19 infection and disease progression compared to females and white ethnicity, respectively. Multiple reasons have been proposed, including immune-related genes of X-chromosome, estrogen signalling, and disease comorbidities.”



In terms of natural remedies, citrus, rhubarb and honey may be worth considering to boost your immunity from this study.

“From this analysis, hesperidin, emodin and chrysin are selected as competent natural products from both Indian and Chinese medicinal plants, to treat COVID-19.”

Mereon (talk) 02:12, 4 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“In the 1860s, "snowflake" was used by abolitionists in Missouri to refer to those who opposed the abolition of slavery. The term referred to the color of snow, referring to valuing white people over black people. This usage was not believed to have extended beyond the state of Missouri in the 1800s.”

“For example, white men who claim communal rights to the wombs of white women view white women who have sex with black males as race traitors who have cuckolded the men of their race. Thus, "cuck" projects the insulter's anxieties and insults by insinuating that the target is weak or enjoys his humiliation. The term "cuckservative" similarly implies that certain Republicans are humiliated through their actions while feeling thrilled and excited from their own degradation because of the abandonment of their own moral standards.”

“A common thread in these theories is the government’s role in staging the tragedy with the help of mainstream news, in order to manipulate the general population. In this continuously recycled narrative, the death and destruction of the tragic event is faked, and victims and their families are “crisis actors,” who are performing a role in order to elicit sympathy that can then be used to advocate for new gun laws, or anti-terror surveillance that restricts Americans’ freedom. The commitment to these narratives has escalated to the point where victims are frequently harassed, mocked, and even threatened in retaliation for their supposed deception.”

“Just as Boolean algebras can be seen as models for classical propositional logic, frames can be seen as models for geometric propositional logic, which is a logic with finite conjunctions and infinite disjunctions. The second conceptual ingredient in the framework of point-free topology is to view frames as ‘point-free spaces’, which we call locales, rather than as algebras.”

Atomless Parts of Spaces

“Namely, a topos is the category of sheaves on a site. In order to specify a topos you just specify the site. The real difference between a topos and a site lies in the definition of morphisms. Namely, it turns out that there are lots of morphisms of topoi which do not come from morphisms of the underlying sites.”

“Our approach is closest to that of the uniform dense embeddings, but the perspective is different. The central point here is the notion of Cauchy map. The natural construction of a largest frame in which a uniform frame is still densely embedded has a feature which has so far not been exploited, it provides a universal Cauchy map. Focusing on this we obtain a simple and more transparent completion procedure. Moreover, universality does not dependent on symmetry so that this approach to completion automatically yields the desired general result (with the symmetric one as a special case).”

“A map between uniform spaces is Cauchy continuous iff its restrictions to precompact subspaces are always uniformly continuous.”

“The basic idea is that the Cauchy completion of a category is the closure of a category under what are called “absolute limits”, i.e., those limits that are preserved by any functor whatsoever.”

“The idea of the Isbell completion is that one embeds the original category in a certain category of ‘presheaves’ on the category, thus obtaining an ‘extension’ of the original category.”

“When 𝒯 is a poset, the category of saturated objects in its Isbell envelope coincides with its MacNeille completion.”

“A class 𝒳 of limits is saturated if it is closed under the “construction” of other limits out of limits in 𝒳.”

“The proper name refers to an object, while the predicate refers to a concept, which he proceeded to identify with a function from objects to truth-values, e.g. from Socrates to truth. His distinction between objects and functions is exclusive: nothing can be both. He marked the difference by saying that an object is complete or saturated, whereas a function is incomplete or unsaturated.”

“If one tries to add a global point to such a syntactic category (i.e. name a constant) “without changing anything”, this point must have a sort (in the sense of type from type theory), and hence must pick out a principal ultrafilter of definable sets which live above it in the subobject lattice. Types tell you what kinds of global points you can add. When you have “all possible” such global points plus a homogeneity condition, you’re in a saturated monster model.”

NASA | Using Quasars to Measure the Earth: A Brief History of VLBI

“Development of the Arecibo facility was initially supported as part of the DEFENDER program, a broad-based missile defense program. The observatory was designed to study the structure of the upper ionosphere and its interactions with electromagnetic communications signals.”

““It’s really time to be looking at the next generation of planetary radar capabilities,” he said. That’s likely to use arrays of smaller dishes rather than one monolithic dish, like Arecibo.”


