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In the CTMU, telesis is the universal substance from which reality is refined. Telesis is the raw material of cosmogony, the ultimate ancestral medium from which the universe originates.

Telesis can be bound or unbound. Unbound telesis (UBT) consists of pure ontological potential, characterized by nil constraint, zero information, and total freedom. When bound, telesis becomes infocognition, the structured, dual-aspect substance of which reality consists. To be clear:

CTMU monism says that the universe consists of one “dual-aspect” substance, infocognition, created by internal feedback within an even more basic (one-aspect) substance called telesis.[1]

Thus, whereas UBT consists of infocognitive potential, a specific reality (SCSPL) consists of infocognition. Once bound in a primitive infocognitive form that drives emergence (the MU form), telesis continues to be refined into new infocognitive configurations as reality evolves.

Telesis (infocognitive potential)


I think it’s best to let Chris describe his terms in his own words on this page, and if you’d like to explore your own interpretations of it you can do so on your talk page or discussion board for this topic.

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Mereon (talk) 14:49, 11 October 2021 (UTC) Mereon

“It follows that the active medium of cross-definition possesses logical primacy over laws and arguments alike, and is thus pre-informational and pre-nomological in nature…i.e., telic. Telesis, which can be characterized as “infocognitive potential”, is the primordial active medium from which laws and their arguments and parameters emerge by mutual refinement or telic recursion.”

“As an identity, M can be considered one coherent entity which self-differentiates by syndiffeonic self-stratification through the cumulative factorization of telesis, a dual generalization of energy properly defined to serve as the ultimate “stuff” of reality. Thus, rather than going through a sequence of steps to construct M, we are simply explaining how the aspects of M:L<– –>U interrelate, breaking up the explanation into parts and steps for the sake of clarity. The steps do not occur as a temporal sequence, but metasimultaneously; the ingredients M, L, and U are interdependent and mutually recursively defined with respect to function (although M can be considered to stand alone as a self-potentializing, self-actualizing global identity creating L and U in the course of self-identification).”

unbound Telesis is unbound energy if Telesis is energy

through the cumulative factorization of telesis, a dual generalization of energy properly defined to serve as the ultimate “stuff” of reality.


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