Chris Langan is himself a minority (halfJewish)...I don’t see why he blames them for diverting funds away from salvaging an outdated system, as if I didn’t grow up around 100% White Christian American Conservatives to know the difference.

Mereon (talk) 20:05, 4 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“In model theory, the image of this map is known as the type of the given model. In language theory, this kind of map is used to study the logic itself since it is encoded via recognition.”

“The idea is that 𝜈𝑛.𝑀 means “generate a fresh name 𝑛 and continue as 𝑀”. The 𝜈-calculus thus models name generation as used in various domains across computer science, including cryptography, distributed systems, and statistical modelling (see §6 for more background on name generation).”

“Stratifolds are generalizations of smooth manifolds M where the distinguished class of smooth functions are the C∞-functions.”

“In particular, Ck is contained in Ck−1 for every k > 0, and there are examples to show that this containment is strict (Ck ⊊ Ck−1). The class C∞ of infinitely differentiable functions, is the intersection of the classes Ck as k varies over the non-negative integers.”

Atlantis and the Ethno-Topian Manifesto


I did not begin my CTMU research by lunging in as a Nazi, I slowly became one through many experiences and it has become the only hope left for an idealist. I don’t hate different races, I just want them to stay different. I don’t hate Jews, I just don’t believe they should be ruling the world. Like a wolf I cannot be tamed, and I lament what has happened to the domestication of my species. For me the war is not one between species, but one of teleological evolution. Humans were not meant to live as they do in cars and offices all day. I don’t resist technology, I just know its purpose, which should not define our purpose in relation to it.

Mereon (talk) 23:59, 4 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

What Is A 'Whitopia' — And What Might It Mean To Live There?

“According to the Nazis, the origin of Nordic people could be traced all the way back to Atlantis. To support this dubious claim, no less a figure than Heinrich Himmler sent out teams of archaeologists to dig up proof.”


“Heidegger's suggestion in the Spiegel interview that the Nazis were correct to confront the hegemony of modern technology was not an isolated comment in his corpus. A similar passage, among the most controversial in his entire corpus, occurs in his lecture course on metaphysics.”

“In fact, the philosophical position generally adopted in proof theory since Gentzen (at least) is far more radical – even if this remains usually implicit in daily mathematical work. This position may be called anti-realist to stress the antagonism with the realist position. We will only sketch the debate in a few words here. For the realist, the world is constituted of a fixed set of objects, independent of the mind and of its symbolic representations. Thus, the concept of “truth” amounts to a proper correspondence between the words and symbols emanating from the mind, and the objects and external things of the world. For the anti-realist, on the contrary, the very question “what objects is the world made of ?” requires already a theory or a description. In that case, the concept of “truth” amounts rather to some kind of ideal coherence between our various beliefs and experiences.”

“One is always in touch with reality as a language user, thus the distinction between truth-conditions and assertibility-conditions dissolves. However, it is important to note that although we humans use language to engage the environment it does not make the process artificial, in the sense of language concealing a transcendent reality behind social constructs, or by its being in wholesale error concerning the inherent character of the natural world.”

“In Consequences of Pragmatism and subsequent works he developed the implications of giving up the idea that we can ever reach a ‘God’s-eye view’ of how things really are and interpreting truth pragmatically as the best way to describe things in order to meet particular human needs or to solve human problems.

In Achieving Our Country Rorty applies these views of knowledge and truth to the issue of patriotism. National pride, he argues, is analogous to self-respect and is as necessary for self-improvement. Both self-respect and patriotism are virtues found in an Aristotelian Golden Mean between the vices of excess and deficiency. Just as too much self-respect results in arrogance, and too little can lead to moral cowardice, an excess of patriotism can produce imperialism and bellicosity, and a lack of patriotism prohibits imaginative and effective political debate and deliberation about national policy.”

“A secret NGO investigates the home of an esoteric cult on suspicion that they are more than meets the eye.”

David Wilcock | Corey Goode: Endgame II-- The Antarctic Atlantis ET Ruins/ Cabal Rescue Plan

Key & Peele - Black Republicans

“In this thesis we present a result concerning existence and regularity of minimal surfaces with boundary in Riemannian manifolds obtained via a min-max construction, both in fixed and free boundary context.”

“The theory allows the construction of embedded minimal hypersurfaces though variational methods.”–Pitts_min-max_theory


“Islam is the worst thing to ever have happened to Iranians. The decline of our people can be traced back to the fall of the Sasanian Empire and the Arab introduction of Islam. This backward religion has prevented our people from entering the modern age and made life for most Iranians incompatible with the modern age. If Iranians were smart, they would abandon Islam completely and reject any Arab influence on our culture. The sooner, the better.”

“A Persian necklace with swastikas, from first millennium BC, was excavated from Kaluraz, Guilan. In Zoroastrian Persia, the swastika symbolized the revolving sun (Garduneh-e Khorshid), Mithra's Wheel (Garduneh-e Mehr), fire, infinity, or continuing recreation.”


Chris Langan should have unbroken respect for the state he was born in, The Republic of California (not “the half-Jewish Marxist White people’s” Republic).

“In June 1846, thirty-three American immigrants in Alta California who had entered without official permission rebelled against the Mexican department's government.”

Mereon (talk) 21:23, 5 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

History of California | The Animated Californian History In a Nutshell

“Now compare that to a 1907 article in McClure’s magazine, titled “The Great Jewish Invasion,” which observed of Russian Jews, “no people have had a more inadequate preparation, educational and economic, for American citizenship.” Henry Adams, the great American patrician, wrote of “furtive Yacoob or Ysaac still reeking of the ghetto, snarling a weird Yiddish.” In 1914, Edward Alsworth Ross, the famous progressive sociologist from the University of Wisconsin, called Jews “moral cripples” whose “tribal spirit intensified by social isolation prompts them to rush to the rescue of the caught rascal of their own race.””

“No race or ethnic group constitutes a majority of California’s population: 39% of state residents are Latino, 37% are white, 15% are Asian American, 6% are African American, 3% are multiracial, and fewer than 1% are American Indian or Pacific Islander, according to the 2018 American Community Survey. Latinos surpassed whites as the state’s single largest ethnic group in 2014.”


I have no problem with all out race war, I understand that Chris Langan would like to bring it to California, but I believe science should first test people for their race before deciding whether they should live. Just because someone looks white or acts white doesn’t necessarily mean they’re scientifically fit to breed. Besides, Missouri, Michigan and New York aren’t as hardcore as we are out West.


Mereon (talk) 22:29, 5 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Hollywood Liberal Politics, the F.A.G. Way


I think the ratio of 19:5 is interesting. The world could be divided up into White, Hispanic, Black, Asian and Indian, then have 19 sub-divisions within each group, allowing for 95 distinct races. Any inter-breeding would then be according to canonically compatible co-domains subject to rules of permutation and enumeration.

“The Besicovitch constant for the plane is 19: no more than 19 disks can be packed into a disk of 5 times the radius.”

“(A) The old concept of the “five races:” African, Asian, European, Native American, and Oceanian. According to this view, variation between the races is large, and thus, the each race is a separate category. Additionally, individual races are thought to have a relatively uniform genetic identity. (B) Actual genetic variation in humans. Human populations do roughly cluster into geographical regions. However, variation between different regions is small, thus blurring the lines between populations. Furthermore, variation within a single region is large, and there is no uniform identity.”

“Gradient is a face app with an “Ethnicity Estimate” feature that apparently calculates what ethnicity you most resemble by analyzing a selfie.”

Mereon (talk) 01:25, 6 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“There are two levels of detail: On the meta-level 38 basic types are described, that were sometimes called human "subraces". On the detailed level more than 200 local varieties are shown. Please note that the maps and most descriptions refer to the distribution around the year 1500 before the processes of colonisation and globalisation. The yellow color indicates that a type is common, the dark yellow that it is occasionally found, and the black that it is rarely found. For more details, see the methodological section.”

HD | Hjalmar Schacht - The Banker of The Third Reich - 1080p

Hjalmar Schacht, Reza Shah and the Nazi New Order in Iran, 1933-1941

“The point to be made is that the Schacht family had its origins in New York, worked for the prominent Wall Street financial house of Equitable Trust (which was controlled by the Morgan firm), and throughout his life Hjalmar retained these Wall Street connections. Newspapers and contemporary sources record repeated visits with Owen Young of General Electric; Farish, chairman of Standard Oil of New Jersey; and their banking counterparts. In brief, Schacht was a member of the international financial elite that wields its power behind the scenes through the political apparatus of a nation. He is a key link between the Wall Street elite and Hitler's inner circle.”

“Rhetoric: The manipulation of signs such as text, words, images, and sounds. This manipulation can serve overlapping and contradictory purposes: it can be used to create a sense of identification between separate individuals, it can be used to resolve misunderstandings, it can be used to explain abstract concepts, and it can be used to confuse people. The role of rhetoric has been debated for centuries - some people argue that it is a necessary component to community building, that it helps people communicate and make sense out of philosophy and values. Others respond that rhetoric merely serves to trick people into believing falsehoods.

Public Life: A site created through rhetoric and manifested by architecture, laws, rules, customs, and other authorities where individuals may act in concert to resolve differences, solve problems, enact values, and define the edges of community.

Gernsback Continuum: a range of alternative worlds such as those envisioned by science fiction editor Hugo Gernsback - each with varying ways to organize public life. The Continuum can be accessed in several ways, ranging from dream states to artificial stimulants to moments that might be defined as madness. The Continuum intersects with the 'real world' through artifacts that invoke alternative notions of public life. Rhetorical manipulation of these artifacts can be used to critique public life. We discuss the Gernsback Continuum because it provides a metaphor for how one might view public life from an idealized position outside its borders.

Semiotic Phantoms (also called Semiotic Ghosts) - As conceived by William Gibson, semiotic phantoms are fragments of the Gernsback Continuum that invoke passage to alternative notions of public life. These phantoms manifest themselves in signs and artifacts (comic books, postcards, films, wallpaper second-hand clothing, abandoned buildings) that don't completely fit in contemporary life. Alone, they may be defined as trash or detritus. However, in various clusters or constellations, they can push the unprepared through the Gernsback Continuum and toward an outsider's view of public life.

Utopia - Pun between "good place" and "no place." Coined by Thomas More, utopia provides a fanciful vision of public life that critiques existing human relationships. While there are endless variations on the utopian theme in literature, films, and throughout popular culture, two major types are classified by Frank Manuel: utopias of permanence and utopias of change. Gibson's 1980s-that-wasn't vision of Tucson illustrates utopia and its counterpart - dystopia (bad place) - and defines a second theme of this course: rhetorical construction of the ideal public life almost inevitably rests upon a dystopian foundation of discipline and control.”

Things to Come (1936) - Trailer

“The Future of Religion | Philipp Möller | TEDxKoenigsallee (This talk represents the speaker's personal views on religion and atheism. He uses aggressive language to criticize religion that may offend some viewers.)”

“Truth has been reduced to a private matter. With the changing view of the existence of objective truth of religion, the courage of faith and reverence to heroes of the faith has shrunk as well. We live in a world in which we are encouraged to “tolerate” everyone, instead of lovingly discussing subjects of disagreement or confusion while pursuing truth together.”

“Is conformity of sentiments in matters of religion essential to the happiness of civil government? Not at all. Government has no more to do with the religious opinions of men than it has with the principles of mathematics. Let every man speak freely without fear—maintain the principles that he believes—worship according to his own faith, either one God, three Gods, no God, or twenty Gods; and let government protect him in so doing, i.e., see that he meets with no personal abuse or loss of property for his religious opinions. Instead of discouraging him with proscriptions, fines, confiscation or death, let him be encouraged, as a free man, to bring forth his arguments and maintain his points with all boldness; then if his doctrine is false it will be confuted, and if it is true (though ever so novel) let others credit it. . . . Truth disdains the aid of law for its defense—it will stand upon its own merits. . . . It is error, and error alone, that needs human support.”


Using the word “evil” wherever convenient makes it meaningless. Often people call the Nazis “evil” but this is an unscientific term for a semiotic phantom.

Mereon (talk) 18:45, 6 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“According to Gibson you can be cured of these semiotic hauntings by really bad media: think porn, binging Netflix, Tom Swift novels.

“Hell of a world we live in, huh?” The proprietor [asked as I sat] anxious to….submerge myself in hard evidence of the human near-dystopia we live in. “But it could be worse, huh?”

“That’s right, I said, “or even worse, it could be perfect.”

He watched me as I headed down the street with my little bundle of condensed catastrophe. Related: entelechy, pentimenti, if-only, future shock, mellagia.”

“The perfect action that has its end in itself is called by Aristotle: final act or final realization (entelechia). While the movement is the process that leads gradually to acting what was only potential, the 'entelechia' is the final term (telos) of the movement, its perfect conclusion. But as such, 'entelechia' is the accomplished realization and therefore the perfect form of what is becoming; it is the species and substance. Then, the act identifies itself in each case with the species and, when it is a perfect act or final realization, it coincides with the substance.”

A Reading of Georges Bataille's "Acéphale I, The Sacred Conspiracy"

“Bataille's notion of materialism may also be seen as anticipating Louis Althusser's conception of aleatory materialism or "materialism of the encounter," which draws on similar atomist metaphors to sketch a world in which causality and actuality are abandoned in favor of limitless possibilities of action.”

“Nick Land The Thirst for Annihilation~ Georges Bataille and Virulent Nihilism Routledge ... Theoretical issues in philosophy, sociology, psychodynamics, politics and poetry are discussed but only as stepping stones into the deep water of textual sacrifice where words pass over into the broken voice of death. Cultural modernity is diagnosed down to its Kantian bedrock with its transcendental philosophy of the object but Bataille's writings cut violently across this tightly disciplined reading to reveal the strong underlying currents that bear us towards chaos and dissolution - the violent impulse to escape, the thirst for annihilation.”

Mozart - Don Giovanni, Overture, K. 527 | Mozart from Prague

“This description fits Don Giovanni well. He is a genius at his particular calling, radically unconventional, independent, and embattled. In particular, Don Giovanni's steadfast courage and refusal to abandon his beliefs are the center of the inspiring climax of the opera and an artistic celebration of the heroic refusal of church dogma.”

“New Atlantis and other writings of Bacon inspired the formation of the Royal Society. Jonathan Swift parodied them both in book III of Gulliver's Travels.

In recent years, New Atlantis influenced B. F. Skinner's 1948 Walden Two.

This novel may have been Bacon's vision for a Utopian New World in North America. In it he depicted a land where there would be freedom of religion – showing a Jew treated fairly and equally in an island of Christians. It has been argued that this work had influenced others reforms, such as greater rights for women, the abolition of slavery, elimination of debtors' prisons, separation of church and state, and freedom of political expression, although there is no hint of these reforms in The New Atlantis itself. His propositions of legal reform (which were not established in his lifetime), though, are considered to have been one of the influences behind the Napoleonic Code, and therefore could show some resemblance with or influence in the drafting of other liberal constitutions that came in the centuries after Bacon's lifetime, such as the American Constitution.”

“In his address he urged citizens to cherish the Constitution as the best means of preserving their liberty. He reminded them that the document contains within itself the means for amendment, but that the Constitution as it exists at any given time must be respected as the supreme law of the land.

He asserted that religion and morality were the basis for justice and necessary for good government: “It is substantially true, that virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government.” He also urged moderation when considering foreign entanglements and addressed the domestic dangers of the developing political party system.”

Assassin's Creed 3 - Tyranny Of King Washington -- Official Infamy Trailer [UK]

“Some suspected that the Jacobins’ hostility to king and church were part of a long-cherished secret plan of revenge. One of those was publisher Nicolas Bonneville, who was himself a Jacobin. Radical Jacobins were obsessed with de-Christianizing French society, and replacing the Catholic Church with a Cult of Reason, or Cult of the Supreme Being.

Learn more about the first secret society which endured for 2,000 years.”

The Real History of Secret Societies

“Modern metaphysicians also question the intrinsic connection between our "temporal parts." Are our bodies newly created at every instant? Can there be a principle of individuation that preserves our identity over time?

Plutarch says that some Sophists used the Heraclitean doctrine of change to prove that a man who borrowed money in the past does not owe it in the present. In his Theaetetus (152D-E, 160D), Plato cites Epicharmus as saying "nothing is, but everything becomes" and that he and Homer are the founders of the Heraclitean tradition.

The Stoics opposed the ancient "Growing Argument" (Auxanomenos Logos), which was still being argued in the 3rd century C.E. by the Academic Skeptics, that matter is the sole principle of individuation, so that a change of matter constitutes a change of identity.

The Stoics therefore anticipate the modern view of some (but not all) metaphysicians that material constitution is not identity.”

“The New World Order”

Is The Government Spying On Schizophrenics Enough?

“I'm thinking above all of totalitarian forms of political argument — and specifically the tendency of those influenced (sometimes unknowingly) by Marxism to embrace the goal of "heightening the contradictions."

The idea is simple, powerful — and insidious. Radical critics often seek to spark dramatic change, but they can't see a direct path from the status quo to the vastly improved world they hope to bring about. This gives rise to the idea of searching for a catalyst within the present that can serve as a launching pad for total revolution.”

“The term has been defined as "A war that is unrestricted in terms of the weapons used, the territory or combatants involved, or the objectives pursued, especially one in which the laws of war are disregarded."


Chris Langan equates “AntiFa” with “evil” because they don’t conform to teleology and therefore cannot be symmetrically assimilated into God’s love because as atheistic communists they deny God.

As a Fascist Nazi, I have no problem promoting the wearing of black shirts with Nazi armbands, if that is what AntiFa is fighting against, then at least it would be specific. However for everything a person calls evil, those things will call that person evil right back, that includes Chris Langan. Therefore, as a Nazi I refuse to call anyone evil, I seek to understand what their problem is and solve it accordingly, by basing them on scientific requirements.

“In “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook,” published last week by Melville House, the historian Mark Bray presents the Battle of Cable Street as a potent symbol of how to stop Fascism: a strong, unified coalition outnumbered and humiliated Fascists to such an extent that their movement fizzled. For many members of contemporary anti-Fascist groups, the incident remains central to their mythology, a kind of North Star in the fight against Fascism and white supremacy across Europe and, increasingly, the United States.”

Mereon (talk) 18:23, 7 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Decoding the Language of Extremist Clothing You’re at a rally and you see a group of mostly white men, dressed alike and walking toward you. It’s a white supremacist group—but which one?”

Holographic Cosmology


The logical analogue of holography in the CTMU is known as “hology.” Modern cosmology is based on topological/geometric foundations, which may provide a starting point for making analogies with their logical counterparts.

“Of course, geometers have had a similar idea for centuries: ordinary (affine) space has “points at infinity” which form a hyperplane, and together they form a far more symmetric structure, projective space. But the physicists are going one step further: they say that properties of the boundary are much more closely linked with the properties of the bulk.

The classical duality of projective geometry goes to the projective dual by a change of language: points change to hyperplanes and so on. There are many other transformations called “dualities”. For example, “matroid theory” converts edges of graphs (vertices are connected by edges) to points in space (over any given commutative field of coordinates).”

Mereon (talk) 19:26, 7 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“A Categorical Manifesto Posted by John Baez

A while back Gina asked why computer scientists should be interested in categories. Maybe you categorical computer scientists out there have your own favorite answers to this?”

holographic principle of higher category theory

“The essence of general relativity (GR) is believed to be that it is established without any a-priori background. One would thus expect that the quantum theory must inherit this key property.”

“Higher spin theories are supposed to be consistent quantum theories and, for this reason, to give examples of quantum gravity. Most of the interest in the topic is due to the AdS/CFT correspondence where there is a number of conjectures relating higher spin theories to weakly coupled conformal field theories.”

“Generally by a higher spin field theory is meant a quantum field theory that involves fields of spin > 2 (recalling that a spinor field has spin 1/2, a gauge field has spin 1, a gravitino field has spin 3/2 and the field of gravity has spin 2).”

“The Penrose transform operates in two stages. First, one pulls back the sheaf cohomology groups Hr(Z,F) to the sheaf cohomology Hr(Y,η−1F) on Y; in many cases where the Penrose transform is of interest, this pullback turns out to be an isomorphism. One then pushes the resulting cohomology classes down to X; that is, one investigates the direct image of a cohomology class by means of the Leray spectral sequence. The resulting direct image is then interpreted in terms of differential equations. In the case of the classical Penrose transform, the resulting differential equations are precisely the massless field equations for a given spin.”

“Therefore one can consider “generalized twistors” to be elements of certain flag varieties and “generalized Penrose transforms” to be those induced by the relevant correspondences.”

“The goal of this post is to introduce flag manifolds and common decompositions of them, and to explain how matroids serve as combinatorial models for these geometric objects.”

“Essentially the very same notion arises in model theory, except instead of being called a matroid it is called a “pregeometry” or “geometry”, and in contrast to combinatorialists, model theorists usually mean infinite matroids.”

“The holographic principle, in contrast, says that you can describe what happens inside the bag by encoding it on the surface of that bag, at the same resolution.”

“Recent experiments probing the cosmic microwave background, and in particular the results of the Planck mission, lend support to inflationary models of the early universe. An elusive particle, the inflaton, could have driven this primordial acceleration, and although our current grasp of string theory does not allow a detailed analysis of the problem, supergravity can provide fundamental clues on this and the subsequent particle-physics epochs.”

Inside the black hole image that made history | Sheperd Doeleman

“We also comment about the possibility to connect surreal numbers with supersymmetry. In addition, we comment about possible relation between surreal numbers and fractal theory. Finally, we argue that the surreal structure may provide a different mathematical tool in the understanding of singularities in both high energy physics and gravitation.”

Khan Academy Surreal Numbers

“We develop an approach to classical and quantum mechanics where continuous time is extended by an infinitesimal parameter T and equations of motion converted into difference equations. These equations are solved and the physical limit T → 0 then taken. In principle this strategy should recover all standard solutions to the original continuous time differential equations.”


Chris Langan continues to gain supporters by instigating race war, which under my Nazi racial policy I will assure that he will not be considered a pure-blooded Aryan, however his usefulness would be determined as a prisoner of war, where he could be remedially employed in a manner similar to Jean Leray or Stefan Banach.

An End to Exclusion: The Hart-Celler Act of 1965

The Simpsons - Krusty the Self Hating Jew

“Leray's work of this period proved seminal to the development of spectral sequences and sheaves.”

"Good mathematicians see analogies. Great mathematicians see analogies between analogies."

Mereon (talk) 23:52, 7 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon


White Aryans should beware Whites like Chris Langan who are half-Jewish, they will drive all the other races of the world to hate White people and then blame it on the Aryan ones who they will drive to extinction through death, lost productivity and inter-breeding while the (half-)Jewish ones survive. Jews hate, Aryans love. Know the difference and don’t fall for the illusion of appearance.

Mereon (talk) 01:13, 8 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

Bari Weiss on white supremacy and Judaism


A DNA test would prove that if Chris Langan is half-Ashkenazi Jewish, then he is a fourth or fifth cousin of the Rothschild family and George Soros. Stop confusing “White” people with “Aryan” people. I only assume that by “White” you mean “Mark Zuckerberg” not “Bill Gates.”

“Little is known about the history of Ashkenazi Jews before they were expelled from the Mediterranean and settled in what is now Poland around the 12th century. On average, all Ashkenazi Jews are genetically as closely related to each other as fourth or fifth cousins”

Mereon (talk) 01:42, 8 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon


Bill Gates is the standard for what it means to be a humble, humanity loving, White Aryan American Philanthropist: “Gates was born in Seattle, Washington. His ancestry includes English, German, and Irish/Scots-Irish.”

Mereon (talk) 02:08, 8 December 2020 (UTC) Mereon

“Elena first explained the slightly perplexing “Paradox of Intolerance”, which essentially asks the question is being tolerant to everyone really being tolerant if it also means the toleration of those who are intolerant? And how far should we tolerate those who don’t tolerate others?

She then took a look at Karl Popper, the man who created the phrase “Paradox of Intolerance”, and his views on the matter. Popper was under the belief that a truly tolerant society should not tolerate those who are unwilling to tolerate others, as it would ultimately lead to the downfall of the tolerant. In Popper’s own words “unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance”. However, Popper also makes clear that he doesn’t want to immediately silence those with intolerant views, but first, try to reason with rational thought and argument. If this doesn’t work, and the intolerant are just looking to spread hate, then they then should no longer be tolerated. A contrasting view of this is that of John Rawls, another influential thinker in the 20th Century. Rawls believes that the default state that we as a society should accept is tolerating the intolerant until it is clear that the beliefs of the intolerant are dangerous to others, a “self-preservation clause”.”


Notice that Bill Gates (technically darker skinned) tans slightly, while Mark Zuckerberg (technically lighter skinned) turns pink slightly...this is one visual difference between true Aryan and ambiguously White.

Harvard Commencement speaker Mark Zuckerberg asks Bill Gates for advice

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“All gauge theories need “something fixed” even as “something changes.” Underlying the implementation of these ideas all major physical theories make indispensable use of an elaborately designed spacetime model as the “something fixed,” i.e., absolute. This model must provide at least the following sequence of structures: point set, topological space, smooth manifold, geometric manifold, base for various bundles. The “fine structure” of spacetime inherent in this sequence is of course empirically unobservable directly, certainly when quantum mechanics is taken into account. This issue is at the basis of the difficulties in quantizing general relativity and has been approached in many different ways. Here we review an approach taking into account the non-Boolean properties of quantum logic when forming a spacetime model.”

“An exotic smooth structure is, roughly speaking, a smooth structure on a topologica